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It was nearing the end of the summer holidays and in a few a days time the students of Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft would be returning to either start to or return to education. As it was a hot day most of the staff were outside in the sunshine enjoying the peace before the loud noisy invasion of minors began, even the narky Potions Master was outside but not through his own wish; Albus Dumbledore the Headmaster of the school had asked him and a fellow Professor to join him outside as he wished to discuss the role that the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor would have, when they actually decided to turn up. Severus Snape came striding through the doors of Hogwarts to join up with Albus and the fellow Professor who went by the name of Minerva McGonagall the Transfiguration Professor, Severus and Minerva simply noddedeacheach other. It was a known fact that they didn't get on with one another often; they were rivals all the way. Albus always enjoyed watching them argue as their arguments always came to an agreement and never resulting in either of them hexing each other. Albus decided on going for a walk whilst discussing their new colleague, Minerva walked side by side with Albus whilst Severus who didn't really desire to be out in the open air just lagged behind scowling his most annoyed scowl. As they reached the lake Minerva announced that she was tired of walking and asked if they could sit down by the tree that was next to the lake, Albus nodded in agreement. Minerva and Albus both sat down and Severus leaned against the tree with his arms crossed, still scowling.

"Albus I thought you said that the new Professor would be arriving in the last day or two?" Minerva queried, Albus just smiled at her, then starting looking in the sky as if he was waiting for something to happen. Severus who had decided to pay attention to the conversation when the topic of the Defence job came about exchanged glances with Minerva. Neither of them had any idea as to why Albus would be staring in to the sky.

"Albus why are you staring in to the sky?" Albus didn't have time to answer Minerva's question because right out of the blue a large white bird came hurtling down at a fast pace and bombed straight in to the lake, sending water in all directions. Needless to say that Severus ended up with more water on him then any where else, he scowled a deadly scowl. Whilst Minerva tried hard not to laugh, Albus chuckled freely at the sight of a soaked Potions Master. Severus ignored their laughter and reached for his wand and pointed it at the bird as it crawled from out of the waters edge.

"Severus don't you dare! Killing a swan is a muggle criminal offence! Youíll have the Queen of England after you" Minerva snapped, Severus glared at her.

"I shall practice my curtsy" he sneered and Minerva was about to respond when Albus put his hand on her shoulder and motioned both of them to watch the swan> As they stared at the swan wondering what it was that Albus was on about they were about to turn away and declare Albus insane when the swan started to take human form. The human form took the shape of a tallish woman in her mid-thirties, she had long brown hair that moved nicely in the light breeze and she had a nice smile. She walked over towards the three Professors in order to make their acquaintance but as she approached them she tripped and fell on top of Severus and sent him crashing to the ground with her on top of him. She smiled nervously and stood up to straighten her robes, she watched as Severus climbed to his feet glaring at her.

"Iím so clumsy, Iím so sorry Mister...umm Mister?" She stuttered as she spoke to Severus, she felt slightly intimidated by him but wasn't going to let him get the better of her.

"Severus Snape, Professor Snape to you, you'll do well to remember that miss?! He hissed at her with a dangerous tone, she stuck her tongue out at him and edged past him towards Minerva and Albus, she didn't turn around to See Severus's face as he was most likely glaring at her, Albus introduced her to Minerva.

"Scarlet Vixen Grandeur, nice to meet you Minerva, you may call me Vixen" Severus carried on scowling and Glaring at her. He was even more disgruntled when Albus told him that he and Minerva were to stay with her in the grounds whilst he attended some business with Professor Hagrid. Minerva was quite pleased with Albus's orders and wasted no time in asking Vixen about her animagus form.

"Vixen could you tell me about your animagus form? I too am an animagus, I take the form of a cat"

"A cat eh? Nice, well I suppose I take the form of a swan because its on the crest of my family and I also really love swans, they are beautiful, majestic and elegant, hopefully one day I will have all those traits of character-" Severus snorted at this part of the conversation, the likelihood of Vixen becoming elegant was too funny to take "-and once they find a partner they stay with that partner for life, kinda- " Severus snorted at her again, silly romantic crap he thought to himself, Vixen glared at him "- sad when you think about it cause when their partner dies then they die eventually, of a broken heart I suppose" Severus had heard enough of her waffle and bid them both goodnight and stormed off back to his dungeons.

"I reckon if he took an animal form it would be the one of a pig!" she said giggling, Minerva asked her why "cause see he kept snorting at me and I was under the impression that pigs snorted, would fit him nicely I think" Minerva laughed at the thought of Severus taking the form of a pig.

"I don't think he likes me much, maybe it was cause I soaked him and landed on him?" Vixen giggled "well they do say every man has his uses and 'Professor Snape's is to be my personal cushion - not very comfy I might add, he's rather boney" Minerva cried out with laughter, Vixen and Minerva became friends straight away and Vixen felt that she would most definitely enjoy her time at Hogwarts

The night before the students were due to arrive most the staff were in the staff room laughing about how Vixen made her entrance and how she flattened Severus. They all thought it was hilarious but the laughter soon died down as Severus swept into the room followed by Albus. Albus was going to introduce Vixen to everyone but it seemed she had already done a good job of that so the meeting was cancelled. Severus knew what the staff had been laughing about and he was prepared to let it go as most of his life was spent having people making a joke out of him, why should Vixen be any different, he was going to make sure she knew who she was dealing with

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