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Title: Taking
Author: Dr. Jeckell & Mrs. Hyde (aka Taran & Magdelena)
Summary: HP/SS – Slash – COMPLETE. Harry loses control during an Occlumency lesson in seventh year, and takes out two years worth of bottled up rage, anger and frustration on Severus Snape. This is an extremely dark piece dealing with sensitive issues such as rape/non-consensual sex, sexual abuse, and physical violence.
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Genres: Romance, Angst, Darkfic
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-consensual sex, Violence, Adult Language, Sexual Situations, BDSM
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Chapter One – Losing Control

Harry staggered back from yet another advance. He looked up through his fringe to see the Potions Master sneering down at him for what felt like the hundredth time that night. Why Dumbledore had ever suggested that he continue these insane Occlumency lessons with Severus Snape was beyond him. It was quite obvious that the man could barely stand his presence.

Harry’s sixth year had passed by without a peep from Voldemort; apparently, their battle at the end of Harry’s fifth year at the Ministry had weakened the Dark Lord considerably. Harry had spent the month after the battle at the Dursleys, and had become more bitter and angrier at how all the adults in his life had deceived him and kept him out of the loop regarding what had been expected of him. He had then gone to Grimmauld Place that summer demanding additional training, and Dumbledore had quickly acquiesced. In fact, everyone had given in to his every bloody demand. For the first half of the school year, people had tiptoed around the Gryffindor as if he were some kind of china doll, fearful of angering him and it only served to help make Harry bitterer. So far there was only one person he hadn’t apparently broken; one person who still stood up to him and called him on his behavior. Unfortunately, that man also refused to see him as anyone other than his father, and that fact galled Harry to no end.

At the start of Harry’s seventh year, when Voldemort had again made his presence known, Dumbledore thought it was important to have Harry again learn to protect his mind, which meant the resumption of Occulmency lessons. Snape had been uncovered as a traitor by the Dark Lord late in Harry’s sixth year, which had only seemingly served to make the normally acerbic man even dourer. Harry hadn’t gotten into Advanced Potions classes, so his only interactions with the Potions Master had been in Order meetings. They had barely had a week of meetings and Harry was already past his boiling point.

“Would it fucking KILL you to actually attempt to TEACH me how the bloody hell to do this, instead of just attacking me?”

Severus sighed irritably and pinched the bridge of his nose, his eyes squeezed tight. He had long ago lost patience with the angry young man before him. He had seen the change in Potter after the loss of his Godfather at the end of his fifth year and had fought hard to work the anger out of him. It was a fight he knew he would lose in the end, but he had to try, as no one else seemed willing to do it.

During every training session, he intentionally worked up Potter's anger, hoping to break through it so that the young hero could get past it and begin to heal. He knew Potter's weak spots and used them maliciously, especially comparing him to his father. It was the one weak spot they shared. Severus was still bitter and angry with the senior Potter for the abuse he had suffered as a child, and Harry hated to be compared to a man he didn't seem to like.

"Mr. Potter," Severus said slowly, meticulously, "I HAVE been attempting to train you… daily! It is not MY fault you inherited your father's brain cells instead of your mother's. Perhaps if you paid a little more attention you would learn something!"

“Stop SAYING that! I am NOT James-FUCKING-Potter! It’s not my BLOODY fault that they look at me and see him; that YOU look at me and see him. Well, damn it from tonight on, I swear you’re only going to look at me and see me.”

Harry surged to his feet and hissed out a spell that sent the Potions Master slamming back against the wall, his wand flying into Harry’s outstretched hand. With a satisfied gleam in his eye and a feral grin on his face, Harry stalked towards the dazed man, tucking both wands into his cloak. Before Snape could make a move, Harry pinned the Potions Master forcefully to the wall with his body, the older man’s head slamming again against the stone wall, his hands encircling the slim wrists and holding them immobile on either side of his head. One leg slid between the Potions Master’s thighs and he pushed the weight of his hip against the older wizard’s pelvis. “The only thing I’ve ever truly wanted for myself since I’ve been introduced to this fucking world, and I’ll never have it,” Harry said cryptically. “Because given the choice you’ll NEVER fucking see me as anything but an image of James. So I suppose I’ll have to settle for the next best thing.”

Harry’s lips crushed down over his professor’s unyielding lips, his tongue demanding entrance. When his request wasn’t immediately met, Harry angrily bit down on Snape’s lower lip hard, drawing a taste of coppery blood before finally the lips parted and he swept his tongue inside. He possessively sought out every corner of Snape’s mouth, the adrenaline and desire coursing through his veins. Unconsciously, he pumped his hips against Severus, his length already hard against the Potions Master’s hip.

Severus' head was spinning and the fact that Harry Potter was kissing him barely registered until he felt the hard cock that pressed almost painfully into his hip. His eyes popped open and he stared at Potter in fear, his heart pounding in his chest and his lungs fighting for air. He tried to move his arms, but found Potter's strength to be much greater than his own. As his mind searched frantically for escape, he did the only thing he could think of. He bit down on Harry's invading tongue.

Harry’s eyes watered as pain lanced through his tongue, and he quickly pulled back. Magic crackled along his body as he hastily transferred both of Snape’s wrists to one hand, his other hand cracking sharply across Snape’s cheek. “You fucking BASTARD! If you think that kind of behavior is going to keep me from buggering you tonight, you’re sadly mistaken.” Tears streamed down his face as he let loose all the rage and anger he felt onto the only man he had ever wanted, ever loved. A small part of Harry’s brain screamed for him to stop, but instead he heard his voice issue forth the threats that he knew he fully intended to carry out. He barely recognized his own voice as he hissed in Snape’s ear. “Scream all you want. I know you set up heavy silencing and locking wards after I arrived. No one will hear you.”

Severus' cheek stung and tears welled in his eyes from the hard slap, his head turned away with the force of the blow. He tried not to look at Potter's face as he shivered with dread. He felt nauseous from fear, but refused to give Potter the satisfaction of seeing him break down.

"Don't do this, Potter," he said, cringing internally at how weak his voice sounded.

Harry barely heard Snape’s words, his hearing muffled from the sound of the blood coursing through his veins. “Why couldn’t it have been different? I only EVER wanted you to see me for who I really am.” He struggled to undo the Potions Master’s trousers, ripping the fastenings open when they wouldn’t yield to his hands fast enough. He roughly pushed the trousers and underclothes down until they pooled around Snape’s ankles. He slid his hand around Snape’s flaccid shaft, as the tears continued to stream down his face, and he babbled on. “I only ever wanted the chance to fucking LOVE you. And now that’s all gone. All I’m ever going to have is this one chance to be buried inside of you, and bloody hell, I’m going to have it.”

Harry released Snape’s cock from his hand and leaned his face against Snape’s cheek, nipping at the soft flesh of the pale neck as he quickly undid his own trousers.

Severus continued to shiver and shake as Potter's words were carried to his horror-filled mind. He thought Potter must have been hallucinating, imagining someone else. He couldn't seriously be in love with me… could he?

"You… You love me?" he asked brokenly, not sure if Potter would even answer him, if he even understood with the state he seemed to be in.

"Please don't do this, Potter," he whispered as the warm hand continued to caress him, attempting to coax a response from his body. He was too afraid; too shocked by everything for his body to give the required response and even the bite to his tender neck did little more than make him shiver lightly. His mind ran circles around Potter's words even as he hoped and feared they were true and meant for him.

Harry’s fogged brain barely heard the words, as he twisted Snape’s body around to face the wall, and kicked his legs as far apart as they could go with his pants still restraining his feet. Harry pushed up the man’s robes onto his back, and sucked two fingers into his mouth, liberally coating them with saliva before sliding them into the Potions Master’s crack, and finally responding to his question.

“I’ve been in love with you for YEARS, you git. But all you’ve ever seen is James, never Harry. I thought you were different than the others. I just wanted one person who saw the real me. All they care about is the Boy-Who-Lived, the one who will free them from Voldemort, but not you…never you. I thought we could have a chance. But NO, we can’t; not now, not EVER! Because of the fucking arsehole my father was. Goddammit! He’s DEAD.”

Harry’s quivering fingers sought out the puckered hole while he spoke, circling it only once before jabbing both fingers inside. He could feel the tissue straining against him, as the older wizard instinctively bucked his hips away from Harry’s hand. “Stay STILL,” Harry commanded. “Or I won’t waste any time on preparing you at all. I’d rather not have to rip you apart completely.”

Severus gasped at Potter's words, but before he could respond, he was turned against the wall. As the fingers were thrust into his unyielding body, Severus instinctively tried to pull away.

"Potter, stop!" he yelled, his voice loud and clear for the first time since Potter attacked him. He wasn't ready for this and not in this way. He had known for a long time that he cared about the younger man, was maybe even in love with him, but this certainly wasn't how he had imagined their first time to be.

Harry’s hand slid from Snape’s wrists back to his hip as he spit into his hand. He was too far gone to be anything but more turned on at Snape’s pleas for him to stop. He slicked the head of his cock with both his own saliva and the precum that was oozing steadily from the tip of his engorged shaft. He positioned himself at Snape’s entrance, his thumbs stretching the older wizard’s buttocks apart as his fingertips dug into the bony hips. With one brutal stroke, he buried himself inside of the older man. He leaned over Snape’s back, attempting to steady his breathing and fight the urge to come immediately from the feel of the velvety warmth caressing his cock, the heavenly bliss he had wanted and waited for so long.

“So, Snape, do I get this all to myself? Or did that son of a bitch of a father of mine fuck you too?”

Severus' head spun from the brutal entry and his knees gave out. The only thing holding him up was Potter's firm grip on his hips. He clung to the wall for support and he squeezed his eyes shut at the pain that ripped through him. He was horrified to find his body responding to the violent treatment as he felt his cock twitch for a moment.

Finally, Potter's words worked their way through the haze of pain to his mind. He tried to speak, but found his voice locked, so instead, just shook his head.

Harry rocked his hips against Snape’s, and laughed hoarsely when he noticed the Potions Master nod his answer. "Good! Then you'll always remember that I, HARRY, was the one who fucked you, NOT my father!"

Harry’s hips pistoned in and out of the man in front of him, sensibility gone in a haze of lust and desire. His thrusts punctuated his words, as he continued his vicious rhythm. “Why couldn’t you…just love me…why? It’s all…I ever wanted…and NEVER…never had. I wanted…our first time…my first time…to be so…fucking perfect.”

Tears streamed down Severus' cheeks, though he wasn't certain if they were from the pain Harry was causing, or from his relief and joy at Harry's words.

"I do love you, Harry," he whispered into the wall. He felt the hard body behind him shift slightly and gasped as his prostate was pounded repeatedly. He began pushing back a little, meeting the rough thrusts and felt his cock begin to swell as he gave in to Harry's lust.

Harry heard Snape’s whispered reply, and something inside of him broke when he felt Snape…no…Severus…pushing back against him. “Oh, GODS, Severus!”

Harry lowered them both to their knees without pulling his cock out of the warmth of Severus’ body. He supported Severus’ weight, but quickly realized that their clothing was restraining their movements. Some part of his mind registered that Severus was no longer resisting him, and with a whispered spell had had them completely disrobed.

He settled them into a more comfortable position, one arm slinking around Severus’ waist to hold him securely, and the other reaching to stroke Severus’ quickly rising erection.

Severus gasped as Harry began stroking him, his hand roughly pumping in time with his thrusts. Severus leaned his head back against Harry's shoulder, trying to gain control over his ragged breathing. He tightly gripped the arm that held his waist and reached behind him with the other to hold Harry's neck, keeping them as close as possible. He began moving his hips in time with Harry's, meeting each hard thrust and taking Harry's cock as deep and hard as his body could stand.

He allowed Harry's hand and head loose so that Harry could push on his back, forcing him to lean forward with his arse in the air. He gasped out Harry's name as he was thrust into repeatedly and with enough force to bruise his prostate. Severus used his hands to keep his head from pounding into the wall and winced at the pain in the hip Harry held onto tightly. He gasped as Harry again began jerking roughly on his now very hard cock.

Harry felt his orgasm rapidly approaching, and his fingertips dug sharply into Severus’ hip, his fingernails leaving red crescents against the pale skin as he pulled Severus back against him in time with his strokes. His thrusts became more and more ragged, but continued to try to stave off his climax, wanting this experience to last forever. Finally, he could hold back no longer, and he leaned down over Severus’ back, his head resting against Severus’ clammy skin.

“Come for me, Severus,” he said, his tone almost desperate. “Take me over the edge with you. Please…at least let me have this.”

With one final tug, he felt Severus contract around him, and he felt his seed spill deep into the Potions Master, his cock pulsing as he cried out.

"Yes… yes…" Severus panted, hearing Harry's voice in his ear. "HARRY!" he shouted as orgasm over took him. He came harder than he could ever remember doing before, his semen shooting out over his chest, hitting his bowed chin and mouth. He felt Harry tense behind him, coming just as hard.

The weight of Harry's body pressed down on him, Severus fell to the floor, limp, sated and exhausted. He didn't try to move Harry, still uncertain of what the younger wizard would do next, but stayed where he was, soaking in the warm of Harry's body from behind while trying to ignore the cold from the stone floor beneath him.

Harry settled against Severus’ back, his senses returning as his body dispelled all of the frustration, anger, and hopelessness he had held onto for so long. He had never felt safer, warmer, or more complete than he did at that moment. It was then that he felt Severus shift slightly beneath him, and a series of horrible images flickered past his mind.

“Oh, gods, I’m sorry.” He scurried back away from Severus, unable to ignore the bruises on the pale hips, the tinges of blood that streaked his own flaccid cock. “You told me to stop…b-begged me, b-but I didn’t. Oh gods! What kind of monster have I become?”

Harry was sickened by what he had done, and wanted to hide away from the pain he had caused to yet another person who loved him, but when he heard Severus’ whimper of pain as he shifted again, something inside of Harry, something he had thought long dead flickered to life. He sprung into action, and within moments he had cast healing and warming charms over Severus, and covered the Potions Master’s still shivering body with his own cloak. He quickly retrieved a couple of healing potions for the older wizard. He spelled on his own trousers, and knelt just out of Severus’ reach, offering the potions silently, tears still dripping down his cheeks.

Severus sighed as he stared at Harry's tear stained face, tears leaving tracks down his own cheeks.

"Hold me?" he asked so softly even he barely heard the words. He was scared Harry would say no, would change his mind and take back everything he had said about loving him.

Harry cautiously drew nearer, scarcely able to believe that he was hearing those words coming from Severus’ lips. “You can’t be serious. I just forced you. I-I didn’t listen to you when you begged me to stop. I r-r-raped you. How can you want to look at me, much less willingly let me touch you?” His hand hovered near Severus’ face. “I always destroy everyone I love, and now you.”

Harry tentatively slid his shaking hand along Severus’ cheek, and was amazed when the Potions Master leaned into his touch. Hesitantly, he gathered the still quaking man into his arms, and leaning back against the wall, settled Severus against his chest. He tucked his cloak more securely around the man he loved, carding his fingers softly through the sweaty raven locks as he sobbed harder than he ever had before.

When he finally was able to trust his voice, he moved Severus back slightly, glancing over at the older wizard’s tear-streaked face, but unable to find the courage to meet the obsidian eyes that he knew would be filled with hate and desire for retribution. “I know it can never be enough, but I’m so sorry, Severus. I know you’ll never believe this now, and that I’ve ruined any chance of ever having you in my life, but I do love you. I have for a very long time. It could have been so…” Harry released a shuddering breath, and closed his eyes. “I deserve any punishment you wish for me.”

Severus shifted a little, trying not to make any sounds that would alert Harry to his pain and cause more guilt, and cautiously pressed his trembling lips to Harry's. He felt Harry tense momentarily before relaxing again, and licked at the soft lips. His heart skipped a beat when Harry finally opened his mouth and let Severus' tongue enter. The kiss was soft, languid and unhurried, everything their lovemaking was not. Severus slowly poured everything he had into the kiss, telling Harry without words that he was forgiven, but most importantly, he was loved.

Harry hardly dared to breathe when he felt Severus’ lips covering his own. He couldn’t believe that Severus had seen fit to give him a second chance. Harry let Severus lead him through the kiss, never pushing, never demanding, just allowing the older wizard to gently and completely map out his mouth. When Severus finally broke the kiss, Harry looked down at him, eyes full of concern. “I don’t know why you’re allowing this, how you can possibly kiss me; how you could say that you loved me, even want to be around me after what I did.”

Harry picked up the potions, which Severus had still neglected to take, and lifted them to the Potions Master’s lips. He helped the man to tip them back into his mouth. Suddenly a horrible thought occurred to Harry. “Please don’t tell me that you’re doing this because you’re afraid. I don’t want you to be scared of me.”

"You talk too much, Harry," Severus said with a sleepy smile and quick kiss. "Knowing you love me makes it all worth while. Besides, I rather found some of it to be quite pleasurable. I'm not afraid of you anymore, Harry."

Severus sighed heavily and leaned into Harry, no longer having the strength to hold himself up. "Can we sleep now, please?" he asked as his eyes drifted closed.

"Yes, of course," Harry agreed, still very unsure of himself, and revolted by what he had become. He reinforced the warming charm that surrounded them, his arms tightening protectively around Severus. "I love you. I don't deserve you, but I'm never letting you go," he stated shakily.

"Mmm… Better not. I'll have to hex you if you do," Severus muttered as he snuggled deeper into Harry's embrace. He was asleep before Harry could say anything more.



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