The Domino Effect

BY : Dr Jeckell and Mrs Hyde
Category: Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/Snape
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Title: The Domino Effect
Author: Dr. Jeckell & Mrs. Hyde (aka Taran & Magdelena)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Warnings: Non-consensual sex, Violence, Adult Language, Sexual Situations, MPreg
Summary: HP/SS – Slash – Chapter 1 of ?. Harry discovers that when he kills Voldemort, all of his Death Eaters will die as well through the bond that they share with the Dark Lord through their Marks. Harry vows to do anything it takes to allow Severus Snape to escape that fate.
Disclaimer: We do not own any of the characters herein (only the plot). All the characters in the Harry Potter universe belong exclusively to J.K. Rowling, Warner Brothers, and anyone else JKR chooses to allow to play with them. We are publishing our fanfiction writings only for our own selfish desire to be a part of their world.
Authors' Note: Thanks to the incredibly wonderful beta job that Sev1970 did for this story.


Chapter One – Like Dominos

Albus Dumbledore paced his large office fitfully, knowing what had to be done. It was necessary to save his dear friend's life, and the Headmaster knew that it was for the best. He also knew that it would bring two longing hearts that needed each other together. His only reservation was that he simply couldn't stand the thought of once again manipulating and forcing Severus into a situation he had not chosen for himself.

Throughout all his thirty-six years of life, Severus had been pushed, prodded and forced into doing things for others. He very rarely was allowed to make his own decisions and choose his own path in life. The Headmaster himself was to blame for much of that, and he regretted the necessity of it. Albus had known from the moment he laid eyes on the eleven year old, that he would play a vital part in the coming war. He just hadn't known quite how vital at the time.

Severus had been led down a dark, lonely path that brought him to the hem of the Dark Lord's robes. Again, it wasn't what Severus would have chosen for himself, but he wasn't exactly given a choice. Between the pressures from family and his peers, and a deep lack of self-worth, Severus did as he was told and took the Mark. It was only after his first kill that Severus truly gave in to despair and returned to Albus for a forgiveness he would never give to himself.

Albus sighed as a gentle knock fell upon his door. He composed himself before bidding entrance to the only hope left for Severus. The time had come to once again push Severus into a new direction.

“Welcome, Harry. Have a seat.”

Harry nodded, and closed the door behind him, stopping briefly to gently brush his fingertips along Fawkes’ brilliant plumage before settling in one of the armchairs in front of the Headmaster’s desk. It had been nearly a year and a half now since he had torn apart the Headmaster’s office after the events at the Department of Mysteries. Since that time, he and Dumbledore had talked frequently, and as a result, Harry had come to understand that the elder wizard truly had his best interests at heart.

However, Harry had also learned to read Dumbledore quite well, and the Headmaster’s manner and body language had Harry very concerned. It was the same sad look that Dumbledore had given Harry when he admitted that he had been mistaken in not confiding in Harry sooner about the Prophecy.

“You needed to see me, Headmaster?”

"Yes, Harry. Would you like some tea?" Albus asked as he sat behind his desk. Without waiting for Harry's answer, Albus picked up the little tea pot in his slightly shaking hand and poured two cups. He set one in front of Harry and sipped slowly from his own while he gathered his thoughts.

"There is something of importance that we need to discuss. I find myself having difficulties on how best to broach this rather delicate subject, however." Albus took a deep breath, not looking Harry in the eye. "You see, you are getting older and much stronger. You've learned a great deal this past year and… Well, I believe you are nearly ready to end this war you have been thrust into."

Albus sighed as he thought about all Harry had been through and how much was still to come. The young man had lost so much and now Albus had to break the news that the one man who had taught him the most would be lost as well if Harry couldn't, or wouldn't, do what was necessary to stop it; so much depended upon the young wizard of barely seventeen already. Now Albus was giving him the direct responsibility of another human life.

Harry furrowed his brow, trying to force back his irritation and anxiety at Dumbledore’s ambiguity. “Headmaster, with all due respect, you’re doing it again. Will you please just tell me whatever it is I have to deal with, allow me to have the tantrum that you’re obviously expecting me to have, and then we can get on with whatever it is I have no choice about anyway?”

Harry rolled his eyes at his own rambling, and then again fixed his gaze imploringly on the aging Headmaster.

Albus smiled and his eyes twinkled for a moment before fading back to a dull blue paled by age and worry.

"I wish it were so simple, little one. There is one problem with the fall of the Dark Lord. We, that is several of us in the Order, believe that when Voldemort is defeated…his Death Eaters will die with him through the bond of the Mark."

Harry shrugged nonchalantly, the weight of Albus’ words not hitting him yet.

“Forgive me sir, but I don’t exactly see the problem. I mean anyone who’s thrown in his lot with Voldemort deserves to…” Harry’s voice trailed off, and his eyes widened as a memory from his fourth year flashed through his mind; the sight of Severus Snape boldly uncovering his arm and showing Cornelius Fudge that the Mark had returned. “Oh, bloody hell! Professor Snape!”

Harry watched Dumbledore sadly nod his head, and closed his eyes against the flood of emotions that threatened to overwhelm him. He and the Potions professor had been forced by Dumbledore to declare a truce during the summer after his fifth year. The man had continued to school Harry in Occlumency, and Harry had slowly and grudgingly developed a deep respect for the Potions Master and the difficult and necessary role he played to obtain information for the Order.

Harry had barely admitted to himself how much the prickly man had come to mean to him, but in light of this new revelation, Harry was having a difficult time denying Severus Snape’s importance in his life. His heart ached with the knowledge that yet another person he knew and cared about might die. With a fierce determination, Harry looked up and met Dumbledore’s eyes.

“If you don’t already have a plan to prevent him from dying, you’d best come up with one soon.”

"We do have an idea, however," Albus said, holding his hand up to stop the flood of hope suddenly filling Harry's bright green eyes, "it is not a simple plan and it will involve a lot of work and sacrifice on both your parts. Also, Severus can know absolutely nothing of it in order for it to work. This will not be easy, Harry." Albus shook his head sadly.

Harry nodded his head earnestly. “Whatever it takes, sir. I won’t let him die. I’ll do whatever you ask.”

Nearly two hours later a shaken and pale Harry Potter left the Headmaster’s office. He walked dazedly back up to Gryffindor Tower, barely acknowledging his housemates as he stumbled through the common room and up to his dormitory. Thankfully, he didn’t run into any of his roommates. He quickly changed into his pajamas, and climbed into his bed, closing and warding his curtains.

It was only after he lay back against his soft mattress and the conversation he had just had with the Headmaster replayed through his mind, that the implications of what he had just agreed to do sunk in.

The headmaster had explained that the only way to save Severus was to remove the Dark Mark and the only way to do that was to replace it with the Mark of another strong wizard, that other wizard being Harry. To change the Mark, and thus the bond, was very difficult. It had to be a similar bond to what was already in place.

Harry had thought that would be easy enough. He just had to bond to Severus and while that wasn't entirely a pleasing notion, he would do it happily if it would save the man's life. It wasn't until Dumbledore had begun explaining about the Domination Bond, that Harry began to worry.

For Harry to take the bond away from Voldemort, he had to prove himself to be stronger by completely and totally dominating Severus Snape! The very idea of anyone dominating that man was absurd. Harry simply couldn't picture Severus Snape being submissive to anyone, least of all with Harry Potter!

Harry was just starting to accept that idea when Dumbledore explained even further. Complete dominance included in the bedroom. Harry would have to seduce, possibly even rape Severus. He had to show strength in every aspect of their lives. He had shuddered and gawked at the white haired wizard and what he was asking Harry to do.

Harry rolled onto his stomach and pulled the pillow over his head. He didn't want to think about it anymore. He didn't want to think about what Dumbledore said next.

Dumbledore told Harry that it would never work properly if Severus knew anything about it. He would never be able to completely submit to Harry if he knew he had to. There would always be subconscious thoughts holding him back. Harry hated that something so important and relevant to the man’s life had to be kept from him, but Harry would do whatever it took to keep Severus in the dark about everything.

Harry had asked how he would know if it worked, if he had to do something specific to put his own Mark over the Dark Lord's. That's when he got the real kick in the chest. Dumbledore said that Harry's Mark would appear only when Severus fully submitted and became impregnated. The pregnancy would be a symbol of Harry's full dominance and Severus' submission. With that full dominance established, the bond would be completed.

Harry whimpered as he thought about it all. Not only did he have to force Severus into submission and an unwanted bond, but he had to get the man pregnant as well. He hated the plan and hated Voldemort more than ever before. He cared about Severus and he wanted a family, but not like this. He certainly wasn't in love with the man, far from it, and he wasn't ready to become a father. More than that, though, was the thought that it had been done to Severus once before.

Dumbledore said that it had been different the first time and that Severus hadn't been forced into a pregnancy or anything like that. Severus had submitted when he took the Mark, but this bond had to be stronger in order to tear it away from Voldemort. They had no choice.

Harry had still been in shock after Dumbledore had finished explaining the plan and what Harry had to do. He had simply nodded his acceptance, thanked the man and left. Now, as he tossed around in his bed, he remembered the tears in the pale blue eyes and felt the sorrow and regret that had poured off the old man.

He sat up in bed and angrily wiped his own tears away. He wondered briefly if he was strong enough to do it, then brushed it aside, telling himself that he would be, that he would do what he must. He was determined to do anything to save the life of his respected teacher.


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