The Headmaster

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Chapter 1

The headmaster was retiring. Professor Snape had waited a lifetime for this moment. A promise was given to him when he was but twenty. A promise that one day, when Albus Dumbledore retired, he would become the first Slytherin Headmaster that Hogwarts had seen in over a century.

It had been three years since the war was won by the man-that-killed-Voldemort. Three years of waiting for the Headmaster to come to the conclusion that it was time to retire. He had sacrificed everything for the moment that he would become Headmaster. For decades he had formulated ideas to change the school for the better. There were hundreds of feet of parchment written down with vast ideas to improve the curriculum. Now, in a few moments, all his years of sacrifice would be for not.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, after much thought I have decided that it is time for these old bones to take a rest.” The Great Hall gasped. “I know it comes as a great surprise but I’m weary and would like a few years to enjoy of what I have left of this life. But I leave you in good hands, a hero of the war, one who has sacrificed much in his life to make yours and my life better. He has a vision for Hogwarts and, I believe with all of my heart, will lead this school to a greatness it has not yet known. I want you to all stand and greet our new headmaster… Harry James Potter.

Professor Snape was about to stand, when the words from the Headmaster seeped there way into his brain. This could not be happening. Not this. Not Harry ‘bloody’ Potter. It wasn’t fair, not this. He was promised. The headmaster position was his, not someone he despised more than he despised Voldemort. Dumbledore promised. How could he betray him this way? A lifetime of sacrifice for what? Not even a thank you. This was too much. No more. NO MORE!

Snape didn’t hear the cheers that shook the foundation of Hogwarts. He didn’t see where Potter had come from or even hear the words that were being spoken to the students. All he knew was he had to leave. Sending his chair flying when he stood, he looked at Dumbledore and Potter.

“Headmaster, I care less which one of you I am speaking to, as of this moment I resign my post as Potions Master of Hogwarts. You and the school can go fuck itself. I shall be gone by morning.”

Severus turned and, with his robes flaring, he was gone.

“Severus!” Albus called after his friend.

“Forget about him.” Harry gently put his hand on the old man's shoulder. “I was trying to figure out a way to fire him anyway. He just made my life a little easier.”

“Harry, you don’t understand if Severus leaves Hogwarts he would have broken his parole and will immediately be sent to Azkaban. He is bound to the school and me the Headmaster… oh dear…”

“Albus what’s wrong?” Minerva saw all the color leave the departing headmaster’s face.

“It isn’t I that he is bound to but that of the headmaster.” He turned to a smiling Harry Potter.

“This is too good.” He clapped his hands together. “It’s either me or Azkaban, what a choice for the greasy git. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more.” Harry was almost beside himself with glee.

“Let us take this conversation to the headmaster’s study, where we can speak in private,” Minerva said, aware that too much had been said in front of the student body.

“Yes, yes, I think that an excellent idea.” Dumbledore led the trio to his, once, study.

Once the door was shut and a silencing charm put on the room the conversation continued.

“Why would Severus walk out that way? Everything seemed fine this morning at breakfast.”

“You honestly don’t remember do you Albus?”

“I’m old Minerva. I have forgotten more than I remember.”

“It was in this room, over twenty years ago, you promised a young Potions Master that one day, when you retired that he would take your place. You gave him your solemn oath.”

“Oh my, oh my, oh my. I did, didn’t I?” Albus stroked his long white beard. “But Severus must realize that he being a convicted Death Eater, the board would never approve of his appointment.”

“After years of sacrifice, of laying his life on the line daily, of being subjected to so many crucios that he cannot walk without a daily potion, of teaching for over twenty years? No Albus I don’t see any reason why he would think that you would be true to your word.”

She turned to Harry. “I have admired you since you were eleven years old and I have no doubt that you will exceed at being a headmaster as you have exceeded at everything you have ever done but I can’t but help feel that Professor Snape has been betrayed once more. Gentlemen I leave you to your consciences.”

She slammed the door a little harder than was needed as she left.

“If she thinks I’m going to give Snape my job, she has gone around the bend.” Harry sat in what was once Albus’ chair.

“It would have made no difference if you did. The school board would never approve Severus as headmaster. But you could try to talk him into staying.”

“Nope, can’t do that. He’s out of here and he’s not coming back, if I have anything to say about it.”

“Harry he’ll be in Azkaban by sunset tomorrow if you can’t talk him into staying. Perhaps you can offer Hagrid's hut for him to stay in.” The giant saved half of the school with his strength and will power before Nott used his sickle and beheaded him. Harry visited his grave weekly, talking for hours, telling him all of the news of the day.

“I won’t let that son-of-a-bitch, defile Hagrid's home.” Harry left no room to argue. “Azkaban will do the arsehole some good.” Severus was sentenced to a year of hard labor but was paroled on the condition that he would remain at Hogwarts under the supervision of the headmaster.

“It seems that I must remind you, Harry, that without Severus’ help you would not have been able to defeat the Dark Lord.”

“I am well aware of that Albus but until my dieing day I will believe that the only reason he helped me was because he saw the writing on the wall. Voldemort was about to be defeated, it was time for Snape to change sides once again. I wonder if he knows which side he was truly on.”

Exasperated Dumbledore continued. “The fact remains that if Severus is incarcerated he more than likely will die than survive the ordeal.”

“You don’t get it… I don’t care if he lives or dies. He’s gone and my first act as headmaster is to do… nothing. Severus Snape can go to hell.”


Severus tried to ignore the continual pounding at his door. ‘Albus no doubt, coming to apologize,’ Severus thought. ‘He could pound meat; I’m not letting him in.’

“Severus Snape, open this door immediately young man. I will not tolerate rudeness from you.”

‘Minerva.’ He had no reason to be angry with her. “One moment.” He took a moment to pull himself together. Shaking off all the tension, he put on the mask that had protected him for so many years. Taking a deep breath, Severus opened the door to a rather peeved Head of Gryffindor House.

“Don’t you ever make me wait like that, again.” She looked about Severus living quarters. Severus had few possessions for a lifetime of living. The books that lined the shelves belonged to Hogwarts. His whole life fit in two suitcases and a duffle bag.

“You mustn’t leave.” She placed her wrinkled hand on his forearm.

“I can’t stay. Azkaban will be more tolerable that working under Headmaster Potter.” Severus swallowed hard. “Even his name brings bile up into my throat.”

“You two are so alike…”

“Minerva if you’re here to insult me, then please leave. Otherwise I could use the company. I have informed the Ministry of my decision to leave Hogwarts. I am sure that the Aurors will be here by morning to escort me. I could use a friend this evening.”

“I will stay with you as long as you wish me to be but don’t you think you should clear the air with Albus before you… leave.”

“I have nothing to say to the man.” He sighed as he sat on the couch, his head in his hands. “You would think a lifetime of manipulation from him that I should have expected this… betrayal.”

“It wasn’t a deliberate treachery. He’s old and honestly didn’t remember the promise. It was so long ago and so many things have happened since then.”

“Minerva, don’t. I don’t wish to spend my last night of freedom talking about what Albus did or didn’t mean to do to me. It all comes out the same. I shall be spending the next year of my life in prison.”

Minerva poured a couple of Firewhiskeys and offered one to Severus. “At least the Dementors are no longer in charge.”

Severus shivered. “I still have nightmares. Azkaban is a world where there was no hope, only despair. I remember being cold, so fucking cold. Merlin, I couldn’t live like that again. At least when I finish my sentence this time I will be free to do as I please. I will not have to answer to anyone.”

“Here, here.” Minerva raised her glass in a toast.

Minerva commiserated with Severus as he started to ramble on, once the alcohol started to take affect.

Almost asleep, Severus leaned back and closed his eyes. For a moment, the Head of Gryffindor House thought that he had fallen to sleep. She laid a blanket over him and turned the lights in the dungeon down. She was surprised when he spoke.

“I always wanted to fall in love.” There was a sob in his voice. “To find that one person in the world that would look past my appearance and see me for whom I am. Would it surprise you Minerva if I told you I wanted children?”

“Yes, indeed it would. You always seemed rather put out by the children.”

“They weren’t children, they were students. There is a vast difference in the two.”

“I personally don’t see the difference.”

“Children will not blow up Hogwarts accidentally; students are quite capable of it.”

“Severus it is not too late for you to find a lovely lady and have a family.”

“It wouldn’t be a lady that I would be attracted to.”

Minerva had always had her suspicion at his sexual orientation but had no proof of it until that moment.

“I would have been the one to carry the children.” Severus sensed Minerva’s next question. “I would have not asked another man to bare our children.”

“You surprise me. You sound as if your life is over. You have many more years ahead of you than behind you.”

“I believe, if I survive Azkaban, that I will not have the facilities to function. I hate to impose any more than I have already but I find myself needing to ask your help.”

“If it is humanly possible for me to do it, I shall.”

“Would you take care of my things until I return… and if I don’t would you dispose of them as you see fit?”

“I will not listen to such talk, young man. The year will fly by fast and you will have the life you always dreamed of.”

“If you say so.” Severus sounded so defeated. “The other favor I wish to ask is would you bring me my potion weekly? I dread the thought of not being able to get about even in prison.”

“I promise that I shall bring it to you every week and if they allow me we can sit and chat a bit.”

“I would like that. It would give me something to look forward to.”


Sunrise came too fast for Severus. He left Minerva snoring softly in his… Hogwarts’ wingback chair. He wanted to see the sunrise, to remember every hue it radiated, to feel the sunshine on his face. To memorize each moment so he could relive it daily in his cell. With no one to look upon him, he wept until there were no more tears left.

From one of the towers of Hogwarts, Harry stared from his window. He watched Severus watch the sunrise. He saw the ex-Potions Masters’ shoulders shake as he cried. With a smile that would do Voldemort proud, he raised his cup of tea as he saluted Severus. “Rot in hell Snape!”

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