The Gulag

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Gulag Chapter 1

“Harry?!” Hermione looked up from her garden and saw a young man walking towards her.

The messy hair and relaxed gait were of someone she had known years before. She squinted and lifted her hand to block the sun from her eyes. She didn’t remember Harry being this tall or muscular, but when he flashed her a smile and waved, all of her doubt left her.

“Harry!” She screamed as she ran to meet him. Tossing her arms around his neck, Harry lifted her high into the air and swung her about.

“Harry James Potter, you are in so much trouble,” she scolded.

“I’ve missed you too,” he said, giving her a friendly kiss on the cheek. “Ron home?”

“And how would you know if I married Ron or not? It’s been seven years since we last heard from you,” Hermione stated.

“From the moment you told him he had a smudge on the side of his nose, the two of you were destined to be together,” Harry replied.

Harry and Hermione turned their focus on the small redheaded boy that was wailing. He stood with his feet on the bottom rung of the gate. His tiny hands were clenched around the pickets, shaking them as he screamed for his mother.

“Come on Harry, I want you to meet you namesake .”

“What? You named your son after me?” he beamed.

“Don’t get so full of yourself. We ran out of names on the older three boys,” She said, lifting the whimpering toddler to her hip. Little Harry nuzzled her neck as his thumb found his mouth.

“Harry James Potter, I would like you to meet Harry Arthur Weasley.”

“Hello Harry,” he said, tickling the child’s tummy and sending the boy into a fit of laughter. “Four boys in seven years? Hermione you have been busy.”

“One pregnancy was twins…Ron insisted that we named them after his brothers,” she explained.

“They would have been pleased,” Harry said. Seven years and the loss of the two mischief-makers was still devastating.

“The twins are in preschool, the oldest is in kindergarten.”

“Muggle school?” Harry asked, surprised .

“Yes. Oh Harry, so much has changed since you’ve been gone,” Hermione whispered, looking around to be sure no one was about. “Come in and we’ll put up a silencing charm. You never know who might be listening.”

“Hermione it couldn’t be that bad.”

“Harry, it’s worse.” she said, placing a finger to his lips to hush him. “Come inside and I’ll fix you a cup of tea.”

Harry followed her into her modest but loving home.

“Take a seat. After I give the baby his bottle and put him down for a nap, we can catch up with what has been going on in our lives.”

A short time later, Harry munched on a ham sandwich and sipped his tea as Hermione told him what had been happening.

“Harry, the wizarding world as you know it is gone,” she told him.

“Aren’t you being a little melodramatic?” he asked between bites.

“I wish I were. There was so much unrest after the war. The public clamored for revenge. The Death Eaters had to be punished, didn’t they?” Hermione’s voice became slightly higher and more desperate .

“It only made sense to strip them of their magic and put them in a labor camp. They should have to work to make up for all the destruction they caused. All of their properties were confiscated and their vaults emptied to help pay for the war damage. That seemed only fair and just. Didn’t it?” she asked Harry.

“Hermione nothing you have said to me is so outrageous,” Harry said.

“That’s not all. The spouses of the Death Eaters were also sent to the camps. They must have known what was going on. They were either a part of Voldemort’s plan or turned a blind eye to the horrible things the Death Eaters were doing. They were just as guilty as their partners. Weren’t they?” she pushed.

“Well…I guess so but…” Harry hedged.

“No they were just as bad…they truly were Harry. Then the innocent children were rounded up and placed in the labor camps. The Ministry said that the children of Death Eaters never fell far from the tree. They were wide eyed, scared children that did nothing wrong but be borne to parents who happened to be Death Eaters. There were a few people that tried to speak up against the treatment of the children…they disappeared, Harry, never to be heard of again,” Hermione continued.

“Hermione…” Harry interrupted.

“Let me finish. Since all Death Eaters were in Slytherin, the Ministry in all its wisdom decided that all Slytherins must be Death Eaters.”

“You’re not telling me that all of the Slytherins are in the labor camps?” Harry asked, astonished.

“Yes. The house of Slytherin has been banished. Even the mention of the name is considered high treason, punishable by loosing your magic and internment. The Sorting Hat refused the Ministry’s request not to sort anymore Slytherins and was burned. Harry, we have a police state. Everyone is in fear of doing or saying something that might get us thrown into the gulag,” Hermione finished.

“How are they being treated?” Harry asked.

“Worse than animals,” came a new voice.

Harry turned his head to see Ron standing at the front door, “Hi Harry, it’s good to have you back.” Ron looked extremely weary and much older than twenty-six.

“Ron…it’s good to see you,” Harry said.

“Where have you been? Why did you desert us?” Ron asked quietly.

“Ron, I neither deserted you nor the wizard world. After seven years of fighting Voldemort I thought I deserved some time for myself. I’ve traveled and learned,” Harry explained.

“What have you learned?” asked Hermione. The spark of knowledge that once shone brightly within Hermione had faded. He looked into her tired eyes and wondered when was the last time she had read a book.

“I have become a healer. I spent years at a university in the states, and then I traveled and studied alternative healing methods around the world. I didn’t desert this world. I came back to set up my practice and try to heal it,” Harry said.

“Oh Harry, I’m so happy for you,” Hermione smiled, proud of her friend’s accomplishments.

“He should have never left,” Ron grumbled. He vigorously rubbed his hands across his tired face. “I’m sorry mate, I doubt that you being here would have changed anything, but it all has gone so terribly wrong.”

Harry got up and led Ron to the couch and sat him down. With wand in hand he did a quick scan.

“Ron, when was the last time you had a good night sleep?” Harry asked.

“The day you left,” Ron answered as he laid his head on the back of the couch.

“A little dreamless sleep…” Harry was about to suggest.

“All potions are subject to Ministry oversight,” Hermione brought over a cup of steaming tea for her husband.

“The Ministry is controlling medicine?” Harry was dismayed.

“Not only medicine, but also what we are allowed to read, write and teach in school. That is why our children are in Muggle school. I want them to have a well-rounded education and not some watered down version of what ‘they’ deem is acceptable.”

“How are you getting away with it?” inquired Harry.

“They have Muggle grandparents. I have them baby-sit five days a week, andthey, in turn see to it that the kids get to school.”

Harry pulled his medicine bag from his pocket and enlarged it. He rustled around in it for a moment before he found what he was looking for.

“A little pepper-up potion should help,” He handed the vial to Ron.

“Be careful, how much magic you use,” Ron warned.

“Don’t tell me that they’re monitoring magic,” Harry sighed , exasperated.

“Use to much and you end up in the gulag,” Ron answered as he swallowed the potion. Almost immediately Ron became more aware and alert.

“Thanks. I needed that.”

“You need a lot more but I’m glad I can help,” Harry took a moment to contemplate everything he had just learned. “Perhaps the Slytherins are better off separated from the general public. Maybe their new world isn’t all that bad.”

“Keep dreaming mate…The younger, prettier girls are sold into prostitution. Once they lose their appeal they are sent back to the camp to work along side the men and older women,” Ron explained.

“The women are all sterilized. The ministry doesn’t want any more Slytherins born,” Hermione added.

“Once the children hit their eighth birthday, the law requires them to work to pay for their keep.”

“It’s against the law for them to read or write. If caught, the offending parties are to be put down. Put down…as if they were dogs,” Ron snarled.

“I hate to ask… where are they keeping the Slytherins?”

“Malfoy Mansion…” Harry was about to reply that shouldn’t be so bad when Ron continued. “Malfoy Mansion…huh, can’t call it a mansion anymore. They stripped everything useful out of it leaving only the roof and the walls standing. Even the plumbing was torn out. I always thought when I was younger that the place was enormous, but when you put over 3300 people you realize how just how small it really is.”

“3300 people in such a confined space…you’re asking for all sorts of diseases,” Harry stated.

“Tell me about it. Malnutrition is the least of their problems. Rickets, dehydration, malaria--there was a case of tuberculosis reported today. One or two people die each week, mostly children,” Ron laughed bitterly.

“I have to give it to the Slytherins--what little food they get, they give mainly to the children. The children are first to eat. The adults sit patiently and watch until the children eat their fill then the adults eat what is left. It’s never enough…ever!” Ron growled.

“Ron how…how do you know so much?” Harry asked.

“Harry, I’m the warden of the gulag.”


Severus rocked the young girl back and forth in his arms. There was little left to do but comfort her in the last few minutes of her life. He tried to remember who her parents were. He knew they both were Death Eaters. He should be able to remember their names, then again, his memory was not as good as it used to be. He tried for years to keep his memory from deteriorating,repeating over and over the formulas for different potions until one day he just couldn’t remember one. It didn’t really matter; he would never be allowed to make another potion again or even use magic.

He kept rocking the girl long after she had given up the ghost. Draco had to sit behind Severus and hold them as others pried the child from his arms.

“She’s gone Severus. There is nothing more you can do for her,” Draco said softly.

“There is nothing I can do for any of them. I’ve become useless,” Severus murmured.

“Don’t wallow Severus. You are the only person that is keeping us alive. If it weren’t for you, I fear we would all be dead,” Draco reasoned.

“Perhaps we would be better off,” Severus said.

“We’re Slytherins, it’s not in our makeup to give up. We’ll keep going until an opportunity shows itself and when it does, we will take advantage of it. We’ll survive Severus…we have to,” Draco gave Severus the same lecture that he himself had received from his godfather.

“Yes, yes we will,” Severus turned around and looked into the blue-grey eyes of his godson. “Your parents would have been so proud of you.”

“Mom would have been. Don’t think I could have made Dad proud no matter what I did,” Draco stated.

Severus couldn’t argue with Draco. Lucius was a dreadful parent and expected nothing but perfection from his son.

“That may be true, but even if he never said the words, he did love you,” Severus shivered and gasped for air.

“Severus, what’s wrong. Should I get you some water?” Draco fretted.

“No…no I’m fine. I had a feeling that I hadn’t had in years. It was rather disconcerting,” Severus replied.

“What did you feel?” Draco asked.

“Hope. Draco, I felt hope. Where the hell did that come from?” Severus wondered.

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