Beautifully Deranged

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Beautifully Deranged

Chapter 1

It was very rare to have someone go to Azkaban without putting up a fight. Nearly everyone either screams and struggles to break free. Sometimes it is soft whimpering and loud sobs as the person remembers their very worst memories over and over again. No one ever forgets the Auror’s harsh grips as they are forcibly dragged into a cold damp cell to live alone for the rest of their imprisonment, usually until they die.

The convict would then stay in their cell alone only seeing a dementor to bring food, and they only see Aurors when a new person is imprisoned…which wasn’t very often. The prisoner could hear the screams though. The cells were arranged only on one side, so they were unable to see the other prisoners, but they could hear them. The insane screaming or laughter of someone who was far to gone to even remember their own name.

This was a special day though. A new prisoner was being brought in, a very special occasion indeed. The prisoner wasn’t screaming, sobbing, or struggling. It was an odd site, as no one had been added to this particular cell block for over a decade. This cell block was high security, and only for Death Eaters.

The Aurors dragged the small body in and threw the boy into the last cell on the block. The boy held out his hands in front of him to break the fall and the Auror’s heard the snap. The prisoner’s wrist had broken from landing wrong.

Said Auror’s laughed at the boy’s expense. “Enjoy your new home, Potter. I’m sure you won’t be here for long, your cell mate won’t allow you in his territory for long.” The Aurors then slammed the cell shut and took their leave. They would come back later to pick up the boy’s pieces. If they had it their way, the boy would be dead within the hour.

Harry picked himself off the floor and cradled his wrist to his chest. It hurt like hell. He shouldn’t even be here in the first place. He knew he was the youngest person in here. Fourteen wasn’t exactly a proper age to be thrown into the most feared prison imaginable. It wasn’t even his fault. Everything had just gone so wrong. Memories flashed before him.

The tournament…the cup…Avada Kedavra….blood of the enemy…his parents…the portkey…the crowd. When he had escaped the graveyard he had expected the interrogation. You just don’t show up with a dead body and not have some explaining to do. When people saw Cedric lying there dead, everyone had immediately turned on him. Of course no one really wanted to believe Voldemort was back, but he had thought that they would at least investigate it. But no, even the headmaster agreed that it was impossible, that Voldemort was dead.

When he began to explain the ritual, Fudge shook his head.

“No ritual can bring someone back from the dead. Try again, boy.” No one had believed him and his incredible story. They had given him a trial, of course. Unfortunately, he was not of proper age to take Veritaserum, and the evidence was stacked against him. To many things pointed to the fact that he had killed Cedric. He was the only one with him, they both reached the cup at the same time. It didn’t matter that that was all they had to go on, they had decided him guilty from the start.

So here he was, in a dingy cell with only a cot to sleep on (only one he noted) and a urinal in the corner, and of course his cell mate. He wasn’t stupid despite what others might say. After Sirius’s escape he had researched Azkaban. No one had ever had a cell mate before. Putting two convicts together would be trouble. Fights would break out, or they could try to plot an escape, or gang up on Aurors. But he was a special case he supposed. After all, they needed to make special arrangements for The-Boy-Who-Betrayed-Them-All. Why give a 14 year old boy, who is unarmed, their own cell. He was small surely they would both fit. And he was sure it was a Death Eater’s cell. His welcome wasn’t exactly welcoming.

“Hello, pup.”


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