The Bond

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It had started raining. Not the standard English drizzle, but sheets of water pouring from the heavens as though some devilish angel were pouring buckets onto the earth below. Hermione was running as fast as she could over the sodden ground, her robes soaked and clinging to her body as she ran. She had gotten caught in the downpour as she collected herbs from the forest. The basket hanging from her arm, was tucked beneath her robes to protect them from the wind and rain. It was difficult to see between the fog and the rain. Fall was a particularly nasty season this year.

It was sad really, when she actually thought about it. There was so much beauty in the turning leaves, so much enjoyment to be had outside. Shaking off her thoughts, she ran along the side of the lake, heading towards the castle. She had finished her seven years at Hogwarts, the Dark Lord had fallen, and life had gone back to something resembling normal. She was without family, her parents having perished in the war, she had only Harry and the Weasley family left. So she had returned to Hogwarts as an assistant professor. She helped teach and look after classes, aided in stocking materials, grading papers and tending to various other duties around the school. She hoped to one day move into a position as professor of her own class, but knew she had a way to go.

She didn’t see him until she tripped over him, falling into a sodden heap in the mud. She sat up, and crawled over to the person, buried under his soaking robes. She rolled him onto his back, recognizing him immediately under the heavy, dark locks of his hair.
“Professor Snape!” She cried. He had been beaten, his face bruised and bloodied. “Oh my god!” She suspected that he had been attacked by rogue death eaters, but could confirm nothing, since he was unconscious. There had been several attacks by rogue bands of the Dark Lord’s followers for months as the ministry struggled to round them all up and send them to Azkhaban. She stood, and with a flick of her wand, she levitated him, and began to move him to the castle.

Once inside she brought him to the hospital wing.
“Help!” She cried into the deserted wing as she placed him on one of the cots. Madame Pomfrey came running, stopping suddenly when she saw him.
“Oh dear!” She turned, and ran towards the cupboards, removing bandages and vials of healing potions. “I swear I have spent more time patching that man up than any child ever to grace these walls.”

Hermione sat on the edge of the cot, watching as he groaned and struggled to open his eyes. There was a particularly nasty cut above one brow, and she reached up, stroking her finger gently along the jagged edge. At her touch he jumped, his eyes opening fully in shock. At the same moment she felt a sharp, burning pain shoot through her fingers and up her hand to settle at her wrist.
He sat up abruptly, grabbing her arm and shoving her robes aside. He watched in abject horror as a black mark began forming on the inside of her left wrist. A large S, with a smaller S on one side and an H on the other appeared in an elegantly scrolled monogram.
“What have you done you stupid girl?” He shouted, his finger digging into her skin.
“Professor Snape!”
“Severus!” He looked up to see the Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall rushing to his bedside. “What on earth are you doing?” Dumbledore asked. Severus sneered, holding her wrist up for them to see.
“Oh my.” Albus said, his eyes widened.
“Oh dear, Hermione, what have you done?” McGonagall gasped, resting her fingers against her lips.
“I don’t understand? I was trying to comfort him, I merely touched the wound above his eye to keep the blood from blinding him.” She was looking between the three of them, waiting for someone to explain, for someone to tell her what it was she did so wrong.

Severus held her hand, palm up so she could see.
“Your fingers bear cuts Ms. Granger!” he spat.
“I tripped over you, when I fell I skinned my hands on the walk.” She said, still confused and on the verge of tears.
“When you touched my wound, your blood mixed with mine you fool!”
“I’m healthy professor, you needn’t worry….”
“Its not disease I’m concerned about! You blood bonded us you stupid, foolish girl!” he lifted her wrist, showing her the mark now permanently inked into her wrist.
“I don’t understand.” She said quietly, tracing her fingers over the monogram.
“In layman’s terms, you married us.” Snape growled, tossing her hand away from him.
“What!” Hermione jumped to her feet, her gaze going to Dumbledore. “How…but….I can’t be married to him!” She cried.
“I’m sorry Ms. Granger, but it is done.” He replied with a shrug.
“Then undo it!” She pleaded.
“If it were a simple marriage, sure. But a blood bond can not be broken, it is forever.” He said sadly, he did feel sorry for her.
“I didn’t know…it was an accident, I only wanted to help him.” She said softly, tears streaking her face.
“Instead, you have bound us for life. I thought you of all people would have known better than to allow your blood to combine with a wizard’s!” Severus laid back down, his hand going to the bridge of his nose. He flinched when Madame Pomfrey laid a cloth soaked with a healing potion over his brow.
“I’m sorry.” She said on a sob. Severus looked at her from beneath the white cloth. There was an odd feeling tugging at him as he watched her cry. Her tears were hurting him, making him desperate to ease her pain. What the hell…I was a death eater for Merlin’s sake, a spy! I have survived torture, survived death, witnessed all manner of atrocities, how is it this woman’s tears are ripping me to shreds?
“When you have been tended to Severus, you and Hermione should come to my office. You need to learn a few things about the marriage you now find yourselves in.” Dumbledore nodded to McGonagall and left the newly bonded couple alone.
“I am so sorry.” She told him through her tears. She reached out to lay her hand atop his as it lay on the cot mattress. When he clasped his fingers around hers, she immediately felt better.
“Stop your sniveling Hermione, we will figure it out.” He said, with more softness than she had imagined him capable of. She sniffed one last time, and nodded her head. She watched as he was tended and marveled that the wounds marring his sharp featured face were already healing. Magic was bloody brilliant.

An hour later in the Headmaster’s office…….

“Here, read this, I’m sure that two minds as cunning and intelligent as yours will be able to understand and come up with a plan of action.” Dumbledore tapped his wand onto the pages of an old, and ragged text. Copies of the page shot out as though from a muggle copier. He handed one page to Severus, the other to Hermione, then wandered to the window to look out as they read.


The practice of blood bonding is an ancient one. As time passes it occurs less and less, as it is an unbreakable bond. When a witch and a wizard wish to make a lasting, and permanent commitment to one another they may do so by blood bonding. It is most usually done by inflicting a cut on the hand, using a ceremonial dagger, and clasping their hands together, thus allowing their blood to mix and create a bond. It can however occur any time their blood should be allowed to flow into the other. The bond is complete as soon as the Mark of Binding appears on the inside of the left wrist.
Unlike traditional marriage, blood bonding is far more intense, the feelings amplified by the unique connection the couple now shares. They will be able to feel when their spouse is in distress. They will experience an intense, almost painful desire for the other, especially in the early stages, this will fade somewhat over time. They will need frequent skin on skin contact with their bonded in order to remain emotionally intact. A regular exchange of their essence will be required to keep them healthy, both physically and emotionally. This can be achieved by means as simple as a passionate kiss, where saliva is exchanged, or through the intimate act of sexual intercourse.
If they spend too long a period separated from their bonded, they will grieve and pine for the other. The older the wizard or witch, the less intense the effects will be. For younger bonded individuals, these can be extremely difficult to bear without a diligent and attentive spouse. For the witch, the effects become more intense during pregnancy, and lessen some after birth. It is not a pairing that should be entered into lightly, and should be considered thoroughly before choosing this form of marriage.

Hermione and Severus finished reading at almost the exact same time. They turned to look at each other.
“Did you know this?” She asked him.
“I had no idea it was this involved. Marriage practices were not something I researched thoroughly as I never expected to wed.” He drawled.
“What the text does not say, is that your lives are now so firmly entwined, that should one pass, the other will follow soon after, having grieved themselves to death.” Albus told them, holding out a glass dish of candy as he approached. “Dragon snap?” He offered. Hermione and Severus both refused and he placed his candy back onto his desk.
“So what do we do now?” Severus asked the Headmaster.
“You find a way to make this work. You are both extremely intelligent, wonderfully talented people. I think if you try, you will find a way to be happy together, maybe raise a family.” Albus sat on the edge of his desk and smiled at the two of them.
“But I don’t love him.” She said, a single tear rolling down her cheek.
“Nor I you, my dear.” Severus growled, somewhat hurt by her comment. “But I don’t see as how we have any other choice in the matter.”
“Mrs. Snape, the house elves have moved your things into Severus’s apartments. Living together will make things far easier on the two of you, as you learn to deal with the needs that your bonding will inflict upon you in the coming months.”
“Mrs. Snape?” She began laughing hysterically. “Oh my god! I really am Mrs. Snape!” She doubled over, clutching her abdomen as she laughed. “I married the dungeon bat and will be mother to tiny little baby bats!” She was laughing so hard that she actually felt pain.
“I’m not sure why you find bearing my name and my children so comical, but I assure you, I see nothing amusing whatsoever about it!” Severus stood abruptly.
“I need to get ready for the feast tonight, greeting new students always sets me on edge.” Severus stalked from the room, letting the door slam behind him.
“Hermione.” The headmaster called her name softly. She stopped laughing, the tone of his voice breaking into her hilarity. “Be patient with him my girl. He has no idea how to be a husband, it will take him time. He has never known much in the way of gentleness, his parents were abusive, he was bullied in school, and then he spent the majority of his adult life in service to the order. He needs love, he needs gentleness.” She tilted her head to the side, looking at the headmaster curiously.
“Your happy about this aren’t you sir?” She asked. Dumbledore smiled.
“I would be lying if I told you I did not see the potential for something amazing between you. I only wish you had discovered it without unknowingly bonding yourself together.”
“Well, I….I’m not sure what we will find together….” Hermione shook her head. She was suddenly sad, and she couldn’t understand the sudden, intense feeling of melancholy that overcame her.
“You feel his absence don’t you?” Dumbledore asked softly, watching as she traced the mark on her wrist.
“I don’t know, I just….I suddenly feel so sad.”
“You are very young Hermione. Severus will not feel it as intensely as you as he is much older. You should go now, before he feels your distress and comes running. He scares the children when he’s just being his normal self, he may cause them to drop from terror should they see him in distress.”
“Thank you sir.” She stood and walked to the door.
“Do not reject him; he has great capacity to love you, if you would let him.” Hermione nodded before walking from Dumbledore’s office. She could do this; she would just go about this like she did anything else, as a learning experience.

By the time she reached the dungeons she was trembling, the sense of sadness she felt so overwhelming that she was sobbing as she approached his door. Just as she raised her hand to knock, he flung it open. He was wearing his trousers, no shoes, his white dress shirt was unbuttoned, his hair still wet with tiny drops of water clinging to the ends.
“My god woman!” He pulled her into his sitting room, closing the door and engaging the lock. “I could feel you coming closer.” She kept her head down, but he could see her shoulders shaking as she cried. With an exasperated sigh he reached for her and pulled her into his embrace, her cheek resting against the soft hair on his chest.
“I’m not sure I can handle this.” She whispered. She was beginning to feel better, her emotions returning to normal as she stood there in his embrace.
“You don’t have much choice.” He said softly, resting his chin atop her head.
“When you left, I started feeling so sad shortly after, the longer I was away from you, the worse it became.” She rubbed her cheek against the soft hair beneath it, surprised to find that she quite liked it. He smelled like bayberry soap, and she smiled. She always figured he would smell musty, like the dungeons.
“The bonding is only a few hours old. I felt it too, but not as strongly as you.” He replied, pulling away from her slightly.
“Dumbledore says it’s because you are so much older than me.” She said, oddly disappointed when he released her.
“Don’t remind me, I feel like a pervert as it is.” He mumbled as he buttoned his shirt and headed towards what appeared to be the bedroom. She followed him, unwilling to let him out of her sight lest she fall into a sobbing mess once more. The bedroom was huge. In the center of the room was a large canopied bed with a tall headboard with a dragon carved into it. The linens were black satin, the comforter bearing a large silver dragon in the middle. There was a tall wardrobe, a dresser and two nightstands. A padded bench was at the foot of the bed where Severus now sat pulling on his shoes and socks.
“Wow, this is really nice.” She told him, surprised that he had such exotic taste in furniture. She knew that there was a library and den, the sitting room and a small kitchen and dining area, and a large bathroom off of his bedroom. His apartments would be the same as McGonagall’s.
“I may live in the dungeons, but I do enjoy fine things.” He said as he stood, slipping his jacket on, his fingers working quickly on the row of tiny buttons down the front that went from neck to hip.
“I suppose this is my room too now.” She said with a slight blush.
“We will share this room, and these apartments, yes. As it seems we will need to remain close, it seems prudent that we share the bed so that we are both able to sleep.” He swung his robed over his shoulders, fastening them at his throat, then tucked his wand into the small pocket in his sleeve. “Nothing will happen that you are not ready for.” He said softly.
“The text says that we must exchange our essences regularly, I don’t think we have much choice.”
“We can accomplish that with a kiss for now.” He told her. “Would you like to get ready? We are supposed to attend a staff meeting before the students arrive.” He started to walk out of the room when he heard her whimper. He turned to look at her and could read the distress in her eyes. He closed his eyes and counted to ten before opening them again.
“I will be in the sitting room, I will not leave you. I promise.” She pulled her lower lip between her teeth and nodded. He walked away, almost closing the door behind him, but he thought better of it, this way she could still see him if she began feeling too poorly. He heard her start the shower as he settled onto the sofa and stared into the fire.

How had the day turned so dramatically. He had been walking along the lake, when suddenly three cloaked figures ran from the Dark Forrest and attacked him, leaving him for dead. When he awoke it was to see Hermione sitting beside him, stroking his brow. That was when he felt the jolt of the binding. He had never intended to marry anyone, much less a woman half his age who had once been a student. He didn’t feel it appropriate to subject a woman to the darkness inside him. Now he had no choice. He heard her enter the sitting room, thankful that she was not a vain creature who needed to preen and prance in front of the mirror for hours.
She looked lovely however, with her wild chestnut curls pulled back from her face with a black headband. She wore a simple black dress that hugged her voluptuous figure from neck to ankle, and a pair of low heeled boots that reached her knee. Her crimson robes were fastened at her throat. She would never be beautiful, but she was lovely in her own right.
“Are you ready?” Severus asked as he stood.
“Yes, let’s go before we are late, we should probably be there when Albus tells the rest of the staff.” Severus offered her his arm, which she took, grateful for the contact as it relaxed her. The halls were clear, with the exception of a few house-elves, who scattered when they saw Severus, whom they feared would eat them, and Hermione whom they feared would offer them a hat. The ghost of Sir Nicholas was watching them with an amazed look on his face as Severus escorted his wife down the hall towards Dumbledore’s office.
Once inside, the headmaster’s cluttered office space was already filled with staff and faculty. Severus spotted the only empty chair in the room and took a seat. Hermione stood beside him, amazed at his lack of chivalry. She crossed her arms and began tapping her foot as she glared at him. He looked up slowly, one dark brow arching.
“Is there a problem my dear?” He asked. His usage of the endearment annoyed her.
“You know, it is only proper for a husband to offer his wife the last remaining chair.” She said quietly, not wanting the others to hear.
“I never claimed to be a proper husband, nor have I claimed you as a proper wife.” He sneered. He liked baiting her; he had enjoyed getting a rise out of her even when she was a student.
“You’re not going to let me have the chair?” She asked.
“No.” He said with a smirk, turning around to face the front as Albus stepped up to begin the meeting.
“Fine.” She said, stepping around the chair and taking a seat, in his lap.
“Remove yourself at once!” He snarled from behind her.
“No.” She answered, facing forward.
“I said, remove yourself from my personal space now Ms. Granger.” He growled.
“I said no, and it’s Mrs. Snape if you don’t mind.” She replied, looking over her shoulder.
“This is completely improper.” He told her as he attempted to push her off his lap. She turned, tossing her legs over the arm of the chair, and putting her arms around his neck.
“Nope, not improper at all, in fact, as your wife, I’d say it’s perfectly acceptable for me to sit in your lap whenever I feel the need.” She said, the smile on her face made him believe that his little bride would be more trouble than she worth.

“Ah! It appears as though it is time for an announcement!” Albus called across the room. “Please everyone, it gives me great pleasure to announce the marriage of one of our esteemed Professors to one of our Assistant Professors. Please congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Severus Snape.” He pointed his wand, illuminating them with a beam of light for the entire room. Everyone turned to stare at them, seated in the large, wing backed chair, with Hermione draped over his lap. He cleared his throat when he saw that they were now the center of attention.
“No, I like it here Severus, If I want to sit on your lap everyday, all day, then I will.” She said with a mischievous giggle.
“Yes well, we can discuss that later, right now, you need to turn around.” He said, nudging her leg. She turned to see everyone staring at them, and her face blushed scarlet.
“Oh, I suppose Albus told everyone.” She whispered.
“Yes, it appears so.” He said.
“Severus….why are they looking at us like that?” She asked, startled by some of the horrified looks on the faces of some of the faculty and staff.
“I doubt they ever imagined I even had an interest in women, much less that they would ever see me with one writhing in my lap.” He chuckled softly, causing her to look at him with a surprised smile.
“Did you just laugh?” She asked, shocked.
“I am capable of showing a wide range of emotions Hermione, I am not, regardless of popular belief, inhuman.” She felt bad for hurting his pride. She didn’t think about it, she just tightened her arms around his neck and placed a kiss on the bridge of his aquiline nose.
“I’m sorry, I just never heard you laugh before.” She smiled. He averted his gaze and cleared his throat, making a point to look ahead towards the headmaster. Hermione smiled, maybe this wouldn’t be too bad. Maybe there was more to him than she believed. She turned her attention back to Professor Dumbledore, who gave her an indulgent wink before continuing on with school business.

The great hall was filling fast with students as the faculty filed in. Severus and Hermione accepted the shocked congratulations along with a teary hug from Hagrid. As they passed by Professor Dumbledore he stopped them for a moment.
“I seated you next to one another Severus, it will be better for her to be close to you.” He smiled at Hermione before kissing her cheek.
“Thank you headmaster.” Severus said as he took his wife’s elbow and led her to her seat. This time he observed the niceties and holding her chair for her. They listened as the headmaster greeted the students and the new ones were sorted into their houses. Through the ceremonies, he could feel her beginning to grow agitated, her face flushed, and she was tapping her leg beneath the table.
He really did feel sorry for her, his own reaction to the bonding was to comfort her, to make her discomfort go away. He wasn’t accustomed to offering affection, wasn’t sure he even knew how. He clasped her hand where it lay on the table between their plates. He turned it over and laid his hand atop hers, palm to palm, letting their fingers entwine. She looked up at him with a slight smile and waited for that feeling of relaxation to wash over her. But it never came.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, his brow furrowing into a frown.
“It’s not helping.” She said, her eyes filling with tears. Severus could feel her distress and his gaze darted to Albus. In his head he heard the headmaster’s voice utter one word. Essence. Severus looked back at his wife, big glittering tears flooding her amber eyes, and lowered his head.

Hermione jumped when his lips covered hers. She was startled by the softness of his lips, the tender, gentle exploration of his tongue in her mouth. She had figured him for the demanding type, the kind of man who swooped in and devoured with his kiss. As he sucked her lower lip, nibbled, and stroked his tongue against hers, she began to feel better. Despite her new state of comfort, she was sorry when he pulled away.
“Don’t stop…” She whispered against his lips, following him.
“Hermione, love. We have an audience.” He said, indicating the now silent hall filled with astonished students and amazed staff.
“I think now it would be a good idea for the students returning to Hogwarts to be informed that Assistant Professor Granger, is now Assistant Professor Snape.” Albus announced.
To Hermione and Severus’s amazement, the students began to cheer, and applaud. The couple smiled at them and Severus waved his hand to indicate that they should return to their meal. He tried to focus on his own dinner, but he hated to put the food into his mouth, for it would remove the sweet flavor of her lips from his tongue.

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