Paradise by the Sea

BY : LadyJay
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“We must hurry,” Dumbledore said breathlessly.

He lifted his heavy robes to his knees so he could move more freely as he rushed down the steps of Hogwarts. Harry and Severus had their wands drawn as they followed Dumbledore, waiting for an attack from the Aurors.

“They could be here any moment,” the three wizards stepped outside the gates of Hogwarts and the wards that protected it.

“Here is a portkey to take you to your destination,” Albus said as he handed Harry and Severus a wooden hairbrush.

“Remember to stay put. I’ll contact you both as soon as I straighten this mess out,” Albus instructed as his two favorite boys as they disappeared.

Sighing heavily, he wished the two god speed and good fortune. They were both wanted criminals and Dumbledore knew it would be weeks, if not months, before he could straighten out the mess he had caused the younger wizards. He only hoped the two could find some mutual ground and not be at each others throats until he cleared them of all the Ministry’s charges.


Severus landed hard on his knees. He was no longer a young man, and after years of being hexed by the Cruciatus, his knees and the rest of the joints in his body always ached.

Potter, who fared no better than Severus with years of grueling Quidditch matches and fighting Voldemort every few months, tried to help Snape from the floor of their quaint bungalow. Severus pulled sharply away from him.

“Keep your fucking hands to yourself!” Severus braced his arms against the table and pulled himself up. “You would do well to remember to stay as far away from me as possible.”

Rolling his green eyes, Harry gave Severus a polite smile, “Since we may be here far longer than either one of us likes, don’t you think that we should try to get along?”

“No, I do not!” Severus growled, sounding more life a wolf than Lupin.

He turned on his heel and headed towards one of the two doors that were closed. He figured he had a fifty-fifty chance of locating the bathroom.

Harry was about to ask where he was going but thought better of it. A knock of the door pulled him from his musings about the antagonistic Potions Master.

Harry cautiously opened the door. He smiled brilliantly at the lady on the other side.

‘Muggle no doubt,’ Harry thought, ‘and she looks about sixty, if the smile lines and wrinkles around her eyes mean anything.’
“Good day,” she smiled.

‘American,’ Harry thought.

“Is it Mr. Snape or Mr. Potter that I have the honor of addressing?” she inquired.

“Mr. Potter, but please call me Harry,” the young man offered his hand to the matronly woman.

“I’m Mrs. Applegate, but everyone calls me Mom so please feel to do so. I am in charge of the community, even though there is very little for me to do. Everyone behaves quite civilly towards one another here, following the few rules that we have,” Mom handed a small pack of brochures to Harry.

“When you have the time, take a few moments and read the bylaws,” she bent to the side to look around the room, “I was hoping to meet Mr. Snape. Has he not arrived yet?”

“He’s…indisposed at the moment,” Harry couldn’t hold back the grin any longer and beamed at Mrs. Applegate. “Would you like to come in and wait? He shouldn’t be but a moment more.”

“Yes, I think I will. I like to meet everyone who’s staying at ‘Paradise by the Sea’,” she stepped past Harry and settled on the couch, carefully crossing her chubby legs.

“Potter, the loo is deplorable, barely large enough to turn around…” Severus stopped talking when he saw the little gray-haired old lady sitting on the davenport.

Harry held back a snicker when he saw the gobsmacked look on Severus’s face. Turning sharply, so his back was towards the elderly woman, his velvety voice lost, squeaking as he spoke.

“Madame you do realize that you are…naked?” he asked, too embarrassed to turn around.

“Of course, silly. You are in a nudist colony don’t you know?” she stated.

“Albus!” Severus snarled between clinched teeth.

He heard Potter snicker and wished the Muggle woman would leave so he could do a great deal of bodily harm to the bastard.

“Oh my! You didn’t know, did you?” Mom said as she rose from the couch. “We do not give refunds.”

“My dear lady, it is true that we were not informed that we would be spending our…vacation in a nudist colony, we have no problem in remaining and, I’m sure, enjoying our stay,” Harry assured Mrs. Applegate.

“Speak for yourself, Potter,” Severus scowled at the man.

Harry led Mom out of the door and onto the porch.

She stopped and grinned at Harry, “Such a nice young man. Remember no cooking in the rooms. Dinner is served in the dining hall at six in the morning, noon, and six in the evening.”

She leaned over and whispered to Harry, “We are clothing optional. If he feels more comfortable remaining clothed he is certainly welcome to do so.”

She reassuringly patted Harry’s hand before she went on her way.

Taking a deep breath, Harry readied himself for the tirade he was expecting to receive when he went back into the cottage. He took a moment before entering to look around. It seemed that Paradise by the Sea was a small peninsula only connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land. He was surprised by all the amenities. From what he could see, there was a pool, a tennis course, a Jacuzzi, and a golf course, all for their enjoyment.

Turning his attention back to Severus, Harry resignedly entered his room, absolutely certain that the Potions Master would hex him. Glancing around, he was surprised to find that Severus was not there. He stepped into the house, keeping his back against the wall.

“Severus, where did you go off too?” Harry questioned.

The door to the second room opened only long enough for a blanket and a pillow to be thrown at Potter.

“Why don’t you take the bedroom Severus? I don’t mind sleeping on the couch. No need to argue, I’ll be fine. The couch looks comfortable enough,” Harry grouched as he picked up the bedding from the floor and placed it on the coffee table.

The door to the bedroom burst opened. Erupting from the room, Severus face was contorted in anger.

“How can you be so calm? A nudist colony, the old coot finally lost what little mind he had left. Really! Can you imagine me prancing about nude? And them…” he pointed out of the widow, “disgusting, horrifying,” Severus declared.

Harry got lost in the thought of Severus ‘prancing nude’ and was pleasantly surprised that he liked the idea. After what seemed an eternity, Harry got tired to listening to the Potions Master rant. Getting up from his chair, he started to pull the jumper over his head.

“What…what do you think your doing?” Severus looked at Harry as if he had gone over the bend.

“I’m in a nudist camp. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist,” Potter shrugged, “might as well enjoy myself.”

He started to unbuckle his belt, stopped and looked inquisitively at Snape, “Plan on watching?”

Harry gave him a crooked smile as he unzipped his trousers. The noise of the zipper sliding down sent Severus running back into his room. Severus slammed and locked the door behind him. He would just stay in the room until Albus came and retrieved the two of them.

Harry never realized how uptight Severus truly was. The thought crossed his mind that his rigidity was the reason why he always wore so many layers of clothing. Well, that would soon have to change. The weather was scorching outside and from the look of the rooms there was no air-conditioning. He folded his clothes in a neat bundle and slipped them into the bottom drawer of the desk. He smiled and thought that would be the last time he would be using them in the foreseeable future.

“Hello,” someone called through the security door. “Name’s Clive and I came to welcome you to the community and bring you a gift.”

He had showered in locker rooms with other guys too many times to worry about being seen bare arsed. Without any reservations, Harry opened the door for his new neighbor.

“Brought you some sunscreen. Most people forget to use it when they first arrive,” Clive handed Harry a plastic bottle that had the strong smell of cocoa butter. “The sun can burn you to a crisp in but a couple of minutes.”

Harry thought Clive was probably about his age. His hair was sun bleached and there were no tan lines on his body.

“Not nice to stare,” Clive informed him as he made himself comfortable on the same couch that Mom had done a little earlier. “One of the rules is not to stare…to keep eye contact at all times.”

He snickered, “A peek now and then is allowed, as long as you’re not overt about it. Have you seen me check you out?”

“No, I have to admit, I haven’t,” Harry hadn’t seen Clive’s eyes

“Well I have and I like what I see,” he smiled seductively.

Harry bit his lower lip and took a glance at Severus’s door.

“Don’t worry, I know you’re with someone but there is no sin at admiring someone’s body, just remember don’t to be too obvious.”

“We’re really not together but…well…it’s sort of complicated,” Harry tried to explain.

“I won’t push, but if you find yourself looking for company look me up,” Clive stood and headed for the door.

Harry had to admit he liked what he saw too. Clive had a slight paunch but he always liked love-handles. He had no problem of picturing Clive wrapping his legs around his waist, squirming, pleading Harry to take him. He just might have to look him up if he got bored.

“I just might do that,” Harry held the door for Clive.

“I have dinner around 6:30…if you’re interested,” he flashed Harry a smile as he took off down the steps of the porch.

Harry watched Clive’s arse with interest as he walked away. Being in a nudist colony mightn’t be so bad after all he surmised.

Harry spent most of the afternoon reading while Severus sulked in the bedroom. He doubted if the man even had a magazine to read much less a book. Harry could almost picture Severus laying on the bed, dressed of course, his legs crossed at the ankle and his hands folded over his chest, muttering to himself how he was going to kill Albus.

As he snickered at the thought, his stomach started to grumble, letting the young man know that it was time for dinner. He smiled when he looked at the clock and saw that it was nearly half past six.

“Severus,” he called through the door,” I’m going for dinner. Would you like anything?”

“For you to drop dead,” was Severus’s reply.

“I don’t think they’ll be serving that this evening. Would you like me to bring you back anything to eat?”

Harry wasn’t sure why he was trying to be nice. He certainly wouldn’t be thanked for his effort.


Well, that was distinct.

Harry stepped into the bathroom to wash up before heading over to the dining room. He ran wet hands through his hair, trying to tame it. Sighing, he turned to leave but out of the corner of his eye he noticed a full length mirror that peeked from behind the bathroom door. Pulling it partially closed, Harry gave his physique a critical look. He wasn’t the type to brag but he was pleased with how he looked, especially for a nineteen year old. He slowly ran the palms of his hands over his torso, starting with his pecs and traveled over the ripples of his stomach and down to his groin. His cock was thick and long, larger than most men's penises were. He often wondered if he would have been as large if Voldemort hadn’t marked him at such a young age. Except for the famous scar, he was pleased with his look.

‘Well,’ he thought, ‘might as well get this over with.’

He took a deep breath and headed out of the door. He stopped short before closing it and yelled once more to Severus.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to bring something back?”

“Your head,” Severus yelled back.

“Fine, I’ll see what I can do,” Harry growled between his teeth.

Locking the door behind him Harry headed for a room full of naked people. Oh yes, there was dinner too.

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