A Chance at Happiness

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A Chance at Happiness

Summary: Harry finds out that not everything is as he believes it to be.

Written for Mistress of Malfoy's "First Kiss Challenge" http://hp.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600013533

Pairing(s): Lord Voldemort/Harry, Severus/James/Lucius

Rating: Nc-17

Warning(S): Slash, Mpreg, Dumbledore, Ron and Hermione bashing. VERY AU, abuse

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of the characters associated with the books/movies. And I don't make any money from the writing of this story.



Chapter one-

Harry Potter, the savior of the wizarding world, lay on his bed at the Dursley's trying to recuperate from the latest punishment at his uncles hand. Somehow his uncle had found out that Sirius had died during Voldemort's attempt to gain possession of the full prophecy and decided to give him an early "birthday present".

Turning his head, Harry glanced at the old, nearly broken clock on his bedside table to check the time.

'What a way to bring in a new age.' Harry thought realizing it was a few minutes until his birthday.

Shutting his eyes Harry tried to go to sleep knowing he had to be up in six hours to cook for his 'family'. Rolling onto his side Harry groaned at the pain that ran through his side. Moving onto his back Harry gave a forlorn sigh before trying to move onto his other side with the same results.

'I hate my life.' Harry thought as more pain ran through his body.

Hearing a tap on his window Harry looked up and spotted a gray owl. Carefully, Harry stood up and shuffled over to the window trying to ignore the pain. Slipping the window open, Harry reached through the bars and untied the letter tied to the owl.

"I'm sorry I don't have any treats I can give you." Harry whispered patting the owl on its head.

Giving a hoot the owl nipped gently at Harry's finger then turned and flew back to where it had come from.

Watching until it was gone Harry then walked back to his bed and dropped down onto it. Flipping open the letter Harry started to read the letter.


'This letter has been spelled to deliver to you the minute you wake on your sixteenth birthday.

As you should know is that a witch and wizard is considered an adult at the age of sixteen and you can now preform spells legally without repercussions from the ministry.

Along with this letter is a copy of your birth certificate from your medical records and a copy of the vaults you will now have possession of from Gringotts. (To take possession of those vaults you will need to visit Gringotts in your spare time.)

Also you are now able to take your test to be able to legally apparate. So stop by the ministry at a further date to take your test.'

Have a wonderful day.

Catherine Dally,

Department of Reminders.

Ministry of Magic.

"Sixteen? Dumbledore told me that it's nineteen when you're considered a fully matured wizard." Harry said to himself staring at the parchment in his hand.

Feeling the other two letters he had received Harry set aside the letter he had just read and his birth certificate so he could read the letter from Gringotts.


For reaching Wizarding Maturity you now have possession of the following vaults:


Vault 263- Harry Potter's school vault.

Vault 789- Sirius Black (deceased) personal vault.

Vault 1058- James Potter (missing (presumed dead)) personal vault.

Vault 245- Lily Evans- (deceased) personal vault.

Vault 1090- Harry Potter personal vault.

If there are any discrepancies with your vaults or you would like to know the total sum of galleons in your vaults please come to Gringotts and discuss it with one of our goblins.

Manager of Gringotts, Matterhorn

Frowning at the mistake with his parents on the paper Harry set it aside planning to deal with it tomorrow. Moving the rest of the papers aside Harry froze when his eyes caught sight of his birth certificate.

Pulling the piece of paper to him Harry let his eyes take in every word.

Birth Name: Harry James Snape-Malfoy

Born: July 31, 1980 3:42 AM.

James Potter ('Mother'), Severus Snape (Father 1), Lucius Malfoy (Father 2)

Godfather(s): Remus J Lupin and Sirius Orion Black. Godmother(s): Not applicable/none chosen.

Frowning even more Harry quickly pried up the loose floorboard at the foot of his bed and pulled out his wand. Turning back to the bed he cast a spell to check the authenticity of the certificate. In shock as the spell confirmed that the certificate was real Harry dropped onto the bed staring at the paper.

"It's not true, it can't be true." Harry said even as a feeling inside of him told him that it was. Laying down Harry curled up as much as he could before the pain hit him.

"They're my fathers, they're my fathers and they hate me." Harry whispered as tears started to run down his cheeks.

Resting his head on his pillow Harry knew he wouldn't be sleeping any time soon. Laying there miserably Harry's mind ran through all of the encounters with his fathers.

'God it feels so strange to think of them like that.' Harry thought rubbing his scar when it twinged.

Groaning Harry felt himself get pulled into his mind and was quickly overcome by darkness. Dizzy Harry opened his eyes and nearly jumped back when he caught sight of Voldemort.

"Hello mister Potter." Voldemort said from his seat on a throne like chair.

"Why am I here?" Harry asked taking in Voldemorts appearance.

Voldemort looked like he did at twenty years old: he was about 6' 2" with a head of wispy black hair and a sharply angled face. The only difference was that his eyes were slitted and a deep crimson red color.

"It's simple Potter I want you to tell your order that they've lost their spy." He said sipping from a glass of wine before he stood and moved to Harry's side.

"Is he dead?" Harry asked fearing the answer.

"Oh no Severus is very much alive, he has just found out the truth." Voldemort said setting the glass aside.

"Truth?" Harry said with a hint of a question in his tone.

"Yes the truth. Oh and Happy Birthday Mr. Snape-Malfoy." Voldemort said smashing his lips against Harry's in a brief kiss.

Pulling away, Harry stumbled backwards with wide eyes and his fingers brushing against his lips.

"Remember what I said Harry." Voldemort said disappearing from Harry's mind. After he was gone, Harry was released from the link holding him there and slowly returned to his body.

Jumping up from his bed Harry swiped at the blood running down his forehead as his lips tingled and gave a whispered, "Oh god."

Feeling overwhelmed by everything he had learned darkness swept over, Harry and he collapsed back onto his bed into total darkness.


Chapter Two-

The next day seemed to pass quickly to Harry who was waiting for an answer to the letter he had sent to Dumbledore when he woke up. Standing at the sink washing the dishes from dinner deep in thought Harry jumped when there was a light tapping on the window in front of him.

Tensing Harry glanced out towards the living room where he could see the three Dursley's watching the television. Quickly washing up the rest of the dishes Harry grabbed the full garbage bag and after triple tying it hefted it up and carried it out the back door. Walking to the garbage bins Harry lifted off the top and tossed the bag in. Turning to go back inside Harry held out his arm and let the owl land.

Quickly untying the letter Harry sent the owl back on its way then stuffed the letter in his pocket to read later. Nervously stepping back into the kitchen Harry replaced the garbage bag and washed his hands. Turning to the oven Harry turned it off before the alarm went of and pulled out the two pies that had been baking in the oven.

Going over to the cabinet Harry pulled out three bowls then grabbed the ice cream out out of the freezer. Stopping at the utensil draw Harry pulled out three spoons, an ice cream scoop and a butter knife then moved back over to the counter with the pies on it.

Cutting three pieces, Harry slid them onto the plates before adding three scoops of ice cream to the bowls. Picking them carefully so he wouldn't drop any, he made his way into the living room and handed them to his family.

"Get up stairs now and don't let me hear a sound out of you tonight boy." Vernon said never taking his eyes off of the television.

Knowing better then to say anything while the television was on, Harry nodded and crept up the stairs. Quietly shutting his door, Harry moved over to his bed and sat down rubbing at his side when it gave a twinge of pain. Hearing the crinkle of paper in his pocket Harry pulled out the note from Dumbledore and quickly opened it.


There is no need to worry, our spy has been to him and back with information. It stands to say that he told you what he did to confuse you and get the order to lose trust in one another.

Professor Dumbledore.

'Informative as always.' Harry thought sarcastically to himself. Balling up the paper, Harry tossed it next to his bag he had packed full of his shrunken possessions. Staring at his bag Harry listened for Dudley to go into his bedroom before Harry grabbed his bag and started downstairs.

"Boy what are you doing out of your room?" Vernon shouted from his seat on the couch.

Tensing up but keeping his face stoic, Harry looked him in the face and said, "I have a proposition for you. I know that Dumbledore has been paying you to keep me here, how much?"

Sneering, Vernon said, "I don't see how that is any of your business, but if you must know he was giving us a half of a million pounds every six months."

"Really, well as I said I have a proposition for you. I will be leaving here tonight, after we finish talking. I will pay you double what he was every six months until he finds out that I left this place...and should I find out that you told him I WILL take back the money." Harry said lifting his head up high.

"You'll double it and all we need to do is say you're still here?" Vernon said looking as if he'd start drooling at any second.

"And what would we say if anyone asked to see you personally?" Petunia said glaring at him.

"You're good at making up lies Aunt Petunia I'm sure you'll think of something." Harry said gaining strength from knowing he'd never return to this place again.

"Fine now you know where the door is freak use it and we expect our first payment in three months." Vernon said turning back to his television show.

Watching Vernon carefully in case he took one last swing, Harry quickly made his way out of the house he had called a prison for fifteen years. Stepping out into the cool fresh air Harry took a deep breath and continued to the side walk pulling out his wand and called the knight bus.

When it landed in front of him Harry climbed on and smiled at the driver.

"Where ya heading?" He asked.


"The Leaky Cauldron please." Harry said handing over the eleven sickles the ride would cost before moving to one of the beds.

"Next stop the Leaky Cauldron. Don't forget to hold on." The driver said taking off.

Dropping down onto the bed, Harry put his hands behind his head with a weary sigh. Before he knew it his eyes had slid shut and he fell asleep.

Harry woke with a start when they arrived and the bus screeched to a halt tossing him out of the bed and to the floor. Groaning Harry pushed himself off of the floor and grabbed his bag and made his way off of the bus tossing a wave to the driver as he stepped off. Before entering the Leaky Cauldron, Harry pulled a cloak out of his bag and pulled the hood over his head securely. Shouldering his bag Harry walked in and up to Tom who was leaning against the bar.

"What can I do for you mister?" He asked leaning down further as if he was trying to see who was hidden under the cloak.

"I need a room for the next three days, maybe longer." Harry said lowering his head.

"Course that'll be 40 galleons, 1 sickle, and 20 knuts." Tom said reaching for a key.

"Alright, I need to run over to Gringotts. Could you keep that room for me and I'll be back in about an hour?" Harry said after looking at the money he had left.

"Alright I'll hold it for an hour and a half, but if you aren't back then I'm going to rent it out." Tom said leaning back against the bar.

"Don't worry I'll be back." Harry said heading for the entrance to Diagon Alley. Stepping out into the bustle of the crowd, Harry kept his head down so no one would recognize him. Quickly entering Gringotts, he walked up to one of the goblins.

"Can I help you?" The goblin asked although he didn't seem interested.

"Yeah I need to speak with someone concerning my vaults and make a withdrawal." Harry said mentally rolling his eyes.

"What account would that be?"

Bending in close Harry said, "Harry Potter's account."

Giving him a once over the goblin said, "You do realize what will happen if you aren't who you say you are?"

"Yes something very horrible, but I don't need to worry about that." Harry said glancing at the floating clock.

"Then follow me." The goblin said walking towards one of the private desks in the back.

Sitting down in the offered chair, Harry pulled out the letter he had received on his birthday and the vault key he had received when he first visited Diagon Alley.

"Is there any way someone can go down and fill up my money bag while we talk about the other issues?" Harry asked.

"Of course." The goblin said then turned and called over another goblin and had a quick quiet conversation with him.

"Do you have the bag and key?" The new goblin asked.

Nodding Harry silently handed over the bag.

"Good, good now all we need for you to do, mister Potter, is place a drop of your blood on this paper so we can confirm you are who you say who you are." The goblin he had first talked to said laying a blank piece of paper on the desk.

Picking up the pin that was beside the paper, Harry pricked his finger and let a drop of blood drip onto the paper.

Glancing over the paper, the second Goblin turned and headed for the vaults and when he was out of sight the first goblin turned back to him.

"Now mister Potter my name is Matterhorn, and from this point on I shall be handling all matters concerning your accounts. What is it you needed help with?" Matterhorn asked politely.

"Um, yeah I received the letter stating what vaults I had the other day on my sixteenth birthday and there seems to be a mistake on the paper." Harry said setting down in front of him.

"What is the problem?" Matterhorn asked glancing at the paper.

"Well Lily Evans was married to my father James Potter for one and her maiden name is on the paper instead of her married name. Then both of them are deceased and for my father it says missing. That's a pretty big mistake." Harry said.

"Mister Potter I can assure you that we do not make mistakes with these matters. When a wizard or witch dies a certificate of death is delivered to the department of deaths at the ministry and here at Gringotts so we can update and keep track of accounts and vaults. The same thing happens for marriages and divorces." Matterhorn said looking rather insulted.

"Matterhorn I don't mean to sound repetitive but then why does it say that my father is only missing and that my....that Lily was still an Evans when she died?" Harry asked.

"That mister Potter is simple, Ms. Evans was not married to your father and your father is not dead he is just missing." Matterhorn said.

"But then where is he?" Harry asked.

"That we don't know Mr. Potter. However we do have a list of your properties that you now own. Maybe he is there." Matterhorn said as the other goblin returned with Harry's bag full of galleons.

Taking the bag from the goblin Harry watched as Matterhorn reached into the desk and pulled out a file.

"What's this?" Harry asked partly distracted.

"This Mr. Potter is a copy of the properties I told you about."

Taking the paper from him, Harry gave a soft thank you and stood from his seat.

"This must be a shock to you mister Potter, so I'd recommend coming back sometime soon so that you can go over what is in your vaults." Matterhorn said walking with Harry to the door.

"I'll do that thanks." Harry said shrinking his bag of galleons and placed it into his pocket along with the piece of paper Matterhorn had given him.

Stepping out into the crowd and starting back towards the Leaky Cauldron Harry missed the two pairs of eyes one set gray and the other black that watched him walk away.


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