Hermione's Slut Club

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This is Hermione's story of how her nymphomania has been over taking her life, and what she is trying to do to stop it. Chapter 2 completed. Enjoy.

A/N: Chapter 3 may be a little while, I want it to be good and I'm going on vacation. I need it to stew so that I can write it in a better way. Again, if you have suggestions, please make them in the form of a review.


Hermione couldn't help herself. Even as she sat in Professor Slughorn's class listening to him drone on about N.E.W.T. level potions, her hand slid absentmindedly under her desk as she began feeling her pussy through her school robes. It was all she could do to quell these urges that seemed to come out of nowhere. She was afraid of how her friends would react. What if she told them that she was a total slut that wanted nothing more than every girls soaking wet pussy around her lips? Hermione, the intelligent book loving girl, a skank? Innocent, caring Hermione? What they didn't know, and, she thought, what she could never tell them, was that her love for school and books were nothing more than masks that she hid behind to try and drive away these slutty feelings. Lies that she used to try and run away from these urges she had. She had to do it. She thought that if she did do it, she could be normal again, she could actually begin to enjoy school like she used to before third year. If she found a balance, life could be normal again.

Harry, who was sitting next to her, gave Hermione a nudge on the shoulder with his elbow.

"Are you alright Hermione? You look like you're coming on with a fever."

"Oh I'm---I'm fine Harry" she said, flustered, automatically placing both of her hands on the desk and pretending to take notes. "I was just trying to figure out how to best make this concoction."

She had slipped out, yet again slipped away from telling them the truth. She wanted to stop living these lies, she needed to stifle these feelings. It would only become more difficult to lie, and Hermione wanted to be true to herself and her friends.

As class ended and Hermione left Harry to Professor Slughorn's cheers of his "natural" knack for potions, and Ron stuck to Lavender like a magnet, she knew she had to act tomorrow. If Ron, the tactless Ron, could satisfy his feelings, why not Hermione Granger?


As she lay in bed, she watched her fellow Gryffindors chests rise and fall, their breasts so tantalizingly close to her reach. But she knew she needed to wait. She needed to form the Slut club before she could put her trust in someone (or all of them, she hoped) to have enough secrecy for a physical relationship. She could just imagine teaching the first and second years about their bodies and coaxing them into sexual encounters, and she felt her body warm at this thought. Relieving herself before bed, she thought, was a good way to get into the mood for tomorrow. She always thought better with a clear head, and what could do that better than a nice, wet orgasm?

She cast Muffiliatio on the four sides of her bed and at the door so no one would hear her moans and pants. She sat up and slowly took off her nightgown, revealing her bare body in the cool night. She immediately began to feel her tits, rising up to meet her warm fingers as she felt the heat building inside of her. She threw the covers over herself and felt the silky underlining touch and tease her body as she began to feel her breasts again, grabbing and pinching them as her heart rate slowly rose.

She could feel herself getting wet; placing her fingers just below the bust of her boobs and slowly moving them down to just above her clit, teasing herself. She allowed a soft moan while she moved her hand over her mound and arched her back in pleasure. She stuck one finger deep into her wet pussy and gave a louder, more pleasurable moan and she began to pinch her right nipple again as her right hand worked her pussy. She closed her eyes, feeling the heat and softness of her pussy and dreamed not of Ron, but of Lavender, hugging her bare naked body, touching their cunts together, feeling each others soft breasts. She placed two fingers in now, moving them back and fourth with more gusto while she placed her thumb over her clit and began to rub, biting her lower lip in pleasure.

She stuck her other two fingers in, she could feel the excitement mounting, the wetness coming down from inside her like a waterfall as she moved her hands faster and faster. She knew she was close; her pussy slowly tightened around her four fingers more and more, and then she felt the pure ecstasy, the wetness on her fingers, how her pussy clenched so tight around them, how loudly she moaned, and she was moving as though someone was fucking her right there, up and down over her fingers. She slowly subsided as that calm, relaxed, euphoric feeling came on that one only knows after orgasm. She lay her head on her pillow, her ass facing upward, and pulled out her fingers slowly from her pussy, licking the juices that she enjoyed so. She pulled the covers off herself and opened the window on the side of her bed to feel the cool night air. It made her tits perk up in earnest, and she absentmindedly felt them as she made plans for the Slut club tomorrow night.

She would need first years, yes; they were her true desire. She wanted to touch her slutty lips to those virgin first year girls, their first sexual encounter becoming her pleasure. It turned her on so much that she thought about starting in on her pussy again, and she wiggled her finger into her wet cunt slowly as she thought more and more about the Slut club. Of course, if she was found out, those were all minors; she knew that Dumbledore would not stand for it, even if he had forgiven her before on countless other things. It was an imprisonable offense in both the Muggle and Wizarding world, so she would need to be secret. And she had just the right place in mind for secrecy and privacy.

When she had finished finalizing the plan in her mind, she lay back down, still naked, and pulled the covers over herself, letting her finger lazily run over her clit. As she drifted to sleep, she dreamt of Lavender again. She felt warm and happy; she knew that soon her life would be in order, she just knew that if she could stifle her physical needs for another woman that the nymphomania would go away.


Hermione awoke to a bright and early Thursday morning. As she was the first up, she was able to get out of bed naked no problem. She chose to wear a thong and lacy pink bra for her undergarments today, as she felt this seemed appropriate if she were to attract any other girls who had these same feelings as she did when it came time to reveal her true intentions. She put on her dress robes over her undergarments and combed her hair in her bedside mirror, eyeing Lavender every so often in the reflection of the bed opposite her; she was stirring. She imagined walking over to her in just her thong, dangling her busty C+'s in front of her face, Lavender awaking and sucking on them passionately. She smiled in anticipation of what was to come later that night and she prayed that this fantasy would come true. She hoped that Lavender had the same feelings, that she too was hiding her feelings by going out with Ron, that maybe (though Hermione thought this was pushing it) she was going out with Ron because she was jealous of Hermione for not revealing her true feelings to her.

She walked down into the common room on this bright, sunny day and pulled out a piece of parchment, pulling up a chair and sitting down at a table. She wrote down information about her club, using the cover of an "all girls study group" in the hope that the teachers would think that with the distraction of boys out of the picture, they would be able to study more efficiently. She also hoped that her book smarts would give the teachers full confidence in her, so they would have no suspicions of what she was up to. They knew she was a natural teacher, so how could they deny her, being teachers themselves? It was foolproof. She put the time, 7:00 PM and the place, the seventh floor corridor in front of Barnabas the Barmy. She did not name the room, though she knew that only one teacher really knew the existence of this room, that would be Dumbledore. Fortunately, she only had to go to Professor McGonagall to get permission to make a club.

She met McGonagall halfway to breakfast, and hastily asked if it was possible for her to create this club.

"Oh, Miss Granger, of course! You are the perfect student for this! You have my full permission and confidence!" she said, giving her a warm smile as she read over the parchment. Hermione beamed and said thanks in return, though she was smiling for a very different reason. She watched a particularly cute first year girl walk by her and eyed her backside. She was already getting excited, though the day had just begun.

As she took a seat in between Harry and Ron, her face flushed, she set the single piece of parchment on the table. She took out her wand and said "Gemino!" and they duplicated themselves a hundred times over. She was planning to go around to all the bulletin boards and post them wherever she was allowed. She felt anticipation at the thought of first and second years lining up to be taught magic, only to find Hermione in her pink thong as they entered the Room of Requirement. She kept this thought to herself as she stacked the papers together and flattened them out.

"What's all that for?" Ron asked casually; he seemed to be trying to break the ice between them for the past few months. Hermione, content with Ron's existence now that she had a plan to get Lavender under her robes, had no problem talking to him.

"Oh, just an all-girls study group. I'm hoping we can lose the distraction of the common room and boys. You and Lavender are a perfect example, I fear for her grades on her N.E.W.T examinations." She said all of this with a sly smile, her demeanor quite convincing. She knew Ron would embrace this story without a second question. After all, she had never told anyone about her secret side. Ron seemed taken aback at this sudden willingness of Hermione to speak to him, but he knew all he could do was compliment her for fear of losing this privilege again.

"Good for you Hermione, you always seemed the type that would teach. Where are you holding meetings?" he asked politely.

"Oh, just in one of the random empty classrooms" she said in a very convincing tone, her lying skills were nothing short of professional. "Haven't really thought of the exact place. We're going to meet on the seventh floor and figure it out from there." She smiled again in anticipation and felt the heat inside her building. She quelled it by thinking about her upcoming classes, she knew that it would come in handy better tonight than now. "Well, got to be off to runes then, see you this afternoon." She got up, gave them both a nice smile, and walked off to the fourth floor.


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