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1. The Wounded Snake

Harry could not believe his eyes. It was really him, Severus Snape. Somehow he had survived. Granted he was but a shadow of the stoic man he once was, but he was alive and here in St. Mungos. Harry would have wanted to take him to the hospital wing at Hogwarts, but protocol dictated that any casualties that an Auror came upon were to be taken to Saint Mungos. Auror Potter always followed the rules. In his heart, he knew that Snape would have preferred the known setting and care of Poppy. Soon the healer came in with the results of Snape’s scans.

“How is he? Is he going to be all right? He looks so thin and pale. What is wrong with him?” asked Harry in one breath.

The healer smiled with a raised eyebrow, “Which question would you actually want me to answer Auror Potter?”

“I am sorry. I just can’t believe he is actually alive.”

“Well, in his case I am not so sure that is a good thing?” expressed the healer.

Harry saw red and was about to pounce on the healer when his co-worker and long time friend Auror Weasley grabbed him.

“Ron, how can he say such a thing? Didn’t he have to take an oath of some kind? Isn’t his job to cure?”

“Harry, I am sure the healer can explain. Isn’t it so, Healer Conroy?”

“Yes, Auror Potter, I did take an oath and my job is to cure but sadly there is no cure for the curse that afflicts my old and much respected Potions Professor,” said the healer with sincerity.

“What do you mean there is no cure? When we found him he was fine. Well, maybe not fine, as you can see he has been starved and he would not look at us no matter how many times we called out his name.”

“No, I would imagine he would not respond.”

“So are you saying he has amnesia?”

“I wish it were something that simple. I assure you Madam Pomfrey can cure amnesia in a heart beat. No Auror Harry what our old professor has is much worse. I am afraid Professor Snape has been hit with the Esclavitud Curse.”

Ron’s face contorted in disbelief. This could not be happening to Snape. Snape was too strong of a wizard to go through this.

“Sorry, but I must have been in the hospital wing for that lesson. Can someone please tell me what this Escla… curse is all about?”

“Slavery,” said a familiar voice from behind him.

Ron and Harry turned around to see Madam Pomfrey and Headmistress McGonagall looking at them. They looked very upset at the news that they had walked into. Madam Pomfrey immediately stepped closer to Snape and started to scan. Healer Conroy knew he should not allow it. She was not a healer at the hospital but he knew better than to even try to get in the way of the matriarch. She seemed to be double scanning trying to find an error in the results, but to her dismay the healer and his scans were correct. Her friend and long time colleague was a slave.

“Poppy?” asked Minerva.

Poppy simply nodded and Minerva closed her eyes in defeat.

“Look, we have to call Hermione. I am sure that after some research she will be able to find a cure to this curse,” said Harry not willing to give into this feeling of doom that surrounded the room.

No one in the room seemed to share his optimism, but Harry was not giving up.

Hermione looked at Ron for moral support. She knew that Harry was not going to like what Madam Pomfrey, Healer Conroy and she had concluded.

“I am sorry Harry, but there is no cure for the Esclavitud Curse. The best we can do for the Professor is keep him in a Wizard’s Coma in hopes that one day a cure can be found.”

“A coma? You mean not wake him up? Keep him in Saint Mungos? But Hermione that’s mental. What will happen if we wake him up?”

“Well, Harry given the fact that you killed his old Master you will become his new master and he will depend on you for everything.”

“That settles it then. All I have to do is set him free and he will go back to his old life.”

“I am afraid it isn’t that simple. You see a mayor component of the curse is that you can not set the slave free. You can give him away, but never free him and Harry I think we should mention that Esclavitud is a sexually binding curse,” said Hermione biting her lower lips.

“What exactly is a sexually binding curse?”

“It means, Mr. Potter that he will crave your touch and your attentions and will suffer dearly if he lacks them,” answered Madam Pomfrey.

“Come off it, you all know Snape, he is strong, he is resilient, he is a bastard, a git, and he won’t take orders from no one. You have to give him a chance. You have to wake him up. He can break through this. He is probably the only one that knows how to break this curse. He probably has a potion of his own invention.”


“No, Hermione, I am not going to let you keep him as some kind of lab rat; just lieing there with no say. He would be miserable.”

“Auror Potter, he will not feel a thing,” Healer Conroy interjected.

“Yes, he will. People who wake up from comas say…”

“Harry this is a Wizard’s Coma it will be complete. He will feel nothing,” explained Hermione.

“Wake him up now!” said the Savior of the Wizarding World.

“Mr. Potter, do you really want to put him through this,” asked Healer Conroy.

“Harry, mate you don’t want to see him as a slave. It won’t be a pretty picture. Let it go mate,” said Ron with a reassuring hand on Harry’s shoulder.

“Ron, we’ve always failed him. We can’t do this to him again. I have to try. Look, if in a month he is not back to his snarky self we will put him into this coma. Please Ron, back me up on this one; please.”

Hermione approached Harry and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Harry you must understand what a slave needs before we wake him. Harry he will be in constant pain. Only your touch will alleviate it. He will not eat if not from your hands. Harry he won’t even go to the loo without your permission. He’ll be very meek and fearful. Harry do you really want to see him like this?” she begged for his understanding.

“So what do you suggest Hermione? Would you rather I give up on him. Not even giving him a fighting chance?”

It was Minerva’s turn to intervene “Harry no one here cares for Snape as much as I do. He has been my friend and colleague for more years than I care to mention. Believe me Harry if I thought you could help him I would be cheering you on, but alas there is no hope for poor Severus’ condition.”

“Poor Severus! Poor Severus! Just listen to what you are saying. I don’t know him half as well as you do, but I know that the Severus Snape that I know would rather die than be called ‘Poor Severus’.”


A/N Hi everyone I hope you are enjoying my second story as much as the first one. Please let me know of any mistakes you find so I can correct them. I have no beta.

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