Brewing Trouble

BY : Snapes_Goddess
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Brewing Trouble
By: Snapes_Goddess

It was a cool spring evening in the middle of April. Outside the days were getting longer and the nights shorter though inside it felt as though it were a day that would never end. From the moment he had opened his eyes Headmaster Snape had dealt with one problem or another. From Madam Sprout accusing Hagrid of allowing his hippogriff chicks to graze in her gardens to students trying to imitate a muggle film and catch the castle ghosts using their wands attached to what looked strangely like a vacuum cleaner strapped to their backs. It had been one hell of a day and all he wanted was to sit in his lab and brew quietly.

Quiet, oh blessed silence, how he longed for it with everything in him yet it forever evaded his grasp. Hermione Granger, current school Librarian and royal pain in his arse had invaded the sanctity of his lab and was now chattering on incessantly about some muggle novelist she was currently obsessing over. He had made it clear that he wished to be alone but as always she had chosen to ignore him, insisting that he spent too much time alone already. In truth he was quite fond of her though he would never tell her that. She had consistently stood by him over the years, defending him and his actions during the war, fighting for his acceptance and his right to remain Headmaster of the school. She was loyal and he respected that. But she was also annoying. He hadn’t heard half of what she was saying since she had invaded his solitude, he had simply tuned her out and continued to brew the muscle relaxant he used for his back and neck as if she weren’t there.

“What do you think?” He heard her ask. He cursed inwardly, realizing he was caught in a trap and she would now know that he wasn’t listening to her. Of course she should already know that but she was a woman and he knew it wouldn’t matter, she would still rant at him for not caring.

“About what, Hermione?” He was frowning as he cut sprigs of lavender into tiny little slivers.

“Don’t you think that Colonel Brandon should have just walked away from Marianne in the end instead of marrying her? I mean she only accepted him because she couldn’t have Willoughby and Colonel Brandon deserved better than a selfish little twit like Marianne. Her beauty was all she had and she was obviously too self centered and vain to see beyond the surface to what truly makes a man.” She was leaning against the table beside him, her hands folded in front of her as she stared down at him. She of course knew he wasn’t listening to her prattle on and on about Jane Austen. She didn’t really care about it either if she was honest. Oh, she loved the books, all of them, but it wasn’t why she came to sit with him. She just wanted to be close to him any way that she could.

She didn’t dare tell him that she felt that way, he would never understand nor would he be very receptive to it. He would pull away from her if he knew she had tender feelings towards him and she couldn’t bear it if he did. She had learned to be content with what little he accepted from her, the tenuous friendship that never crossed the line into any form of intimacy platonic or otherwise.

“I don’t know those people nor do I care about their business.” He said, clearly annoyed.

“You haven’t been listening, Severus, I was talking about the Jane Austen novel Sense and Sensibility, not actual people.” She smiled slightly when he grunted and scraped the lavender from his cutting board into the cauldron.

“Then I care even less if that were possible.” He said, stirring the bubbling potion carefully. Hermione enjoyed watching him brew, he was so precise yes so casual about it at the same time. Years of experience had made him comfortable and relaxed without being careless.

“It’s a good book, you should read it, you might like it.” She said knowing he would hate the book.

“Romantic drivel written by a lonely spinster and read by empty headed ninnies who dream of dashing rogues and happy ever afters.” He scoffed. “Someone should write about the reality of romance, how in the beginning the couple are swept away by the newness of it all. Then how over time the pressures of life, family and work begin to weigh on their shoulders and the passion begins to dwindle until everything they do annoys the other and every day is a struggle just to find something to say that was different from the day before. THAT would be an interesting read.”

“You are such an old sourpuss.” She said, pushing off of the table and causing its contents to rock precariously. Severus’s eyes widened as a test tube of dark blue liquid rocked in its stand then suddenly tipped over, its contents spilling into his cauldron and causing a huge plume of purple mist to shoot into the air.

“Son of a…..PROTEGO!” His wand was out in a flash and protective spells went up all around the lab, sealing them inside while Hermione stared on in confusion.

“What’s going on…what happened?” She asked, staring at the cauldron of bubbling purple potion emitting a matching violet mist.

“What’s going on? You clumsy girl!” He shouted, shoving his wand angrily into his pocket. “You rocked the bloody table and tainted my potion!” He stared at the bubbling liquid and felt his pulse begin to race. “You have no idea what you have done.”

“I didn’t mean to!” She said defensively. “If you would spend the money for a new table or have this one fixed so it wasn’t so wobbly then it wouldn’t be a problem.”

“If you would stop invading my privacy and just let me be alone it wouldn’t matter! But the condition of my table is of no consequence at the moment…do you realize what I was brewing?” He asked her.

“You said it was for your back and neck, something to relax the muscles.” She wondered why he was reverting back to Professor mode.

“The liquid in the tube was Venus Flytrap Extract, concentrated. I was going to bottle it and put it into my stores when I was finished with the potion. You knocked the contents of the entire tube into the cauldron.” He said, his eyes narrowed.

“Well it didn’t explode; it just made a mist, no harm done.” She shrugged, confused.

“Think about it, Hermione. A relaxing potion combined with one of the world’s strongest aphrodisiacs, a large amount of the aphrodisiac in fact.” He watched as the cogs in her head began to turn and then smirked when the light bulb went off. Her cheeks flushed and her eyes drifted to the cauldron that still emitted the soft violet fog.

“Lust potion…strong lust potion.” She gulped then looked up at him. “Antidote?”

“With the amount of Flytrap in that cauldron gallons of it wouldn’t make a difference.” He said.

“What….what do we do?” Her voice cracked slightly when she asked. She looked around the room anxiously, her eyes landing on the heavily draperied window. “Let’s open the window….”

“NO! We can’t open the windows or doors until this fog dissipates! The last thing we need is for the students to get a whiff of this, the horny little bastards are hard enough to control as it is! Why do you think I sealed the room?” He slowly moved backwards so that he was on one side of the room and she was on the other.

“Well, it doesn’t seem to be working…” She said softly.

“Doesn’t it? You’ve opened your robes and undone the top two buttons on your blouse…your fingers have been stroking your cleavage for the last minute.” He said raggedly, feeling his cock swell painfully beneath his robes. Hermione looked down and saw that he was right, her fingers were dancing slightly up and down the furrow between her breasts and she couldn’t seem to stop herself from plucking the next two buttons open.

“So what…I mean….how….what’s going to happen?” She croaked.

“Well, the potion is going to stir our baser instincts. We will become painfully aroused and probably drawn to each other in order to sate our needs. BUT we are going to resist the urges of our bodies and keep distance between us.” He said unconvincingly.

“We are?” She shrugged out of her black robes and let them pool on the floor at her feet. The room was suddenly too hot and she couldn’t stand it. Severus swallowed hard, his pulse pounding as the blood rushed through his body and pooled at his loins. Her little black skirt barely reached her knees and she had gone without stockings so her smooth creamy legs were there for his viewing pleasure. He wanted to start at her ankle and lick a path up the inside of her calf, suckle behind her knee and then nibble his way along her lush inner thigh.

“Yes?” His voice was strained and his answer came out sounding more like a question, not sure he believed in his own ability to stay away, especially when she was plucking at more of her buttons and sliding her feet out of her shoes.

“It’s hot in here.” She complained, fanning her flushed face. Severus swallowed hard and tried not to stare at the soft pink lace of her bra now visible thanks to her open shirt. He was failing of course, the potion was working its magic and making him see her as something other than just a former student, colleague and friend, it was making him see her as a potential mate.

“No…it’s the potion, please don’t undress….” He begged, already her disheveled state had him salivating and his cock leaking profusely inside his shorts. He couldn’t take it if she undressed. How did he not notice the soft swells of her breasts before? They were so sweetly curved and they looked pillow soft and he knew without a doubt that they would fill his hands perfectly if he were to reach out and cup them. And her waist…oh gods her tiny, nipped in waist was just begging him to caress that sweet curve. Her hips were rounded and he could easily envision holding them in his hands while he stroked into her, pulling her against him so he could grind deeper into her heat. He groaned, his balls actually aching as he reached down to adjust his erection.

Her eyes followed his hand and she whimpered when she saw the stiff outline of his cock through his trousers. She was disappointed when he readjusted the tails of his jacket to cover himself.

“Severus?” His name was a desperate plea on her lips as heat pooled low in her belly. Her nipples ached, begging for the touch of another. For his touch, his mouth. Her clit swelled and the damp crotch of her knickers rubbed against it torturously. She needed him and took a step towards him. He took a step back, his nostrils flaring and his dark eyes reflecting the swirling purple mist.

“Don’t, Hermione, it’s the potion making you feel this way!” He protested, backing himself into the wall. But the witch kept coming, her face and neck flushed and her whiskey colored eyes smoldering. She licked her lips and he imagined them wrapped around his cock, sucking and sliding over him. How wonderful would it be to kiss her lips, soft and swollen from sucking him off? He shook with desire as she shrugged out of her blouse and let it fall to the floor behind her. “You don’t want this….you don’t want me….the potion…”

“Yes, I do want this, I do want you.” She said huskily as she moved slowly towards him. Sure, the potion was exacerbating the situation but it was only encouraging a desire that already existed inside her. She watched him grimace, clearly frustrated and trying to fight his own reactions to the potion.

“But you wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the potion, it’s making you....aroused and since I am the only male around…please don’t touch me.” His eyes widened and his voice cracked and if he could have sunk through the wall to evade her touch he would have but there was no way to move through stone unless you were a ghost. Her fingertips landed on his cheek and it was like being struck by lightening. Electricity flowed through him from her fingertips straight to his straining cock. He was strong and had built up a resistance to most potions when they were at normal strength but not even he could resist one so powerful.

“I want to touch you. I have wanted to for so very long.” She whispered, her fingertips skimming over his stubbles jaw before darting into his hair. “I’ve thought about running my fingers through your hair since I was a girl…it’s so silky…” She twisted a lock around her fingers, her voice breathy and low.

“You are lying.” He didn’t believe her, refused to believe her. There was no possible way that this beautiful young creature wanted an old sourpuss like him without the aid of a potion or spell.

“I don’t lie, I suck at it.” She said, moving closer until her nipples, erect beneath a thin barrier of lace, rubbed against his jacket. “It’s why I come here and talk at you the way I do. I just want to be close to you however you will let me.” She caressed the side of his neck, letting her fingers trail slowly over his skin to his collar. “Do you know how many times I thought about undressing you? I think about it all the time, what it would be like to loosen all these buttons.” She popped the buttons free with pure delight, her chest heaving with every breath.

“You never said anything…you never gave any indication that you felt this way.” A low growl rumbled in his chest when she released the last button and pushed his jacket off of his shoulders before setting to work on the thin cotton button down beneath it.

“I never thought you would go for it, to be honest. But now it doesn’t matter…I can’t seem to stop myself from confessing everything to you…why is that?” She asked as she pulled his shirt from his trousers and finished with the buttons.

“The potion…it encourages honesty, it encourages you to voice your desires.” She felt his ragged exhalation as her hands slid over his smooth chest and pushed the shirt off.

“Really? Do you desire me, Severus?” She asked huskily as she stroked the pad of her finger around one tight, copper colored nipple and watched it harden.

“Yesssss!” He hissed, closing his eyes at the exquisite feel of her hands on his body.

“Tell me….tell me what you desire.” She whispered.

“Your mouth…I want my cock in your mouth, I want to feel you sucking me hard.” He groaned as her nails raked lightly down the center of his torso.

“Is that all?” She asked. She was never so forward with the men in her life but she couldn’t find it in herself to be embarrassed, at least not now with intense lust racing through her system.

“No…this is inappropriate, we shouldn’t be talking about this…nor doing this…oh gods!” He felt her fingers pressing into his penis through his trousers as she unbuckled his belt and opened his fly. For the love of god, he had to clench his teeth against the sensation lest he come in pants.

“Oh yes we should and it’s not inappropriate if it’s consensual. Tell me what else you want.” She slid her hand beneath the elastic waist of his shorts and threaded her fingers through the silky curls at his pelvis, tugging gently before she wrapped her fingers around the base of his erection and squeezed.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph…..I want to fuck you. I want to bury myself inside you and ride you until I come so hard I lose consciousness. I want to feel your thighs wrapped around my head while I suck on your quim. I want to bury my face between your tits and suck your nipples while I fuck you until you come so hard it feels like your pussy is going to squeeze my cock until it breaks in half. Is that what you want to hear?” He asked, his eyes flashing.

“No.” She licked her lips and slid her fist up his shaft until the damp tip nuzzled into her palm and then slid it back down, pumping him, stroking him. “I don’t want to hear it…I want you to do it, I want all of it, all of you, everything you have to give me I want.”

“Even if it’s only because of the potion?” Gods he was going to come right in her tight little hand if she kept jacking his cock that way.

“Doesn’t matter to me, I want you, always have.” She slid her other hand into his shorts and shoved them down over his hips, releasing his cock so that it stood proudly out from his pelvis, long, thick and ruddy, the tip glistening with thick drops fluid.

“And how will you feel when the potion works its way out of your system and you find yourself wrapped around this pale, skinny body?” He asked, giving her one last chance to turn back.

“Satisfied?” She gave him a smirk that rivaled his own and reached behind her to unfasten her bra, letting the lace garment slide down her arms and land on the floor at her feet. “Potion or no potion, I am yours.”

“Remember those words when you are yourself again because I won’t accept accusations or regrets.” He fisted his hand in her curls and pulled her towards him, slanting his mouth over hers and claiming a kiss. She moaned loudly and leaned into him, shifting subtly and rubbing her diamond hard nipples against his chest. She responded to his kiss ardently, opening her mouth and filling his with her tongue, twining it around his as their lips pressed hard against each other. He tasted like coffee and bourbon and her head swam as if she were drunk. It was the answer to every one of her fantasies in fact it was better than any of her fantasies.

Sure, the potion stripped away his normal reserve and revealed a side of him she had only dreamed about. And maybe when the purple mist cleared and their bodies returned to normal he would once more become distant and cold but for now he wanted her and she wanted him and by god she wouldn’t pass up the opportunity she never thought would come.

Large, long fingered hands curved around her breasts and squeezed gently while he sucked on her tongue. She began to shiver when he plucked her nipples, squeezing them between his fingertips and rolling them back and forth. Her hands clutched at his shoulders and he slid his thigh between hers, pushing up against her as she rocked her pussy against him. She was so wet he could feel her soaking through his trousers and his cock pulsed against her belly.

He turned them as though moving through the steps of a dance until her back was pressed into the wall, his thigh still riding between hers. He sucked on her lower lip giving it a little nip before kissing his way to her ear. She was rocking and grinding against his thigh, her fingers kneading the tight muscles of his shoulders as he licked the shell of her ear, blowing gently and causing her to shudder.

“You smell like cinnamon.” He rasped in her ear. “Do you taste as spicy?”

“Taste me and find out.” She whispered back, tilting her head to the side with a groan as he nibbled his way down to her shoulder. He sucked the tender spot where shoulder met neck and marked her. If she wanted him then she would see the evidence of it when her senses returned. His hands plumped her breasts, pushing them together and up before lowering his head and sucking one tight nub into his mouth and lashing it with his tongue. “Oh yes! More, please, suck me harder!” Her hands cupped the back of his head and she arched her back, pressing her nipple tighter into his mouth as she begged for more. He moved between her breasts, sucking and licking at her nipples until they were red and swollen, glistening from his mouths attentions.

“Mmmmm….so sweet.” He muttered against her chest as he slid down her body. “How does this come off?” He asked, moving his hands over her hips searching for a zipper or some other closure for her skirt.

“Zipper in the back.” She said lifting her hips from the wall as his hands roamed over her ass in search of the elusive zipper.

“Fuck the zipper.” He growled when he didn’t find it right away. Without saying another word he grabbed the hem where it split a few inches at the back and he pulled, rending the seam. He whispered a spell that allowed him to put a little more power behind it and completely rip the material so that it fell away from her body in a worthless scrap. The pink satin underwear lasted only a moment before he was pulling them down her legs and ordering her to step out of them.

He stared at the smooth mound of her sex in awe, aroused by the sight of her sex on such vivid display for him. It was so plump and pink, the puffy lips parted slightly to reveal the ruddy, slick interior with the firm nub of her clit peeking out at the top. He didn’t waste time with teasing kisses to her belly and thighs; instead he dove right in and plied her sex with his tongue. She screamed and grabbed his head, her fingers curling around his ears as she struggled to remain standing. He had taken her by surprise with his sudden assault and she didn’t have a chance to catch her breath as he sucked greedily at her core.

She hooked one leg over his shoulder and urged him even closer with her heel. She was shaking, her skin breaking out in a fine sheen f sweat as his voracious mouth pushed her higher and higher.

“Oh gods that feels so good….don’t stop….” She moaned, rocking her hips into his mouth, desperate for the release that was fast approaching. “Please don’t stop….oh yes…oh god, Severus…I’m coming…I’m COMING!” Her hands slid from his ears to the back of his head and she pressed him tighter as her entire body shuddered with her orgasm. Her pussy pulsed against his lips as he sucked on her clit, relishing her sweetness and uninhibited response.

Her moans and soft screams turned into weak little whimpers as her body went lax. Her leg slid from his shoulder and she slumped back against the wall while he pressed wet kisses against her quivering stomach. She ran her fingers through his hair and tilted his head back so that he was staring up at her.

“Your turn….” She licked her lips urged him to his feet. “Trousers off…now.” He arched a brow at her bossiness but didn’t argue. He bent over and removed his shoes and socks, tossing them aside carelessly before shucking the trousers and shorts to stand before her completely naked. It was a vulnerable moment for him, laying himself bare before her. Even with the lust potion racing through his veins. He wasn’t deluded in the slightest bit about himself. He was tall, skinny and not at all attractive but when he looked down at her face and the way her eyes were traveling over him he felt like an Adonis.

“You’re staring at me.” He rasped, feeling her gaze like a thousand little fingers moving over him.

“I can’t help it.” She could see the vulnerability in his face and sought to ease his discomfort. She reached out and twisted a lock of his hair between her fingers. “I love your silky black hair.” She traced his brow and sharp cheekbones before running her fingers down the bridge of his nose. “I love your nose, it suits you.” He swallowed hard when she stepped forward and pressed her lips to his. “I didn’t expect your lips to be so soft or your kiss to be so sensual.” She moved her lips down to his throat, kissing the rough, scarred flesh until he let his head fall back and groaned. She pressed her hands against his chest and slid them up and across his shoulders, down his arms and back, slowly making her way down his torso to his waist. “I love your body, so slim yet fit, like a swimmer or a cyclist.” He jolted when she laid her tongue against the flat disk of his nipple, swirling it around the sensitive bud before raking her teeth over it lightly then switching to the other. He couldn’t move, he’d never had another worship his body the way she was, it was novel and much enjoyed experience. She tickled his navel with her tongue, her fingertips playing in the silky trail of hairs that started just below it then spread to encircle his cock.

She wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft, a delighted moan escaping her lips when her fingertips barely met around his girth. He was long, thick and it curved up towards his belly invitingly. She licked her lips and she stroked him, watching the velvety foreskin slide over the head and back in an erotic game of peek-a-boo.

“And this is more than I ever imagined.” She said softly before engulfing the thick purple tip in her mouth. She sucked hard, sliding her lips down the shaft and taking him deep into her throat. Her hands bit into his tight backside as she began to slide her lips up and down his length, sucking on him like a Popsicle as she did.

“Gods damn, woman!” He growled, bracing his hands on the wall behind her as she sucked him for all she was worth. He could feel his spine tingling with every hot, tight pull of her mouth and his balls were throbbing mercilessly as she serviced him with an enthusiasm he had never experienced from the most highly paid professionals. The wet, slurping sounds and soft moans of enjoyment coming from her were making it difficult to hold back but he had a feeling that once he finally came he would come harder than he had in his entire life and would be down for the count. As it was it was a damned good thing that he had the wall to brace himself on because his knees were quaking and threatening to give out with every firm suck of her mouth. While he struggled to hold back he also couldn’t prevent himself from slowly pumping his hips forward, fucking her mouth as she sucked. It was heaven and it was hell at the same time and he was, as always, caught somewhere in between.

“Stop….gods…stop, Hermione…” He had to reach down and pull her off of his cock and try to hold back his surprised chuckle at the perturbed pout on her lips at being interrupted. “You could kill a man with that mouth.” He said, pressing his thumb against those plump lips, soft and swollen just the way he imagined them. “Come here.” He nudged her chin gently and urged her to her feet where he indulged in his earlier fantasy of kissing her lips, soft, wet and lush from sucking his cock. He kissed her long and hard until the need to be inside her was so overwhelming that he had to pull away. “There is no soft surface for this.” He said in a frustrated tone as he looked around the room filled with rickety tables, shelves and old wooden chairs.

“The chair will do.” She panted impatiently, her arousal becoming painful as her thighs glistened with her cream. She snatched her robe from the floor and laid it on the wood seat then pointed her finger at it. “Sit…quickly.”

“You are a bossy little witch. Why didn’t I know about this side of you?” He asked as she settled his naked arse onto the chair and held his hands out for her. She took his hands and let him pull her forward so that she could swing one leg over him and the chair and settle herself astride him.

“Because you wouldn’t have accepted it, you never would have given me the chance to be your lover….you still wouldn’t if it weren’t for this accident.” She braced her hands on his shoulder as he slid down in the chair and grabbed his erection around the base and held himself steady. She gasped when she felt the thick head part her smooth, slippery folds and nudge her entrance. “It’s been awhile for me.” She felt the need to confess as her tight muscles reluctantly made way for him.

“I won’t even mention how long it’s been for me.” He groaned loudly, shocking her and himself as he let his head fall back and his eyes rolled up. “Gods you are tight as hell….it feels incredible.” He growled as she relaxed her thighs and let her weight carry her down on his shaft until her clit was being tickled by his coarse pubic hair.

“You feel so good inside me…” She whispered, nipping his chin. “I can’t wait to come with you inside me.” Severus would never have thought her one for dirty talk but he wasn’t about to complain, every naughty comment that slipped her lips had his cock pulsing inside her. “Hold on to me, don’t let go.” She moaned when his hands curled around the cheeks of her ass and began rocking her over him. She was so wet that they could hear every slide of his cock into her. It was a damn good thing too because she was tighter than anything he had ever known. She searched for the motion that would bring them both the most pleasure. Using her thighs to raise and lower her body over him, reaching behind her and bracing her hands on his thighs as she slid back and forth over his lap, but it was when she settled him deep inside her to the point that it was almost uncomfortable and began slowly undulating her hips that they both gasped and stared into one another’s eyes intensely.

“Oh….my….god….” She could barely breathe it felt so good. She was so full, every wet inch of her sheathe stimulated by his shaft and her clit was stimulated with every slow roll over his pelvic bone. “The potion….does it increase the pleasure?” She asked breathlessly, continuing to move over him sensuously.

“No…it only increases the desire.” He answered, rolling his hips up into her in a countermotion that made her cry out and clutch his shoulders. “The rest is all us.”

“Then us is fucking incredible.” She groaned, moving faster as her orgasm loomed within her reach. He was mesmerized by her. Her expressions were stunning to watch as she closed her eyes and those beautiful, soft lips parted. Her brow furrowed and the low, guttural sounds coming from deep within her were like music to his ears. “Oh yes…I’m going to come.” She dug her nails into his shoulders and he knew he would have little half-moon bruises later. She wasn’t thinking about him at all, she was a slave to her body and the release it craved and he loved it that she was so lost, pleasuring herself using his body as her tool.

She stiffened and a sudden, shrill cry rent the air as her body convulsed and shuddered in release. The silky walls of her pussy caressed his length, pulsing and sucking at him as she came. She wrapped her arms tight around his neck, slumping into him as she shuddered and whimpered in his ear. He filled his hands with her curls and began to pump up into her still pulsing heat, loving the feel of her all soft and receptive in his arms. She held on tight, moaning and gasping with every stroke through her sensitized flesh until he gave a hoarse shout and she felt the first splash of his semen inside her. His hands twisted in her hair and he lurched against her with every pulsing jet of his orgasm until he fell limp in the chair with her still wrapped around him, spent and sleepy.

He snatched his wand from the table beside them and transfigured the pile of discarded clothing on the floor into a soft mattress and blanket at their feet then slid from the chair with her in his arms and settled them into the comfort. He kissed her lips softly and murmured something sleepily that he didn’t understand as she nestled close. It seemed trite but he was so grateful to have spent such an incredible evening with her, even if it was all a result of an accident.

She was sleeping, snoring softly in his arms while he watched her. She said she had wanted this for a long time, that it wasn’t only the potion; the potion had just given her the push to do something about it. Why hadn’t he seen it? He was generally pretty perceptive about things so why hadn’t he picked up on it with her? She was right when she said he wouldn’t have taken it well. He would never believe that a young, beautiful witch would want him that way; he would have probably assumed her overtures were out of pity or gods forbid gratitude. But the potion wouldn’t let her lie to him about her feelings so he had to accept them for the truth.

They had just shared the most incredible sexual experience of his life, everything about her pleased him. So the question became, what would happen come morning when the potion was nullified and they had to face each other without the magic bolstering them?


The morning after….

Severus stretched languidly, an actual smile on his lips as his body ached in the most delicious way. Hell even his cock hurt but in the very best way after spending the night in bed with a hot blooded witch. She woke him up in the middle of the night with her teeth nibbling on his neck for another round, lying back and spreading her legs wide while he pounded between them. She folded them around him when he came, holding him tightly to her. It was just as incredible the second time around as it had been the first and there was no way in hell he was giving it up.

He opened his eyes and saw her shaking out her robes and trying to turn them right side out. He took a moment to admire her sex tousled hair and the smooth curves of her naked body before addressing her.

“Were you planning to sneak out?” He asked. She started then slowly turned to face him, the robes clutched in her hands to cover her nudity.

“The potion is stable now and the mist is clear, it is safe for me to leave.” She said, her eyes downcast as her voice trembled.

“The potion stabilized and the mist cleared late last night, Hermione, before you woke me at 2…you could have left then.” He said, watching her reactions curiously. Where was the bold little witch who had been hell bent on seduction, and succeeded, the night before?

“Please…don’t say anything…I know you have to be livid with me for taking advantage of the situation last night, for saying and doing the things I did and making you uncomfortable, but it was…well it was the most amazing night of my life, something I never dreamed to experience in reality and I…just let me leave with the pleasant memories…I’ll stay away from you, I promise…”

“Well that’s a shame.” He interrupted. “I was kind of hoping you would agree to locking yourself in my bedchamber with me for the weekend, to explore this…thing…between us without magic interfering and in a more comfortable setting.” He winced when he sat up, his back protesting a night on a thin mat on a cold hard floor. Her eyes grew wide and she dropped the robes, her mouth opening and closing like a fish as she tried to process his words. “Now that’s more like it.” He smirked, reaching for her hand and tugging her down onto the mat, quickly rolling her beneath him.

“You aren’t mad?” She asked finally as he pushed her curls away from her face.

“How could I be?” He tucked her hair behind her ears. “Granted, if things hadn’t gone as they had we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation now, I probably would have cut you down and called you a liar when you told me how you felt. But that would have been such a shame. Last night was amazing, more than amazing if there is a word to describe such a thing. You couldn’t have been lying, the potion wouldn’t let you lie to me and because of that, because last night was like nothing I have ever known, I find myself wanting to see what could be…if you are agreeable.”

“Is it just the sex?” She asked, hesitant to believe what she was hearing.

“Yes…but it’s also you. While I watched you sleep I realized that you have stood by me like no one else ever has. Your loyalty has been unfaltering even when I deliberately and quite rudely tried to push you away. I’d be a fool not to see what my life could be like if I would just accept the affection and companionship you offer.” He kissed her lips gently, his fingertips trailing down her arm lightly.

“So….what now?” She asked, tears beginning to glisten in her eyes.

“Now we get up off this bloody floor and retire to my bedchamber for the weekend. Then, on Sunday evening we will resurface for a nice dinner out and perhaps a film in London. What do you think?” He asked.

“Sounds perfect.” She said, sighing when their lips met once more.


It was early afternoon when incessant pounding rocked the Headmaster’s chamber door. Minerva, Argus and Hagrid stood in the corridor and waited for him to answer for several minutes before pounding on it again. Little did they know that he was just inside the door, reclined on his sofa while Hermione knelt between his spread legs, her lips wrapped around his shaft, one hand rolling his testicles and the other stimulating his prostate. They had been given strict instructions not to disturb him and he was more than angry but torn between answering them and knocking their heads together and continuing to enjoy the sinful mouth of his witch.

“What?” He shouted angrily, trying not to groan when Hermione curled her finger inside his backside and stroked a particularly pleasant spot inside him.

“Sir…we have a situation.” Minerva called through the door.

“Then handle it, I told you I am not to be disturbed!” He shouted. “Son of a bitch, that feels good!” He hissed, his hands tangling in her hair as she sucked him hard.

“But sir…Hermione Granger is missing, no one has seen her since early yesterday evening!” Minerva shouted, clearly annoyed now.

“She’s fine, go away!” He yelled, stroking her lips while stretched around him. “Better than fine…fucking unbelievable.” He growled low.

“Sir, she doesn’t miss work, ever and the library had to be opened by the assistant….this isn’t something to ignore….”

“I’m fine! Leave us alone!” Hermione answered, upset at having to release him from the grip of her mouth. Severus’s lips twisted into a grin, she just announced to her co-workers and friends that she was locked in his chamber, alone, with him.

“Hermione?” Minerva queried, her voice cracking slightly. Hermione climbed slowly up Severus’s body then made a show of turning around, grinding her bare backside against his hips before settling on his lap and leaning back against him.

“Yes…the assistant can handle the library…Ill be back Monday, now leave us alone!” Severus was chuckling behind her as she arranged her legs outside of his and slid her fingers between the lips of her sex and opened them for his cock, crying out when he slipped inside her. They heard the shocked mumbling from outside but were beyond caring as they began moving together. Severus pumping into her from below, his hands filled with her bouncing breasts as he fucked her hard and fast until her screams of release ricocheted off of the castle walls. He hoped like hell that their nosy colleagues were still outside listening. Let them gossip, let them speculate and assume, he didn’t care, for the first time in his life Severus Snape was a happy wizard.

AN:Don’t ask…I don’t know what to say about it…I needed a break from writing the climax of my Lumione and this is what happened….I apologize…wait, no I don’t, if you could have seen this playing out in my head you wouldn’t be sorry either LMAO!!!! Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading my smutty little “stress break”. =)

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