Slyth's Snakepit

BY : forsaken_dream
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Harry sat at his desk contemplating his life and all the changes he had been through. All of the things that had changed, for many different reasons, he was finally able to control and have a say in what he did and what happened to him. The way he was no longer a pawn of Dumbledore’s, no longer the Gryffindor Golden Boy, the fact he now had real friends and not just those placed in his life on the promise from a crazy old man that they would achieve great things by standing by Harry. Of course he had still wanted to defeat Voldemort but not on the terms of the ‘light’ side. He was not dark but he wasn’t so innocent that he didn’t understand the need to fight dark with dark. There was no such thing as a good spell and an evil spell, especially not in times of war. It hadn’t taken Harry long to grasp and understand that idea once his beloved mentioned it…


“There is no real right and wrong spell Potter. The Unforgivable spells are indeed that but could a simple stunning spell be seen as malicious?”

“I don’t think so. I mean, you’re only stunning them aren’t you?”

“Wrong Potter. It all depends on the intent of the wizard who casts the spell. When you know your opponents ultimate weakness, say a heart defect, then a stunning spell would be enough to stop their heart completely and they would cease to exist. Therefore, there is no good or evil spell but the intent of the caster is what matters.”

*End Flashback*

Harry glanced in the mirror and sighed at his ever unruly hair, although it had tamed somewhat to that ‘just shagged’ look that had men and women alike swooning after him. Unfortunately for them though, he was well and truly taken. Harry smiled at that thought. Just then the door opened to reveal his best friend.

“Ry?” An impatient voice asked.

“Yes dear?” He winked

“Get your scrawny butt out here or I’ll hex it off. We have a rehearsal dinner for your bloody wedding and I hope you’ve been resting your voice otherwise the whole idea you had of the band playing for Him tonight may as well disappear with a puff of smoke.”

“Don’t worry ‘Dore. I’ve got it covered. Besides, I already told you, tonight will be perfect.” Harry said all this while batting his eyelids at his friend.

The Slytherin shook his head backing out the door muttering something along the lines of ‘poncy assed prick’.

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