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Chapter 1: Deserving

Chapter I

Harry marched down the hall of the Ministry of Magic determined to do what he thought was right. When he got to the door of the War Managing Dept. he found the Weasleys lined up and ready for combat. He did not want to deal with them. They would not sway him from his decision.

“Are you mad?” was Ron’s abrupt comment.

“Harry, you can’t be serious? This is Professor Snape we are talking about. You saw the Pensieve he is innocent,” pleaded Hermione.

“He might be innocent in your eyes, but he is far from being innocent in mine,” retorted Harry with a graved face.

“Harry my son, you are obviously upset. You have been through so much. You do understand that he killed Dumbledore on Dumbledore’s orders; right?” questioned Mr. Weasley.

“I think it is very convenient that he was the one charged with finding a cure for Albus and just happen to be unable to do so rendering him hopeless,” argued Harry.

“Harry!” was the cry from the gathered crowed.

“You might have all forgotten that because of Severus Snape my parents and godfather are dead,” looking at them with rage in his eyes.

“Harry, if you do this we will never be able to be together. I will never forgive you,” said Ginny in her most soothing but firm voice.

“I have made my decision,” were Harry’s final words.

Ginny held back the tears that were threatening to spill and her dad thought it best to take her away from there.

“So that is it; you are willing to give up what you have with Ginny for what? Vengeance!” yelled Ron following his sister and dad.

Hermione looked at him with disbelieve.

“Look, you might as well leave with them. I am determined. He will not get off the hook. He has crimes to atone for and I am going to make sure he does so.”

“Atone for what? He has been atoning for the death of your parents…”

“Mother, he only felt some sort of guilt for my mother. He had no problem with my father and I being murdered.”

“Harry, if you go in there and commit that horrific crime you will be no better than the Death Eaters you claim to hate,” she argued with what she hoped would be a moving statement.

But Harry simply squared his shoulders and straightened up to his full height looking blankly into space. Hermione understood that they had lost this battle. Harry would not be swayed.

“If our friendship means anything to you… If the Weasleys mean anything to you, please do not do this. We will never be able to forgive you. The things that are going on in that room, are outright crimes; crimes against people who have not even been tried.”

“Because our laws defend the criminals, they claim that he is innocent, but because of the mark on his arm they cannot let him go free. He needs to be supervised constantly by one of the light. I guess I have Voldy to thank for marking his followers because according to you lot he deserves a medal and to be hailed as a hero,” he said with his eyebrows wrinkled.

“Harry, if it were not for Professor Snape the light might have never won. He risked his life for years to bring valuable…”

“Hermione, it is time for my appointment and I do not want to be late. If you will excuse me…”

“Harry James Potter! If you go in there you might as well forget that we were ever friends,” was Hermione’s ultimatum.

Harry bowed his head letting out a puff of air. For a split second, Hermione thought she had reached him, but was sadly disappointed when Harry turned the doorknob and entered the office.


He entered a room with a single table in the middle and two chairs opposite each other. He sat on the nearest one and soon was joined by a Ministry’s official who sat opposite of him.

“Good day, Mr. Potter. I must say it is a real honor to meet you in person. When I heard that the savior of…”

“Mr. Single, I am in a bit of a hurry here, do you think we can move things along?”

“Oh, yes, of course. You do know that the procedures call for Mr. Snape to be pregnant with your child before you can leave with him,” explained Mr. Single looking for any adverse reaction from Harry. Harry was under the impression that things would be overlooked if he so wish for it. But Harry was not going to use his status in the Wizarding World to make things easier for Snape.

“Yes, Mr. Single I am quite aware of it. Has he been given the potion?”

“Yes, of course, the healer assures me he is… ripe,” said the man with a repulsive smile on his lips. He felt uncomfortable when Harry showed no reaction. “Well, you will have to sign these documents and then my men will bring in the Death Eater,” he said again expecting Harry to correct him, but the correction never came. Harry just sat there with an impassive glare on his face. He signed and the official was gone.

Severus Snape was brought into the room flanked by two wizards that were both taller and wider than he was. The tall stoic man looked minute by comparison, but that did not stop him from walking into the room as if he were in full control of the situation; with head up high and shoulders squared. This irritated Harry to no end.

“Do you want us to tie him down to the table? You know some of them can get quite feisty,” said one of the thugs.

“No, I am sure Snape is used to taking it up the rear end; aren’t you?” trying to bait the man, but he did not go for it and stood tall and proud.

“Do you want us to strip him or would you rather we just lift his robe?” asked the other ruffian.

“No, why should you do the work? He has to get used to following my orders. Snape strip,” came the dry order.

Snape did not move and simply stood there with a glazed stare on his face.

“Are you having trouble obeying, Death Eater,” yelled the first thug hitting Severus with a Jelly-Legs Jinx sending Snape to the floor face on. The two ruffians laughed but Harry did not show any kind of emotion. The two sobered up fast when they realized that Harry was not joining in the banter and lifted Severus up by the arms with his legs still moving uncontrollably.

“Finite Incantatem,” cast Harry with an effortless movement of his wand.

Snape immediately gain control over his body. He stood up straight and looked into a spot on the wall beyond Harry.

“Snape, do you really want to be tied down to the table?” warned the Boy Who Lived.

Snape did not want to be tied down. He did not even want to be there. Dumbledore had failed him. He was about to be raped by his golden boy. Raped! He had survived countless Death Eater's meeting without being touched and now that the war was over he was going to be violated. Severus had never even fantasies about being with another man. The whole concept was repulsive to him. Men were meant to be with women. To touch their beautiful sensual bodies, but now he was faced with such a different reality. He was going to be treated as the woman and not by a gentleman. Should he plead his case? Would Potter listen to reasoning?

“Snape, you are testing my patience. That is not a smart thing to do,” warned Harry as the two thugs snickered.

“Mr. Potter, may I please ask to speak to you in private?”

“Why? Do you really think you deserve some special treatment? Some of your favorite students have been bent over that table; I am sure you don’t want to be treated better than the poor children under your care.”

“Ha, Mr. Potter, you should have heard Gregory Goyle scream on that very same table. We had to put a silencing spell on him because the whole ministry was complaining about the noise,” said the thug trying to hold back his laughter in order to speak.

Snape closed his eyes in disbelief. How many of his former students had fallen victim of this new crazy law that sentence anyone with the mark to live under the care of one without a mark. This was the part that was presented to the general Wizarding World. The part that they did not mentioned was that in order to be sponsored by a wizard of the light you had to carry his child. It had been ages since male wizards were made to carry; that had died with the dark ages. And even back then it was voluntary, the wizard understood the risk but still was willing to do it. Mostly out of love for another wizard. Now it was an imposed pregnancy where the carrier had no rights what so ever. Was this the world that he had risked his life to defend? One that would allow the violations of young men and woman whose only crime was to be born into the wrong family. Was Harry Potter actually going to par take in this madness?

“And Pansy Parkinson, now there was a screamer...”

“…and a bleeder. Captain made us clean up all her bloody mess,” added his partner.

Severus looked to see if Harry showed any reaction. Yes, it was true that the Slytherins and the Gryffindor were not budding friends, but they grew up together in that castle. Did Harry feel no sympathy for former classmates?

Harry raised his wand and pointed it at Snape bringing the room to total silence.

“Strip and bend over, now!” commanded Lily’s son.

“Mr. Potter, may I ask, why are you doing this to me?” he said with head held up high.

“Why? You ask why? You are unbelievable. You dare ask why. Do you really think you should live without paying for all the wrong you have done? Do you not think that my parent’s death, which hangs over YOUR head, should go unpunished? And Sirius’ death, should that also go unpunished? Let us not mentioned the death of the only wizard that ever believed in you; Albus Dumbledore.”

Snape’s eyes grew with each name mentioned. At this point Severus knew that the time had come to pay for all his sins. He had never felt that he had done enough to pay for Lily’s death and even when he loathed James Potter; he did not wish for his death. There was no way he was going to feel guilty for the death of Sirius, but he definitely knew that he had to pay for the death of his mentor and as Potter had put it ‘the only person that ever believed in him’. He had never thought that he was going to walk out of this without paying his due, but not in a million years did he believe that it would be Potter imparting his punishment. He realized right there and then that it was Potter’s given right to be the righter of wrongs, after all, he was the person most affected by his actions. Because of him Potter was an orphan. Because of him Potter had to go into the Forbidden Forest alone without Dumbledore. And Potter believed that because of him, he had lost his godfather. Yes, Potter was the right person for the job, but a rapist!

The order came yet again, “Snap, this is your last warning, strip and bend over that table.”

But Severus had made up his mind. If Harry had decided to become a rapist he would have to do the whole deed. He did not move. The two men holding him looked at Harry for directions. Harry nodded his head granting the go-ahead. They dragged Severus to the table and bend him over. Then they lifted the short institutional green robe he was wearing. Snape struggle but to no avail. Harry unzipped his jeans freeing his already erect penis. Severus kept moving his hip and Harry grew impatient and cast a Petrificus Totalus. Then in one swift movement he penetrated Severus. Pain! Thrust! Pain! Thrust! Unbearable PAIN! Thrust! Snape had never felt pain this intense. People actually did this for pleasure? Thrust! OH Merlin!!! How did it hurt? He was being split open and not being granted the opportunity to yell, scream or cry. Not that he would cry in front of this kid, no not kid man, which was hurting him. He was not the first to try to break him. His father had tried to make him cry countless times and had never succeeded. Potter would not either. THRUST!!!

Harry pulled out and again cast Finite Incantatem. The two men let go and Snape fell to the floor curling up into a ball; cradling his head in his arms so no one would actually see his tears. Harry turned on his heels and left the room.

Two hours later found Harry in his office filling out Auror reports when a paper plane flew into his cubicle. Harry caught it in mid air and read it.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that the pregnancy test administered to Severus Snape proved positive. You may pick up your charge at the end of this day.

The head of the Department of War,

Mr. Single

Harry read the note twice before understanding that the fact that he was going to be a father was written in one single sentence. It all seemed surreal but it was all necessary. Snape would finally start paying for all his crimes. Harry himself would make sure of that.


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