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Harry and a small group of Weasleys had gathered at his (Potter) manor, listening intensely to a Medi-wizard as he explained how all of their lives were about to change.

“Since you all have decided to take on the responsibility of Caregivers, I thought you should know what you to expect in the coming months," the Medi-wizard said, licking the tip of his thumb as he riffled through his extensive notes.

The healer, a man in his sixties named Edward Thornton, was world-renowned. His specialty was mental disease and trauma, a field that had been ignored for centuries by the Wizarding world. Thornton often wondered if Tom Riddle would have turned into the monster Voldemort if he had been diagnosed early in his life..

He looked over the rim of his spectacles and stared at the twins, not sure if putting a human being in their hands was a smart idea. They were a handful at the best of times, and their personalities might overwhelm the fragile mind of his patient.

“My three patients have spent the last four years in the bowels of Azkaban. Their first three years were punishment for their war crimes. This last year I’ve been working with them, getting them ready to be released back into society. I am sorry to say they are far from being ready but I think they are prepared for the next step in there recovery.”

His eyes settled once again on those of the twins. “You two, for your own reasons, have decided to be the Caregivers to Draco Malfoy. The boy you knew at Hogwarts is long gone. In his stead is a shy, mouse-like creature who has not spoken a word since his imprisonment. He’s afraid of his own shadow. He sleeps most of the day and when he does wake up he is lethargic, barely having the strength to keep his head up. You will have to go extremely slowly to gain his trust. He barely tolerates me, and I have been working with him for the last three years.”

Edward tuned his attention to Arthur and Molly Weasley.

“Lucius Malfoy is a different story. He is as haughty and proud as the day he was imprisoned. He hasn’t accepted the fact that there is nothing left of his old lifestyle—no money, no home, no position in society. He has no idea how to survive in the real world with little income and resources, unlike yourselves who have done very nicely with what you have," Edward noticed the frown on the Caregivers' foreheads and realized that his statement could be misconstrued. “If that sounds like I’m belittling your station in life, I assure you I am not. Arthur, you have an impeccable reputation, admired by all. Molly, you raised six wonderful, successful children. The two of you have more joy and love in your life than Lucius had ever known and in my mind that makes you far richer than he ever could conceive. I want him to learn that joy that you two possess. I want him to enjoy life no matter what is given him.”

Molly placed her hand over her husband’s and squeezed it. He smiled as he leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Healer Thornton smiled at the couple before turning his attention to Harry Potter. “Now we come to my protégé.”

Harry beamed at Edward. Shortly after the demise of Voldemort, Harry shocked with Wizarding world by announcing that he would be going to the University to become a Healer. He studied hard, and in his third year he met Healer Thornton and was immediately drawn into the world of the mental illness.

“Harry, as you know, your charge will be the toughest challenge of them all: Severus Snape. Why you decided on him I have no idea unless you’re masochistic.”

“Just the opposite,” Harry smiled at his private joke. “No, seriously I do like a challenge, and from reading your report on the subject I won’t have a dull moment.”

“He hates you,” the healer shook his head as he tried to find the right word “…no that’s too simple of a term. He loathes you. He feels betrayed by, let’s see,” Edmond turned to his notes, “in order; his father, mother, Malfoy, Junior and Senior, Dumbledore, Voldemort, all the Death Eaters, the Wizengamot, the Ministry, and of course you Mr., Potter. He’s void of all positive emotions, leaving in its wake is anger, hate, resentment and bitterness. If he had his powers and his wand, I do believe that we created a new Dark Lord. Remember Harry—never turn your back onhim. He’s extremely dangerous.”

Molly was guilt-ridden. She should have spoken up. She could have roused the rest of the Order to defend Severus at his trial but instead everyone stood by and watched as Severus perhaps not totally innocent of all charges, was condemned to Azkaban. His crimes were dark grey, dark enough for the masses to stand and demand revenge in the name of justice.

“Is there any hope for Severus?” Molly asked.

“We are going to strip him of every bit of his pride and arrogance. We’re going to exploit the anger and use it against him until it swells within him and screams and breaks free. Once we totally destroy him we will rebuild him, and hopefully he’ll become a useful member of our society.”

“And what of his intelligence, his wit, will that too be taken away?” Arthur asked.

“We don’t want to destroy the man, only the anger and hate that is consuming his being. He will always be Snape,” Harry explained, with a snicker he continued, “I like the git. I’m looking forward to seeing his sharp wit for awhile…”

“A good long while,” Healer Thornton interjected.

Harry nodded his agreement before continuing, “He will think his life won’t be worth living. If he thinks he’s been in hell for the last four years, he has no idea what lies ahead of him.”

“Merlin, Harry, what do you plan on doing to the poor sod?” Fred asked.

“Edward and I discussed it quite thoroughly and we both came to the same conclusion," Harry paused

“Harry?” Molly urged.

“He will be spending the rest of his life as my bonded slave.”


Severus slowly woke from a forced sleeping draught given him by the bastard Healer Thornton. He became quickly aware that he was no longer in Azkaban by the warmth of the sun hitting his cold body. Opening one eye, he saw the sun beaming through a window. Severus swallowed back a sob. It had been four long years since he had seen the sun, and now the feelings were too overwhelming. It was only then that he realized that he was naked and lying on a cold, wooden floor and not on his cot.

“Come on Snape; we need to talk before I go to work,” Harry nudged Severus with the toe of his shoe.

If it was at all possible Harry swore that Severus groaned and snarled at the same time.

“Go to hell, Potter!”

Severus pushed himself up and leaned his back against the wall, stretching his long legs out in front of him. Modesty dictated that he cross his legs and cover his genitals with his long fingered hand. He surveyed his surroundings quickly. The room that was obviously once a bedroom was now an empty jail cell. The wall to the hall was removed and in its place were bars much like the ones in Azkaban. Otherwise there was nothing to see. The room was bare, not even a cot for him to rest his weary bones. From his place on the floor, Severus could see an open door that lead to a small loo. At least he had a toilet.

“What new torture has the Ministry see fit to subject me to now Potter?”



“You will call me Harry from now on. If that doesn’t suit you, Master will do. Those are your choices, you can decide which you prefer,” Harry stated flatly.

Severus laughed bitterly, “So I am now the property of Harry fucking Potter?”

Severus shook his head in disbelief. He felt the warmth of the leather collar around his neck but refused to acknowledge its existence, at least not in front of Potter. “So you plan to beat me daily for all the pain and suffering I put you through?”

“Severus, let's get a few things straight. I will punish you if you don’t do as I ask, but I will never beat you. I will give you an example how things will work around here. This morning you will take a shower and wash you hair. Once accomplished you will have a cot with a blanket and pillow and something to wear. If you choose not to follow my orders, you will sit and sleep on the hard floor until ‘you’ decide to clean up. You will still get three meals a day even if it’s only bread, water and a nutritional drink ewhether you decide to stay naked or not. Oh, by the way the collar you’re wearing is also a portkey. Every Friday you will be spirited away for a group session with Healer Thornton…”

“That quack…” Severus mumbled.

“If you don’t want to show up to your session stark naked, I would really consider taking a shower," Harry paused and knelt down by Severus. “I’m not trying to trick you Severus. You’ll know what I expect and what your punishment will be for disobedience. If you obey me and remember to say please and thank you, your life will be quite enjoyable here with me.”

Harry looked at his watch. “I’m running late. I’ll be home at six. Take a shower Severus…you reek.”

“Master?” Severus whispered being mulish refused to call Harry by his given name.

“Yes Severus,” Harry could see blood drip from the corner of his mouth where he obviously bit down on his cheek when he called him Master.

Through gritted teeth Severus asked, “This…slave bond is it permanent?”

“Yes Severus,” Harry turned and left for work, leaving his slave to adjust to the idea that he was now Harry’s possession.

Harry didn’t expect Severus to be cleaned and dressed when he returned from work. He was not disappointed. Severus was sitting exactly where Harry left him in the morning.

“Good evening Severus,” Harry said as he sat down in the hallway with his dinner meal.

“Since obviously you're still breathing, I see nothing good about this evening,” Severus snarled.

He took a deep breath and savored the smell of the right tomato sauce that covered Harry’s meal. Severus craned his neck to see what the boy was having for dinner. Chicken Parmesan, garlic toast and an antipasto salad, Severus licked his lips as the aroma wafted over him.

“Just think Severus, you could be sitting at the dinner table having supper with me instead of sitting on the floor eating dry bread and drinking tepid water.” Harry mocked,

“I’m watching my waist. Inactivity in my previous dwelling made me gain a few pounds.” He patted his flat stomach.

Harry shook his head sadly. Severus was no more than a bag of bones. He would not let Severus starve, but until he did what he was told he would not feed him anything palatable.

Harry ate his dinner as he made small talk with his ex-Professor. After he finished his evening meal, Harry sat the plate of the floor and slid it with his foot to the door of the cell.

“You may lick my plate if you like,” Harry smiled.

“I’m not a cur, and I refused to be treated like one. Take your plate and stick it up your arse,” Severus licked his lips as he stared at the little bit of food on the plate.

“Oh well, your loss,” Harry stood and stretched. The chair he was standing on disappeared. “It seems like I may sweeten the pot, pet.”

Harry grinned at Severus’ face shot up and glared at Harry. “Since you are not behaving, I choose to call you what ever I wish and pet I think suits you. You seem to want to be treated more like an animal than a human being, so I will treat you as one until you apologize and start behaving.”

The door to the bathroom slammed shut and the sound of the door locking itself could be heard.

“No bathroom, pet,” Harry stated.

“You little motherfuck…” Severus growled.

“Watch your mouth Severus or you’ll be wearing a ball gag,” Harry warned; Severus wisely closed his mouth. “Good! Now as I was about to say I’m going to give you an incentive to comply. Once and only once will I offer this. It’s my way of showing good faith. I have in my possession,” a tome popped into his hands, “the original work of Merlin written in his own hand. Let’s see what the title is…oh yes… ‘My World of Potions’. Quite a find for me, for you too, if you take your shower and wash your hair.”

Severus was gnawing on his bottom lip, his fingers were twitching as he refrained himself from reaching through the bars.

“Not sure yet? Fine I’ll leave the book here,” He propped the book against the wall. “You can contemplate your next move. Do as I say and you will get to read the book for one hour or you can stay naked and hungry because of your pride. It’s late for me. I’ll see you in the morning pet.” Harry didn’t look back

As soon as Harry’s bedroom door slammed shut Severus was on the floor reaching through the bars for the book. Slamming his body through the bars as far as he could, his fingers brushed the cracked leather of the tome. He gave out a sigh of frustration and pulled his body back into his cell. Since he couldn’t have the book ,he decided he might as well enjoy the few crumbs of food left on Potter’s plate. The serving dish disappeared as soon as he touched the rim.

“GOD I HATE YOU!” Severus screamed down the hall towards Harry’s bedroom,

As Severus stared into empty space words were forming in front of him. The letters formed a sentence, ‘Pet, take a shower!’

“I'd rather starve to death first,” Severus grumbled.

The letters twisted and turned until it wrote, ‘Your choice.’

A/N Do not feel to bad for Severus. In the next chapter you will see how dangerous Severus really is and his plot for revenge. Just to warn you, yes there will be sex but not for a long time.

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