Mission Impossible

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            “Albus, believe me when I say this, but you have absolutely lost your mind.” Minerva McGonagall had held a great level of respect for the Headmaster up until that point. She’d stuck by him through thick and thin, life and death, and then life again. She sat in a chair opposite the big oak desk in his office with her arms crossed tightly over her chest. “It’s absolutely out of the question.” She added.

            Albus Dumbledore popped a lemon drop into his mouth. His gaze remained solid, his twinkling blue eyes somewhat less twinkling as they focused on his deputy headmistress through his half-moon lenses. He’d been contemplating the options for some time and had not come to his decision lightly. He had hoped that Minerva would have been more on board with the idea, but to have expected so was foolish.

            “She’s just a young girl.” Minerva said.

            “She’s far beyond her school days, Minerva.” Albus countered.

            “But a young woman who’s life has just begun now that monster— that madman has gone. And you want to send her spiraling back into the throng of it all!” she was exasperated. It seemed as if nothing she had said was getting through to the older wizard. She’d been at it for over an hour since he’d called the meeting in his office. Nothing seemed to gain her ground on changing his mind, nothing could sway him from his purpose.

            “She’s the only way—”

            “There are other ways, Albus!” Minerva was practically rousting from her chair, arms flailing as she shouted. “There are other witches— other wizards who could undertake this task—”

            “You don’t think they’ve already tried?” Albus Dumbledore remained surprisingly cool as she continued to shout at him. He was seldom a yelling man, though lesser wizards in his case would have taken to raising their voices at her first outburst. “You don’t think we’ve already deployed every qualified witch and wizard under our command to the situation?” he asked. He questioned her not with frustration but with sincerity, hoping she would realize that this was the only way.

            “I could—”

            “You’ve already tried and so have I, Minerva. Again and again, we’ve tried. Please don’t mistake my insistency for a lack of faith on your part, but everything else has failed. This is the only way.” He said and bowed his head.

            “It isn’t safe. It isn’t right. It isn’t fair.”

            He was gaining no ground in winning her favor. He wasn’t entirely sure why he’d felt it necessary to seek her approval in the first place, other than the fact that she was residing president of The Order. “Minerva—”

            “No! Albus, no. She can’t. I won’t allow it—”

            “She’s not your student anymore—”

            “But she’s a member of this order just like you and you will obey the orders of this order’s president. And I said no! We’ll find another way or we’ll— we’ll—”

            “We won’t give up. I’ll do it.” Hermione Granger spoke for the first time since entering the headmaster’s office over an hour ago.

            “Miss Granger—”

            “Please, Minerva,” she said and stood from her chair. “I know the risks. Professor Dumbledore is right; I’m not a little girl anymore. And it’s not like I haven’t faced worse…” her voice trailed off for a moment, trying to let the implications settle with the elder witch before she continued. “After everything he’s done…we can’t just leave him out there…”

            “Yes, but we aren’t even sure—”

            “It doesn’t matter,” Hermione said. “I’m going to undertake this mission. And I’ll leave tonight.” She said.

            Albus Dumbledore folded his hands together and held his breath. She was their one chance to recover The Order’s greatest asset. She was young, nimble, and extremely talented, blessed with skills that even an extremely accomplished witch held jealous eyes for; and she could be trusted.

            Minerva held her tongue for a moment and then closed her eyes. “I’ll have no parts in this.” She said. The Deputy Headmistress stood from her chair and stormed toward the office door. “You’re signing her death certificate and I’ll have nothing do with it.” A tear trickled from her eye and she forced the door open, flew through it and let it slam behind her.

            Albus glanced up at Hermione, his eyes weary and filled with exhaustion. “Are you sure?”

            Hermione nodded. “After everything he did for Harry…” she closed her eyes. “Yes. Yes I’m sure. He needs us. I don’t know why you think I’ll be able to find him after you failed to, sir, but if you believe I’m the only way, then I’m off to find him.”

            She left her former Headmaster’s office and found herself trolling through the Hogwarts corridors. She had known at the beginning of term that he had not invited her to Hogwarts to teach; that the guest lector spot was just a rouse, but she had never figured it would come down to this.

            Voldemort had only been gone a handful of years, but trouble was brewing. His followers’ starting a new brand of evil and dark and difficult times were approaching a lot quicker than before. They’d thought the final battle had done away with it all, but the vestigial traces of that evil man had lingered on, and only Severus Snape— after being saved by a powerful dose of phoenix tears—had had the foresight to know that all was not over.

            And that was how it had begun. Now he was lost, Merlin only knew where, cursed, supposedly, and so much worse, but knowing the vital information they needed to hold firm to the victory over evil. Many had speculated that he was dead. But Albus Dumbledore and a few members of The Order had not given up hope. If they gave up on him, all would be lost; evil would resurge and prevail, and it was one thing to be without Harry Potter, but to be without Harry and Severus Snape would surely be the end of it all for the forces of good and light.

            Her thoughts did not escape her as she found herself in her chambers; the temporary lodging Albus had offered her upon her arrival. She hadn’t brought many things she hardly owned anything after all the fighting and life on the lam. With a wave of her wand the few things she did own came flying to her purse and in an instant they were shrunk and tucked safely inside. “Well, this is goodbye.” She said aloud to no one in particular. “Again.”

            Hermione reached into her pocket and pulled out a folded over photograph. It was careworn and yellowed around the edges. As she unfolded it her lips drew into a faint smile. The man in the picture was doing his best to scowl as a younger witch clung to his arm, trying to make him smile. It was a night she could not easily forget and a tear came to her eye. “Severus Snape, so help me…when I find you…” Hermione sniffled, wiped her nose on her sleeve, and then stuffed the photograph back into her pocket. She stalked through the castle, out across the grounds and down the path to Hogsmeade. She disapparated with a pop; on her way to hunt down Severus Snape.



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