The Taste of Pain

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The Taste of Pain

Authors notes: Sorry that this story got deleted guys, I'm not sure why, but we are back up and running! This is my first work in progress, so I would love to hear feedback. I'm hoping to make this story a novel length, but as I said, I would love the readers suggestions. This story does include some taboo subjects, so if that makes you uncomfortable, I would suggest turning back now.
Enjoy and thanks.

“Some men just want to watch the world burn.” -The Dark Knight

Chapter One


She couldn't speak or breathe. The only smell that could register in Hermione Granger's brian was the fresh stench of death. Blood and bodies tainted the grass she could remember laying upon as a child during her younger years, those memories were now forgotten as the battle at hand needed her undivided attention. Hogwarts was covered in a fog, daylight was barely breaking over the horizon. Cold rain poured down in rough sheets, but even the rain couldn't wash away the extensive blood shed that had taken place.

Hermione heard someone apparate near her and she swiftly turned to the left. She felt the bright green curse fly past the left side of her head missing her hair by barely an inch.

Her wand was up and ready before her opponent could retaliate. With the quick flick of her wand she returned a non verbal spell. The death eater was tossed aside with ease, flying backwards and landing on top of a pile of broken bodies.

She broke into a run for the top of the hill where she could see The Boy Who Lived fighting for his life. He stood valiantly at the top of the hill with his wand firing curses left and right towards the man who had caused all of this blood lust in the first place.

"So this is war.." Hermione thought.

She barely registered her foot catching under a body that had fallen along the grassy knoll. She desperately tried to regain her footing, but the heavy rain made it near impossible for the tread of her trainers to catch in the slippy mud. She tumbled and winced in pain as she felt her wrist crack under the pressure. Her breath left her is a quick squeal as she registered the damage on her body from the awkward fall.

With a groan she scrambled to her feet only to come face to face with a wand, which was connected to the bloodied figure of Lucius Malfoy. His pale face broke into a cold sneer, he opened his mouth to speak and his words seemed to form in slow motion.


But before he could finish a second curse Hermione was pushed out of the way by a heaving Ron. She watched in horror as the killing curse slammed into his chest.


Hermione couldn't hear her scream of rage as she watched her best friend's bright blue eyes dull as he fell to the ground in a disoriented heap. Before Lucius could turn his wand on her again, Hermione swished her wand towards him.

All Hermione Granger could see, was red.

“Avada Kedevra!”

She felt the dark curse course through her veins and taint her soul, ruining the light which seemed to radiate through her for the past seventeen years of her life. The older man fell lifeless onto the muddy ground. Hermione fell to her knees and began to shake the bulky body.

“Ron, RON!” shrieking helplessly, she choked out a a sob and franticly looked around through the wind and rain for those who were remaining.

Bracing herself on shaky feet she looked back up towards the hill to see Harry Potter down on his knees, exhaustion written all over his face even from afar. Voldemort's wand was pointing directly at him, his red eyes gleaming with victory.

Hermione felt a cold chill run through her body.

“No, No, No No not Harry, I can't lose Harry” she thought as she broke into another quick run
“Get up Harry, GET UP.”

This is when Hermione Granger found her voice and the stench of the air pushed into her lungs.

“Harry! Harry get up!” she screamed over the rain, as hot tears streamed down her face at the sight of her injured best friend as he struggled to stay up.

Harry turned towards her, his face covered in blood and open cuts. His weary expression softened as he looked into her eyes for those few seconds. So many things could be said about that look, it was one that would haunt her till death.

Love, understanding, fear, disappointment, regret.

But just as fast as the look had come, it was gone. The bright green light hit Harry from his turned side, and his eyes turned cold and empty. Blood spilled from his mouth and The Boy Who Lived leg's gave way, his knees hitting the ground so slow it almost didn't seem real to Hermione.

“Dead, Harry is dead...”

She could feel the her bones grow cold. Shock hit her as she had never experienced before at the sight of Harry's body coming to fully tumble to the ground. She stopped dead in her tracks, her feet sinking into the red tinged mud as her weight stilled from running.

Shock overwhelmed her instinct to survive.

No No No...

This was not how the war was suppose to happen, Light was more overpowering than darkness.

All of us were suppose to prevail, we we're suppose to win.

Hermione never believed anything other than Harry killing the sick bastard so that they could live their lives in peace. She couldn't do this without Harry, she needed him.
Tears poured down her face as she fell into a puddled heap, covering herself with mud in the process.

She didn't even hear the footsteps that closed in behind her. The masked figured crept closer and slowly crouched down to her level. She stifled a scream and a sob as a gloved hand sung over her face and closed tightly over her mouth with such force she felt her lips bruise and bleed from the rough contact.

Fear swelled within her as she felt the tip of a wand touch the side of her cheek. He slowly dragged his wand against her wet cheek, making a dark red line where the rough wood had imprinted on her skin.

But that fear was nothing compared to the fear she felt when she could feel the hot breath of the stranger close to her ear.

“Don't fight this Granger, it's over.”

The sound of his voice was barely a whisper, but Hermione would recognize that voice anywhere.

Draco Malfoy.

Her heart raced as she closed her eyes and let the hot tears leak from her red eyes onto his gloved hand and his grip on her mouth seemed to soften. She felt her head spin and everything start to fade as the stretch of the side long apparation pulled at her stomach.

Everything went black.

A groan from the side of the room stirred her from the darkness. Hermione could hear the sound as if it was out in the distance. Her head was pounding with her pulse and she cautiously cracked open her eyes only to be assaulted with images of the last thing she could remember .

It hit her all at once as she shot up off of the cold stone floor her body had been laid upon.

Hogwarts, Ron pushing her out of the way, gore and dead bodies surrounding the grounds, Harry's eyes, death, The Order failed, Harry's Dead, Draco Malfoy.

She choked and put her face in her hands. She snapped back into the present as let her senses adjust to her surroundings. Hermione searched around her and not very much to her surprise, found herself trapped in a dirty, moist holding cell. She could smell decay and years of torture within the cold stones. She gagged and held her breath in order to keep from throwing up bile when her eyes finally fell onto the groaning figure.

Ginny Weasley lay in a pile of her own blood which spilled mercilessly from slashes that ran all over her body. Her clothes were torn and shredded in a variety of places. Her bright red hair sat in a tangled mass on top of her head, knotted from the mud they had been covered in during the battle.

“Ginny!” Hermione's voice cracked from her screaming a few hours earlier. She scooted over to the younger girl and lightly touched her face.

“Ginny, hold on love. Oh my god.”

The red head shook and convulsed slightly and closed her eyes, unmoving. Her clammy hand dropped away from her face and she slumped against the bars of the cold prison. She could hear other voices and she tried to push her ear against the open area outside of the cell, soon she realized that the voices were slowly nearing her. She could barely make out what the voices were saying.

“He said he wants the mudblood first before we take out any of the other prisoners, she'll create the biggest spectacle.” the voice sounded unfamilar, but the second voice was once that she had heard before “Who do you think she”ll be rewarded to?"

Hermione froze at the words, shaking and backing herself up against the wall. Her bloodied, dirty hands covered her own mouth in order to silence her sob of fear.

Two death eaters appeared at the front of her cell with masks still on. Both of their robes still muddy from the final battle in the early morning. One of them made their way towards her with their wand aimed at her chest. She had no wand, and nowhere to run.


Authors Notes: Ah, I know. I'm sorry to leave you all on such a cliff hanger, but I just couldn't help myself. My next chapter will be up in a the next few days. Hermione will finally find out what's in store for her, and with whom her fate will lie with.

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