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The wind blew harshly over the battle that had happened only hours ago. Bodies laid everywhere; bloody and torn apart, different appendages lie far or near from their original owners. The smell was horrible. Stale with the smell of blood, urine, and many others things that some never wish to identify.

Harry stood there, looking over the battlefield, tears silently sliding down his face, though he didn't feel anything himself. As he looked around he saw friends, family, enemies, and innocent people laying there dead. He then turned to the person responsible for all of this.

Voldemort's body lay on the ground headless and bloody. Not too far away was his hideous snake-like head laid on the ground with surprise and horror still showing in his eyes. Harry looked at his right hand that held the sword that had finally defeated the Dark Lord.

Harry took one more look around the battlefield then feel to his knees. Blackness suddenly surrounded him, promising a peaceful place to rest. Harry was very grateful for the darkness and let it take over him erasing the battle that had happened not long ago.


Suddenly, Harry felt the darkness start to recede. He tried to hold on to the darkness and its comfort, but it kept on fading until it was gone.

"I think he's waking up." A voice said sounding light and almost airy reminding him of Luna. Startled Harry opened his eyes and focused on the five people that suddenly appeared.

There were three males and two women, all of them looking like they were in their twenties. One of the women showing a small smile had black hair that looked dark blue as she moved in the lighting. Her free-flowing hair went to the middle of her back and her dark blue eyes seemed to know century's worth of wisdom. She had a pale skin color, wore a dark blue medieval dress that went to her ankles, and wore black boots. The woman next to her was wearing a bright and caring smile. She had her light brown hair in a bun and warm hazel eyes that seemed as if you looked into them they could take away all your misery. She had a slightly darker skin color from the other woman, and a light brown medieval dress that went to her ankles with dark brown boots. Harry looked over to the three men. One had a bright and welcoming smile, auburn hair that went to his shoulders, bright green eyes that held mischief, a tan skin color, and wearing dark brown robes, trousers, and boots. Next to him was a guy that seemed familiar but Harry could not place where he saw him before. He was wearing a neutral expression that gave away nothing, his hair was black as the sky during a new moon and it reached his shoulders. His slate grey eyes seemed to glow in the darkness. He had pale skin and was wearing a dark green robe and black trousers and boots. The last man had a kind smile, light brown eyes that showed centuries of wisdom, his black hair went to his waist, and he was wearing a dark purple robe with black trousers and boots.

"Hello dear. Are you alright?" Asked the woman with light brown hair.

"I-I think I'm alright." Harry said uncertainly. 'Who are these people?'

"Oh! We forgot to introduce ourselves." She said quickly. "Well I am Helga Hufflepuff," She said pointing to herself. "That is Rowena Ravenclaw," Pointing to the other woman who nodded. "That is my husband Godric Gryffindor." Pointing to the man with the auburn hair smiling at her fondly. "The man next to him is Salazar Slytherin," Pointing to the man with silver eyes. Harry's brain finally remembered why that he recognized the man from when he was in the Chamber of Secrets. "And this is Merlin." She said finishing with the male in the purple robes. Harry's brain was trying to catch up on all the information told to him by Helga.

"You're the founders of Hogwarts," He said pointing to the four founders. They all nodded. "And you are Merlin." The man also nodded. Disbelief clouding his mind, Harry groaned. "I must have hit my head too hard."

"We are the founders of Hogwarts you foolish boy." Snapped Salazar angrily.

'Ha, yeah right. They're the founders of Hogwarts like I was born a girl.'

"Riiight." Harry said sarcastically. "I'll play along. So if you're the founders what do you want with me?" He asked mockingly.

"Stop acting foolish, boy. We are the real founders of Hogwarts." Salazar said angrily and with a growing scowl on his face. "I cannot believe he is the heir we have been looking for this whole time. Absolutely no respect for elders." The Slytherin founder muttered quietly.

"Oh hush you. The poor boy's just confused. I probably wouldn't believe a bunch of people who just showed up and told me they were Merlin and the founders of Hogwarts." Said Helga, scolding Salazar.

"Let me talk the boy." Said 'Merlin.' He turned from Helga to Harry with a serious expression on his face. Harry still showing disbelief of the situation on his face. "Harry we have something very important to tell you. We were not lying to you when Helga introduced us. In addition, as Salazar said you are the heir to all the founders and me." Harry looked as though had told him Harry was a fairy princess. Then Harry signed sounding defeated and reluctantly start to believe him.

"So," Harry said sounding apprehensive and reluctant to listen to the group. "You people are the real Merlin and founders of Hogwarts." They all nodded and some smiled at him. He didn't smile back but he seemed to finally accept that they were telling the truth. "Also, what do you mean I'm the heir to all of you? I didn't know I was a descendant from one of you let alone all five of you." He asked sounding very baffled. It was Rowena that spoke up.

"It is true child. We are telling you the truth. Your father was a descendant of wizards from Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. Your mother was a descendant of a witch from me and a squib from Merlin and my husband's line." She spoke softly almost like a whisper of the wind. She then stepped back and Godric stepped forward.

"Now Harry soon as you wake up and you will be finding out that you can do things you could not do before." Godric said gruffly. "That is because you are getting your inheritance and while you are here we will be explaining what those gifts are and how they work. We do not have much time left because people are starting to come to Hogwarts soon." He said looking Harry in the eyes. "Now Helga will tell you her gifts to you. Also I am so proud to have a descendant as strong and brave as you." He gave Harry a hug then walked back to everyone else. Helga came forward and gave Harry a kind smile. Harry returned her expression.

"The gift I gave you is the affinity of healing. But I will warn you, even with your powers you cannot bring back a dying person if they are meant to perish. It is part of life, no matter how unfair it seems at the time. And as my husband said, I am proud to have a descendant as kind and loyal as you, Harry." She gave him a hug and he hugged her back relishing the safe and mothering feeling. Eventually Harry reluctantly pulled back. Helga smiled and gave him a kiss on his forehead and went back to her husband. Salazar came forward with a scowl on his face and Harry gulped nervously. Salazar stared at Harry then began to talk.

"One gift I am giving to you is a egg of a basilisk." Harry gulped uneasily and was about to speak but Salazar cut in before he could say anything. "Do not worry, this basilisk will only listen to you and will not harm or kill anyone unless it feels very threatened or you ask it to. Also it will grow to be a foot long then stop growing but it can transform to be about fifty feet tall if commanded when fully grown." Harry nodded. "The other gift I am giving to you is that you will be able to talk to all animals." Harry gawked at Salazar feeling utterly stunned. Salazar shook his head in amusement at seeing Harry's reaction. "Yes, many people thought I only could talk to snakes because that seems to be the main part of the gift to be inherited but I could actually talk to all animals." Salazar then abruptly left returning to the other founders. Rowena stepped forward.

"One gift I am giving to you is the gift of seeing the future." Rowena told him. "But be careful of who you trust in telling your gift to. Some people would try anything to use you to tell them the future. Also another I am giving is that there is a secret library in Hogwarts that only you have access to. Anyone else will have to ask permission from you if they wanted to enter. In the library there are books there to help you with the gift I gave you and it will help with the gift Helga gifted you. Good luck because you will need it." She kissed his cheek and went back to her husband. Then the founders started to fade away. Harry felt panic rushing through him at see his new found family going away.

"Don't worry Harry you can see them any time you want when you get back to Hogwarts." Harry turned to Merlin forgetting he was there. Then Harry looked at him perplexed. "They will be ghosts but they will be there for you at Hogwarts." Harry smiled after he heard that. Then he frowned.

"Why did they leave? Also, you didn't tell me what the gifts you gave me were." Merlin signed looking sad and older than he looked physically.

"They gave us some privacy for me to tell you what the gifts I am giving you are." Merlin said. "The first gift I am giving to you is that you now are a metamorphmagus. You can transform into an animal or change your features and you can change how old you are, which will come in useful in the future." Merlin signed again sounding very sad. Harry was starting to feel dread flooding through him. "The other thing I am giving to you could be said to be a curse or a gift." Merlin shook his head while laughing a humorless laugh. "It feels me with sadness that I have to give you this gift but Fate is not merciful to anyone."

"The gift I am giving to you is that you have a soul mate." Harry looked confusingly at him about why that was a bad thing. "That is not all the gift. Unfortunately your soul mate died in the battle and I can't tell you who your soul mate was." Harry looked sad at the news of his soul mate being dead. But then Merlin added something that left Harry felling shocked. "You will not age, grow, become ill, or die till you meet your soul mate again and you cannot be intimate with anyone else but your soul mate or else you will experience excruciating pain. Also it will take around a millennium for your soul mate to reincarnate." Harry looked at Merlin like he asked Harry to kill his mother. "But you will see everyone again in the mean time because everyone else will be reincarnated too. When this happens give everyone of them a second chance. Even if they were evil now, you could change their lives for the better. You will also know who your mate is by their presence, they will seem irresistible to you. But you will only sense this after they are seventeen years old." Harry stayed silent during the explanation of his new 'gift.'

'Sounds more like a curse than a gift.' Harry signed and accepted what was given to him, it was not like he could change it and, 'It's not like I can take this gift back.' Suddenly Merlin started speaking again.

"When you wake up you will need to go to the Ministry of Magic and persuade the Minister to make you the new headmaster of Hogwarts because we don't want that evil woman Umbridge becoming Headmistress or anyone else that is evil as her. We don't want anymore of our students suffering under anyone's cruelty." Merlin said, shuddering almost in disgust when he spoke Umbridge's name. Harry cringed too and unconsciously rubbed the I must not tell lies mark on his arm. Harry looked at him in apprehension. Merlin started to chuckle at Harry's behavior afterward he smiled warmly at Harry. "We have faith in you Harry. You will do great." He then smiled sadly at Harry. "Now it is time you wake up. Remember your new gifts and go to Gringotts." Abruptly, Merlin gave a hug to Harry. "I also want you to know that you are not alone, Harry. You have the founders and me when you go back to Hogwarts. Good luck my boy you will need it." Merlin let go of Harry and disappeared. The darkness over took Harry again. He welcomed it again but for a different reason. He now had a reason when he went back to his home. He would change it forever and no one would get in his way of making his world a better place. He felt the world around him again and he was ready for it no matter what would happen.

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