Best Served Cold

BY : Kohrin
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or any of its characters, nor am I making any money off of it. It's called FANfiction because I DON'T own it, right? Right. Good that we're clear.

A/N: This story is a bit AU for the obvious reasons, and carries from
the Marauders Era through Deathly Hallows, so there will be spoilers.
In spite of how AU it is, I've tried to keep as close to cannon as I
could, with the exception of not killing off certain characters.
Still, I'm sure there are plenty of inconsistencies – just try
not to think about it to hard or your brain may implode.

This is a SLASH fic – don't like the idea of two guys doing
dirty things to each other, well, then who pointed you in the
direction of my stories in the first place? Really. Bad idea.

The main pairing for BSC is Sirius Black/Severus Snape, but there is
also a fair share of Remus/Severus at the beginning.

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Sirius Black was many things, but above and beyond all of them, he
was a Gryffindor, and that always spelled trouble. At the moment,
however, his Gryffindor curiosity had led him to some very
Slytherin-esque lurking about. It was Remus, if you must know.
Lately, he'd been acting very, very strange, and for once it had
nothing to do with the full moon, which was half a month away. James
said he was being paranoid, but Sirius just knew something was
strange and he was going to find out what it was if it killed him. If
that git Filch found him out of the dorms at this hour, he thought,
it just might. 'So whatever you're up to, Remus my friend, it had
damn well better be worth it.'

As he stalked through the halls, careful to hide in broom cupboard
here, behind a suit of armor there, he went down the list of all the
things Remus had been doing lately that were entirely too peculiar:

Item number 1: Zoning out in the middle of lunch, eating only half of
his food, and then abruptly excusing himself to return library books.
How many library books could he possibly have?

Item number 2: His trips to the restroom had become uncommonly
regular. Down to the second, actually. No one, absolutely no one,
was that regular.

Item number 3: His trips to both library and bathroom seemed to take,
on average, an hour. Sirius would have bought some gross excuse about
irritable bowels, but returning library books?

Item number 4: Lately, he'd been showing up late to Charms –
their first class of the afternoon, after he'd been busy “returning
library books”.

Item number 5: He'd developed a most unique habit of borrowing
James's invisibility cloak to sneak into the library “to do
some last minute studying. There just aren't enough hours in the day
and I absolutely must do well on this one...” after curfew.
Sirius often heard him sneaking back into the dorms after two in the
morning on the weekends.

And, to top it all off, Item number 6: He'd declined to go to
with them last weekend! Which really, ought to be
absolutely forbidden. He used that lame-o studying excuse again.

All of these things led Sirius to only one possible conclusion: Remus
had a girlfriend. And he was being a horrible git trying to keep her
secret from his bestest friends in the whole world, so really, it
served him right that Sirius was going to barge in on one of their
little interludes and embarrass the hell out of him. Yes, it most
definitely did.


Remus dragged his fingernails over the slender back arched beneath
him. He didn't scratch hard – but his lover's skin was so pale
that even the lightest drag caused angry marks to flare up in the
moonlight. He slid his palms over the marks, soothing away the sting,
and grabbed a fistful of arse cheek in either hand, jerking his hips
hard and reveling in the raspy grunt he was rewarded with.

He moaned in reply. The Restricted Section in the middle of the night
was absolutely perfect for sex. It was completely abandoned, and he
could hear his moans bouncing off the shelves. His lover's raspy
little grunts echoed, but there was no one to hear them. The ghosts
never came this way at this hour. Remus didn't know why, but that
suited him just fine. It was the one time they could be as loud and
wanton as they wanted without worrying about being interrupted.

He licked his lips, devouring the sight of the boy's tight arse
greedily swallowing his prick, and shivered in bliss as he bucked in
hard again, watching slender fingers claw at the carpet, dark hair
curtain past shoulders and the visible line of vertebrae.

His lover gasped, a telling sign. Remus rocked his hips the same way
again, pounding into the boy's prostate. This time the sound was a
keening little purr. Remus watched his cock disappear balls-deep into
the tight hole again, and pulled out to the tip, then rammed back in.
Bliss. He liked to tease the boy, so he never touched his cock when
they shagged. He never let him touch himself, either. Whenever he
became too frisky, he spelled those erotic hands to the carpet so his
lover couldn't touch himself. He liked to make the boy come
from the anal pleasure alone. ...and the boy always did.

Remus knew he ought to feel guilty about these interludes. He didn't
love Severus Snape, didn't even particularly like him, but he was
completely infatuated with this arse. The mouth, too, when it was
sucking instead of sneering, and the hands...oh, the hands,
when those long fingers rubbed his perineum and fondled his balls –
better still when one of those long, slender digits found its way up
his arse. 'Like earlier today, in the lavatory, when my cock was
down his throat.'

Remus rammed in a little harder at the thought. “Nngh,”
he groaned. “Slut.”

off, Lupin,” Severus rasped, but they both knew he didn't mean
it. He
a slut. He loved the way Remus teased him, but if they weren't
shagging he wouldn't give the Gryffindor the time of day. That's what
made this perfect: no commitment. no conversations, just 'spell of
your fucking clothes before I rip them off for you.' It was just sex.
sex. Lupin's big cock pounding his arse, his lips leaving marks along
his spine so that he had to be careful when he changed so that no one
would see. Lupin didn't want to date him – and thank Merlin for
that, because Severus loved Lily. Loving Lily, though, had nothing to
do with teenage hormones or getting off. Loving Lily was this thing
that was completely independent of how much he liked taking it up the
arse, so the fact that Remus had no real attachment to him was ideal.

Snape, too busy fucking
Remus answered heavily, and from the tone Severus knew how close
Remus was as his entire body rocked with the force of the man's rough
thrusts. He could feel the rug burning his forearms, but it was more
than worth it. His own prick was twitching with need. He was so
ridiculously close. He wanted Lupin to wrap his fingers around him.
He would do just about anything even to wrap his fingers around
himself, but that was against all the unspoken rules between them.
They were simple rules. Do it fast, rough, and often. Check. No
cuddling. Check. And, no matter what, absolutely no one touches
Snape's cock unless he's getting blown. It wasn't as if Remus thought
it was disgusting. Remus wouldn't be able to give such intense
blow-jobs if he thought that; it was just sexier this way, with this
boundary that he couldn't cross. It made it raunchier, less intimate,
and therefore sexier – all the fun, none of the guilt.

Remus suddenly grabbed him by the hair and pulled him up to sit in
his lap, suckling at the junction of his throat and pounding
recklessly up into his bum as his fingers stayed tightly coiled in
his inky hair. Severus eagerly writhed back against each thrust. So
close. So very, very close. His cock hurt. He needed to touch
it. Needed to. Couldn't. He clenched his hands into fists on his
thighs, restraining himself on willpower alone, as the sandy-haired
Gryffindor pounded relentlessly into his prostate and pulled his hair
just enough. Severus didn't know where Remus had learned to
fuck, but he must have had a damn good teacher...


Sirius heard the moans as he approached the back of the library.
Remus's voice he would know anywhere, but that strangled cry, who was
that? His curiosity really had a strangle hold on him now. There
was no mistaking moans like that. He'd expected to catch Remus
snogging, but he didn't think their sweet, shy, Remus Lupin would
actually be getting laid.

Two moans bounced off the walls again, and Sirius paused. Wait a
second! That...wasn't a girl. 'So that's why,' Sirius
thought. 'He's afraid of telling us he's a poof, eh? Nothing wrong
with it, really. I mean, to each their own. Now I
really want
to know who it is though...'

He rounded the corner and nearly fainted from the shock. He grabbed a
bookshelf and a few texts tumbled off when it wobbled. He ducked
behind the shelf, but the two boys didn't seem to notice – they
were rather too involved in other matters.

Sirius swallowed the lump in his throat and peeked around the shelf
again. He shouldn't have. He was instantly hypnotized. Remus looked
ravenous as he pounded up into the pale arse of none other than
Snivellus Snape. He wasn't snivelling now though. No, that sound was
definitely more of a growl or a purr. Yeah, it was kind of like a
really loud, rumbly purr that went straight to Sirius's groin.

Wait, what? No. No sodding way! He was not getting hard
watching two guys shag. He was certainly not getting hard listening
to Snape's sexy little rumbly whimper noises, that were totally not
sexy at all, and staring at his prick – just as long and thin
as the rest of him – dripping pre-cum down his shaft toward a
thatch of ink black curls, or his tight nipples, or the way his thin
lips hung open and his eyes half-lidded as his back arched and he
welcomed Remus into his pert little arse...

He let out a shaky breath with their next loud moan, unable to
contain it. He was hard as a rock. Snape's fists clenched on his
thighs like that, those little noises he made as Remus pounded into
him, balls slapping audibly against his flesh...

'Fucking hell. I want in.' He'd
never seen anything sexier. It disturbed him to no end that he was
thinking about 'Snivellus' being sexy, but there was no doubt –
his face might not be much to look at most of the time, but when he
was naked and writhing with his features twisted in ecstasy it was
like he transformed into a completely different person.

Sirius reached down and unfastened
his fly, pulling his prick out to wank, biting his lip to keep from
moaning. He found his gaze zeroing in on the boys' hips jutting
together, imagining it was his cock ramming that stretched hole
instead of Remus's.
'Oh, fuck. Yes...yess...' He'd
had anal sex before, with girls, when they let him. He loved it. It
so much better
than doing it like frigging missionaries, but he'd never imagined how
much sexier it could be with a guy. Snape's prick bounced with each
thrust, and his tiny little boy nipples were just begging to be
pinched, sucked...bitten. He wanted to bite them. He wanted to slip
into Snape's arse and squeeze his cock. As he thought of this he
squeezed his own harder, already feeling the heat pooling in his
abdomen and pushing downward.


Fuck...” Severus groaned. He was so close! So very, very close!
He knew the slightest touch to his prick would send him over the
edge, he needed release. If he didn't come soon he was going to
faint. His eyes started to roll back as his mouth hung open and a
swarm of angry moths attacked the inside of his stomach. He focused
on the pleasure, gasping and grunting as Lupin's hungry shaft pounded
into his prostate over and over again.

That's when it finally
happened. Remus growled ravenously
in the back of his throat, stiffened, and spilled his essence into
Severus, his hips jerking wildly as the orgasm overtook him.

Severus cried out as the moist heat coated his innards and, with a
whimper and a few jerky movements, spilled his own release in an arch
that splattered against the carpet.


Sirius stiffened as he saw the two
boys climax – seed dripping from Snape's bum, his prick
'Oh, oh fucking balls...!' he
bit his lip hard to keep from crying out, tasting the metallic tang
of blood on his tongue as he imagined wrapping his lips around that
spurting cock and letting the other boy's seed course down his
throat. He knew there was no reason that should be so hot,
considering he'd never considered shagging another guy until about
two minutes ago, but as he imagined it he spattered his release all
over a book he'd knocked to the floor about cleaning spells, hips
jerking to a stop just as Severus was sliding off of Remus's spent

Sirius remembered to hide himself a bit better just in time, and
moved a few books aside to watch them through the shelving as he
tucked himself away. He licked his lips at the perfect view of
Snivellus's stretched hole dripping semen down the back of his
thighs, and felt intensely jealous when Remus did what he'd wanted
and leaned forward to lick the moist trail from thigh to buttocks

Severus clutched the bookshelf in
front of him and shivered, arching his back again to allow Remus his
fun, and Sirius felt very clear that this was all part of the ritual
when Severus then lowered himself to offer Remus's cock the same
'If he licked my cock like that, we'd be going
another round,'
Sirius thought.
He was trying not to think, really, because if he did he had to admit
that Snape's big nose would probably feel really good pressed into
his belly since it jutted out so much – not much to look at,
maybe, but still pretty damn hot.
'Sirius, what the hell?!
This is
Snivellus you're
thinking about! Oh. Fuck. No, come on, don't put your clothes on.
Just, you know, become a nudist. So I can, what, die from too much
wanking? This is retarded, Sirius. He's scrawny. All skin and bones.
And you
know what his
personality is like...Fuck his personality, I just want at his arse.
And his nipples. And his cock and...shit. I'm hard again.'


afternoon?” Remus asked as he pulled on his robes as if he were
commenting on the weather.

Severus grunted an affirmative reply. “After classes. I have an
exam right after lunch, so I can't afford to be late.”

Professor's on a retreat. We can use the classroom. Without
Divination classes, the North Tower will be deserted.”

Severus grunted another affirmative reply as he finished fastening
the last button at the throat of his faded robes and flicked his wand
to clean up the mess on the carpet with a non-verbal spell.

'Oh, he's good...' Sirius
thought. He hated to admit it, but at fourteen, that was pretty damn
impressive. Scary, but impressive.
'He's a scary guy,'
Sirius reminded himself. 'And
creepy. And he'll hex you into next month if you look at him funny.
So how the
hell did
Remus get in his pants? It's not a relationship. There would be
snogging and cuddling if it was. They sound like they're talking
about writing an essay, not arranging to meet up for a shag.'

Which really, meant Sirius almost
had a chance at getting a go – you know, in that parallel
universe known as 'You Wish'.
'Maybe a threesome? Then if
he takes to me I can get him on my own...'
he dashed that idea immediately. Something about sharing rubbed him
the wrong way.
'Sirius, what the hell is wrong with you?
You want to shag a bloke, half the blokes in school would probably be
happy to put out,'
he reminded
himself. And yet, he didn't think half the blokes in school would
have that little rumbling purr of a moan.
'Oh, fuck me...'
Sirius thought, leaning his head
against the shelf as Snape and Remus took turns sneaking out of the
'This is deranged. You're just tired and horny.
You do
not want to
bugger that greasy git senseless.'

But as his mind replayed the way
Severus looked arched and wanton in the moonlight with his arse full
of cock, he knew that was a load of bollocks. He'd never wanted to
anyone as much
as he wanted to bugger Snape right now. He slid down the shelf and
closed his eyes, reliving the memory of Snape's body arching and
moaning. In his fantasy, of course, he was in Remus's place, and
Remus was nowhere to be seen – he adored Remus, of course, like
a brother, but he certainly didn't want to shag

The fantasy kept his hips jutting wildly into his hand and his moans
bouncing off the library's high ceiling for another two orgasms,
after which he couldn't get his body to move for quite a long while
and not a single idea of how to make Severus Snape want him came to

Be Continued...

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