Night Patrol

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            Severus Snape hated night patrol. There was nothing he loathed more than stalking through the drafty corridors and shifting staircases of Hogwarts at quarter past midnight in search of errant students out past curfew, most likely getting up to the nasty in the castle’s more sordid locations. He had far better things on which to spend his time; stacks of parchment to grade, potions that needed brewing, notes that needed taking, but Albus Dumbledore— reinstated headmaster of Hogwarts— had decided that he was the best for the late night patrol.

            He’d finished his rounds in the dungeons, the first set of rounds he would make there for the night knowing all too well some of the mindless brats in his own house. It was early in the term, particularly quiet so far and he was pleased. The sooner he’d traced through the castle the sooner he could return to his chambers, and to do so without major incident would be pleasing.

            As he approached Gryffindor tower the staircase shifted and left him stranded with no way back from where he’d came and heading off toward the Astronomy tower instead. Gryffindor would have to wait. This was exactly that reason that he loathed night patrol. It was bad enough that the staircases had a mind and will of their own, but at night they seemed to be particularly willful and shifted about without any rhyme or reason, often taking him far off his predestined course for the evening.

            Severus Snape stomped up the staircase and landed at the base of the tower. For whatever reason the Astronomy tower was particularly popular for late night trysts, though try as he might he could not fathom the reasons. There was very little privacy in the tower it was practically an open air observatory, and the view presented nothing spectacular; the lawns of the castle leading down toward the Quidditch pitch. And despite being the tallest tower in the castle there were far more intimate nooks and crannies where one could escape to have a stolen moment with a lover. Yet that never seemed to deter the simpering bubble-headed morons that he caught night after night snogging against the turrets, or cuddled up by the telescopes.

            The steep spiral staircase would not shift as he climbed it and for that he was grateful. It was a long walk and it gave him ample time to debate over what sort of punishments he would dole out upon finding a young couple engaging in activities most unbecoming in public. He never understood why the students of Hogwarts were not simply content to sneak into each other’s rooms or do as the Slytherin students did and have their affairs in the common room.

            The notion of sneaking out past curfew, breaking rules, and thus losing a substantial amount of house points for an act that would more sensibly be performed in the comfort of one’s own dormitory did not seem to be worth the trouble to him, but as the minds of the young and randy Hogwarts student body were as close a kin to his mind as a goldfish was to a Hippogriff, he tried not to dwell on it.

            Silvery glints of moonlight flitted through cracks in the stone and reflected off the iron ring handle of the big wooden door that led out onto the ramparts. Severus sighed, and then drew his wand, ready to frighten the daylights out of whatever unsuspecting couple awaited him. He drew his hand to the handle and pushed the heavy wooden door open. Silence filled the tower; not so much as a squeak from the hinges or groan from the wood as he slipped unnoticed onto the ramparts. He smirked, he would have to remember to thank Filch later for oiling the door.

            It was strangely quiet at the top of the tower. Usually the errant couple in question, be they clumsy Hufflepuff students, or rowdy Gryffindors, were foolish enough to be loud; somehow thinking that being at the highest point in the castle also made them soundproof. But tonight the only sound he heard was the echo of the wind. He began his slow and methodical trek around the ramparts, gazing into the alcoves that were created by the natural curve of the stone.

            As he approached the north of the tower he heard it and he could not suppress a delightful smirk. The whimpering was soft at first, almost inaudible but as he tiptoed closer the cries grew louder. No doubt it was some foolish Ravenclaw girl having snuck out well past curfew for a rendezvous with her strapping Gryffindor boyfriend.

            He didn’t entirely put it past being Potter and Weasley out for a late night snog; it wouldn’t be the first time he’d caught the two in the act in public, but no amount of detentions and lost house points seemed to deter them. But lately he’d not seen them which meant that either his punishments were working or they were getting better at hiding, and he doubted that the former was true.

            After the fall of the Dark Lord, and Albus Dumbledore’s miraculous recovery from death, he had insisted that all seventh year students who had been unable to complete their year of study due to ‘hard times’ were to return to Hogwarts and study their subjects, take their N.E.W.T.S. and carry on as if the whole war had never existed. Severus Snape had wanted to throttle the old wizard from the very tower in which he stood for inviting Harry Potter, the boy who existed to be the bane of his existence, and friends back to Hogwarts.

            But now his thoughts were preoccupied with the keening whimpers of a young girl in the throes of some clumsy young fool’s ministrations. It had been particularly embarrassing when he’d caught two of his fellow colleagues having a little midnight romp in the Broom Sheds one night, though he’d been just as thorough in telling them off about private affairs in public places.

            His footfalls were silent on the flagstone of the tower as he edged closer to the shadowy alcove that hid the couple from sight. Her voice was lusty, though her partner made no sound, and Severus gripped his wand tightly. He fully intended to blast them apart, give them each a good verbal lashing until they were both too red in the face to ever look at each other again, and then assign them each three weeks worth of detention with Filch. There would also be a significant deduction of house points and he only hoped that they were from two different houses.

            With a quick step Severus appeared in the alcove, wand tip light, flooding the stone corner with light. Words poised on his lips died in his throat when the sight met his eyes. She was arched against the stone, her skirt hiked up, knickers around her ankles. Her shirt had been completely unbuttoned and her breasts lay open for the gazing. One hand was rolling the stiff peak of her right nipple between her forefinger and thumb as her other hand pumped wildly in and out of her exposed sex. Her eyes were closed and her face was twisted in what was almost agony as she whimpered and tried to bring herself to release.

            “What in Merlin’s name are you doing?” he growled.

            “Oh!” she yelped. The girl banged her head against the stone and for a moment saw stars. The voice had startled her but it was nothing compared to the look of terror that drew across her face as she turned her head to see who had addressed her. “Dear gods,” she whimpered and quickly tried to cover her breasts and sex at the same time, failing to do little more than make the situation even more awkward.

            He schooled his emotions quickly. What he’d been expecting was anything but what was before him. Severus straightened and then towered over the girl. “Clearly, you have lost your mind.” He hissed.

            Hermione Granger’s face paled. The night air, once cool and refreshing, seemed chilly and teasing, reminding her that her shirt was still undone despite her efforts to pull the lapels shut. She did her best to hide her hand behind her back, still sticky with her own fluids and her cheeks flushed.

            “There is no reason why I shouldn’t take you as you are with your knickers around your ankles like some wanton strumpet to Professor McGonagall this very instant.” He snapped.

            Hermione’s lips trembled and she almost cried out but was silenced by a wave of his hand.

            “And I would if I didn’t think the poor witch would die of disgrace upon seeing you displaying yourself in such an atrocious manner.” He spat. He was not loud, Severus Snape seldom shouted or raised his voice, his tone was often enough to instill fear into his victims. He narrowed his gaze at her, black eyes swirling with a storm like no other.

            She trembled, partially from the chill of the night and partially because she was truly afraid that he would send for her head of house. She would die of mortification on the spot of Professor McGonagall were to see her in her current state. It had been a foolish notion, leaving out the Head Girl’s room and sneaking up to the Astronomy Tower for a lonely late night release session. She had reign of the school from morning until midnight, but even the Head Girl had a curfew.

            Hermione couldn’t for the life of her imagine what had made it seem like such a good idea. Her room had been a little on the stuffy side and she longed for fresh air; though why she’d picked the Astronomy Tower the reason didn’t seem to surface to her brain.

            “What are you hiding?” he growled and leaned over her further, practically pressing her back into the stone wall of the alcove.

            Hermione bit her lower lip. Her hand was behind her back not because she was hiding anything in particular other than her shame. Crimson stained her cheeks so dark she was nearly purple and it crept down her flesh into her neck and up into her hair.

            “Show me your hand,” he said. Severus knew all too well exactly what she’d been doing from the moment he laid eyes on her but there was no reason he couldn’t stand to embarrass her further. “Now, you foolish girl, or I shall summon your Head of House at once.”

            Those magic words seemed to the do the trick. Her arm was trembling as she drew it forth from behind her back. A sensible witch would have tried to wipe her hand clean on the back of her skirt but Hermione had been too stunned to think. She held her hand in front of her and closed her eyes, flushing even brighter if that were possible. The moonlight caught against the glistening fluid left coated on her fingers and Severus sneered.

            “Filthy,” he spat, and smacked her arm away. “You’re nothing better than a common street whore…” he hissed. “Without enough common sense to perform such lewd activities in the privacy of your own chambers. You are a disgrace.”

            Hermione wanted to burst into tears but her body could take no further embarrassment. She said nothing, unable to meet his gaze, unable to fight the terrible blush from her cheeks. Her legs wobbled so fiercely that she was certain if she hadn’t been backed up against the wall that her knees would have given way and she would have collapsed.

            “200 points from Gryffindor and you shall be serving detention in my office every night this week starting at 10:00 o’clock.” He sneered. “From now until Christmas holidays.”

            “But sir!” her words were too quick for her brain to catch them.

            “Shall I make it for the entire school year and then bring this matter to Professor McGonagall’s attention?” he sneered at her once more. She shook her head and then looked down at her bare feet. “Get your arse back to your chambers in Gryffindor Tower or Professor McGonagall won’t be the only one hearing about this.” He snapped and pointed his arm, extended by his wand still gripped tightly in his hand in the direction of the staircase.

            Hermione Granger took off running, which was more of an awkward trot as her knickers were still twisted around her ankles, but she didn’t care. She had to escape him. He waited until the door to the stairwell slammed before he exhaled. One hell of a night it had been and he hadn’t even patrolled Gryffindor Tower or made his second round through the dungeons.

            By the time Severus Snape had concluded his rounds it was quarter ‘til three in the morning. His mind was a shambles. Despite having found four couples in various locations including a young Slytherin couple trying to have at each other in the bathrooms on the second floor, he could not stir the image of Hermione Granger from his thoughts.

            He stood in his bathroom, gazing at the shower. He closed his eyes. But there she was, dancing behind his eyelids and he shook his head rather violently. Too many long nights of patrolling the corridors were finally getting to him. Her body had been lithe and arching against the stone so carefully, her skin a pale cream colour in the moonlight. And her nipples so rosy and pert sitting up on her breasts as she’d worked one bud to a frenzy with a simple twist of her fingers.

            Again he shook his head. Such thoughts were inappropriate and far beyond disturbing. He’d seen many a young witch and wizard involved in various lewd and carnal acts but none had ever scarred his mind so much as Hermione Granger had on the top of the Astronomy Tower. Try as he might he could not strike her image from his mind. The way her fingers pumped effortlessly in and out, and the way they had shined with her fluids, he forced himself to suppress a groan.

            His body betrayed him and he could feel his cock far beyond stirring to life. Severus groaned and reached into the shower, forcing the taps on cold. But no amount of cold running shower water would scourgify her from his mind. As he stripped of his clothes, cock throbbing at full attention he could see her lips, puckered ever so slightly as if begging for an invisible force to guide her hand to her own completion.

            Again he growled, furious with himself for responding to such tantalizing images. The girl was a dreadful know-it-all and a student at that. But what he’d caught her in the middle of was nothing short of erotic. The water was icy as it raced down his back and then he turned into the spray, hissing as it pelted his chest and groin. After a few moments his erection began to subside but as he stepped away from the spray of the water he was reminded of the arch of her back and how sensual she had sounded when she moaned.

            Severus grunted, grabbing hold of the shower tap and he switched it over to hot. The water melted into his skin as steam rose around him and once more his erection sprung to life. With a tight grip he worked his hand over the base, up the shaft and over his tip over and over again, the image of Hermione Granger emblazoned in his mind. It was going to be a long day and an even longer night if he was to have the little chit in detention.




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