Harem of the Ancient House of Potter

BY : SSJ04Mewtwo
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Harem of the Ancient House of Potter

Demonic Blood Ignites

by SSJ04 Mewtwo


Legalities & Warnings

I do not Own Harry Potter or any of the characters in this fic. As the tittle implies, this is another Harem fic, and I hope to make a good contribution to that Potter fic cliche. This takes place at the beginning of HPB and may go to DH if I get reviews. If you've read Snow White Queen, I said who would all be in this Potter harem, but if you didn't I'll let it be a surprise. If you get pissed and need to rant in a review, go ahead, but it won't change anything...,hehehe. Also, I might be mixing my mythologies on this one, so just go with it, ok. Now, no more rambling, to the fic!


A teenaged boy with messy black hair and emerald green eyes stared at his reflection. His eyes were filled with sorrow and anger. Sorrow for the loss of his godfather, and rage at those who caused the death of his godfather. Harry James Potter's right hand was clenched into a fist. as he tried to rein in his rage against Bellatrix and her master, Voldemort. No, he would never call that thing by that name again. His name would forever be Tom. Then, there was the anger he felt for Dumbledore. The old wizard claimed that he wanted Harry to have a normal childhood. How could he have a normal childhood being raised by the Dursleys? if he was the only one that was able to kill Tom, then why wouldn't the old man tell him so!? Then, there was the fact that after seeing someone he considered a friend murdered in front of him last year, and then, the closest person to a father that he would ever know being killed in a futile attempt to rescue him, the old bastard insisted that he had to return to his jail. Just because of the supposed 'blood protections' that he doubted were even effective any more, now that Tom had taken his blood to get himself a new body. After anyone died right in front of him, he had to return to this house just because of the blood protections
over this house that probably didn't work because Tom used some of of his blood to come back! And finally, there were the Dursleys themselves. Vernon couldn't stand anything that wasn't what he would consider 'normal'. After Harry had saved Dudley from the dementors, the large boy had left Harry alone for this summer. And then there was his blood aunt. Petunia had never treated him well during his time living in this house. As he continues to ponder about his aunt, something that was dormant in his blood awakens. The more he thought about his aunt the darker his thoughts became. Then, the thought of her on her knees sucking his cock makes him pause for a moment.

'Where the bloody hell did that come from?' he thinks to himself. 'And why am I not disgusted with that thought?' he asks himself. the thought of his aunt sucking him off would leave him. He growls to himself feeling his cock waking up. Knowing that everyone else was asleep, he drops his shorts and underwear and begins to jack off into the toilet. The more he continued to think about this aunt, the hotter his blood became. The image of his aunt sucking him off turned into her riding his cock while he was sitting in Vernon's favorite chair. The thing that pushes the boy over the edge was of his cock buried in his aunt's ass while Vernon and Dudley watch on. The moment his uncle died of a heart attack in Harry's fantasy was the moment he came with a loud grunt. Stream after stream of cum flows into the toilet for thirty seconds. He stands there for about another minute or so trying to recover from his orgasm. He shuts the lid and flushes the toilet and quickly and quietly gets back to his room. He lays down. He closes his an the image of a pretty, bushy haired girl invades his mind.

"Hermione," he whimpers out before falling asleep.


'Damn boy!' Lord Voldemort rants in his head. 'Just what was he thinking about?' he wondered, 'It doesn't matter whatever it was, it's enough to destroy my connection to this shell if I don't break the link. Those intense feelings, they weren't dark, but they weren't good either...,there's a change in the boy...,I can feel it.' his eyes glowed red in the darkened sleeping chambers. 'Maybe it's time to research the Potter family tree. I don't need any unforeseen surprises from that bloodline.'


'What happened? Why did I get off on fucking my own aunt?' Harry thought to himself. An owl pecked at his window and he opened it to let the bird in. The owl dropped the envelope and took to the skies. He could see the symbol of Gringotts on the front. He sighed and opened it and pulled out the note.

Dear Mr. Potter:

I wish the circumstances of my contacting of you were better, but unfortunately, they are not. Due to the size of the Black family fortune you've received, you and I must meet. Plus, there is a letter for you from your father. It is supposed to be given to you when your dormant blood awakens. We'll discuss everyone in my office tomorrow at nine o'clock. Use the port key included with this letter to come here. Also, be prepared to make Mr. Dumbledore quite, uncomfortable.

President of Gringotts, King of the Goblin nation

Just a personal note, this still strikes me as extremely odd that the Ruler of the Goblin Nation, who must be an extremely powerful and busy individual, bother to personally write to Harry? That is why he pays his account managers and branch managers, he has more important things to do with his time.
Harry's head was spinning from the fact that the king of the Goblins had written to him. Just how important did everyone think he was? He wished that Hermione was here and he tried to suppress that sense of jealously that Ron was probably with her. He didn't want to deal with whatever he had inherited from his godfather, but apparently that wouldn't just go away. the second thing though, had his curiosity peaked. A letter from his father, and what was all this talk about dormant blood? Was he not fully human? Something deep within him seemed to believe so, but he tried to shake that thought off. He just hoped that when he did see Hermione again, he could sort this mess out with her brain power.

"And if Ron has kissed her..," he began to say but clamped his mouth shut. Why was he becoming so sodding possessive of Hermione? Why didn't he want her to be with Ron, or with anyone else? He sighed to himself. Hopefully his father's letter would answer those questions.

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