An Odd Crush

BY : HermionePegger
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Harry stuck his foot in the door the the compartment the Slytherins were in, causing some confusion as they tried to close it. While they were insulting each other for being too stupid to close a door, he snuck in and leapt up onto the luggage rack. His heart stopped briefly as he realised his shoe may have become visible for a split second, but apart from a frown from Malfoy, it seemed to go unnoticed. Malfoy settled himself on the seat underneath Harry, and lay down, his head in Pansy Parkinsons lap. Harry found it a little disconcerting to have Malfoy staring at him, even if he couldn't see him, and his eyes wandered around the compartment. Crabbe and Goyle were no less disgusting in the company of their friends than when they were taunting Gryffindors at Malfoys bidding. They were sitting opposite, grunting with laughter at some dirty joke that Crabbe had just told.

As Harry's eyes came back to Malfoy, he was distracted en route. Pansy Parkinsons blouse wasn't buttoned all the way to the top, and boy was it distracting. How had he never realised, Harry thought to himself, that Pansy Parkinson had such a huge pair of tits? He felt himself getting hard. Uh oh, this wasn't good. It wasn't like he had room to shift around a lot and get comfortable with a huge erection. He tried looking elsewhere, but his eyes would be dragged back to the spectacle of Pansy's cleavage. At length, he was distracted by Malfoy talking about what he had followed him for.

"Well, when he takes control, he's not going to be bothered about how many OWLs or NEWTs someone has, will he? He'll be more interested in what you've done for Him."

Pansy looked down at him with an expression of shock. "Draco, are you saying're...?
Malfoy smirked. "I'm not saying anything. Just the way things are. And when he takes control, all the mudbloods will have to watch out."

Crabbe and Goyle were looking at Malfoy with expressions of awe, and Harry was seething. He knew it, Malfoy had been made a Death Eater. What was he planning? His thoughts were interrupted by Pansy standing up.

"You all need to get changed, we're going to be there soon. I'm going to wait outside while you do."

Crabbe snickered. "What's the matter Pansy, afraid of seeing some real men?" he asked. Pansy sighed. "Crabbe, I'd rather have a Weasley baby than look at you in your boxer shorts." Crabbe looked furious, but Goyle laughed.

"Don't waste your time," he rumbled to Crabbe. "She's still hoping Potter comes over to our side so she can give him a warm welcome, if you know what I mean." 

Pansy flushed red. "Fuck you Goyle!" she snapped, as she slammed the door open and walked out. The three boys laughed, and closed it behind her, pulling the curtain across so that no one would see them changing. Harry closed his eyes while they changed, he didn't need to see anything that might scar him for life. It seemed to take an age, but after a while he heard the curtain being pulled back, and the door opening.

"OK, my turn now," came Pansy's voice. "Go on, get out, all three of you."�The boys sighed, and Crabbe and Goyle heaved themselves out. Malfoy lingered.

"You know Pansy, if you wanted a could-"

"I said out, Draco. I'm not interested in being your whore. Go and see one of the ickle impressionable firsties. That's what gets you off, isn't it?"

Malfoy practically spat on the floor. "Fine," he snapped. "If you ask me, Goyle's right. You are wet for Potter. Just remember, he'll come to a sticky end when the Dark Lord gets hold of him, and anyone associated with him too!" He stamped out, leaving the compartment door open. Pansy stared blankly at it a moment, then closed it, bolted it, and pulled the curtain across.

Pulling a smaller bag from underneath the seats, she opened it and laid a few clothes out. Harry watched as she unbuttoned her blouse completely, and shrugged it off. Her tits were really impressive. Please, please change your bra, pleaded Harry mentally. He had no such luck, but he did manage to use the noise of the train running over some switching points on the rails to free his cock. He wondered if he could get away with unzipping his jeans so he could stroke it a little. He watched as Pansy unbuttoned her jeans, and pushed them to the floor. She wasn't wearing any knickers! Oh God, he thought, turn around so I can see! Her skin was pale white, in stark contrast to the long dark hair cascading down her back. Harry was granted his wish, and he immediately moved his hand to his jeans, he had to make use of this image. There was no dark tangle of curly pubic hair, just a small slit in the pale skin. Harry had seen a couple of Dudley's muggle porn magazines when everyone had been out of the house, and knew that some girls did shave or wax the hair on their pussies, but he had not expected any of the girls at Hogwarts to do it. He managed to free his cock while Pansy was staring at the clothes in front of her, and started to stroke it. To his shock, Pansy apparently had had the same thoughts, and rather than actually put any clothes on, she stood there, running a finger up and down her slit. Harry rubbed himself frantically, until there came a loud bang on the door.

"Pansy!� What are you doing in there?"

Pansy sighed, and stopped rubbing herself at the sound of Malfoys voice. "Give me a minute!" she shouted back.

She grabbed a clean white blouse from the seat, and buttoned it up, unaware of Harry overhead, rubbing himself furiously. As she stepped into the skirt, Harry grunted quietly as he felt his muscles tense, spilling white cum onto the luggage rack. Pulling on her Hogwarts robes, she opened up the compartment, and Harry used the noise of the three boys returning as cover to tuck himself back into his pants.

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