The tent

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Harry stood outside of the small tent he now shared with Hermione, alone, since Ron was now gone. Harry never knew if he would see Ron again. He hated him for hurting Hermione the way he had. It was one thing for him to leave because the hunt was too much. But to accuse Hermione of picking sides and insinuating there was something between them was stupid.


Hermione had always been there, from first year to now, she had never wavered from Harry's side. She was the one person he could count on more than anyone else. The fact that she did not leave that night should have been no surprise to anyone, even Ron. Harry had wanted to do this alone, but Hermione had fought him on it. He knew he needed her, but didn't want to put her in danger. She was his rock. He turned to the tent, the sound of the crackly radio beckoning him into it's warmth.


He entered the tent and found Hermione curled up on the step, head down, heart ache showing on her face. Harry took a seat in the chair closest to the entrance. He sat there, rubbing his thumb into a callus on his hand. His thoughts wandered back to what they were a moment ago. Hermione, his rock, was a weakened form of her usual self. He needed to help her, he needed to lift her. He owed it to her, she was his rock. She was his......


He didn't want to finish the thought, he wanted to keep it at that. He wanted to leave it at, she was his. The thought startled him, he looked to her, hoping for some clarity. As he looked at her though, it only worsened. As he stared at her memories flooded him. Flashes of her descending the stairs at the Yule ball, kissing him after the second task, the hundreds of hugs she gave him, the simple touch of holding his hand as they apparated that night. It was a moment of clarity he did not welcome. This was not the way things were meant to be.


He needed to be near her, touch her, see her smile. Another flash of the Yule ball in his head helped him realize the perfect thing. He stood from his chair and walked to her. He stopped in front of her and held out his hand. She looked to his hand first and then to him, questioning his intentions with her intense stare. Seconds later she placed her hand in his, and then the other and allowed him to help her up. She stared at him intensly, making his knees weak.


He reached around her neck to remove the locket, his fingers brushing the nape of her neck, causing goose bumps to run down her back. She retained her composure, not giving into the sensation. She continued to stare at him as he laid the locket on the cot next to them. He grabbed her hands back in his, already missing the contact. He led her to the middle of the tent.


He slowly moved her arms side to side, making her sway into a calm dance. A slight smile crossed Harry's face, trying his best to get the same from her. She wasn't going to give in that easily. They continued to dance for several moments and Hermione began to loosen. She smiled and giggled and began to enjoy it. A few twirls for them both and some goofy steps from Harry and they were both enjoying themselves. After on one final twirl Harry hugged Hermione close, moving into a slow dance.


Hermione rested her chin on his shoulder, relaxing into his arms. They moved in a slow circle, Harry's hand resting on the small of her back. Hermione pulled away slightly, looking at Harry. They stared into each others eyes. Harry wished he could know what she was thinking, to know if she was as confused as he was, or if she even felt a twinge of something for him. He was answered when she dropped her arms from him and turned to leave.


His body ached from the absence of hers. He stood there and watched her take the few steps to the table near them and stop. She placed her hands on the top of it and leaned down slightly, dropping her head. He stood there wondering what to do next, he knew what he wanted to do, but didn't know if it was what he should do. Hermione looked quickly over her shoulder to see what he was doing and when she found him staring at her intensely, she turned back around startled.


Harry heard her release a long, tense breath and remain rooted to the spot by the table. He quietly walked to her, stopping inches from her back. He placed his hand on her upper arm gently. She jumped slightly, not realizing he was so close. She didn't turn to face him, she continued to stare at the worn table top, her grip tightening on the edges.


“Hermione.” Harry said softly, almost whispering. He squeezed her arm gently, coaxing her to turn around. It worked, she turned slowly, looking to the ground. His hand hung in the air, where her arm had been. He looked at her, staring at her beautiful face, hating the sadness it held. He moved his hand the few inches to her chin and moved her head to face his. She looked to him finally, holding the same intense stare at she had moments before. He was afraid to blink, afraid that in the split second she would leave him again.


“Hermione, I......” She shook her head slightly, letting him know not to continue. Tears formed in her eyes and she fought them back. He bit his bottom lip in frustration, confused at to what to do. He moved his fingers from her chin to cup her cheek softly. She stared at him, never wavering her intensity, holding her breath. He slid his thumb down her cheek, waiting for a reaction. Nothing came. She stood her ground, she wasn't giving in and it was killing him.


He took a small step forward, coming even closer to her. She took the half inch step back she could before hitting the table. He felt a twinge of pain that she would move away. He bit his lip harder with determination and took another step, knowing she had nowhere to go. He felt her breath on his lips, as she finally let it go. He felt an odd spark in his stomach at the feeling and it anchored his feelings from earlier. He leaned forward, moving his face closer to hers. She knew what was coming and she had no way to fight it.


His lips brushed hers softly, timidly. And then they were gone. She looked to him, confusion overwhelming her. She liked it, she didn't want to like it, but she did. And she wanted more, much more. She unconsciously licked her bottom lip as she looked at him. She saw his brow raise slightly and realized this action only fed fuel to the fire. His lips found hers again, but this time with much more aggression. She closed her eyes and gave in.


Her lips battled his for dominance. She lost her last shred of self control when his tongue lightly brushed her lips, begging for entrance. She willingly submitted, and his tongue invaded her warm, welcoming mouth. The feeling of his silky tongue sliding across hers was more wonderful than anything she had experienced before. She felt her knees weaken and leveraged her weight more onto the table, leaning into it.


Harry's hand were now tangled in her mess of hair, holding her to him. She was surprised to find her hands on his hips, not even remembering placing them there. Both of them were lost in the sensation their kiss was causing. Their lips and hands moved of their own will. Hermione grasped Harry's thick wool sweater in her fists pulling him closer to her, causing their hips to connect. Harry groaned in her mouth as her body was now in contact with his growing erection. His hands moved down from her hair, brushing against her neck and sliding down her sides. He scooped his hands around her hips causing Hermione's grip to release. She felt him lift her from the ground. Her arms flew around his neck for leverage, and soon felt herself seated on the table.


She spread her legs instantly, allowing Harry access to settle his body in them. Never breaking their intense kiss Harry's hands now roamed her back, feeling her exquisite body through the thin flannel shirt she wore. When his hand brushed the strap of her bra, things suddenly became very real to him, how far this could go. It caused him to break the kiss and look at her. Both of them were out of breath, staring at each other through heavy lids, confusion apparent in both of their expressions. Hermione snaked one of her hands into Harry's hair and kneaded his scalp with her fingernails. Harry leaned into the touch, exposing his neck slightly.


Hermione bit her lip as the mere sight of his exposed neck cause naughty thoughts to fill her head. She threw caution to the wind and leaned in. Harry jumped slightly as he felt Hermione's tongue softly swipe the skin of his neck. He felt Hermione's grip on his hair tighten as she kissed, nibbled and licked her way all over his neck. He leaned back more, giving her a larger area to play with. His hands gripped her shirt, causing it to ride up her back, exposing some of her bare skin. His knuckles brushed it lightly, causing Hermione to flinch at the sensation. He released her shirt and moved his hand across the small of her back. Hermione moaned into his neck.


Harry moved his hand higher, caressing her skin with his hands. Hermione licked a path to Harry's ear and flicked his ear lobe with the tip of her tongue. She nibbled slightly on the skin there, causing Harry to pull away. They once again looked to the other. Hermione smiled slightly, trying her best not to look too overcome with passion. Harry went to say something but she silenced him with her finger. His brow furrowed and she shook her head to stop his thoughts. She kissed him softly, giving way to the love she felt for him as well. The soft, sensual kiss washed the reserve from Harry's thoughts. He knew then what he wanted, was what she wanted. The thought made him smile into the kiss and a lump rise in his throat.


He deepened the kiss, once again exploring her mouth with his tongue. He pushed Hermione into the table harder, pushing his erection into her core. Hermione moaned in surprise at the feeling, biting down on Harry's tongue. Harry broke the kiss and kissed his way down Hermione's jaw, nibbling on her neck. Hermione's hand snaked into hair, holding him there, guiding him to the spots she liked the most. Harry's hands returned to her back, kneading her skin under her shirt. Soon the shirt became an obstacle, limiting his ability to feel her. He wanted more, and from the moans and breaths Hermione was exuding, Harry assumed she did as well.


He removed his hands from her shirt as a frustrated moan came from Hermione. He pulled away from her, the intense stare from before the dance returned to them. Harry's shaking hands moved to the top button of her flannel shirt. He undid it, his eyes never leaving hers. He moved to the next button, and the next, until he was onto the last one. He undid it slowly, tortuously slow as Hermione bit her lip. His hands moved inside her shirt and around her back, now able to caress all of her skin.


He leaned into to kiss her again, but she moved back, playfully resisting. He nipped at her lips, continually missing. Hermione's concentration faltered as Harry's fingers traced the skin under her bra strap. Harry's lips captured Hermione's as a simple flick of his finger caused her bra strap to unbuckle. His hands slid up Hermione's shoulders to slide her shirt from her body. It pooled onto the table behind her. Hermione took it upon herself to slide the bra from her body, throwing it to the ground beside them. Harry broke the kiss, leaning back to stare down at Hermione. He had often wondered what she would look like naked, more as a simple 'guy thing.' But nothing he had imagined in his mind compared to the real thing. Hermione's breasts were amazing, not too big, not too small, but perfect. He licked his lips imaging her nipples in his mouth. Hermione's hands came to cup his cheeks, causing him to look at her instead of her chest. He found no resistance in her eyes, they looked as overcome with passion as he imagined his did.


Harry almost passed out as Hermione winked at him and then guided his face to the place he wanted it to be the most. He now found himself eye level with her beautiful chest. He leaned in and licked a path between her breasts, stopping at her collar bone. Hermione sighed heavily and leaned back onto her palms for leverage. Harry reached up to cup her breast in his hand as he nibbled on her collar bone. His thumb brushed her already hardened nipple and causing Hermione to thrust her chest into his touch. He kissed a path from her collarbone to her nipple.


He placed a soft kiss to it, before sucking it into his mouth. He ground his hips into hers as the sensation of having her nipple in his mouth was more overwhelming for him than he expected. His free hand came to rest on the small of her back, pulling her lower half closer to the edge of the table, so he could continue to grind into her with more accuracy. Hermione felt as though she would pass out, between the feeling of Harry's mouth on her nipple and his erection griding into her wetness, she didn't know anything could feel so good. She clawed at the table top, trying to find something to help her grip the tension away.


Harry continued to suckle her breast, pulling back to graze his teeth along her nipple, reveling in the noise it elicited from Hermione. He moved to her other breast and payed equal attention to that nipple as well. Allowing his fingers to pinch the other so it did not miss any attention. The continual grinding of his hips was driving them both into madness. Harry felt a sudden pull on his stomach and panicked. He pulled away from Hermione, his mouth leaving her nipple with a pop. Hermione opened her eyes, which had been longed closed from the overwhelming feelings Harry caused in her. Harry planted his hands on the table next to Hermione's thighs. He took several large breaths trying to calm his excitement.


Hermione understood exactly what was going on, she herself had felt very close to exploding. She had done it on a few occasions, by herself, this past summer break. Curiosity was always her biggest weakness and she had taken time to explore the possibilities of masturbation. She knew the feeling of a coming orgasm and had welcomed it just then, but knew it was different for guys. She smiled and sat up from the table. This caused her chest to be only centimeters from Harry's face and he pulled back slightly, looking to her.


She moved her hands up his arms and cupped his face. She pulled him from leaning on the table and made him stand. She slowly moved her hands back down his body, brushing his chest and abdomen. They stopped at the bottom of his sweater. She gripped the hem in her hand, pulling him closer to her. She then raised the sweater up his body. He helped her in it's removal, and he tossed it to the ground with her bra. Now it was Hermione's turn to look upon him. She admired the slenderness of his body. The years of Quidditch had done wonders to keep his frame toned. She ran her fingers along his defined abs, feeling the ripple causing her clit to tingle. She followed the small path of dark hair that ran into the waistband of his jeans and disappeared. She experimentally leaned in, kissing his chest. She placed light kisses all over, causing Harry to look at the ceiling of the tent. It was arousing, but too much so that he feared it being overwhelming. Her hands snaked around his body to caress his back in a loving manner. Harry's arms remained at his sides, heavy from the tension of this meeting between them.


Hermione fingertips dipped into the back of his jeans, running along the waist line. It cause Harry to arch his back as goose bumps ran up his spine. Hermione pushed Harry back and stood from the table. Harry looked from the ceiling to her, fearing it was all over. Hermione stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. It had felt like ages since they had done so and the calmness it brought to them was welcoming. It was short lived however, when Hermione placed her hand on the bulge in Harry's pants. He thrust his hips causing his erection to grind into her grasp. Harry bit her lip hard, causing Hermione to hiss into his mouth. She grasped him harder, moving her hand the length of him. Harry's hands came to grip her hips forcefully, trying to ebb the flow of arousal.


Hermione brought her other hand forward and working together her fingers unbuckled his jeans and pulled down his zipper. Her hand dipped into his pants and kneaded him through his boxers. Harry thought nothing could feel better then Hermione kneading him through his jeans, but then her touching him now with less fabric in the way was even more amazing. As if reading his thoughts and wanting to push it further, Hermione dipped her hand into the waist of his boxers and grasped his bare member. Harry bucked into her grasp, pulling his lips from hers and looking again to the ceiling.


She pumped her fist up and down at a torturous pace. Harry soon felt his explosion rising again. He bit his lip afraid of having to stop things again, embarrassed by his lack of stamina. Hermione brushed her thumb across the tip, wiping the droplets of moisture that had formed their from her mistrations. She looked to Harry and could see the concentration on his face and knew he was close. She wanted to see this, she wanted to see Harry Potter come completely undone by her hand. When he knew it was close to the point of no return he went to pull her hand away, but she swatted him away with her free hand. He looked to her, praying she would give him time to calm again.


She stared at him intensely. He knew she wouldn't back down. He knew what she wanted and it only turned him on more. No girl had ever forcefully caused him to cum like this. He had gotten this far with Ginny a few times but she was always so grossed out by it, he would finish himself away from her. He stared in Hermione's eyes as she pumped him into oblivion. When her free hand came to cup his balls through his boxers, he was done. He closed his eyes and groaned. Hermione looked down in time to see Harry blow his load all over her hand and his boxers. She nearly came herself at the sight. Knowing he had done that for her, because of her, was highly erotic. She looked to Harry, who was now looking at her, and watched as he fought to calm his breathing. She felt him soften in her hand, knowing from the books she had read he could regain himself easily if they continued this intimate encounter.


He sighed in defeat, hoping she would let him continue to please her. When she remained there, her hand on him still, he knew it wasn't over. When a wicked smile crossed her lips and her hand moved against him again, something anew awoke in Harry. He mimicked her movement earlier and swatted at her hand. Her actions had awoken a new aggression in him. He pushed her forcefully against the table. Her arse hitting the edge hard caused it to push along the floor a few inches. She looked at Harry, shock filling her expression. She liked it and it surprised her. She had always imagined sex as romantic and soft, but this new forcefulness was exciting her. Harry's hands gripped her pants by the waist pulling him to her. His lips crashed on hers hard, his tongue forcing itself into her mouth. Her hands gripped his chest, her fingernails digging into the skin. Harry moaned into her mouth as he undid her jeans. He didn't take the time to tease her, and went right for the kill.


He dipped his hand into her soaking wet knickers without any hesitation. The feeling of how wet she was, without him even touching her down there yet amazed him. He hated to compare her to Ginny but being his only other experience he couldn't help it. He would have to coax this kind of reaction from Ginny for awhile before this could happen. And here was Hermione, wet and welcoming. She threw her head back in ecstasy as Harry's fingers brushed her clit. His fingers felt amazingly, better than her own at this. She ground into his hand the best she could in her current standing position. Harry soon realized the restrictions this caused him from giving her the most he could.


He pulled his hand away, causing Hermione to look at him quickly with a extremely frustrated look. He grasped the sides of her pants and knickers and pulled them down her legs. They were stopped by her trainers. He quickly discarded them, her socks, pants and knickers in the growing pile of clothes on the floor. She was now completely naked for him and he reveled in the sight. Hermione was delightfully surprised in the fact she was not at all embarrassed to be completely vulnerable in front of him. She was calmed by the expression on his face, one of pure ferocity. He looked as if he was about to devour her. The thought both excited and shocked her. She had read of things like that, men devouring women down there, but never imagined Harry would have. She locked the thought away for another time.


Harry ran his hands up her ankles, her calves, her thighs and found his way back to sex. He noticed how it glistened from the wetness he caused in her. His fingers delved back into her folds, watching as she fell back onto the table with a thud. Her legs opened under his touch, giving him a wider view of what he needed to conquer. He experimentally touched her everywhere, taking notes of the places that elicited responses. Soon he found a rhythm that made her grind into his fingers. He took this opportunity to dive a finger into her hot, moist hole. Hermione gasped at the intrusion. She whispered in coherent thoughts that Harry couldn't understand and he took it as a sign to continue. He added another finger and watched as Hermione arched her back grinding herself deeper onto his fingers.


Harry took this opportunity to bend down and take a nipple into his mouth. Hermione hands flew to his head, holding him there forcefully as he continued to pump his fingers in and out of her. He could feel her breath on his hair as he nibbled on her nipple. He could smell her arousal now, and it was intoxicating. The musky odor was the most erotic smell he had ever experienced and he soon found himself rock hard again. He felt Hermione's grip tighten on his hair and her chest arched more fully into his face. He soon found his hand covered in more wetness then he knew possible as Hermione screamed into the still night, bucking roughly onto his hand.


This was the first time he brought a girl to orgasm, and it was exciting to him. Not knowing how this works he continued pumping into her, not allowing her to come down from her high. He milked her longer than Hermione knew was possible. She thought she would break in half. Her arms flew out to her sides, her hands gripping the edges of the table. Harry stood up watching Hermione come completely undone in front of him. He looked down and watched his hand move inside of her. It was erotic and addictive. As he stared at her glistening sex the fleeting thought to use his mouth filled him. He could remember a muggle porno he had watched of Dudley's and remembered something vaguely along those lines. At the time he remembered it grossing him out but now it was an intoxicating idea.


He removed his fingers from her, looking down and seeing Hermione's eyes closed, he brought them to his face. He took in her scent again and experimentally licked the tip of one. The taste of her made his mouth water. It was like nothing he had tasted before, it wasn't necessarily delicious, but he wanted more. He heard Hermione give a long, calming breath as she was able to calm herself finally. He knelt before, completely unaware to Hermione, who was still lost in afterglow of her orgasm. He looked at her core, studied it and tried to remember the areas he touched with his fingers so he could assault those areas with his tongue.


He slowly dipped his tongue into her folds, running it from her hole to her clit. Hermione shot off of the table, sitting up and searching for Harry. Finding his face now in her most private area, his eyes looking up to her, she was shocked to say the least. Harry looked her right in her eyes and ran his tongue through her again. Hermione watched as he caused her to feel bliss. His fingers were wonderful but this was.... was..... she couldn't find words. After several seconds of watching him run his tongue up and down, Harry then found her clit. As he flicked it with his tongue, Hermione threw her head back and closed her eyes. Harry knew this was good as he continued the motion. Over and over he flicked his tongue across her bundle of nerves, causing Hermione to finally lay back onto the table. He sucked it into his mouth as if it were her nipple and reveled in the response from Hermione.


Her hands tangled into his hair, holding him in place. Her legs spread wider than she ever imagined they could and she crooked a foot onto Harry's shoulder. She ground her core onto his face, making him lick her with more force than before. She felt her explosion building again and was shocked to think of doing this once more so close to the last. Hermione's grasp tightened on his hair again and Harry knew what was coming. He smiled against her as he continued his assault. He waited and soon he was lapping up her wetness, as she screamed again. This time he took a step back and let her calm. He massaged her calves and stood from his knees.


He looked down upon her. She was beautiful in this state, completely disheveled. He hair was spread on the table, her chest heaved in and out quickly as she tried to calm her breathing. He watched her hands loosen their grip on the table edges. Her hips relaxed and softened into the table. Harry didn't know what to do next. He knew what he wanted, but he didn't want to take anything from Hermione that she didn't want to give. This night was crazy enough as it was and he didn't want adrenaline to take things beyond an unforgivable limit.


Hermione opened her eyes and found Harry standing in between her legs, his hands on her thighs in a gentle manner. The caring nature in his expression reminded her of why she loved him. The thought was something she had long suppressed, after Cho and Ginny, she had hidden that part of her far away. She didn't know where this new adventure was leading them but now was not the time. She didn't want to talk now. Talking would complicate the easy nature of what was happening. This was all coming so natural to them, it seemed to be destined to be. She didn't want to ruin that, or be hurt if her feelings were not returned.


She sat up and looked at him. She grabbed his hands from her thighs and held them in hers. She guided them around her for him to hug her and pulled him down to kiss her. She tasted a new muskiness to his lips and realized it was her. She was aroused by this and it surprised her. They kissed, renewing the calm, loving nature from before. Hermione reached down and was delighted to find Harry was hard again. She rubbed her palm against him and Harry moaned into the kiss. The hardness of the table under her arse reminded her of the uncomfortable nature of this current location. She broke the kiss and pushed Harry away. She jumped from the table and grabbed his hand.


She led him to the cot that held the locket. She leaned down, grabbing the long chain in her hand and tossed it to the ground. She turned to Harry. He went to speak again, like earlier, and she silenced him again. She reached for his pants and nudged them down his hips. Gravity took over the rest and they fell to his ankles. She slowly pulled his boxers from his hips as well and pushed them down. She knelt down to help his from his shoes and socks, and remove his pants and boxers. His erection sprang to life in front of her. She looked up at him and found him looking down at her, excitement in his eyes and she realized what he was anticipating. The thought had not crossed her until then but she felt it only fair, and honestly, she was curious.


She grasped him in her hand and led his head to her mouth. She licked the tip experimentally, licking the drop of cum that had already formed. She enveloped his head in her mouth, sucking gently. Harry threw his head back. Hermione's hand on him was bliss but this was heaven. Each second she took him deeper and deeper. Twirling her mouth around him, listening to the sounds she elicited was erotic. Hermione never realized this could be enjoyable for the girl as well. She felt herself becoming wet again with each dip of her head. Just as she was finding an easy rhythm and getting into it, she felt Harry tugging her up. She was confused at first but then realized he needed the calming.


She stood from her knees and Harry grabbed her instantly giving her a kiss. Her arms snaked around his neck and pulled him to join her on the cot. He settled between her legs, his erection grinding into her folds, pressing into her clit. She kissed him hard in anticipation. He pulled away, giving her a questioning look, wanting to give her one last chance to stop this. When she nodded her head and smiled, Harry got his answer. He reached down and ran his fingers through her folds, getting the justification he needed at feeling how wet she was.


He guided himself to her entrance and slowly eased himself in. Hermione threw her head back and bit her lip. She felt a slight sting, but not the pain she was anticipating. After a few breaths bliss took over. Harry buried himself completely into and held himself there for a few seconds reveling in the feeling of being sheathed inside of her. When he began to move, both of them moaned. Harry rested his forehead on Hermione's as he pumped harder. He felt her legs come up to his sides, so that she could open more for him. He hooked his one arm under her knee, pulling her leg high up his side. He found he could go much deeper now and moved even faster.


Hermione bit her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. Having Harry inside of her was like a dream come true, literally. She had many a dream about his such thing, but it never felt as good in her dream. Her hands snaked to his hips and moved with him in the rhythm he was producing. She moved one hand to his arse and squeezed slightly, encouraging more. Harry leaned back on to his knees, grabbing the tops of her thighs for leverage and began a quicker pace. He enjoyed this position cause he could look down onto Hermione and watch her breasts swing in the motion of him pounding her. He caught her eyes in an intense stare and quickened even more. He couldn't imagine moving any quicker or going any deeper. He felt Hermione grip his arm hard as she arched her back and he knew she was close. He was close too and thought of them now being able to come together was exciting. A few more pumps and he felt an overwhelming surge as Hermione tightened around him. He felt a wave of warmth as she came around him, enveloping him in warm, moisture. He came quickly after, spilling himself deep inside of her.


He relaxed onto his heels and loosened his grip on her thighs. He remained inside of her as he softened. Both came down from the high of their orgasms. Hermione had never experienced more than one orgasm, let alone three. She was completely spent. Her legs felt a hundred pounds each and she could see stars in her vision. Harry could not seem to catch his breath. He slowly removed himself from her, watching as juices made their way from her onto the cot. He leaned down and placed his hands on either side of her head and kissed her. It was a gentle, caring kiss, sealing this night with the love he had for her.


He wanted her to know, to see that this is what it was about. He wanted to her to know all of the emotions he had felt before the dance and while they made love. He had tried to explain to her a couple times but she had silenced him. He was hoping she would want to hear now that this was done. Hermione had wanted Harry to know she loved him. They would talk she knew, but not now. She wanted nothing more than to roll into Harry's embrace and fall asleep. She pulled him down to lay beside her. She looked into his eyes and smiled. She placed her head on his chest and wrapped her arm around him. His arm came around her and his chin rested on her head. They closed their eyes and fell asleep. Morning would come soon enough and they would talk, talk about their love and what was to come.

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