Ditch-Delivered Drabbles

BY : JayDee
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Citation - "Ditch-Delivered Drabbles" is a re-wording of a line in William Shakespeare's play Macbeth, Act IV Scene I: "Ditch-delivered by a drab." 

A/N: This title refers to my cackhanded inability to turn out coherent drabbles. Hence, this practice series. I googled it and didn't find anyone else using it already (as is normally the case with wordplay).

yukihime user prompt #1: Scurrilous - Codes - AU/AR, Contro, Complete, Inc, M/F, Oneshot


Xeno gently kissed his daughter’s inner thigh with cracked lips. She cooed softly, and ran soft fingers through his long unkempt hair. She couldn’t deny the months of rough sex at Malfoy Manor had been days entertainingly passed. Yet even the most energetic sessions she’d spent sandwiched between boorish Draco and his skilled father were empty compared to the consuming love she experienced lying with her own. Hate fucking lost to love every time. Luna’s anger on reading his unpublished scurrilous attack on Harry had faded instantly that he’d kissed her lips, and begged forgiveness. From love, he’d acted foolishly.

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