Vampire Bites

BY : LovablePuppy
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters within as they belong to JK Rowling. As such I am making no money from the writing of this story and it is purely for fun and enjoyment.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters within as they belong to JK Rowling. As such I am making no money from the writing of this story and it is purely for fun and enjoyment.

Summary: After getting into an argument with his two friends, Harry is found by a mysterious stranger down by the lake at Hogwarts. He wakes up a week later to find his world has changed and he must learn to cope with the changes as well as still defeat Voldemort when the time comes.

Warnings: Slash – this means two males having sex. If this is not for you then turn back. This will be a Harry/OC at first as Harry gets use to his new self but will turn into a Snarry after a couple of chapters so be patient all you Severus/Harry fans. There is also some Remus/Sirius as well as hints of Ron/Hermione. Again, if these pairings are not something you enjoy, turn around. This also disregards the 6th and 7th books as well as keeping Sirius alive from the 5th just in case there are a few that get confused. It does; however, leave in the fact that Severus is the Half-Blood Prince, Harry finding the Prince’s book in his 6th year, and the things that happen because of the book. Dumbledore is alive, the horcruxes do not exist, and the battle at the end of book 6 does not happen. If there are any other questions feel free to ask.

Now with all that said… on with the first chapter.


Harry sighed, for what he figured was the fiftieth time in an hour, as he kicked a small stone into the Great Lake. He had just started his seventh year at Hogwarts not even a month ago and it was already going downhill. Snape, who had taken Potions back over with a vengeance, seemed to be out for Harry even more this year. Slughorn had given him a good enough grade that even Snape couldn’t keep him out of the NEWT level Potions class and it was obvious that the snarky bastard did not believe him to be worthy enough. It gave Harry a small amount of satisfaction that Snape found it hard to criticize his potions so far this year. Harry thanked the Prince for that and had even found that he had learned a little of his own from the potions genius.

He had been surprised when Remus had stood at the Sorting Feast as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor again this year. It seemed as though Dumbledore had pulled some strings somewhere and enabled Remus to return. Harry was thrilled at the idea and figured that people were so worried about the war that they did not have the time to worry about a werewolf teaching their children. Remus seemed to be thrilled with the position as well and had even convinced Dumbledore to let Sirius come stay with him at the castle in his dog form so no one would be able to recognize him. Harry and his friends visited them almost every day since the start of term, and speaking of his friends, they were the reason he was out here in the first place.  

Harry sat down under the tree that was stationed with the best view of the lake. He had finally told his friends the secret he had been keeping for almost two years now. The simple fact was that he was just not interested in women, at all. He could see the headlines now: Boy-Who-Lived-To-Be-Gay! Harry shook his head and threw another pebble into the lake. The revealing could have gone better, if Ron wasn’t so explosive and was in more control of what came out of his mouth. He had ranted and raved about how Harry couldn’t be ‘bent’ in a typical Ron manner before storming up to their dormitory. It had stung but Harry knew that he would eventually get over it just from past experiences with the red heads fury temper. Hermione on the other hand was different, as always. Harry just wasn’t expecting her to hug him and tell him that it was all going to be okay. Apparently, being gay in the magical world was widely accepted except by a very select few. Hermione also seemed very excited to have a gay friend since they could compare notes. Harry had just laughed and shook his head at his friend. It wasn’t long after that that he stated he wanted to be alone and Hermione gave him another hug before heading to her own dorm.

The night breeze felt refreshing as it carried the coolness from the lake up to where he sat under the tree. Harry closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the trunk as he listened to the leaves rustling above him. It was peaceful and he was going to enjoy it since this was probably the last time he would get to in the coming year. The wind settled down and the quiet that followed made the hair stand up on the back of Harry’s neck. He slowly opened his eyes and just barely missed a flash of something in the distance. He jerked into a more alert position, his hand resting on his wand as he watched intently ahead of him. He caught another flash, closer this time, and he scrambled to his feet wand at the ready and his heart in his throat. There was nothing there that he could see. Where did it go? Just at that moment he caught another flash in the corner of his eye and turned to cast a spell, any spell, and was grabbed out of nowhere. A hand was tight on his wrist turning it to where even if he tried to use his wand it wouldn’t do him any good. Another hand had wrapped itself tightly around his throat, right at his jawbone, not chocking him but holding him well in place. Harry’s heart raced as he attempted to struggle but was only laughed at. The stranger turned his head enough so that his emerald eyes caught sight of eerie gold. Almost instantly, Harry felt his body go limp though his heart still raced within his chest. His mind was still screaming that he had to get lose but his body refused to cooperate as he just stared ahead at nothing.

“This is interesting. You haven’t gone completely under.” The rich baritone of the man’s voice made Harry’s heart jump in pleasure and in fear. “No matter, I can still get the job done.”

Harry felt the man lean over him and nuzzle his neck. His heart pounded more and his body started to shake. There was a sigh from the other man just before Harry felt a sharp pain in his neck. The spell he was under broke instantly in which Harry struggled the best he could but it did nothing. He was held firm as the stranger worked his mouth over his neck. It wasn’t long before Harry felt himself go light headed and weak. His arms fell limply by his sides and his head lolled to the side as the man loosened his grip on his neck. A small gasp left Harry as his feet wouldn’t hold him up anymore but the stranger held him up like he weighed little next to nothing. The world began to spin around him and his heart tried to pump harder to replace his lost blood but it was quickly losing the battle. It began to slow and Harry’s vision began to blotch in places before the man let up. Harry was pretty much nonresponsive at this point and just barely on the edge of consciousness. The stranger lowered him down to where his back rested on the man’s knee and an arm supported his head.

“Come, you must drink or you will die.”

Harry only heard a muffled voice and he couldn’t have lifted his head even if he had wanted to. He felt like he was floating and he was weaker than he had ever been. There was a sigh loud enough that it caught his idle attention enough that he could barely see the man bite into his own wrist. He barely felt something drip onto his lips making him flinch involuntarily. The man shifted him and pressed his wrist to Harry’s mouth forcing the metallic liquid down the boy’s throat. Harry choked as it slid down his throat trying to spit it out but couldn’t and was forced to swallow the thick substance. No sooner did the man take his wrist away from Harry’s now bloodied lips did Harry black out into nothingness.


Harry could only remember flashes of the stranger feeding him his blood while Harry had apparently healed. Now fully awake, Harry lay still trying to figure out where he was. He could tell he was somewhere in a forest, but which forest that was he could not tell. The moon was bright enough that its light sprinkled and sparkled through the leaves of the trees as if trying to mesmerize him. It worked enough that Harry calmed to where he could notice other things around him. The earth smelt damp and was musky from the breakdown of the dead leaves that littered the forest floor. He could hear small animals running through them trying to stay hidden from the larger predators. When the wind blew it brought the familiar, but stronger, smell of the lake nearby letting Harry know he was close to the Great Lake but deep enough into the Forbidden Forest he would be hard to find. The leaves would rustle above him making the moon light sparkle even more and the sound of them rubbing softly against the other was luring him into another sleep. Harry jerked awake again when the leaves crunched underfoot signaling someone was headed his way. He could tell they were at least human by the pattern of the footfalls. Slowly, he sat up to see the stranger walking toward him with a small smile.

“It is good to see you awake, young one. Can you stand?”

Harry couldn’t help but glare at the man and stood slowly, wincing slightly at the pain of moving stiff muscles. He was alive and seemed to be able to move albeit slowly. Harry sighed and sent a hard look at the older man.

“What did you do to me?”

The man smiled a little wider but something strange sparkled in his now sky blue eyes. Harry couldn’t help but narrow his eyes at the change. He could have sworn they were gold the other night when the man attacked him.

“Some would say it is a gift and others a curse. I have given you immortality, young one.”

Harry glared even harder at the man even though he could detect a hint of sadness in the stranger’s eyes.

“Well, I am one of the ones who would consider it a curse to live forever and see everyone I love die.”

The man winced at Harry’s tone but otherwise gave no sign that the words meant anything to him. He turned away from Harry and walked a few paces ahead before turning back around. The sparkle in his eyes was gone and so was his slight humor.

“Come, you must eat.”

“I’m going nowhere until you answer my questions.”

The stranger crossed his arms over his chest, staring down at Harry in a way that reminded the boy suspiciously of his Potions Master. It was intimidating but somehow Harry held his ground. A few seconds later the man waved a hand at him.

“Well ask your questions, young one, we haven’t got all night.”

The tone of the man’s voice was tired but interested in what Harry wanted to ask. Harry himself straightened with new found confidence that the dark haired stranger wanted to hear his questions. It was then that he noticed that the other was dressed in simple, what looked to be, muggle clothing. A plain white t-shirt and dark denim was the only things the stranger wore. Another thing Harry came to realize was that he had yet to figure out just who the handsome man was.

“Just who are you?”

The man smiled at him the mirth returning to his light blue eyes. That smile did wonders in brightening up the man’s pale features.

“The name is Edge.”

“Just Edge?”

Edge continued to smile in mirth and nodded his head only just in a positive. Harry couldn’t help but smile softly back and shake his head taking a few brave steps toward the other. Honestly, he didn’t know what to make of the creature in front of him. Edge was pale, of course, from living his life in the dark but those sky blues shown with a new kind of mirth that Harry was sure the man hadn’t felt in years. It made Harry feel warm that he could light up those eyes that way and did not understand why that was so. Edge was still a stranger to him. Harry should not be feeling so attached so suddenly.

“Come, young one, you are growing paler than you should. The questions will need to wait, you must eat soon.”

Harry blinked but nodded and followed Edge through the trees. Subconsciously, he knew what eating would mean for him tonight, but he ignored it the best he could, and focused on keeping up with the other.

“Why do you call me ‘young one’? My name…”

“I know who you are, young one. Even we vampires know who the great Harry Potter is. I just thought you would be a little taller.”

Edge glanced over his shoulder at Harry and smirked at him in a teasing manner. Harry glared at him in return and stuck out his tongue causing Edge to let out a short laugh.

“Real mature, young one, but no, I chose to call you ‘young one’ because that is what you are.”

Harry followed Edge out of the trees and onto a small path that he recognized as the one that led into Hogsmeade. He breathed in deep and could almost smell the butterbeer and other beverages at The Three Broomsticks. There was hardly anybody out in the street as they entered the small village which was unnerving to Harry who was used to the hustle and bustle of the daytime.  He kept close to Edge as the vampire led him into a small, dark ally.

“Wait here and don’t move. I will return with food.”

With that the man flickered out of sight leaving Harry by himself. Harry swallowed tightly feeling a slight burn in his stomach start up. If he really was a vampire then food meant blood and the more human side of him now grew queasy at the thought. He couldn’t drink someone else’s blood, it was wrong; he couldn’t hurt nor kill someone like that. Harry leaned against the wall and fought the impulse to run away. Edge had said to wait so that was what Harry had to do. He wouldn’t be able to survive on his own like this, he knew that, but the whole thing frightened him. What would his friends think? Would he even be able to see them again? His heart jumped which surprised him some. He was not aware that vampires could have heart beats but here his was beating madly in his chest like a frightened bird. Harry watched as Edge walked back to him a young woman in tow. He swallowed thickly again.

“I can see the worry in your eyes, young one. She has already been gazed and shall not feel nor remember anything the next morning.”

Harry stepped back a step as Edge moved the girl closer to him.

“I felt it. I even felt the fear, Edge.”

Edge moved to stand in front of Harry moving a hand to gently stroke the new vampire’s cheek.

“I know, and for that I am sorry. You were not meant to but I was unable to gaze you completely. She, on the other hand, was quite easy to gaze.”

Edge motioned to the girl who was standing there patiently staring ahead like she had not a care in the world. It unnerved Harry but he allowed Edge to move him over to the girl. He found he could hear the soft thump of each beat of her heart and it lured him in like a siren might have had he ever met one. His attention was taken over by a soft fluttering at her neck which he knew was from the pulse of the blood through her veins. Harry licked his lips in spite of himself.

“It’s tantalizing, isn’t it?”

Edge moved what little hair rested along the woman’s neck out of the way and pushed the head slowly to the side before gently pushing Harry closer.

“Go on, young one, drink you must.”

“I don’t want to kill her.”

“And you won’t. Now feed, young one.”

Harry swallowed and ran his tongue over his teeth. His two canines had grown to sharp points as a sharp pain laced through him. Harry decided to go with instinct and did not allow himself to think as he bit into the soft flesh of the neck presented to him. The blood rushed into his mouth making him moan in need. It was salty but not as bitter as he imagined it would be. In fact, it tasted sort of sweet, like the Blood Pops he had tried a few years before. They did nothing for him then, but he knew that if he was to try another one now, he would swoon over it in joy. Harry felt his body ease and its want for more of the sweet nectar but Edge was softly pulling him away.

“Come, young one that is enough. We must go before someone sees us.”

Harry moved away allowing instinct to let him lick the wound closed before he looked over at Edge. He still felt good and at ease with the feeding but instantly picked up on Edge’s nervousness.

“What is wrong?”

Edge looked over at him before telling the woman to go home and rest. They watched her go before Edge grabbed Harry’s arm and started to pull him down the street doing his best to stick to the alleys. Harry’s high was now gone in worry of what Edge was sensing that he wasn’t. In the next moment the two were separated by a huge black beast lunging at them. Harry screamed in fright barely dodging as the beast pounced at him with snarling teeth.

“Run and don’t stop!”

Harry took a glance at Edge to see him dodging an even bigger canine before running off down the street making sure to take the beast with him. The darker one snarled and lunged at him again making Harry turn and run the opposite way. Edge had left him but what more could he do? He had taken the bigger one, the one Harry sure didn’t want chasing him down. He was amazed he could stay ahead of this one. Harry could hear it growling and its paws hitting the ground as he left Hogsmeade heading back into the forest. The thing hounded his every foot fall snapping at his heels every now and then. Harry heard more paws hitting the ground but couldn’t pin point where they were coming from until the other beast jumped out in front of him teeth bared. He barely dodged in time sending it into the black one behind him but he still tumbled down a small hill. Harry had no time to get back to his feet before the black beast was on him with glowing eyes and snarling teeth.



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