Blind Date

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Blind Date







Albus Dumbledore sat regal and proud on the dais of the head table, his sparkling blue eyes cast over and surveyed the great hall of Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, his eyes took in the scene before him.

He smiled wistfully to the tall slender, elder witch sat beside him. Her tight classic bun giving her a harsh appearance, contrasting the soft person he knew Minerva McGonagall to be. Her glasses framed brown eyes twinkled mischievously in a similar fashion to the way his did. He cleared his throat to speak.

“We did it Minerva, our plan has finally come together.” He said with a small chuckle.

“Indeed, we have done it, Albus. Now we must let the fates to do their part. Only time will tell if we were right in our assumptions.” She replied softly.

Albus nodded his head silently before picking up Minerva’s hand, his thumb stroking the back of her knuckle.

“Happy St Valentine’s day, my love” Albus said raising the smaller, feminine hand to his lips, as he placed the softest of kisses upon her hand.

“Happy Valentine’s day, Albus.”



Severus Snape stood in his private chambers, which were of course located in the dungeons. Many would expect his chambers to be dark, damp and dreary, a foreboding environment, yet a place that imitated the acutely named ‘bat of the dungeon’. However Severus Snape’s chambers were none of what it was expected to be. In fact his rooms were classically modern, stylish, clean, vibrant and light. They were exactly how he had designed them to be.

His rooms were perhaps the potion master’s favourite part of the castle, besides his state of the art labs, and the astronomy tower. His rooms were his own private haven, his sanctuary in a school of incompetent preteen witches and wizards. It was a shelter away from his dark past, a past that would forever haunt him. In his chambers, he could be anyone he wanted to be, he could be the bastard of a professor, he could be Snape a dry witted, sarcastic and bitter man, or he could simply just be himself, Severus; a man who like everyone else had feelings, if only he would let them show.

Right now Severus Snape stood staring at his reflection in his Grandmothers antique, grand three way mirror. It was a collector’s piece he had inherited from her. His onyx eyes penetrated his skin; his eyebrows were furrowed in thought. It wasn’t his reflection and appearance that he was contemplating. He knew that he looked good, not that he was vain. But since the end of Voldemort and his subsequent reign of terror, Severus had final been able to take care of himself, both health wise and improving his appearance. He had always wanted to make a change, but his position had never allowed him that leeway.

Severus now relished in the looks to surprise and shock on his colleagues faces the day he had entered the staff room. A new man they had said. The student’s faces had been priceless, the looks of awe and confusion, still entertained him now. He allowed himself a small smile, before returning to the task at hand.

The task being his contemplation over Albus’ latest scheme, and the note he had received from him that morning. The note was the reason he currently stood dressed to the heavens in the best clothes money could buy, which just turned out to be a muggle suit by a designer by the name of Versace, he thought it was a stupid name, but then again wizarding names weren’t exactly normal.

By the outlook Severus Snape was a changed man. But those who knew him and those his taught could attest to the fact that he still remained the same surly, cynical, dark and sultry potions master. He smiled again, however this time it didn’t quite meet his onyx black eyes. It was a sad smile. A realisation that he would never let another person close enough to him, for them to know that there was more to him than that. He simply would not allow himself to be hurt, hurt in a way he saw his mother hurt.

Which is why Severus thought tonight was an utter waste of time, time he could be using to do something practical. He rolled his eyes as he picked up the invitation re-reading its cursive writing.



Albus Dumbledore

Request you:

Severus Xavier Snape

To attend his St Valentine’s Day Celebrations.

Location: The Great Hall.

Time: 18:00

In honour of the holiday, the host had requested you partake in ALL aspects of the celebration (see itinerary).

Dress: Black tie and Cocktail Dresses

Please DO NOT bring a date, the celebration is strictly invitation only.


Severus snorted to himself, when he read the attached itinerary. He’d been delighted knowing that he wouldn’t have to ask and escort some mindless chit, but his hopes were soon dashed when he learned that one of the planned ‘activities’ was a blind date.

How he hated Valentine’s Day, and how he hated Albus Dumbledore, this was going to be the longest night in the history of his life and he wasn’t looking forward to it one bit. With one final look at his reflection he left his quarters with an uneasy feeling, as he warded his rooms and made his way to the great hall.



In another part of the castle Hermione Rose Granger was also getting ready to attend the Valentine’s Day celebrations, much to the irritation of her boyfriend who unlike Hermione had not received an invitation.

“Come on ‘Mione. We had plans!” Draco exclaimed as he stamped his foot for the third time. Hermione sighed, all his whinging and complaining was giving her a migraine.

“I mean I had it all planned; dinner, wine and pleasuring that sexy little body of yours” he continued smirking. “And now you’re telling me I have to spend Valentines without my girlfriend, with only my right hand for company and to relieve all the sexual tensions I have from watching you get dressed.”

Hermione sighed again “Seriously Draco, you have a one track mind. I don’t exactly get a choice, I have to go.” She finished applying a sheer layer of slightly pink lip gloss to her perfectly shaped lips, the shiny substance making them more defined. She quickly slipped on some earrings before turning to face Draco, who was currently lying on her bed observing her.

“What do you think?” she asked him, she heard him sigh deeply as he moved of her bed and made his way towards her. He stopped behind her, his arms snaking around her waist which was encased in her satin red cocktail dress.

“Gorgeous obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be with you, would I? You’re my Girlfriend ‘Mione so of course you need to look good, I’m a Malfoy and Malfoy’s only have the best, and you baby are the best.” He said leaning down to place a kiss on the exposed part of her neck.

Hermione frowned at her reflection, Draco’s words would have made most girls happy, yet it frustrated her and upset her. In the last few months of their relationship all she had felt like was a prize, a trophy girlfriend that he draped over his arm and made him look good, and she hated it.

Hermione had changed, she was no longer the bushy haired Gryffindor Know-it-all, no, she had grown up to be a young woman with dreams and aspirations as big as the sun. She had developed beyond belief and become someone else almost, she still had the traits her friends knew and loved her for, and she was still the smartest student to grace the halls of Hogwarts par one. But she had come in to her own; her chocolate brown hair was laced with caramel highlights and fell in soft ringlets that framed her heart shaped face, her ambers eyes that almost seem like liquid gold were framed with long luscious lashes that cast shadows on her supple tanned skin. If there was anything any of her peers had learnt in her 7th year was that Hermione Granger had grown into a beautiful young woman.

Draco pulled back to look at Hermione properly.

“You know ‘Mione I don’t know why you’re dressing up as much as you are, I mean it’s not like I’m there. You don’t need to impress anyone, after all you got me. You can live safe in the knowledge that you claimed the serial ladies’ man; Draco Malfoy’s heart. And baby you aren’t going to get any better than me.” He said flicking an invisible bit of lint from his shirt.

Hermione sighed and plastered a smile on her face as she started to move away from Draco.

“Now Run along, the quicker you’re gone, the sooner you can get back, so I can claim what’s rightfully mine.” He said slapping her bum harshly.

Hermione stormed out of the portrait to the head dorms as quick as her high heel clad feet could carry her. She bit her tongue forcefully from her frustration at her boyfriend, the coppery taste of her blood overwhelming her taste buds until she relented in its torture. Her final thought as she made her way in to the great hall, was one that would change her future.



Severus arrived to a crowd of people awaiting the instruction of the headmaster; he noticed that the crowd was a mixture of people, students, faculty and those he recognised from Hogsmeade. Whatever Albus was planning, it was definitely something.

His eyes roamed the overly decorated room, gone were the four long house tables, instead the room was adorned with separate little booths that would seat two people, voile drapes hung from the enchanted ceiling creating partitions between the seats. The floors, tables and seats were covered in scattered rose petals, the heady scents making him feel nauseas, ‘and the night can only get worse’ he thought. The room in truth looked garish, there was nothing romantic or subtle about the decorations, Albus had seriously over decorated once again, and as excepted the roam revolved around the colour scheme of red and pink.

The large oak doors of the hall startled Severus from his musings as they closed behind the last guest; he looked to the stage to see Minerva and Albus addressing the crowd.

“Good evening, everyone and thank you for attending tonight’s celebration of St Valentines. Tonight we shall have a unique dining experience. We will enjoy fine dining and have good company with a twist.” Albus said his eyes twinkling intensely.

Severus felt his uneasy feeling rise up inside of him.

“You see my friends we, Minerva and I, have gathered you all together for as stated on the itinerary a ‘blind date’. Each of you in this room has been matched with another individual, your dates. You see now why I specifically said not to bring a date.” He said chuckling out loud.

“You have been paired on the basis of how compatible Minerva and I believe you to be. Call it a social experiment if you wish.” The congregation began to talk amongst themselves looking at the other people within the room and sizing them up as a potential date, Severus wanted to run now, this was a typical Albus plan. However he had yet to find out the twist, and what gain Albus would be getting as an outcome.

“Do not panic, nothing will come of any of this, unless you wish there to be. Now in a few moments you will be sorted in to your respective pairs, there will be no reason to worry about appearance, age, house or anything else of an irrelevant nature. Simply enjoy the company of a person you may have never had the opportunity to speak with.” Minerva said watching the guest’s angst expressions.

“However, there is a twist for your blind date, for you will be exactly that…Blind. You will not have the gift of sight and therefore you will not know who you are with until the very end, you will simply just meet a person and create an impression of them based entirely on the information they give you. Now let’s begin.” Dumbledore said as his eyes flashed mischievously.


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