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  Harry Potter- The Boy-Who-Lived, The Chosen One, Dumbledore's Golden Boy- was a pervert. Not just in the hot-blooded young teen way. No, he was a pervert in the 'I watch my best female friend play with herself' sort of way. Well, okay. It had started as an accident.

It started in summer with Harry needing a private place to jerk off. Even though he had wanked off in the boys' dormitory at Hogwarts, it had always been in his bed, with the curtains drawn, and Silencing charms erected. Here, however, in his godfather's family home, on summer break, Harry was not allowed to do magic. His bed did not have curtains to draw back. Not to mention the slightest movement seemed to squeak the old bed hinges. No doubt his best mate Ronald Weasley- whom he was sharing a room with- would know what Harry was doing no matter how deeply asleep he had been in before hand.

So, late in the night while Ron was snoring louder than a motorbike, Harry tip-toed his way out of his room under his father's invisibility cloak in search of a sanctuary. He thought of the den, but found it too cold. He moved to the kitchen, but heard Kreacher muttering from his bed. He considered the bathroom, but remembered Remus Lupin was one to frequently get up through the night to use the facility. He passed the room marked with the Black Family tapestry. The numerous eyes made him nervous having lived around living portraits ten months of the year for the past five years. Harry passed up the study finding the dark place too creepy for him not to be distracted. Sighing in defeat, Harry decided he would have to bare through it, and made his way towards his bed. Except he was stopped along the way with Hermione sneaking through the halls.

Harry blushed when he noticed she was only wearing a T-shirt. Though the shirt was long, harry could still make out the Hermione was not wearing under garments. The way she was clinging to the shadows trying to not be seen or heard made it clear she was not just heading to the bathroom. He followed her back down the way he had come just moments before. Looking about fretfully, Hermione pushed open the study door as quietly as possible. Still looking around, she slipped into the room and closed the door. Curious of his friend's actions, Harry knelt down to peek through the key hole.

The fireplace burst to life with Hermione entering the room giving a low lighting to see. Harry would loose sight of her from time to time as she checked over the area. Seemingly satisfied with her search, she settled onto the love seat in front of the fire place. Her lower half was shielded from Harry's view by the chair. He was disappointed with himself realizing she probably had come down to read. When she leaned back instead of reaching for a book, his interest was re-ignited. One of her knees rose up to her chest. A hand slipped down, and then she stayed that way. He tried twisting this way and that attempting to get a better look, but to no such luck.

Then he heard it. She was moaning. From his place Harry could see her arm moving in a repeated pattern. His jaw nearly hit the floor. Her eyes were squeezed shut. Her head was thrown back as she chewed her lip trying not be too loud. The slight shake to her body confirmed what everything else was telling Harry. Hermione was pleasing herself in the study. He felt awkward about watching her, and so blushingly retired to his room to give her privacy. His cock was aggravatingly hard as he replayed the image in his mind. It felt strange to think of her that way. His night fantasies had often been filled with Cho Chang. For that night, however, Harry's thoughts were of Hermione. And he could do nothing to relieve it.

The study was a much more appealing place to a horny Harry the following night. He sat where she had been. He could almost imagine he soft moans as he pictured her ecstasy filled face. He roughly pulled on his manhood pretending he was earning those moans from her. Just before finishing, he heard footsteps beyond the door. Believing someone had heard him, he jumped up, grabbed the cloak and covered himself just as the door opened. Who should be peering in then Hermione.

Just like the night before, she wandered about the room to make sure she was alone. Feeling safe, she settled into the place Harry had been sitting. His eyes grew wide, and his groin twitched with need the moment Hermione leaned back and opened her legs to his view. Weren't girls suppose to have hair down there? Then again, this was Hermione. Everything had to be perfectly in order with her. Now more than ever, Harry realized Hermione was a girl. Of course he had always known she was, but looking down at her lady lips he really came to understand just how much of a girl she was. He stood statue still watching her every move. Listening to her moans as her fingers played with the nub above her opening. Seeing her pussy get more wet with her ministrations fascinated him. Unknowingly, his hand went down to his cock and began stroking.

Hermione's play was becoming more persistent. Her breath hitching to all the right pitches. Then her hips bucked up and she let go the longest, sweetest moan yet. Harry inwardly groaned as he came into his hand. He looked at the sticky, white substance wishing he could smear it over Hermione's body before taking her there and then. He did not, of course. He stood there waiting for her to leave. When she finally did, he followed her out with a quick stop to the bathroom to clean up before bed. His mind replaying his latest viewing before it changed into a dream of him tearing off the cloak and fucking her senseless.

By day, Harry felt rather bad that he not only was fantasizing about his long time friend, but that he was invading her obviously private time. By night, he was purposefully sneak out just after he was sure everyone was asleep to get a comfortable spot. Hermione failed to disappoint, coming down to enjoy herself each night. Harry had learned to bring tissues with him. His spying only lasted three more nights. The fourth night, Hermione did not come down. Still, Harry tried the next night. Again she did not come to the study. He wondered if maybe she had discovered him, but thought better of it. If she had, she would have yelled at him. Good for him she could not hex him outside of school. That did not mean she would not have a few with his name on them for the moment they entered the train.

Harry continued to go to the study each night. His persistence paid off when Hermione finally returned. When she unknowingly opened her legs to him, Harry noticed her womanhood was swollen with just a tiny bit of a blood stay. He suddenly realized the only reason she had not come down those nights was because she had been on her period. With it over, she was free to please herself every night just as she had been doing for the next three weeks until the next one. Doing the math, Harry was pleased to know that would not be until after their return to school.

Yep, Harry Potter was a pervert. He knew that as he sat in his now familiar place stroking his manhood while watching Hermione rub herself into nirvana. It was the second last night before they would board the Hogwarts express back to school. For the first time ever, Harry was actually displeased with the idea of returning to school. School meant separate dorms and charms that would see to Hermione being able to remain in her bed. No more shows for Harry. He felt as though he had taken the past couple of weeks for granted.

Suddenly, he was over come with the need to make tonight more memorable than the rest. Something to make it last the school year. He stopped pulling his dick. His eyes fully fixed on Hermione's wet centre. Ideas formed in his mind. Him finally showing himself to masturbate where she could watch. Him sneaking over to replace Hermione's fingers with his own. Him whipping off the cloak and feasting on her womanhood. Him throwing off the cloak and plunging into her, balls deep. Did he dare?

Do it, a voice whispered in Harry's mind. He was too overcome with need to realize it was not his own inner voice. Letting loose a feral growl, he stood and removed his cloak. She stopped and gasped. Her eyes on his until they wandered down to his erected penis. She was blushing furiously, but made no move to cover herself. There was no demand of what he was doing there, or how long he had been watching. Her hands just came to rest at her sides as she inspected him. He smirked. Then quickly he was over her slamming his lips against hers.

“Harry...” she gasped when the kiss parted. He remained over her with his arms trapping her on each side.

“You already knew I've been watching,” he cut her off.

She was quiet a moment. “Yes... I did...” she whispered shyly. “I've known for a while, actually.”


She smirked, “cushions tend to indent when someone sits on them.”

“And you didn't yell at me?”

“If I did, I would have woke the whole house. Then they would know what I had been doing in here. I was going to just stop coming down here, but...”

“But what?”

“It was a bit more... exciting... knowing you were watching me,” she blushed. He smirked and kissed her again. His body flushed against hers. The base of his erection slipping over her wet folds. She pulled back gasping in surprise. “Harry... what are you...” he cut her off with more kissing.

Do it! Take her! The voice in Harry's head rang out. He moved his hips to stroke his shaft over her womanhood. She tried pulling away again, but he used her gasp to slip his tongue into her mouth. She pushed at his chest. He growled as he gripped her wrists. With her pinned to the love seat, Harry returned to exploring her mouth with his tongue. A strange sensation washed over him. More... he need more of her.

Harry pulled back his hip so his tip teased her folds. He moved to find her opening. The head becoming soaked in her juices. She struggled beneath him, but moaned each time his juice covered dick slide over her clitoris. Her breathes were in panicked pants. Then, his cock pressed against her opening. Harry stopped when he felt the tip of his penis head finally slipped into her. Something about it did not settle right with him. He finally stopped kissing her. “Tell me you don't want this,” he demanded. “Tell me, and I'll stop.”

“Harry...” Hermione breathed.

“Say it.”

The time painfully ticked by as Hermione remained silent. Seeming to make up her mind, she forced her hips slowly forward engulfing the head of his cock completely. They both moaned. He pushed further into her. He could feel her barrier against him, and so stopped. He drew back a bit without leaving her body. Then thrust deep and hard. She gave a scream like moan as her virginity was ripped away. Harry did not wait. He rocked against her trying to go slow. Each thrust in was followed with a breathy, slightly pained moan from her. After a few minutes, the pleasure-pain mix gave way to an all pleasurable feeling. She began to rock her hips the best she could with his. Seeing it as a sign, Harry began to pick up his pace. His hands released her wrists in favour of her rocking hips. Her hands clawed at his back.

“Say... my... name,” he groaned between thrusts.

“H-Harry,” she stuttered through a moan.


“Harry... oh. Oh, yes, Harry.” He grinned and then began to suckle at the nap of her neck. He changed his movements to slow extraction, followed by powerful thrusts. She quivered and braced herself to each thrust. A heated knot began to form in her lower abdomen. It was the same tight feeling Harry was feeling in his balls. Changing pace again, he plunged in and out of her faster and harder than he ever had done. “Har-ry,” she moaned. The knot suddenly snapped, and the walls of Hermione's womanhood constricted around Harry's cock with her organismic release. “Hermione,” Harry groaned. He pushed in as deep as he could go just as he hit his own peek. Hot seed spurt from his body into her's. The sensation of having him come in her sent shivers through her body. Harry's vision went completely black.

“What did you say?” Hermione whispered to him when his vision returned. She was lovingly embracing him with fingers running through his hair.

“Huh? When?” he asked not remembering speaking.

“Just now, you whispered something.”

“Oh...er... I don't remember.” He looked into her eyes trying to determine what she could be thinking. She was looking at him rather concerned. Trying to ease her troubles, he kissed her. This time slow and passionate. Pulling away, he cleared his throat. “Does this mean we're going out now?” he asked awkwardly.

“I should hope so!” Hermione hissed.

“Good,” Harry nodded. His cock was getting hard again within her. “Want to do it again?”

“Oh no you don't!” Molly Weasley screeched as she stormed into the room. The frightened teens parted and tried to cover their bits from the enraged woman. Behind her the portrait of Sirius' mother began to scream. “Filth in my house! Traitors! Mudbloods! Whores!”

“I thought I heard noises in here!” Molly continued. She did not seem to care the racket she was causing or the fact they were naked. “Really? What were you two thinking? You're only fifteen! I had expected better of you both!”

“Molly, dear, what's wrong?” her husband Arthur asked as he came into view. He took one look into the room, and his jaw dropped. “Blimey!” he muttered. At least he had the decency to turn away. “Let them get dressed, Molly!”

“What difference will it make? They've shammed themselves as it is! And their families! James and Lily must be turning in their graves!”


Somewhere in Heaven...


“Woo! That's my boy!” James Potter cheered as he hugged his wife. Lily rolled her eyes, but blushed as she remembered her sixteen- year-old self sneaking around the school with the man beside her doing the very same thing. She was just glad her son found a nice girl who cared more about smarts then looks.


Back at Grimmauld...


“You,” Molly pointed angrily at Hermione. “I will be writing to your parents about this immediately! Both of you are to go to your rooms until I have decided on the proper punishment.” The pair nodded. Harry gathered his boxer's a cloak. Slipping on his boxer's he handed Hermione his cloak to cover her naked half. They blushing raced out to their rooms. To their horror, EVERYONE, was awake and watching for who Molly had caught. Harry certainly got his wish. No one was going to let him forget tonight even if he wanted to. Then he heard it. The soft mumble from under Hermione's breath, “at least this can't get any worse.” Great, now he had to worry about how Karma was going to bitch-slap the both of them for those words.


Some secret place...


Death Eaters gathered curious why their master had chosen to summon them tonight. Many of them were ready to spew upon seeing the pleased grin on Voldemort's face. It was very rare the Dark Lord appeared so... giddy. “Thank you all for coming on such sort notice,” he greeted. Most of them cringed... Voldemort had actually said 'Thank you'! Not seeming to notice the growing fear in his followers, Voldemort continued, “Due to events tonight, we will be postponing our plans until further notice.” The Death Eaters looked between each other. They all shared the same thought, but none dared to ask it aloud.

“I'm sure many of you are wondering... why? What sort of event could be so important to create a change so great,” Voldemort looked over his followers. “Tonight, Potter has made an error that will become his greatest weakness. He now has a lover.” He mockingly said the word 'lover' as though it were the bunch line of a joke. He's followers grinned finally catching on.

“So we're going to use the little whore against Potter?” Crabbe Sr. spoke up.

“No, I have set in motion a better idea,” Voldemort chuckled. “You see, I had considering leaving he and his Mudblood alone, but then I came up with a brilliant idea. Capturing the girl as is would see to Potter fighting with everything he has to get her back. But were the circumstances... different, he would forfeit completely. That is why I slipped into Potter's mind while it was vulnerable, and -by channelled my magic through him- put a spell on the girl. As of this very night, the Mudblood Granger has been impregnated.”

Across the room, one Severus Snape lost a little of his practised indifference. A small voice told him Dumbledore was not going to like this. At the moment he was paying more attention to the loud screaming voice. That voice was telling him he needed a way out of the twenty years that remained of his Hogwarts Teaching Contract. Perhaps even consider leaving the country. Like Hell was he going to deal with another generation of Potter!

A/N: I did have this up on fanfiction net, but it was deleted (I wasn't aware there was an MA rating that was allowed there). So now I'm uploading here with some editing done to the next few chapters. So if this story is familiar, that's why.

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