A Cytherea game of hide-and-seek

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”You do remember what you are looking for, I’m sure?” Hermione confidently asked.

“Yes, vividly. Not that the description was vague at all and I don’t really know what the living garden gnome you’re meaning by it, but sure, I remember: ‘a mark, inscription of a spell, found in this room is the lead to find you very own chest of treasure.’” Ginny recited, a little annoyed.

“Yes, perfect score! Good girl!”

The two girls were in the room of requirement, built in taste of Hermione’s mind (a lot of bookcases stood in row, in the room now 8 * 18 metres big, copying the looks of a library, but more cosy, and for the sake of sport, much messier), playing a game of hide and seek first encouraged by Luna during their school years. The three women had all found themselves substituting for a couple of months while the regular staff was on a grand meeting to ensure the growth of magic schools all over Europe after the fall of all and one dark lord(‘s).

As all three surprisingly being back to the loved school after only eight years, habits used then snuck back in to their daily life, and so; the game of hide and seek they had played as teenagers was now back in shape as young adults. Today only two of the witches were present though, as the scrawny blonde was forced to deal with a girl (with a rather big build, and heavy black hair) who had tried to smuggle in a dragon’s egg into the school. Sad it may be, this fitted Hermione’s plan for the evening perfectly.

“So, do you need a clue?” Hermione asked, in response to a much annoyed grunt of Ginny.

“That just depends on the nature of the clue; I don’t want any more of your riddle crap.” She looked at Hermione. “But if it’s usable, then sure”

She thought for a second. “What do you want for it?”

“Didn’t you agree to stop swearing, now that you are in a need to be… respectable? Wasn’t that the headmistress biggest concern, as you said?” Hermione said in light of the much appreciated (by Hermione and Luna, at least) speech the headmistress had given Ginny not long before her classes had started, regarding the highly colourful way Ginny usual spoke.

“Oh come on – be nice to me now…” Ginny started, but was overthrown by Hermione, who raised her voice just a little, to mark that she was the controlling force for this game.

“But no matter that; you would probably need to pay something roughly equal to the value of the clue. Which is fun since…” she paused for dramatics. “You don’t have any idea of the value of the clue! That is fun, isn’t it?” Hermione giggled.

“Ha ha, look how hard I’m laughing.” Ginny said; using the dirtiest look she could manage.  She continued shuffling through the books in the second bookcase, as she had disregarded the first one as a matter of probability.

Hermione toned down a bit. “Well, if you had not taken this so seriously, then you would not be so testy. So why not calm down a bit, take it easy and so on. Fun and games, and find it later?” She paused, considering something. “These chairs are for a matter of fact really comfy, why not just sit down, agree that you took an honourable defeat, and that you just weren’t up for it this time?”

Hermione patted her knees in a subtle way to mock Ginny. Ginny did not lose the context.

“Yeah right, like that would be an option.” Ginny said flatly, continuing her search, one item at a time. She looked up and over on all the bookcases she had left, and dropped the book she was holding in a dejected motion. She sighed:

It would really help with that clue you mentioned. I guess I’ll pay whatever price you like.” Ginny said.

“Right!” Hermione thought about it for a second or two and then slowly said: “I want your garter.”

“…” Ginny looked at Hermione, curiously. “Can’t. Don’t wear one.” She said flatly, after a silence just too short.

Hermione just laughed. “Oh, I know you wear one. The one where you put your spare wand for rainy days? I think we all know of that wand. It did come in handy when… You know. The war and all…” And two pair of eyes sunk down to the floor, for just a moment, as eyes do when the mind gets too heavy. And as the two thought back on losses and grief, clouds seemed to gather; but almost as soon as the clouds came in the sun broke through, and the girls rose back into reality. A bird sung a simple song outside, and its tune reached in and uncovered the fog in the room. Hermione smiled:

“And as far as I know you lost the wand, but kept the garter.” She said, a little lighter than needed. “We did live together – and I noticed how you still put it on every morning back then. No reason why you should’ve stopped, is there?” She eyed Ginny confidently, looking over the redhead’s choice of clothes this day. The skirt was not as comfortable now, it seemed, as it had been when Ginny had putted it on that morning.

“No, you’re right: I’ve kept the garter, but why do you want it? It does not seem to be something the ol’ Hermione I know of would ask for.” She looked away from the book she was currently searching, instead searching the mind of the most celebrated witch of her generation.

“Well, you will get it back – I’m not evil. I just want to… borrow it, till later.” Hermione said smugly.

“Yeah… Not perverse at all, Herm, not at all. Mm, sure, you can… borrow my garter for a clue; just don’t do anything to it that would make me not want it back. Actually, don’t do anything with it at all” Ginny said.

“Perfect! Then garter now, clue later.” Hermione excitement shone through her whole body, and she sat more forward in her chair.

The devil was never that far away in Ginny, and she had used both trick and treat to get her way in a house full of boys. She had not been against showing the extra bit of skin needed to kill an argument, whenever one of her brothers dared to cross her. The Weasley twins enjoyed their reputation, but knew that the one closest to the throne of mayhem was not them, but their sister. Ginny took of her shoes with a determination to take over this show.

So the devil looked up with a smug as Ginny put up a foot on the table closest to Hermione, and began to slowly lift her skirt. If she had to do it, she could just as well do it on her terms. She seemed sure of what she was doing, as she did not look away from Hermione even once.

The skirt was dragged just enough to display the garter, to the small whoop-whoop of Hermione, and even if Ginny stood with her right knee over her left, in a position that with a dragged up skirt would exhibit the wonder of a woman’s panties, she did not let Hermione look so far, as she turned away just so much to agonise the curious spectator. As she slid the garter down (slowly, slowly) over her knee the knee-socks she was wearing was dragged with it.

As her uncovered leg came into light, Hermione fell strangely still. The brown haired witch looked on as enchanted, and it was not before the very piece of fabric she had asked for was coming towards her she shook out into reality.

 “Here, take it.” Ginny threw it towards Hermione, who caught it with an eagerness last found in the latest game of Krum’s. “And please, just don’t… sniff it.”

“I would never!” Hermione loudly exclaimed, before taking it up for a close investigation. “Well, we’ll see.” She looked it over once again before she pocketed it. She sat back, resting comfortably in the chair once again. She rested her hands in her lap, and smiled warmly as she spoke:

“Now, the clue. For fun’s sake, I’ve made a verse. All in recognition of poor Luna, who could not be here” She sunk her head, and thought her rhymes over, before beginning the recitation:

“As clues go, tis rather cheap

To treasure find, you’ll need to peep

First at the entrance to Cytherea’s cave

And then further down, but behave

Then of course you need to see

What’ll guide you to the treasure’s key

Books of knowledge fill a library

What you want is in mythology”

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