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Chapter 1: Introduction to Wizarding World


Halloween 1981 – Outside of Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey


The time is obviously barely above 8 o’clock at night but the darkness that enveloped the sky above belays it, making it as if it had been much later, both due to the lack of any natural light source by the stars in the sky or the moon as well as the lack of people on the street. It is only thanks to the lines of streetlamps that prevents the darkness to descent completely unto the street.


Suddenly, a cracking sound can be heard against the silence as a tall figure dressed in fashion that would make any normal people reaching for their phone to call the authorities appeared out of nowhere.


Perhaps it is also force of luck that prevents that to happen as this is the one day of the year which eccentric costumes are allowed to be worn in public by young and old alike with no one will ever bat an eye, after all, it is Halloween.


The figure walked into the light of one of the street lamps, showing that he is a man with some rather obvious signs of aging if his long white flowing beard is any indication. The man took the time to correct his thin-rimmed glasses’ position slightly before reaching into his robe pocket and pulls out a small device. He pointed the device toward the streetlamps in turn and one by one, each of them loses their light until the entire street completely descends into darkness.


As the last light disappears, the tall figure is approached by another; this one is very much smaller and crouching on top of the nearby fence while observing the man with its eyes glowing in the dark. The man turned toward the cat and speaks softly, “I see that you are expecting me, Minerva.”*


The cat jumps off of the fence as its body seem morph into something much more humanoid while in mid-air before finally completely turning into another human figure, a decidedly feminine one. The new person is what anyone will decide to be quite tall for a female but still somewhat shorter than the man before her.


The woman has her hair tied into a tight bun, wears a robe and slightly crooked positioned pointed hat but a closer observation will reveal that the woman look barely above mid-20s with her still smooth skin, wrinkle-less visage and the shapely figure which showed ever over her robe, at least outwardly. Her tone of voice as she spoke though showed that the woman has maturity and age beyond her looks, “I heard about it, Albus. Is that true? Is he really dead?”*


The man turned to the woman once again as if to answer her question when another loud sound interrupts him. Both of them turned toward the direction of the sound and see what will have others swear that it is an UFO from space, but they both knows better.


Even better yet, they know what the object really is. As the sound approaches, it reveals to be a vintage motorcycle with its rider; a massive man that easily dwarfs either of them carrying a bundle in his hand.


the curious thing is that the motorcycle seems to be floating in the air before it finally touches down on terra firma as the rider kills the engine. The rider takes off his riding glasses as he turns toward the other two, “Good evening, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall.”*


The two replies his greeting together before the older looking of the two steps forward toward the massive man to receive the bundle he was carrying, revealing it to be a baby boy, “Did he cause you trouble, Hagrid?”*


The rider, not identified as Hagrid, shakes his head side to side before answering, “No, Professor Dumbledore, sir. He sleeps the entire way, no trouble at all.”


Dumbledore nods once before turning toward the doorstep of a house with a number “4” hung next to its door.


As if immediately understanding the man’s intention, the woman approaches the old man as she speaks with obvious concern in her voice, “Albus, you can’t.” She pauses for a moment as she throws a glance toward the baby as if drawing strength from it as she continues, “I have observed them the whole day; they are the worst kind of muggle there is.”


Dumbledore responds to her plea with a shake of his head as he speaks, “They are the last of his family, Minerva. He will be safe.”*


Once the esteemed old man placed the baby on the doorstep, the woman sees another feature of the baby and immediately raises another concern to him, “Albus, at least let Poppy take a look at him.” She points a finger toward the baby’s lightning bolt shaped scar as if trying to make a point as she continues, “Look, he has a wound on his forehead.”*


The aging professor shakes his head once against as he replies, “Even if I could, I won’t. Scars may come in handy in the future.”


When McGonagall opens her mouth once again to complain, Dumbledore interrupts her with a gesture of his hand to shush her as he pulls out his wand and points it toward the baby to cast a few charms on it before putting it back in its holster.


He reaches into his pocket and removes an envelope from it which he tucks under the baby’s blanket as he whispers, “Good luck, Harry Potter.”*


He steps back from the baby followed by the reluctant McGonagall before joined by Hagrid. With a crack, all three vanish from the street as the streetlamps gain their light back.


Near midnight of July 30th , 1991 – Cottage in the middle of the sea


A thin boy with messy black wearing thick round glasses is sitting in the dark of his room in the little cottage in the middle of nowhere that his obese uncle, one Vernon Dursley, has taken all of their small extended family including his wife, Petunia Dursley and son, Dudley Dursley and his nephew, himself in attempt to get away from the flocks of mail carrying owls that has been targeting their home in Surrey, hopefully disheartening whoever sending them at the first place.*


The boy was feeling rather down in the darkness as he throws a glance toward the small alarm clock, one of the very few things that his guardians had bought for him although it was purely so that he would not be late in serving them breakfast. The glowing needles of the item are showing that it is barely half a second before midnight when the date will change from 30 to 31st, his birthday.


The cause of his trepidation is the fact that while other kids would have been having the time of their lives celebrating their birthday with family and friends, probably even with a mountain of birthday presents for them to tear through, he knows that no one will be telling him happy birthday.


In fact, even his “family” hasn’t bothered to do so for the last 11 years and he sees no reason for the tradition to be broken this year either. Sure, they don’t abuse him physically, they don’t beat him or harm him of any kind but neither are they showing him any kindness.


In fact, his uncle’s family has taken to putting him down as much as possible by telling him that he is son of a drunk driver couple who has died in a car accident after a night in the pub or calling him names and dissuading other people to interact with him by spreading story that he is mentally unstable and dangerous.


Thus, one Harry Potter figures that this would just be another lonely birthday. However, just as the needles strikes the number 12 together and Harry is going to give himself another lonely “Happy Birthday” he was interrupted by the thunderous sound coming from the other side of his room door.


Out of curiosity, he opens the door to look and he sees that someone has literally broken into the cottage. The massive man has a fur coat on him which is dripping wet unto the floor due to the heavy rain outside while the cottage front door is lying in front of him, obviously has been forcefully taken off its hinges by the same man.


Harry hears his uncle yelling toward the man to get out of the cottage while threatening him with a shotgun only for the man to grab it by the nozzle and bends it upward as it discharges and blows a hole on the roof. The massive man clears his throat as he speaks with a deep and rough voice… toward Dudley, “Good to see you again, Harry. You have… grown big, especially around the middle area.”*


Dudley nervously shakes his head as he squeaks an answer, clearly intimidated by the man’s size, “I… I am not Harry.” 


Harry steps out of his room and turns toward the giant as he speaks, “I am Harry… Mr….”*


the massive man lets out a snort as he answers, “Well, of course you are. My name is Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of the Keys and Grounds of Hogwartss.”* The man, now identified as Hagrid, reaches into his pocket and withdraws a familiar envelope from it before giving it to Harry, “Professor Dumbledore asks me to deliver this to you.”*


Harry takes the envelope nervously but doesn’t open it until Hagrid told him to. He takes a while to read it before turning back to Hagrid, “Is this for real? I am admitted to….”* He looks back into the envelope before continuing, “… Hogwartss School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?”* 


Hagrid grins as he looks at Harry right in the eyes as he replies, “Of course, Harry. Have you ever wonder where your parents learn it all? Did you ever have something… unusual happen around you? You are a wizard, Harry. Just like your parents were.”*


Harry looks at Hagrid with wide disbelieving eyes as he replies back while pointing toward his scar on the forehead, “But… I was told that my parents were drunk drivers who died in a car accident which gives me this scar.”* 


Hagrid snorts once again before replying, “As if… your parents are great people, Harry and even better friend. They are heroes in our world.”*


As he speaks, from over Harry’s shoulder, Hagrid spies that Dudley has sneaked behind Harry and currently eating the cake that the massive man has brought for Harry to celebrate his birthday, a cake that he made with his own two hand.


He pushed Harry aside as he pointed his umbrella toward the fat boy and a beam of light comes out of its tip before hitting Dudley right on the rear. The said boy shrieks in surprise as he feels something tear through the back of his pants and places his hand on it only to find that it is a tail, a pig tail to be exact.*


Both Vernon and Petunia immediately leap hysterically to help their equally hysteric son while Hagrid stands up and lowered his umbrella as he spoke to Harry, "Would appreciate it if you keep silent about that, yes? Strictly speaking, I wasn't supposed to do that."


He then walks toward the door before pausing to turn back around and speaks to Harry, “Are you coming? Unless you prefer to stay here?”* Harry needs no more persuasion as he follows the man out of the door.


A few weeks later  - London


Harry is following Hagrid through the streets of London as he re-reads his letter of acceptance probably for the hundreds times since he got it about a few weeks ago, it also contain the list of items that apparently he needs to have before the school starts starting from: Plain black robe(s), cauldron, potion knife... which seems normal enough but as he goes down the list, he simply can't seem to find it possible to find them in London. Yet, this is where they are after Hagrid literally rows the entire trip from the cottage, braving the high sea for days.


Finally giving up on trying to make sense of it, Harry turn toward the man, “Hagrid, this things on the list… is it even possible to find these things in London?”*


The massive man gives the 11 years old a wide smile as he answers, “Of course they are, Harry. You just need to know where... to... look.”*


The massive man leads Harry into a pub in the corner of the street called ,”The Leaky Cauldron” and greets the barkeeper who immediately notices Harry, or more specifically, the scar on his forehead.


The moment he does, it sends the ball rolling as every single person in the small pub turns toward him at the same time and one by one, they approaches him and gushes him with praises as if he is a superhero back from war after defeating his mortal enemy.


Feeling overwhelmed by the sudden attention, Harry is incredibly relieved when Hagrid finally shovels him through the pub’s backdoor into what look like a dead end. The man taps a sequence on the wall with his umbrella and the wall seem to turn alive as each of the bricks moves fluidly, revealing a crowded alley behind it. Hagrid grins at Harry’s shocked and awed expression as he speaks, “Welcome Harry… to Diagon Alley.”*


Hagrid proceeds to give Harry a quick tour around the magical shopping district including a visit to Gringgots to get some gold out of his vault along with a package that the headmaster of his future school wishes to be removed from another vault. The giant man also provides help for Harry in getting his school supplies including robe, wand, potion supplies, even his own familiar, a snowy white owl that he named Hedwig.


It was at the last stop at Flourish and Blotts to get his textbooks that Harry manage to convince Hagrid that he will be fine by himself and the giant may go back to the school. It isn’t until he gives the giant the excuse that Professor Dumbledore must be waiting for that package of his that the giant relents and leaves after extracting a promise out of him that he will be careful.


Once the giant leaves, Harry continues with getting his textbooks with little difficulty. Soon enough, he is holding a basket containing half a dozen books which are the prescribed textbooks he needs but he is far from satisfied. Ever since he was a child, Harry always has a fondness of reading books, not so much that he is a bookworm but because reading allows him to momentarily forget his relatives’ mental abuse.


The more unusual the books are, the better it is in his eyes and the bookshop has so many books that the 11 years old never even see his entire life, including some fiction and children storybooks featuring himself in adventures that simply isn’t possible considering his age and circumstances. He picks up several other books, including a copy of Hogwarts: A History and a book on wizarding custom.


It is when he is looking around for books when he spots someone his age who seem to be as out of it as himself. The girl has wavy light brown hair that reaches down to her shoulders and honey brown eyes but what attracts her to him is the fact that instead of wearing robes, she is wearing a T-shirt and jeans. She also has an adult woman with her with similar feature that Harry decides that she most likely be the girl’s mom and another woman that look to be in her mid-20s wearing emerald green robe.


For some reason, he seem to find the latter of the two women somewhat familiar but he for the life of him, he is unable to figure out why. After observing the party of 3 for a while, Harry could see that the young woman in robe is most likely the girl and her parent’s tour guide just as Hagrid was his and decide that he is better off not alerting them of his presence. Instead, he takes the books he gathered to the cashier to be checked out and paid.


Satisfied with how his day goes, Harry decides against going back to Privet Drive since the school will start in less than a week and he doubts that anyone will be home anyway. Instead, he goes into “Leaky Cauldron” and rents a room from Tom the barkeeper for the rest of the week. Once he retreats into his rented room, Harry climbs on the bed and immediately begins reading the books starting from Hogwarts: A History.









*Some dialogue and scene taken from "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" by JK Rowling


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