A Mother\'s Switch

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A Mother’s Switch

*Summer before 3rd year August 6th*

               Harry groaned as she slid her panty clad cunt along his cock, her weight settled on him with an immeasurable pleasure as her moans awoke the lust within him. He felt her shiver in ecstasy as her back curled, pushing her breasts forward for him to observe. The pert nipples suited her beautiful c-cups. His hand slid along her thigh stopping only once he was grasping a handful of her luscious ass. He moaned as she slid back once more leaving a glistening trail on his rock hard six and a half inch member. Leaning down the woman clad only in her emerald green thong kissed him thoroughly, their tongues fighting to provide more pleasure for the other. Harry had a distinct advantage as he utilized his parseltongue ability to add a slight vibration to his tongue releasing an altogether new sensation on the woman above him. When they broke away for air she panted gently into his ear, her cunt still sliding up and down his member keeping him hard and bringing him steadily closer to his orgasm.

                “I think it’s time you showed me again how much of a man you are, Harry.” His red-headed goddess whispered into his ear, her breath tickling his skin causing him to shudder in ecstasy. Giving her ass a squeeze he rolled them over in show of strength.  She spread her legs before him and quickly shunted aside her thong. Lining up his cock he gently teased her puffed up lips causing her to quiver beneath him. Reaching down he thumbed her clit with a gentle stroke causing her to cry out with pleasure.

                “Mom, when I’m done with you, dad won’t be able to deny your getting fucked by someone else.” Harry said a smirk crossing his face as he thought about his father. With that said Harry lined up his member and with a smooth quick stroke he fully entered his mother’s cunt for the first time. Her walls clamped down on his cock hard and began to immediately milk his cock. His mother had just cum from his insertion! With this knowledge Harry began to hammer into her faster and faster as she screamed in bliss.

                “OH, oh Harry, FUCK! Jeezus Fuck me Harry, fuck me you mother fucker, fuck your mother.” She yelled as Harry worked over her cunt. Their breathing labored and heavy as the sweat poured from their bodies. The smell of sex permeated the air further increasing the pleasure the two received from their bodies as their senses came together in a harmony only achieved through the ultimate act of love. After a few minutes Lily felt Harry tire and rolled them over once more. Bouncing on his cock she directed her son to take her breast into his mouth. She moaned as his tongue danced across her inflamed nipple sending sparks of pleasure all through her body. Her strikingly red hair danced wildly as her paced increased again, leaving an impression of dancing flames, perfect for the heat of the passion felt by the two of them. Her tits bounced wildly as her cunt quivered each time she slammed back down onto her sons cock.

                “Oh son, I’m gonna cum, your gonna make mommy cum again!” She screamed as she felt her orgasm rise up once more. Harry began thrusting harder up into her in counterstrokes bringing them to completion quickly.

                “Oh mom, I’m gonna cum. I’m cumming in my mothers pussy.” Harry yelled in a half groan as his seed spilled into his mother’s cunt. This action caused his mother to clamp down on him as she came in an explosion of ecstasy. With a few more thrusts and squeezes mother and son milked him of the rest of his cum and he slipped out of her noisily. Lily rolled over onto her back and lifted her hips, intent on not letting his seed spill from her. She slipped her panties back over her pussy further entrapping her sons cum .

                “I suspect your father will be surprised when he discovers I’m pregnant.” Lily said with a smirk on her lips after they had spent a few minutes recovering from their exertions. Harry gave a panting laugh and rolled onto his mother.

                “If it weren’t for magic, we wouldn’t be able to remove the evidence fast enough for him not to notice. On that note though I believe I said I would make it so dad would notice, did I not?” Harry asked with a smirk as he got off the bed. After a moment he managed to get his mother to sit up and he leaned down to kiss her gently.

                “You know I love your pussy but you have another set of lips I’d like to pay homage too.” He said with a breathy whisper across her lips. Her lips quirked upwards into a small smile of amusement as she stared into her sons eyes, so like her own.

                “mhm, I think I’d like that very much, do you want mommy to suck your cock, to give you a blowjob. Should I forget to brush my teeth afterwards? Do you think your father will notice another man’s smell when he kisses me?” she asked seductively, brushing her hands along his cock giving it a few quick strokes bring it up to half mast once more.

                Harry watched as his mother’s lips encircled the tip of his cock not quite touching him yet. He felt her hot breath on him and nearly came again, despite their recent romp. She backed off a bit before straightening his cock so she could lick the underside. He shivered as her tongue touched him for the first time today. At the tip she gave a few tentative licks tasting her son and herself on his unclean cock. She wrapped her lips around the tip again this time fully capturing the head in her mouth. She licked around the head as she slowly began to bob up and down on his cock. Her beautiful green eyes sought her sons and her gaze held him as she sucked and slurped noisily slowly taking him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Harry was once more stunned by his mother, he had not thought she could match the beauty she was during climax but her eyes wide with so much white surrounding the iris gave her a look of false innocence as her irises danced in delight. Her lips glistened with escaped saliva and precum. Harry’s hands were drawn to her hair where they interlaced themselves into her locks. When she fully engulfed his cock he could feel her throat pulsing around his cock. He could barely restrain himself from cumming.

                Lily was breathing heavily as her sons cock penetrated her throat for the first time. His father had never been into blowjobs, though she had deep-throated him once or twice on special occasions. She licked greedily on the underside of his cock as she felt it pulse in warning and slowly drew back until only the head of her sons cock remained in her mouth. She started to suck and lick the tip only moving forward two or three inches rapidly stimulating her son. Soon he could not stand it anymore and she felt the first wave of his seed splash into her mouth. It was more than her husband had ever given her in one shot. The next waves were just as spectacular and had a mini-orgasm from the feel of his magical seed inside her. She thanked the lords for being a witch some day’s and this was definitely one of those days. 

                Harry was leaning against his mother as he filled her mouth and he felt a silly grin cross his face as she moaned in pleasure as his seed poured into her once more. Afterwards the two lay together on Lily’s marriage bed where he had been conceived. The smell of sex permeated the air and Harry found himself thinking about how it had all began.

*I left this open-ended in case I chose to add to it later. I also elected to let other authors add chapters to the story as well, though I have no idea how that function works. If I continued with this story if would be a slow progression story into how Harry and Lily become lovers and then various scenarios where Harry takes his Mother over and over haha. While I believe this story is original I am aware that there are a ton of stories out there, so if you think its too similar to another story or something then send me a message with the title of story so I can go wank to that story (after all I wrote this too suit my tastes haha!). Please read, enjoy, and hell if you want too, write a review. 

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