Thirsting Needs Answered

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Thump thump thump.

Groaning lightly, a dark haired male wiggled closer to the sound that was echoing in his brain. Everything ached, and everything was substantually louder than it should be this early in the morning. Harry remembered the party last night, he must have had too much to drink, or someone slipped something into his drink. There was the gentle hissing of water running in the room next door, he seemed to almost be able to hear every single droplet of water that hit the floor of the shower tiles.


Pulling a pillow over his head he tried to ignore the pounding was starting to get louder and closer, before he jumped at the sudden contact of someones hand on his shoulder. Almost at snail speed he uncovered his face with the pillow sitting up in the comfort of his bed in the apartment.

"Hey, mate, Just checking you were alright, you drank...a loooot." The red haired boy accented his hair was wet from the shower he had just taken, the loud thundering pounding ricocheted in Harry's head.

"Oh, Charlie, my head is killing me, there's this awful pounding in my head that wont go away." He said his hand trembled as he rubbed his temples slowly. Opening his eyes a bit more he looked down seeing he had fallen asleep in his cloths from last night, his buttoned up silver shirt hung half open and buttoned completely, his black slacks were unbottoned as well. Frowning visibly he started to wonder what happened last night, fingers moving to unbotton his shirt as he turned his feet touching the cold floor.

"Well I'm going to go get dressed, you don't have class tonight, so maybe you should make a hang over potion to stop that pounding." Nodding towards Harry, the fit red head walked out of the room in nothing but a towel around his thin waist. Emerald green eyes seemed to follow the trail of muscles down Charlie's back, it had been two years that he had started to take lessons from Charlie about things he might have learned in his seventh year at hogwarts, but now he stayed because he was training to be a handler of dragons. There was something so majestic about the beasts that could easily tear through his body without any hesitation.

Within these two years he's noticed it wasn't Ginny that he had been attracted to, females didn't seem to do it as much as her brothers. Thin, muscled, firm. Inwardly groaning he threw his now unbottoned shirt at the laundry basket. He had a thing for men, he was starting to accept that fully, fingers moving to slide off his pants and underwear walking completely nude towards the shower.

The dark haired male stopped within just one step as he realized how badly he was hurting, but the pounding in his head seemed to dial down. Slowly he walked limping towards the shower turning on the hot shower, stepping into the warm water a small groan escaped his lips as the water hit his sore back. What had he done last night, and whatever it was he hopped no one caught video of it or took picture of the-Man-who-defeated-Lord-Voldemort being absolutely snockered. Though there was little hope in that, Harry knew that he was always watched, everything he did was monitored. After two years, he'd hoped that it would all die down, this celebrity fascination in the wizarding world.

Once he was finished showering he stepped into the foggy atmosphere of his bathroom, grabbing a towel from the rack. Soft and velvet almost like being caressed by a cloud, or some sort of fluffy animal. Rubbing his hair vigorously trying to get it to stop the droplets down his chest and back. He always looked like he had stepped out of bed when he walked out of his house, but it was probably because after his shower he just dried it and never brushed it til it was fully dry. He always thought he would brush it before it stuck out in every direction but something always seemed to distract him. Wrapping the towel around his waist, Harry ventured over to his wardrobe looking for something to wear for his day off. Grabbing the first thing he saw, black pants, and a rich purple button up top.

Wincing at the sudden nails on his shoulder his vivid green eyes met those of the amber eyes of Desili, his owl. She hooted happily upon landing on his shoulder nipping lightly at his hair, drinking some of the water that was still in the silky brown strands, before she put out her foot to show she had a letter for him. "Oh, thank you. Would you like a treat?" He nearly purred at her as he took the letter from her that was untarnished by the weather outside. She was almost as good as Hedwig, he mused as he petted the deep red colored feathers on the back of her neck.

"There is a treat next to the bed, I'll come to you when I need to send a reply." He said rolled his shoulder to sign to her to get off his bare skin, which was now faintly scratched and dotted with small red droplets of blood. She hooted and flew to grab the treat then promptly flew out of the window with a biscuit in her beak. Harry watched her go, entranced by the beauty of the creature that he entrusted more than he trusted any other human being. She didn't care who he was, at least not that he was the famous Harry Potter, she never asked for autographs, or his stories of the war. She loved him for his companionship, and trust that he'd never hurt her.

He opened the letter reading it slowly, anyone who saw him could see his almost look of horror. Throwing the letter onto his bed he grabbed his clothes and quickly put them on so he could leave the confines of his bedroom. Harry walked out of the room, leaving it a mess, he grabbed his wand before closing the door behind him, waving it locking and warding it. He did it mainly after habit, not necessarily cause he needed to.

Strolling out the front door he nearly sighed at the sight of the sun, but then he winced faintly at it giving him a headache. Muttering something about finding a hangover potion, and quickly. Placing a tan hand over his green eyes he walked down the walkway until he got to the road, doing a half circle and apparating to diagon Alley. The pull of his body in a half circle made him dizzy once he landed where he meant to, instantly leaning against the wall bending over upheaving all the contents of his stomach.

There was a sound of disgust from some of the passersby but there was one that stood out around the rest, a hand was around his shoulders before he realized what was happening. Slowly being led out of Diagon Alley to a small cafe and into the bathroom, a cool cloth was put onto his forehead. The person who was helping him was muttering incoherently and almost angrily, putting a hand to his forehead he felt the gentlest of touches making sure he didn't have a temperature.

Silvery strands of hair were suddenly in his view, jerking away from the touch suddenly as if he had been burnt his head hit the back of the bathroom wall. "Shit.." Harry cursed reaching up to rub the back of his head that had suddenly exploded with pain, turning over he retched in the toilet, he almost didn't notice fingers moving his flyaway hair away from his mouth as he completely emptied his stomach, due to the fact he didn't remember eating much the day before it was for the most part just left over alcohol and stomach acid.

"Jeez, Potter, what the hell do you think you are doing apparating whilst you still have alcohol in your system. You could have splinched yourself." Draco murmured almost angrily at the brunette, but when Harry didn't respond and was no longer throwing up, he pulled the younger male back to lean against the bathroom wall.

'fuck, he passed out.' Draco thought in pure disgust, picking Harry up he apparated them to The Leaky Cauldron, Thom was concerned about the sudden appearance of The famous Harry Potter looking tattered and passed out against Malfoy Lord. Clearing his throat Malfoy spoke with reverence, "I didn't come here to be gaped at, I need a room. As you can see, He is very sick and needs rest." Sneering the last few words as if the man on his side was venomous and was dirtying his clothing just by touching him. "Now!" his voice echoed through the tavern everyone who was sitting drinking looked up as Thom bustled reaching over handing Malfoy a key to a room. Draco exited quickly towards the way the man had told him to go, waving his wand he levitated Harry as he walked so that he didn't have to carry him.

Draco laid the disheveled boy onto the bed, moving gracefully to the bathroom and grabbing a washcloth dipping it in some cool water. He was deep in thoughts as he rang the towel out, his eyes kept shifting back to the male on the bed. How he wondered if that would be what he looked like after someone had ravished the man into exhaustion? Was Harry even gay? Draco shuddered faintly at the thought of his long time crush being straight. He had heard that he was no longer with the Weasley brat, but that didn't mean much in the wizarding world, there were plenty of other available witches awaiting a famous wizard to show appreciation to them.

Draco had had many lovers in his past, everyone always thought he'd end up with Pansy but she always had a thing for a Hufflepuff boy. There must be something so innocent about having someone never say no to you, to worship the ground you walked on and did everything in their power to make sure you were happy. Definitely not slytherin. Draco smiled faintly as he went and sat on the edge of the bed, running the rag over the others cheeks and forehead. His touch was soft as if he was taking care of a lover, his face was definitely softer than most would have ever imagined it could have been. Steel gray eyes softened into molten silver, touching the skin of Harry Potter, the boy who could have any witch or wizard he wanted, his fingers trailed over his lips and wondered what they felt like.

Draco leaned down, almost close enough to kiss those soft male lips before green eyes were suddenly staring at him. "What do you think you are doing?" Harry's hoarse voice invaded the small quarters holding accusations and authority. The brunette heard the thundering pounding that he had heard when he woke up, and tried to rub his temples to make the sound go away. Okay, so it might have been stupid apparating after partying so hard last night. The Silvery haired man sat up shifting the rag to lay on Potters forehead.

"You passed out, Potter," he sneered eyes going cold and his mask put back in place, but not before Harry had saw the soft lines around his eyes and mouth. "And I was making sure you were breathing. Do you want anything before I leave you in the care of Thom?" He asked making sure not there was no concern in his voice.

"I'm hungry and thirsty." he whispered softly knowing he had almost been kissed by Draco Malfoy his rival in Hogwarts, but Harry didn't mistake how beautiful the boy had turned out to be. The other male stood and went over and grabbed some water, bringing it back to Harry. "Thank you." he murmured sitting up slowly, a wave of dizziness hit him faintly but he tried not to show it.

"Whatever Potter, I have work to do. The room is taken care of, don't do anything stupid, like apparate until you are fully sober, prat." Draco said slamming the door behind him leaning against the door almost instantly, cursing himself for the lust that had ran through his body. He needed to find his current lover to subdue the feelings he was suddenly feeling.

Harry stared at the door as if something had happened that he hadn't expected, rubbing his temples the pounding in his head almost disappeared as the other had slammed the door. Shaking his head he laid down in the bed and tried to sleep, but his hunger and thirst seemed to be outweighing the even thought of sleeping.

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