Draco, What Have You Done?

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and make no money off this strange exercise of fanfiction.


Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter and make no money off this strange exercise of fanfiction.



A malicious prank by Draco throws plenty into chaos. In what he sets off he binds Harry to not only his godfather, but the Dark Lord himself. There are now problems, big ones, as Dumbledore's plans are in the trash and Harry and Sirius have to deal with a bondmate that caused them so much hell over the years! HP/LV/SB


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Set in the sixth year, Half-blood Prince, with many events in canon not taking place. That will be explained as the story moves along. Just follow the guideposts I leave so you know where I am.

Chapter 1


Following a group of first years down to the Great Hall, Harry gave an internal sigh. It was time for the Halloween feast. His first few years at school he had liked the annual feast. Now, though, he didn't. When he realized that it was the night that his parents had died and that fully sank in, he was less than enthralled by the idea of a celebration on the night they were killed. Somewhere in him he figured that the celebration now had more meaning that just Halloween for so many. He was sure that part of it was to celebrate the end of the first war as it tore the UK apart and ended a nightmare for so many. It was really that he still just didn't feel right celebrating the night his parents were taken from him was all.


As he trailed along behind the small group of first year Hufflepuffs, all of whom were excited about their first Halloween feast, he thought about detouring and holing up in the library or something. Though he liked that idea, he wouldn't. No, it was better to sit there and eat like everyone else. Besides, he didn't feel like the bombardment of questions that would come from Ron and Hermione over why he didn't show up. That would just get on his nerves. Well, more than normal. Since it was getting bad enough as it was, he didn't need to make that worse on himself. If he snapped at them, they would just ask questions and Hermione would get huffy with him again. He didn't need that right now.


Since his fifth year, his temper had been bad, something he would admit. Now in his sixth year, it hadn't improved any. In fact, he found that things that didn't used to bother him now made him barmy and more likely to snarl at people. That included Ron and Hermione. Those two—he got there was some kind of attraction there. Most could see that. Well, except those two. Their constant bickering was something that now drove him mad. And it was continuous. All the damned time. About everything. It was enough to make him want to pull his hair out. Now it was even worse than normal since Ron had hooked up with Lavender. Hermione was beside herself and jealous, so she was poking Ron more than normal. Ron, of course, poked back, though was less subtle about it than Hermione. That set off all kinds of problems and he was pulled right into the middle of them. As anyone would suspect, that didn't improve his temper. At this point, he was ready to just blow up on the both of them. It wouldn't help, he knew that, but he sure wanted to.


Shaking his head, he kept an eye on the first years ahead of him. They were two floors up from the Great Hall. With how they were moving, he hoped to get there long before Hermione and Ron then plant himself between a couple other people so he didn't have to deal with them. He realized that probably wouldn't work as the two would just find a way to be by him, but it might defuse some of the bickering. That was his hope anyway.


Focusing, he decided that he just had to get through feast then he could confine himself to the dorms, use the mirror and talk to Sirius for a while. That always helped his temper. Since the year before when Sirius gave him the mirror, they had talked a lot that way. And it helped with plenty of areas. When he was overwhelmed, Sirius helped defuse his temper. He also helped him work through plenty of problems he had. That was something he never had before and he loved it. It also helped when the visions he got the year before happened. If he hadn't had the mirror, he would have probably headed to the Department of Mysteries when he got the one about Sirius. Instead, he called his godfather and knew it was something off. That was good because it could have ended catastrophically if he hadn't.


Plan in mind, he felt a bit better about this whole bit. He just had to make it through feast then hide. He could do that.



Hidden behind a statue, Draco watched Potter heading towards the stairs. This was good! Granger and Weasley weren't with him for a change. That was even better. It meant that he probably wouldn't be as on alert as normal. Plus Granger tended to keep a closer eye out. This was perfect. The prat was about to get what he deserved. It might knock some cockiness out of him.


The rivalry was still going strong, of course, and Potter was just making it worse in many ways. Mostly it had to do with bits he heard from his dad. He wasn't exactly sure what was going on with that end and the Dark Lord, all he knew was that Potter mucked up some kind of big plans the year before. Couple that with how the prat was and Draco wanted some revenge. This would do it. Oh, the bomb wasn't harmful and wouldn't injure him, but it would put him out of commission for a couple of weeks. That's all he wanted. Potter wouldn't be himself for a while when he came out of it, something even better. He thought this was the perfect way to drive home a point to the golden boy. Let him suffer for a while. That might change his attitude and make him see that he made a mistake all those years ago when he chose Weasley instead of himself. He had read about this potion in a couple of crime novels and other books, so he knew that Potter would be in a coma for a couple of weeks from it, nothing harmful, but would wake up feeling different and miserable. That's what he was going for. It would teach him the lesson he wanted him to learn.


Watching as Potter stood at the top of the stairs as the idiot Hufflepuff first years started down them, he motioned for Crabbe and Goyle to come closer. They were holding the Magicae Nituntur bomb. They just had to be careful with this thing. It was a seriously dark potion that could get them all in a world of trouble for brewing it. Which meant they had to toss it fast and get out of here after he made sure that it was clean of anything that might tie them to it. Though he wanted to stick around to see the effects, knowing what would come of this as that magical compatibility stuff was codswallop, they needed to vanish and head to the Great Hall. If they timed it right, no one would know anything was off for a time anyway. Most would just think that Potter didn't want to attend the feast. If that was the case, it would be awhile before they found him.


Seeing that the first years had moved far enough away, Draco levitated the snitch-sized 'bomb', a gelatinous round blob, in front of him then shot it at Potter. As it headed in that direction, his eyes widened as it overshot and landed on the stairs midway between Potter and the group of first years. That wasn't good and meant they had to get out of there, fast, because the smoke that was already pouring out of it was reaching out to both Potter and the younger kids. Turning, he was about to say something to Crabbe and Goyle when he saw Professor Sprout standing there, wand out. Oh, bollocks! They were caught!



Seeing the small ball hit a few steps down from him, Harry's brow furrowed. However, when it began to smoke, smelling like burning sage, his eyes widened. Seeing the first years now standing and gawking, he conjured a shield in front of them that he hoped would protect them from whatever it was. As he did that, the smoke seemed to all turn and actually rush at him, surrounding his body. Hand flying to his mouth, he covered it as he coughed, shaking his head. Then the world around him went fuzzy and blurry, something like when he didn't have his glasses on. After that, everything started to spin. Getting light headed, he could feel himself weave before he began to fall. It felt like it was going in slow motion, but he couldn't be sure. As he dropped, he heard a voice that sounded like Professor Sprout's calling to him. Though he opened his mouth to reply, he couldn't get it out before everything went black.



About to question the trio about what they had thrown, Pomona's attention was then drawn away when whatever it was began to smoke. Eyes wide, she hurried in that direction. Quickly, she conjured a stasis jar around whatever it was, containing the smoke. It was too late for Harry, though. Whatever it was emitting was affecting him. The first years were fine, standing there behind the shield Harry had conjured, wide-eyed and jabbering. Watching Mr. Potter start to drop, Pomona managed to stop him, lowering him gently to the floor.


Hurrying over, making sure to clear out the remaining smoke, she checked on Mr. Potter. He was still breathing, thankfully, but she couldn't rouse him. After checking normal vitals, she sent for the Headmaster. Glancing up at Messrs Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, all who were still there thanks to the spell she cast on them so they couldn't leave, she asked, “What was it that you threw?” They would have to know that to help Mr. Potter.


Wide-eyed, knowing they were now in real trouble, Draco just looked down, refusing to answer.


Huffing, Pomona glared at the three of them. She would let Albus take that on. At the moment she had to tend to the student that was affected by the smoke. That came first.



Flopping down onto the bed in this weird room, Harry looked around. It was strange and he didn't know what to make of it. From what he could see, it was a smallish room with dark walls. The only thing he could see in it was the huge bed covered with a set of black sheets that seemed to shimmer in some way. It reminded him of how ghosts looked. The walls, too, seemed to have that shimmer to them. While he could feel the bed beneath him, it felt odd. Almost like it was muted in some manner. That's the only way he could describe it. All of this was just plain strange. He was used to odd things happening by now. After all, in their world odd was common. This, though, was beyond that. And he wasn't sure what to make of it.


Sitting there, folding his arms over his chest, he looked around, wondering what to do. He couldn't see a door of any kind anywhere. There wasn't even a window. The walls weren't decorated, nothing. As he had no idea where he was, he was leery of exploring. He would, of course, if he stayed here, but he wanted to make sure this wasn't something dangerous before he did that. While the room was small, something he could see everything of if he just turned his head, that didn't mean anything.


As he thought over the situation, trying to remember just how he got here, he came up with nothing after the smoke from that whatever it was that landed in front of him on the stairs. While pondering that, Harry's head came up. There was something that felt like a tug from his chest. It was almost like a line was attached to it and something was pulling at it. Brow furrowed, he concentrated on that and thought he felt two strings but couldn't be sure. Not sure what it was or how it related to this mess, he glanced around. Something like a rippling of one of the walls caught his attention. Holding his wand tightly, he waited to see what was going on as there was a shadow of a body that seemed like it was coming through it. As he had no clue who this might be, he was on edge. He now just had to wait and see who was coming to judge what to do.



Sirius had been standing up to go downstairs to get his dinner when he was surrounded by a strange white smoke. Certain this meant nothing good, though he didn't know where in Merlin's name it came from, he drew his wand. As the smoke curled around him and he smelled something like sage, he felt the blackness take over then felt himself start to drop. When he came to, he was walking through an unfamiliar wall into a room he didn't recognize. Glancing around, his eyes lit on his godson. That had him slightly relieved. Though he didn't know what was going on, the fact that Harry was there helped with the anxiety. Oh, he was on edge, no doubt there, because he didn't know how he ended up here, but he would work it out.


Walking towards his godson, he felt the urge take over. When he stepped in front of Harry, he pulled him close then kissed him passionately, holding him tightly to his body. His cock was instantly rock hard and throbbing. Though part of him still wondered what was going on, that seemed like it was forced back and this other part took the forefront.


Holding onto Sirius as he kissed him, Harry moaned into his godfather's mouth. Bloody hell, this was great! While he still didn't know what this was, he was now certain it was just a dream of some kind brought on by that smoke. After all, there was nothing more between him and Sirius than what everyone knew. He hadn't even thought about kissing his godfather like this before, let alone the reaction it was causing. Because he was now completely hard from it. Though it was odd, he would go with it. He had plenty of strange dreams over the years, so this was probably just another one of them. Since the year before, his dreams had taken on a very sexual bent. No, they hadn't contained guys, but they were definitely not G-rated. This was probably just another of those, so he wouldn't let it bother him too much.


As the snogging deepened and Sirius began to back the two of them towards the bed, a small part of his logic was still playing over what the hell happened. While he was having real problems focusing, the thing that hit him most was the smell of sage in the smoke. The only thing he could come up with that might do this was something that was mixed with Seer's Sage. As that was a hallucinogen, it could cause something like this. Plenty of the fake Seer's ingested the stuff to go into a trance and 'make predictions'. It could explain what was going on. Deciding that was part of this mess, his logic was then shoved aside as he and Harry got to the bed.


Breaking off the kiss, Sirius shot his godson a heated look then began to take off the younger man's clothes, hands trembling slightly as he did. At this time, all he could think about was sliding his cock into Harry's tight arse and fucking him senseless. Normally, such thoughts would have horrified and sickened him. As it was, they weren't bothering him a damned bit. And that's where he focused.


When he had Harry's clothes off, he quickly stripped out of his own then reached down and stroked his twitching cock a couple of times. Stepping up to the bed, he gently shoved Harry down then crawled between his legs. Locking his mouth down on Harry's, feeling his godson's arms wrap around him, holding onto him tightly, he grabbed his wand then cast the standard lubricating charm on Harry's arse. Reaching down, he first stroked Harry's hard cock a couple of times, feeling the sticky wetness on the head from the pre-cum, then he let his hand slide down further. After his hand brushed over Harry's balls, hearing and feeling his godson moan in his mouth as he did, he let one finger graze lightly over the tight, slick pucker. Then he began to ease it in. Breaking off the heated kiss, he gazed down into Harry's eyes as his finger slowly slid into what Sirius was sure was Harry's virgin arse. “Feel good, Harry?” he asked in a voice far huskier than normal.


“Yes,” Harry panted out, shivering. His whole body felt like it was on fire and tingling at the same time. Though this was a dream, it sure felt good. Reaching up, he put his hands on Sirius' head and pulled him down into another kiss. While he did that, he pressed down on the finger in his arse. He hadn't ever thought of doing something like this when he wanked, but it sure felt fantastic! When he woke, he would have to remember this.


Fucking Harry with the one finger, Sirius then eased another in. Oh, he wanted to bury his cock in that tight arse, that's for damned sure, but he didn't want to hurt his godson either. This might be a hallucination of some kind or a dream, something, but even now he wasn't going to risk that. Twisting and scissoring his fingers, he fucked Harry a bit rougher than he was before. Then he slipped a third one in. Breaking off the heated kiss, he moaned as his cock twitched but felt something, a tug, he didn't know what it was. It was attached to his chest somehow. Looking down at Harry, he said, “I think there's a third coming.” He wasn't sure how he knew that, but he felt a presence of someone being pulled their way. That was fine, they could easily make this a threesome and have some fun with it.


“There is,” Harry confirmed though he was moaning loudly, hips now bucking slightly. “They're coming.” He wasn't sure how he knew either, but that tug in his chest, the one he felt just before Sirius showed up, was there again and pulling hard.


Feeling Harry's arse clench around his fingers, Sirius pulled them out. He was desperate to press on as his cock was throbbing madly and his balls were demanding release soon. Quickly, he flipped Harry onto his stomach and pulled him up onto his knees. Kneeling down behind him, he grabbed his demanding cock and held it to Harry's entrance. Keeping a firm rein on himself, he gripped his cock tightly then began to ease it into Harry's arse. Teeth gritted, he thrust forward slightly, watching as the head of his cock slowly stretched Harry's arsehole before the tight ring of muscle began to dilate open, allowing him to start to slide inside. Once the head passed through, the shaft slid in easier.


Head dropping back, Sirius moaned Harry's name loudly as the arse clamped around his already sensitive flesh. Fingers digging into Harry's hips where he had a grip on him, he held still, desperate to keep hold of his own self-control and to let Harry adjust. Panting heavily, he looked down at his godson. Harry was shivering, covered with goose bumps, but his hand was under himself, stroking his own cock. Leaning over Harry's back, planting one hand on the bed, he kissed his shoulder then began to thrust slightly. “Feel good, Harry?” he managed to pant out.


“Yes!” Harry hissed loudly, trembling at the sensations that seemed to dance throughout his body. This was amazing. It felt far better than wanking ever did.


Thrusting faster, Sirius grunted then muttered, “And it's going to feel even better before I'm done.” Hearing a moan of 'yes' in response to that, Sirius' attention was drawn to the wall in front of them. It seemed to ripple slightly then the shape of a body appeared. Within seconds, there was a dark haired older man standing there. It was the third. He didn't know who this was and was damned sure he hadn't ever seen him before, but he wasn't concerned. Looking at the man, he kept thrusting into Harry's tight arse.



Tom had been quietly reading in his bed when the smoke appeared. Worried about what it might be, he immediately snatched his wand from the table, but didn't get any further than that before the blackness surrounded him. Now he was in this room with Sirius and Harry. Staring at the action on the bed, he felt a pull towards the two. This was something he really hadn't felt most of his life. Sex took a backseat to the power he craved. Oh, he had indulged from time to time, but it wasn't much, preferring to read or learn rather than indulge in baser desires. However, this was the exception. He wasn't sure what was going on, but knew it wasn't a trap, so he was going to heed the siren song that was pulling him towards the two on the bed.


Stripping out of his clothes, he walked over and knelt in front of Harry. Reaching down and stroking his already fully erect cock, he held it to Harry's mouth. Running his fingers through the tousled hair of the teen, he said, voice silky smooth, “Suck me, Harry.” If this wasn't the height of irony, he didn't know what was. The only thing he could think that it might be was a hallucination of some kind. After all, he wouldn't have even considered Harry as a lover or even indulging in such activities with him.


Hand stroking his own cock, Harry didn't think twice then leaned forward and took the head of the man's cock in his mouth. He was sure who this was, but it didn't seem to bother him. After all, it was just a dream. A weird one that had to be brought on by that smoke, but a dream nonetheless.


Watching Harry suck the man's cock, Sirius began to thrust faster, body now slick with sweat. The sight of Harry's mouth wrapped around the stranger's cock was a huge fucking turn on! He didn't know why, but it was. And he loved watching. Panting heavily, holding tightly to Harry's hips, he continued thrusting then said, “Suck him, Harry.”


Moaning around the cock in his mouth, Harry began to bob his head, mouth moving a little further down each time. Feeling Sirius' cock slide in and out of his arse, the amazing sensations that produced seemed to radiate and spread throughout his whole body, making his skin dance with something akin to static electricity, his hair standing on end from it. There was something small and throbbing deep in his belly that seemed to shoot out licks of fire that felt like it ignited his blood. These feelings—all of them combined—bloody hell, it was great and he wanted more. Lots more!


Putting both hands on Harry's head, Tom panted heavily, moaning. It felt wonderful! It had been a very long time since he allowed someone the privilege of having his cock in their mouth. Normally his activities involved just bending them over and fucking them. This, though, it was good. Maybe when he woke up he might have to consider something like this when it came to Potter rather than killing him. The mere idea intrigued him, that's for certain. Head dropping back and eyes sliding shut, he moaned as the boy sucked on him, mouth and tongue working on his overly sensitive cock.


Thrusting harder and faster, Sirius grunted, teeth grinding as he tried to keep control of himself. He wanted to completely cut loose on the tight arse surrounding his cock, but didn't. Dream or not, this was still Harry and he wouldn't do that. Tearing his eyes away from the scene in front of him, he looked down and let out a loud moan as he watched his own cock sliding in and out of Harry's arse. That was an even more erotic sight than Harry sucking the man's cock. Panting heavily, body quivering as it pulsed with sensations, he said, “You gonna cum for us, Harry? I want you to cum for us before I flood your arse with mine.”


Hand almost a blur on his cock, Harry moaned around the one in his mouth again to let Sirius know he heard and would. Hips starting to buck, he sucked harder on the cock in his mouth, head bobbing faster. Feeling his balls throb madly, he arched up slightly then slammed back onto Sirius, grinding on his cock as he came, mouth tightening on the other man's cock, whimpering at the sensations that rocked his body, making it seem to catch fire and his magic tingling, all of it in a way he hadn't ever felt before.


Feeling Harry's already tight arse clamp down on his cock then spasm slightly, Sirius was done. Throwing his head back, he let out a loud grunt then moaned as he came, burying his cock as far up Harry's arse as he could, fingers digging into the flesh of his godson's hips. Oh, fuck, did that feel good!


Though he hadn't been here long and the activity wasn't one that usually brought him off, Tom panted and began to thrust a bit more in Harry's mouth. Seeing the reaction from the other two, he let out a soft grunt then came, holding Harry's head still as he did. Damn, did that feel good! Eyes sliding shut, he grinned as he rode out the waves of his orgasm, skin tingling and body throbbing.


When he finished, Sirius was panting heavily, a grin on his face. Looking down as he slid his softening cock out of Harry's arse, he watched as his magic manifested around his body, seeming to surround it like some kind of halo. Then Harry's did the same thing, followed by the strangers. When they were all but glowing, the three different colors seemed to reach out and merge with the others, entwining around them then pulsing brightly. Feeling a jolt of some kind, something almost electric, Sirius grunted though it wasn't painful. His magic then seemed to pulse a few more times as Harry's and the strangers merged with it, wrapping up with his like the stripes one saw on a candy cane. When it finished, it seemed to sink into his body. It was then he felt almost euphoric. Griming bigger, he flopped down by Harry, body quivering. Looking over, he watched Harry's magic do the same thing before his godson flopped down beside him. Pulling Harry to him, he stroked his sweaty head and gave him a kiss on the top of it. While he was damned sure that he would feel plenty guilty about this in the morning, right now he just wanted to keep right on feeling what he was because it was amazing.


As the stranger flopped down beside the two of them, Sirius glanced at him and wasn't surprised to see the same bit with his magic. However, when it finished, the whole room seemed to flash slightly the quiver in some way. At least that's the best Sirius could think to describe it. Clutching Harry close, he propped himself up on one elbow, brow furrowed, as the room then started to collapse upon itself, closing in on all of them. Eyes widening, he began to stammer then, once more, the blackness took him.



Stroking his beard with a hand that trembled just slightly, Albus read over the results of the scans Poppy had done. Raising his eyes, he looked at the jar that contained the small gelatinous ball that was still spewing smoke, though it was frozen in the same position as when Pomona had put the spell on it. This was a nightmare that had his insides roiling. Shaking his head, he looked at the grave Severus and asked, “Is there anything you know to counteract the Magicae Nituntur?”


“No,” Severus gruffed, shaking his head. “If Mr. Potter got a dose of the smoke, we just have to wait out the reaction and hope he isn't mentally affected when he comes out of it. Some are from what I've read. That's if he hasn't met the person that is magically compatible. There is nothing any of us can do, Albus.”


“What exactly does this Magicae Nituntur do?” Minerva asked in a tight voice, eyes drifting to Harry as he appeared to be peacefully sleeping on the bed. From the look on Albus and Severus' face, whatever it did wasn't something good.


Sighing, Albus explained, “Magicae Nituntur is used to find the person that is magically compatible with you. Plenty used it in the past to find someone to marry, thinking if they were magically compatible that the marriage would be perfect, something akin to the concept of a soul mate. That isn't true, of course. If someone is magically compatible, it just means that your magic and theirs can work together in some ways. Nothing more than that. However, what this potion does is force their magic to bind together, ensuring that you can't separate. That's like a forced bonding as you have no choice in the matter.”


Not liking the sound of that, Minerva's eyes drifted back to the seemingly sleeping Harry, shaking her head.


“It only works if you've met the person though,” Albus continued on. “That's rather rare, actually. Most never meet someone with compatible magic in their lifetime.”


“What happens if they don't?” She asked, lifting her eyes. As young as Harry was and how he had a very limited interaction with their world, she doubted he had.


Looking old, eyes not twinkling like normal, Albus told her, voice quiet, “You would spend about two weeks in a sort of coma, what you see of Harry now, waiting for the person to show up. You will come out of it in a couple of weeks, give or take, but when you do a sadness and depression takes over because you feel a part of yourself missing for a time. You didn't find the person you needed as your magic was geared for adding them. It takes a long time to get over that. Some that have experienced it compare it to grieving the loss of someone. The after effects take time to get over. There have been cases where they never came out of it and committed suicide because of the depression. It's a horrible feeling from what I've read.”


“Why in the world would Mr. Malfoy use something like this? It makes no sense!” Minerva huffed, clasping her hands together, mouth now a thin line of anger over the stunt that was pulled.


“People in the past used it as a revenge ploy to induce the reaction I just explained,” Albus sighed, shaking his head. “It's a painful feeling for those that experience it. The ones that employed the potion that way were the sort that liked to watch the suffering of others. My guess is that Mr. Malfoy was using it for that reaction. There are plenty of books out there one can easily get their hands on that talk about instances where this was done. It's even been used in fictional accounts in our crime novels. I can guess that's where he got the idea.”


Stepping closer to Harry's bed, he motioned the two to join him. When they did, he cast a standard muffling charm so they couldn't be overheard. Quietly, he said, looking between the two, face grave, “I think we have a huge problem. Harry may not have met his match in the normal way, but the connection he has to Tom may act that way. If it does, Mr. Malfoy has handed Harry over to Tom and there won't be anything we can do about it.”


Stiffening, Severus asked, tone tight, “Is there anything we can do to figure out if that's the case or stop it?” Already his mind was racing over the implications of that. Handing Potter to the Dark Lord this way would be nightmarish. He knew just what this potion did and how it worked. If that was the case, they were all in trouble as there would be no way to get Potter away from the Dark Lord.


“No,” Albus told him with a heavy sigh. “Nothing can stop it if that's the case. Harry will be almost bound to Tom.”


“How will we know if that happens?” Minerva asked, stiffening up, hands clutching each other so tightly the knuckles were white.


“If it happens, their magic will entwine, solidifying what is there and locking them together. Then their magic will determine the safest place for them, usually where one of them is living. That's something we won't be able to determine the location of. The one that isn't in the safest place will vanish with all their belongings to wake up in the place their magic decided was the best for them.” Albus told the two, shaking his head as he looked at Harry.


“Dear Merlin,” Minerva breathed, shaking her head as her eyes once more darted to the sleeping Harry. Quietly, she asked, “What if Harry has met someone that is truly compatible? Would that help?”


“It would,” Albus nodded. “They are the true match, so they would become something akin to the dominant one in the relationship. Tom's, because it wouldn't be a true match, would have to follow what the other wanted in the area of Harry. If the connection with Tom does act like compatible magic, we can only hope that Harry has met someone who is truly a match and they are a strong enough person to put their foot down.”


Shaking her head, worry now warring with anger at what Mr. Malfoy had done, Minerva bit out, “This stunt by Mr. Malfoy needs handled by the book, Albus. It goes beyond the usual pranks. He's affected Mr. Potter in a way that requires us to do something drastic.”


“I don't think we can hold off the worst case scenario here,” Severus growled softly, arms folded over his chest as he looked at the floor. “That potion is classified as dark and illegal. Rightfully so. The board will have to step in and do something then the DMLE will end up involved. I don't think there is anything that we can do to negate the consequences of this stunt.”


“I will get in contact with the right parties tonight,” Albus sighed with a sad shake of his head. “We'll then press on from there.”


He was about to continue on when his eyes locked on Harry. Stiffening up, he watched as tendrils of Harry's magic, something that was a bright gold began to wrap around his body. It was then joined by a bright blue entwining around it and continuing to wrap up Harry, almost the way you saw with a mummy. As the blue and gold circled Harry's body, they were joined by a purple that snaked around the two, continuing the process. Heart hammering in his chest, he watched until Harry was completely covered. Then the colors all flashed brightly, almost pulsing for several seconds, before they sunk into Harry and the young man then began to fade out, almost like he was being erased from the bed. In under a minute, he was gone, leaving an empty bed with a shape of Harry's body in the mattress. “I believe the worst case scenario has just happened,” Albus said quietly. He then added as his brow furrowed, “I also believe, from the three colors, that Harry has met his true match. Which means we can only hope that whoever it is can keep Tom's worst traits and what he might pull at bay. That and poor Harry is somewhere he is truly safe.”


“Now what do we do?” Minerva asked, staring at the imprint on the bed where Harry had been.


“Wait and hope,” Albus sighed, slumping slightly. “And see if we can trace where poor Harry was pulled to. At least we can help keep an eye on him that way.”


Staring at the bed, visualizing hexing Draco within an inch of his life, Severus now began to wonder just how bad this was going to get and how it would affect what was going on.


As he headed to his office, Albus was not only worried about Harry and what was going to happen with that end of the situation, but he, too, was angry at Draco. The young man didn't realize what he had just done and how he had thrown the biggest spanner ever into a situation that was horrible to start with. He wouldn't even mention how he had just given Tom the biggest advantage over them anyone could imagine. And he doubted there was a counter to it. All he hoped was that he could come up with something, somewhere, that might help.



Coming to with a start, Sirius bolted upright and rubbed his eyes with a trembling hand. Shaking his head, the first thing that came to him was his gut curdling with guilt over that damned dream. Yeah, that was bad. No way in hell did he ever think about Harry that way. Hell, he doubted he could get it up to try. Blinking rapidly, he looked around then clenched his wand tightly. He wasn't in Grimmauld Place. In fact, he wasn't sure where the hell he was. Feeling the bed move, he glanced down beside him, eyes widening. Harry was there. That—oh, bloody hell! Whatever this was would be a nightmare in the making! Putting a hand on Harry's head as his godson stirred, Sirius tried to figure out what in the fuck was going on.


When he felt Harry sit up, he moved to where he was seated on the edge of the bed. It was then his eyes widened when he saw the stranger from the dream seated in a chair eyes locked on them, a smug look on his face. Alright, this was getting worse as time went on. He didn't know who in the hell this was, but he didn't like that look. Feeling Harry clutch onto him, he patted his godson on the back when the younger man slid up to sit by him. Pulling his eyes away from the man, Sirius looked around, brow furrowing. All his shite was here. It was piled all over the place, but he recognized it. As was Harry's trunk and a few other bits. Yeah, alright, this wasn't good.


Sitting there, staring at the older version of someone he had seen before, Harry was wide-eyed, clutching his wand. The fact that this was an older version of that person, without the look he knew him to have now, threw him off and made him wonder, but he was still highly wary with more than a touch of scared added in. Shaking his head, he clutched onto Sirius tighter, not sure what the hell do to after that strange dream or whatever it was.


Slipping an arm around Harry, Sirius then locked his eyes on the stranger again. “Who are you?” He finally asked. It was his thought to get that out of the way then figure out what the hell else was going on.


“I know who he is,” Harry said softly, staring at the man who just grinned at Sirius' question. Making sure he had hold of his wand, he waited.


“You do?” Sirius asked, bewildered. Glancing at the man and seeing that grin, Sirius kept an eye on him, not liking that. Holding his wand tightly, he asked Harry, “Who is he?”


“Voldemort,” Harry breathed.




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