Right Here Waiting

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A/N: Here it is finally the sequel! Sorry it took so long the Men's World Cup is going on and I got promoted at work woohoo! I finally got time to write! Don't worry "Everything You Want" and "Two Brothers" Will be updated soon! Now here's "Right Here Waiting"

Chapter 1: Who Are You?

Previously on "What Is This Feeling?"


Riley struggled against her bounds trying to get free. She had a hood over her head so she couldn't seen anything. She could barely hear, "Fuck!" she heard. 


"Riley thank God! What's going on?"

"I don't know. I remember we were going outside then all black." 

"Guys where are we?"


"This is so not cool!"


"Jessie I swear on my sister's grave I will kill you!"

"Now, now dear brother we don't need any of the that talk." A voice said. They're struggling stopped and they froze. "It can't be" Mike said. One by one their hoods were removed. Riley's being last, it took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust. She looked at the person standing in front of her and she caught a breath in her throat. 

"Hello love, did you miss me?" She walked up to Riley and kissed her on the lips roughly, "Happy New Year." She said with a smirk.


Five years later:

"THANK YOU LONDON YOU ROCK!" Kelsey yelled into the microphone and the crowd cheered. The band waved and then bowed. The put down their instruments and rushed off the stage where a pretty girl was standing there with long flowing golden hair and bright blue eyes was waiting. Riley smiled and rushed over to her and picked her up and swung her around as their lips met. 

"They don't stop do they?" Ryan laughed as he threw a towel at them. 

"Riley come on I DON'T want to see you do that with my sister it's weird!" Mike said and took a sip of water. 

Riley finally put the girl down and kissed her softly, then pulled away leaning her forehead against the other girl's. "I love you," she whispered, "I know" the other girl whispered. "Come on you guys have a radio interview in the morning and you need your rest." 

"Party pooper," Riley pouted at the other girl. Everyone just laughed and followed behind Riley and the girl. 

They've been on tour the last few years and they were one of the biggest bands in the world. They love London the most though. They're fans were amazing and they never disappoint. They've appeared in movies, TV shows, even wrote a couple of books. They had their faces everywhere from, back packs, to dolls and many more accessories. Life was good and they couldn't ask for more. Riley was engaged to their new manger who also happened to be Mike's sister. They've been playing together for years and Danielle has been by their side ever since. Every step of the way right by Riley's side. Yeah, life for them was great and they couldn't ask for more. 

They had everything the could ever want in the palm of their hands. But a few times one of them would feel like something was missing but they couldn't pin point what. All they knew was that they have everything and they were happy. Nothing was going to stop them now. 


Hermione sighed as she sipped on her cup of tea. She was on her balcony with a book and the sun was just setting leaving a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. She had to leave England too many memories reminded her of that one girl that stole her heart. She and Harry got a flat together in Paris and work for the Ministry there. Even though he didn't really like the Daily Prophet he took a job as a sports writer for both muggle and wizarding sports. Hermione was working in the Magical Law Enforcement. She was well sought out for her job she solved many cases for the Magical community as well as the Muggle community. 

Everyone was surprised she started to work in that department but Harry, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Draco, Emma and Susan knew the real reason. She had to find Riley. She wanted to know what happened that night. There had to be a reason why Riley and her friends disappeared.  Hermione just wanted answers and wanted to know if Riley was okay. Sometimes when she had the radio on she would hear Riley's voice but then shake it off telling herself it was someone else. Dumbledore would send her updates on his search as well as Remus. They haven't given up and they won't until they know for certain what happened and if Riley and her friends are alive. 


Harry was shaking hands with the Quidditch Capitan of the Chudley Cannons thanking him for the interview. He put his small notebook in his pocket and walked out of the locker room. He yawned it had been a long day and he had to meet his deadline tonight. Once he was out of the pitch he apparated and ended up a block away from his and Hermione's flat. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. He knew it was a nasty habit but he picked up on it about two years ago. It helped him calm down after a long day and it also reminded him of his lost friends. He sighed and shook his head and started to walk. 

He passed a newspaper stand and something caught his eye. On a Muggle newspaper the headline read "Outsiders Play Sold Out Concert in London"  He picked up the paper and read it slowly to make sure it was the right words. He paid for the paper and rushed home as fast as he could. He had to show Hermione and get everyone together. If Outsiders were in London they had to go and get them. Ask them why they disappeared five years ago.  If he was paying more attention he would've noticed that on the cover of the paper, Riley had her arm around a girl and the girl was wearing a ring. 

He reached the door to the flat and quickly opened it, "Hermione!" He called out as he slammed the door behind him. "Hermione!" He called out again looking all over for his best friend. "Hermione!" 

Hermione's eye brows met as she stood up from her chair and rushed inside, "Harry?" she called out and saw him rush up to her and not saying a word just gave her the newspaper. She looked at him with wide eyes then started to read the article out loud.

"Outsiders have done it once again. Topping the charts with five number one singles. Lead singer and guitarist Riley Dumbledore tells us that the band have been together since they were sixteen and have been making music every since. 'These guys are my best friends and I couldn't ask for more.' Riley tells me with a smile. Outsiders have been hitting the radio waves the last four years with hit after hit and three number one albums, sold out shows and dedicated fans. The manger of the band Danielle Stark says that they have never sounded better. 'They have come a long way since they were in the garage with my brother Mike,' she laughs. 

Riley and Danielle have big plans coming up in the next year. Talk of the town is that their wedding is going to be one to remember. Riley and Danielle have been together since they were sixteen and last year Riley made it official by proposing to Danielle at the place they met. Their old school when they were fifteen. We wish the couple a bright future and can't wait to hear more from them. 

Outsiders are currently on tour and will be in Paris on Friday there's still tickets left but you have to buy them now. They are going fast!"

Harry caught Hermione after she dropped the newspaper and seemed to have lost her balance. He picked her up and gently put her down on the couch. "I need to floo the others," he whispered and she just nodded. She had a lot going through her mind right now. From Riley being alive along with all her friends to Danielle some how coming back to life to Riley being engaged. She felt dizzy, she couldn't believe this was happening. Just when she thought she was getting no where she found a lead. 

In a matter of minutes everyone was in her and Harry's living room. Draco rushed over to Hermione and gave her a look over he asked Emma to put on some tea and she didn't hesitate. 

"Harry what's going on?" Ron asked looking confused. Harry just handed him the paper and he read it out loud for every one to hear. When he was done, no one said a word. No one knew where to start. 

"We need to go to their concert," Ginny piped up. Everyone looked at her as if she grew another head, "Come on, maybe if they see us they'll remember who we are!"

"But the concert is in three days and there's not that many tickets left," Susan said sitting down on one of the chairs.

"You can leave that to me. Perks of working in the entertainment business," Neville said with a smirk, "I might be able to give us backstage and interviews."

"Okay let's plan on going to their concert and getting backstage," Luna said and looked at her watch, "Neville go ahead and try to get the tickets and everything set up. I'll see if I can set up a wizard interview with them. I didn't want to say anything before but they're also famous in the wizarding world. One of my writers is covering the concert. I didn't want to believe until  I actually knew they were back."

Everyone looked at Luna in shock. "You knew?" Harry asked and Luna shrugged, "Like I said I didn't want to believe it. I have calls to make. I'll let you tomorrow if I have that interview. I heard through the grapevine that they have a radio interview tomorrow morning. We should all tune in and see where this leads."

Everyone nodded and decided to come over in the morning to listen to the interview. They all left and Harry sighed and sat next to Hermione. He put his arm around her and he pulled her close. She finally let the tears fall and he just held her. He knew this is what she has been waiting for. Just something to let her know that Riley was okay. But there was still a lot of things he needed to know.

Hermione finally fell asleep and he carried her to her room and laid her down gently. He kissed her forehead and left her room. He walked into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of Fire whiskey. He turned on the TV in the living and finally found a channel. There was Riley and her friends one the red carpet at some fancy award show. They were getting interviewed. It must have happened a long time ago because they were asking about Riley's "girlfriend." He continued to watch the channel until he fell asleep on the couch. 


"You're listening to Jenna and Mark in the morning! Today we are here with the hot band Outsiders! Say hello everyone," Mark a man in his late twenties with perfect blonde spiky hair and brown eyes said with a smile. 

They said hey and Jenna a woman about the same age as Mark with dark hair and dark brown eyes started the interview, "So you guys are one of the greatest bands out there. How do you make it work?"

"Well it helps that we've been friends since high school and we like to have a lot of fun," Ryan said. "What's your inspiration for your music?"

"We like to people watch really. We used to go to coffee shops and just sit there pick people and come up with this future for them. Riley would right down words or phrases that stuck out and we put them together," Mike told them.

"You all came along way from the garage. How did you feel when you heard your first single on the radio?" Mark asked.

"We were on our way to the airport to go to Ireland and we heard Riley singing and we thought she's singing out loud. But she wasn't; then we all looked at each other then the radio. We started to yell and cheer and told the driver to stop in the middle of the road. We jumped out and started going crazy." Eric said and they all laughed. 

"Wait you told the driver to stop in the middle of the highway?" Mark asked laughing. 

"Yeah we did! We were that excited!" Kelsey said with a smile. 

"Riley you haven't said much. Is a certain some one on your mind?" Jenna asked teasingly. 

Riley laughed, "She's always on my mind." 

"You know you seem to be breaking  a lot of hearts even more when you make it official next year," Mark said. 

Riley shrugged, "Well I can't help it she's amazing. Never thought I would find some one like her and at sixteen! She makes me feel amazing and Mike here will officially be my brother," she said patting her friend on the back. 

"Our phone lines are going off the hook. A lot of you have questions and we'll get to them after this quick break. Stay with us we'll be back in a jiffy!"


"I can't get through," Ron said as he was holding the phone. Hermione and Harry finally taught him how to use it properly. 

"Keep trying," Draco said calmly. They were listening to the radio and could tell their old friends have changed a lot. They needed answers. 

"Remember when you get through you get one question. What are you going to ask?" Harry asked looking at his other best friend. 

"Did they ever go to school oversees." Harry gave him a thumbs up. "IT'S RINGING!" 

"And we're back with Outsiders and we're taking your calls. Caller one you're on the line go ahead." 

"Uh yeah hi, I'm Amy from Manchester and I was wondering if Eric was single." 

"Uh oh looks like someone's interested," Mark said with a chuckle.

"Hello Amy and I would like to inform that I am currently on the market." There was a squeal and then a dial tone. "Well that went well," Jenna said with a small laugh. 

"Caller Two you're on the line"

"Yes um hi, my name is Ron and I'm from London I was wondering if anyone in the band when to school oversees." 

They looked at each other wondering who was going to answer and Riley spoke up, "Hey Ron whereabouts oversees are we talking?"

"Around Scotland," Ron said.

"We've been to Scotland great place but sadly no, we never went to school oversees. It would been kind of awesome though."

"Right okay thanks"

Ron hung up the phone. Everyone was in shock. "Something's not right." Hermione said and walked out onto the balcony. "Oh Riley what have they done to you." She spoke out loud and let a tear escape as she looked up at the rising sun.


"Holy fucking shit! Did you see that girl?!" Ryan asked as they walked into their dressing room after the concert. "She wasn't looking at you!" Kelsey laughed throwing a pillow at him. "She flashed us like seventeen times!" They all laughed and Danielle came into the room and kissed Riley, "Great concert now time for the meet and greet, then some one wants and exclusive with Riley."

"Me why me?"

"They asked for you and you only. I said ten minutes and that's it." 

Riley shook her head, "No I'll only do it if my friends are with me." Danielle nodded, "I'll let them know," she gave her a quick kiss and walked out of the room.

"Why would they want me?" 

"Because you're the lead singer that's why," Kelsey said taking a sip of his beer. 

"Well I'm only doing it if you guys are with me. I don't like the attention on me. I want to share with all of you it's only right. Plus we all come up with the songs and everything else."

Danielle came back into the room, "Okay guys they're ready," everyone got up and walked out of the room. 

They signed autographs and answered questions like they've always done. It lasted for about an hour and then they were back in their dressing room where a man and women were. The man was tall brown hair and brown eyes and next to him was a girl with a brown hair with ringlets and chocolate brown eyes. Riley looked up at her and for some reason her heart skipped a beat. 

They introduced themselves as Neville and Hermione. They told them that they were with the Daily Prophet and they smiled. They sat down and they started the interview. Same questions as before and Riley couldn't help but feel that they've seen them before. She just couldn't place where. 

Finally the interview was over and they all left the room but Riley and Hermione. Something was telling Riley to stay so she did. She looked at Hermione as if seeing her for the first time. 

Hermione found it hard to keep her emotions in check. Tears started and she couldn't believe the woman she still loves was right before her. Looking exactly the same with the same tattoos and some new ones. She rushed up to her and threw her arms around her throwing Riley off balance a little. 

Riley didn't know why she was crying but for some reason she didn't want her to let go. "I'm sorry," Hermione whispered as she pulled away. "It's okay but I just have one question for you," Riley asked and Hermione just nodded. "Who are you?"


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