Shame's Desire

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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, nor any of the characters from the books or movies. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A/N- Before I get started on telling you about Shame's Desire I would like to thank my amazing beta Eclectic Pet for helping me to make all my stories better!  Shame's Desire is set in my version medieval wizarding world.  I have set many of your favorite characters into this world and have worked very hard not to make up too many OCs.  This is in no way a retelling of the HP cannon, I am just borrowing the characters to tell a new story!  (or a few new stories).  I wish to say now that I have been tricked into writing this story!  I sat down at my computer with my muse saying she wanted to write a smutty one shot without any plot... This story is now 9 chapters and growing... There is smut, but it is coming later.  Enjoy!


“The guests are starting to arrive.  It seems many of the Empire’s noble families have sent their daughters to catch your attention.” My son tells me as he works very hard to seem pleased for me.

“Draco my boy.  I only need one.”  I start and put a hand on his shoulder.  “If there are any you feel worthy to bear the heir of Malfoy, she’ll be yours.”  I see his mood brighten slightly at my words.  “But this house needs a Lady, and I’m not ready to give up my position as Patriarch just yet.”

“I didn’t mean to seem displeased father.  It’s just most of them are my age, if not younger.  Do you really think it’s proper to marry one so innocent?”  Draco asks as if I’m being a dirty old man.

“You would prefer I marry a used up widow as cold as your late mother?”  I ask just to hurt him for asking such a thing to his father and Lord.  I see the flicker of pain, Draco loved his mother and the wound his still fresh for him.

“No father, I would never want such a fate for you.”  He tells me obediently.

“Go greet the guests, I’ll be down soon.”  I dismiss him turning to the mirror on my wall.  He acts as if I’m an old man now that his mother is dead.  I’m still in the prime of my life, and refuse to die along with my wife.

The Dark Emperor requires that all noble pureblood men try to have at least three sons.  This is to help extend the numbers of wizarding kind and I’m a firm supporter in the law.  I helped in its drafting when I was a younger man.  It has been a stain on my honor that Narcissa had failed me in this way.

I look to a small painting of my wife.  She’s as stiff and cold in the frame as she always was in life.  She was an obedient wife, and loyal to her Malfoy name.  But Draco’s birth had been hard on her body, and though she gave herself to me many times, she was unable to carry any more of my sons to term.

I look into the mirror one last time, checking my clothing for imperfections.  The black leather waistcoat hugs my form giving me the look of a small waist and broad shoulders.  The white cotton shirt is crisp as it defines my neck.  When I finally pull on the midnight blue robe to complete the look, it makes me smile.  The Dark Emperor calls me a peacock when we see one another, begrudgingly I must agree, my looks have always been very important to me.

When I enter the ballroom, many are already gathered into small groups.  I quickly find my son talking to a girl with raven hair.  She has an exotic look to her and the way her cheeks redden, I can see he’s doing well, so I decide to leave him to his fun.

I make my way to the throne on the raised platform and take a seat.  As the Dark Emperor will not be attending the event, I sit above all others as Lord of this realm.

A house elf comes to bow at my side in case I’m in need of anything.  “Has anyone of interest arrived?”  I ask the creature.  I’d already given it a list of those I was most interested in actually meeting.

“None on Master list, but Snerk feels he should let Master know Lady Lestrange is here.”  It says lowly so only I can hear.

I sneer and look around at my sister-in-law.  She hadn’t been invited, but I must at least be civil as she’s favored by the Emperor, and the wife of a friend and ally.  I just hope she doesn’t try to speak to me this evening.

As new guests make their way into the ballroom Snerk tells me in a low voice who they are.

When he announces “Master and Miss Weasley.”  I can’t help but look up.  I wonder for a moment if the fool’s wife has come to beg for my help.

I’ve spent the last five years working to ruin the stubborn, muggle loving, imbecile.  It started over a simple land dispute.  I’ve been collecting taxes from the town of Hogsmeade for years.  I’ve been the one to protect and take care of it, but five years ago, the imbecile comes with proof that my grandfather sold it to his.

I try to reason with the fool and pay him back for the price on the contract he holds, but he refused me.  He dared to say I was not properly caring for the land and that he felt he needed to step in and protect the people.

Of course, that was when his dealings started to all go sour.  I smirk at the thought.  When I find the couple that Snerk announced I’m surprised to find it isn’t the round elder Lady with one of her sons, but a young nubile form with Weasley hair.

So he’s sent his daughter to tempt me.  The man is more cunning than I thought.

“Snerk, sit Miss Weasley next to me for dinner.”




I can’t keep my hands from shaking as we make our way the distance to the Malfoy lands.  It’s a twelve-hour ride by wagon, since I have not learned to Apparate properly yet.  I look up to William, tempted to ask him to turn the wagon around and go home.  I know he would too; none of my family is completely pleased with the idea of going behind father’s back.

Our house is in ruin, we all know how close the family is to having to sell our home and lands.  Father still thinks he can turn things around that he’ll save us.  When the note came announcing that Lord Malfoy was looking for a wife, mother hid it.  She knew father would forbid us from acting upon it, forbid me from going to this event and offering myself to the Lord.

“More than likely this won’t even work.”  William says kindly for the eleventh time since we left our home.  “You’ll be fine Ginevra, just think, a few dances some dinner then we can go home.”

“I know Bill.”  I say reaching over to squeeze his hand.  I realize I need to start comforting him.  I know this isn’t something any of us do lightly.

When we reach the large Manor House, I’m shown into a room with many other young women to fix my appearance from the road.  I use a simple spell to shake off the dust and calm my hair.  I notice many of the other girls don’t have their wands out and it makes me uncomfortable so I hide mine back up my sleeve.

Mother made the crimson dress I’m wearing.  The bodice hugs and shapes my form, making my waist look small, my hips and breasts look larger than they normally would.  I was shocked at how much skin mother was allowing me to show as the neckline of the dress shows my collarbone and almost my entire shoulder.  As I look at the other girls, I realize I must have a very conservative view of what is proper.

I hold my breath as William escorts me into the large ballroom.  I don’t think I’ve seen so many finely dressed people in my whole life.  The room is amazing, decorated with the dragons of the House of Malfoy.

I glance to the Lord of the house sitting up on his throne looking away quickly as I realize he’s looking at me.  Out of the corner of my eyes, I see him lean down to speak to a house elf kneeling next to him.

“This was not a good idea.”  I say under my breath as I work very hard to calm my nerves.

The great Lord Malfoy ignores almost everyone as the party and dancing go on.  The only one who approaches him is a tall dark haired woman, and he doesn’t seem pleased by this fact.  I on the other hand, am greatly surprised as I’m asked to dance by many young men at the party.

By the time dinner is served most of my nerves have gone away and I actually smile as a dashing dark haired man escorts me into the dinning call.  “I’m sorry; I’ve been introduced to so many this evening…”  I blush as I’ve forgotten the man’s name.

“Master Potter, but it would please me if you called me Harry.”  The man says with a bow.

“Well Harry, you may call me Ginny.”  I tell him happily.

We must part ways when we realize we have been seated apart and I find myself, with my brother to my left and the head of the table to my right.

“Why have we been seated here?”  I ask William under my breath.

“I don’t know.”  He tells me with a frown, taking my hand under the table.

Across from us is a boy around my age who looks so much like his father, no one could mistake him for anyone but the Malfoy heir, Draco.  Next to him is the dark haired woman that had upset the Lord before.

Once everyone is seated, Lord Malfoy enters and stands next to his seat.  “Welcome to my home honored guests.  As you all know, we come together tonight so I may find what I’ve lost.  It brings me great joy that so many of my friends have come to support me in this endeavor.”  He goes on from there but I can’t seem to focus as his words become less and less meaningful.

When he finally does sit he turns directly to me and smiles.  “Miss Weasley, I hope you don’t mind if I had your seat changed at the last moment.”

“Not at all, my Lord, we are honored.”  William says for me and I place my hands in my lap.

“Of course you are.”  The Lord says arrogantly.  “Why has your father not come to present the young lady?”  He asks my brother.

“He’s very busy with the estate my Lord.  He sends his regrets, as does our mother.”

“Does he even know you’re here?”  The Lord asks knowingly.  I flush deeply and tell myself that I should keep quiet.

William sighs and looks down.  “No my Lord, he’s unaware that we are here.”

“I see, and what was your plan if I did decide to choose your sister?  I could never take a wife without her guardian’s permission.”  He speaks down to my brother like he’s an idiot.

“It’s tradition in the Weasley line that guardianship of the daughter lays with her mother.”  I snap a bit more rudely than I mean to, but I can’t seem to stop myself now.  “My mother is well aware that I’m here.”  I say before cringing, as the whole room seems silent.  “My Lord.”  I add after a beat of thought.

When I finally allow myself to look up to the Lord, he’s looking at me with darkening eyes.  I’ve no idea what they mean, but I assume he’s angry.  I cannot bring myself to apologize.




I watch as my guests enjoy themselves.  I glance to the Weasley girl every so often finding her dancing with a new boy each time I notice.  It amuses me that the Weasleys seem to know little about controlling their women.  If she keeps up like this, she’ll be ruined before any husband can make her an offer.

When I realize she’s laughing with the heir of Potter longer than the rest, this makes me frown. The House of Potter could do little to help her family with their misfortune, there's really no reason for her to waste her time.

I make sure Potter is seated at the other end of the table for supper as I wish to have her undivided attention as I speak with her brother.  I wonder what their plan is, what they have that would get me to actually think of making her a Malfoy.

I bore myself as I speak to the guests, I couldn’t care less about.  I find I’m looking forward to knowing more about this little redheaded creature that is seated to my left.

Once I’m seated comfortably, I turn smiling at the girl.  “Miss Weasley, I hope you don’t mind if I had your seat changed at the last moment.”

“Not at all, my Lord, we are honored.”  Her brother speaks for her.

“Of course you are.”  I tell him dismissively, I wanted her to answer.  “Why has your father not come to present the young lady?”  I ask giving my attention to the boy now.

“He’s very busy with the estate my Lord.  He sends his regrets, as does our mother.”

Too busy with a failing estate to come and sell off his daughter.  My amusement rises as I realize the fool has no idea she’s even here.  “Does he even know you’re here?”  I ask to call him out on this deception.  The girl’s cheeks redden and I know I have them.

If I’m honest with myself she has just become so much more tempting, I could take his daughter from him.  I could tell him he wasn’t protecting her well enough.

The fool’s son sighs looking down.  “No my Lord, he’s unaware that we are here.”

“I see, and what was your plan if I did decide to choose your sister?  I could never take a wife without her guardian’s permission.”  I point out to the idiot son of the foolish man.  If it could work it would be so delicious, but I have little patience for being tempted and then not getting what I want.

“It’s tradition in the Weasley line that guardianship of the daughter lays with her mother.”  The girl finally speaks and she’s obviously angry.  “My mother is well aware that I’m here.”  She almost growls at me making all other conversation in the hall stop.  “My Lord.”  She adds as an afterthought.

She’s a feisty little witch full of fire and passion.  Not cold and obedient like my last wife, a challenge to break and tame.  She’s the daughter of one I wish to truly and utterly destroy and she could be all mine.

I find I have to resist the urge to pull her from the room and ruin her completely.  Make her useless to any man after me.  But if I did this, Weasley would be able to demand reparations for his daughter’s honor.  Before I know I’ve made the decision, I’m taking her hand from her lap and kissing her fingers.

“Write to your mother.”  I tell the boy without taking my eyes off my prey.  “You both will stay here until agreements can be made.”

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