Shiloe: The Weapon

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“You’re fine, Dear. You can go.”

Harry got up and smiled at Madam Pomfrey. “Am I clear to leave Hogwarts for a while? Shiloe wanted to go spend some time at the Burrow and other places this summer.”

Madam Pomfrey sighed. “I suppose. But with You-Know-Who being back, you’ll need to be careful where you go. The safest Wards are here.” She reminded him.

Harry nodded. “Yeah, Shiloe said something about how he needs to put his own Wards up around his anchors’ houses, so I think the Burrow’s Wards are going to get a boost as soon as we get there.”

“Well, that changes things somewhat. Shiloe Wards are very powerful. If he’s going to put them up, you should be fine there. Let Dumbledore know where you’re going.” She told Harry.

“Of course, Madam Pomfrey. See you later!” Harry left, smiling widely.

It was summer, and he wasn’t at the Dursley’s this year. Nothing could bring down his mood!

He walked into his rooms and his face fell. “You’re leaving?” He asked, seeing Remus shrink his trunk and slip it in his pocket.

Remus turned to smile at him. “I can’t stay here forever. Sirius offered me a room at his house. He’s moving back in there, too. You’ll be able to come visit, so don’t worry.” He said, walking over and wrapping his arms around Harry. “I’ll be just a Floo away.”

Harry pouted. “You’re lucky I have my own fireplace. Will you get mad if I visit on the weekends?”

Remus chuckled. “You have a Shiloe, of course I expect you to visit during the school year! If you didn’t, I’d be worried!”

“Alright. I’ll see you, then.”

“You’ll have to come by at some point this summer.” Sirius said, walking out of Godric’s room. “It’s number twelve, Grimmauld Place.”

Harry hugged him and beamed at him. “I promise I’ll come by. I’m going to the Burrow for a while, though. And I have to stop by Cedric’s house at some point, too. I don’t need the money for winning the stupid Tournament, but he does. I’m going to give it to him.”

Lucius walked out of Helga’s room, holding his own shrunken trunk, which he quickly slipped into a pocket. “Black, if you’re not leaving, please do not block the Floo. Harry, I expect to see you in August. Keep me informed of where you are. If my labor starts prematurely, Merlin forbid, I will send Dursley to fetch you.”

Harry nodded and shook his hand. “I’ll come by later in the summer. You said it was Moonrun Manor?” He checked.

Lucius inclined his head. “Yes. Make sure you are there by August fifteenth. That will give us a week before I’m due, which should be enough time. I don’t plan on waiting much past that, if my daughter insists on being late.” He said with a smile, then headed for the fireplace. He threw in a handful of the Floo powder Harry had stocked, and with a cry of “Moonrun Manor,” he was gone.

Harry saw Sirius and Remus off, packed his own trunk, and then headed for Dumbledore’s office.

The gargoyle moved aside as soon as he got to it, and Harry’s eyebrows rose. “Okay, so maybe Dumbledore’s expecting me.” He decided.

When he got into Dumbledore’s office, the Headmaster was already waiting by the fireplace. “So, my boy, your first summer without the Dursley family begins!” He clapped his hands. “I expect you won’t want to stick around here for very long, now, will you?”

Harry flushed and smiled sheepishly. “Actually, I wanted to go to the Burrow, Sir. Can I? Shiloe said he’d put up special Wards there, so it should be safe.”

“Ah, I should have expected they’d be Pack.” Dumbledore smiled brightly. “Of course, my boy! I’m sure Molly’s already waiting for you. And soon enough, Arthur will be there with the others. Well, don’t let me keep you. You can use my Floo.”

Harry grabbed a handful of Floo powder and threw it down, shouting, “The Burrow,” and he was off.

He fell out of the fireplace at the Burrow and stood, dusting himself off.

Molly turned from the pot of food she was stirring and smiled. “Harry, so nice to see you!” She hurried over and gave him a hug. “Bill’s taken the attic room, and Charlie will be here tomorrow. They’ll be sharing it with you, Dear. No worries, I don’t want any details, I know what’s necessary, and I’ll look the other way for Shiloe’s sake, hm?” She winked and turned back to her stirring.

Harry blushed. “Alright. I’ll just head up, then.”

He hurried up the stairs and opened the door.

Bill was unpacking a trunk and putting his clothes in the large dresser. “Hi, Harry. We’ll be sharing a dresser and the closet. We’ve got three drawers each, should be enough, Charlie and I travel pretty light these days.”

Harry saw that there were two beds, and breathed a sigh of relief. “Brilliant. So, I suppose you and Charlie are sharing a bed?”

Bill laughed. “Yeah, we’re close, it’ll be no problem. The other bed’s for you, and don’t worry, Mum’s already said she’ll look the other way, so we don’t need to worry about her coming in unannounced. She knows we’re two of Shiloe’s anchors, so she’ll be careful about just barging in.”

“Speaking of Shiloe, he said something about setting up a Shiloe Ward around the house.” Harry said, taking his trunk out and setting it by the foot of the bed.

“Here, I’ll get that for you.” Bill said, enlarging the trunk. “Did he, now? That’ll take quite a bit of energy.”

Harry nodded. “He said he might pass out after doing it, and if he does, you’ll have to… Um… You know… To wake him back up. Or he’ll die.”

Bill raised an eyebrow. “Alright. I can do that. Did he say he wanted to do that today, or does he want to wait until Charlie’s here first?”

Harry asked.

‘Today would be best. Voldemort could attack at any time.’ Shiloe answered.

“He says today would be best.” Harry told Bill.

Bill nodded, putting the last of his clothes away. “The others will be home in about three hours. We have enough time to get that done after lunch. Come on, let’s go eat, then you can let Shiloe out and he can work on the Wards.” He said.

Harry followed him down the stairs.


Shiloe stood at the edge of the Wards, surveying the house. “So, if I pass out, you’re going to be the only person that can touch me without setting off a bad reaction. You’ll have to get me upstairs and revive me. Can you do that?” He asked Bill, who stood just inside the Wards, hands in his pockets.

Bill shrugged. “Sure thing. About how long will this take, you think?”

Shiloe eyed the house. “An hour? Maybe a bit more. You might want to grab something to read while you wait.”

Bill brought a shrunken book out of his pocket and re-sized it. “I came prepared.” He said with a smile.

Shiloe snorted and knelt down, laying his hands on the ground where the Wards ended, and closed his eyes. He began feeding his magic into the Wards, strengthening them, and felt his consciousness sink into the work. He knew he’d lose track of time, but he was prepared for that. He gave himself fully over to the work ahead of him.


Shiloe felt the Wards thrum, and sighed, opening his eyes. His vision was blurred. He tried to stand, and felt his head swim. He had enough time to gasp out a strangled “Help!” before he fell over, into the grass.

Bill got up and walked over to him, helping him up. “You okay?” He asked, draping one of Shiloe’s arms over his shoulder and walking into the house. “We’ll be back down in a bit, Mum.” He said, heading for the stairs.

Shiloe let Bill lead him up to their room and sighed as he was laid on the bed. “Need to Feed.” He slurred, still feeling rather dizzy and faint from the amount of energy he had expended.

Bill quickly undressed, nodding. “I’d say so. Why’d you do that if it was going to leave you in this state?”

“Had to protect you.” Shiloe said, wincing as his head throbbed viciously. “Can’t lose you.”

Bill sighed, kneeling on the bed and helping Shiloe out of his clothes, both focused on getting him undressed as quickly as possible. “Not that I don’t appreciate it, but if it’s going to cause this, I’m not sure it’s worth it.”

Finally, Shiloe was nude, and he smiled at Bill. “So fix it.” He challenged weakly, holding out his arms.

Bill chuckled and leaned in for a kiss.

Shiloe moaned and deepened the kiss, burying his hands in Bill’s hair and tugging gently.

Bill growled and the kiss turned rougher in an instant, before Bill broke it and nipped at Shiloe’s lower lip with a smile. “You’re asking for trouble.” He warned.

Shiloe smiled back. “Oh, and here I thought I was asking for sex. Silly me.”

Bill kissed him again, running a hand down over Shiloe’s chest, flicking over his nipples teasingly along the way. Shiloe moaned into the kiss, hips bucking up pleadingly as Bill’s hand continued sliding down, slowing the closer it got to Shiloe’s prick.

Shiloe tore his mouth away from Bill’s when that hand stopped, so close to where he wanted it most. “Oh, PLEASE, Bill, don’t stop there!” He whimpered as Bill’s mouth closed over his pulse point, sucking, and his hand FINALLY grabbed his cock, stroking it firmly.

Bill raised his head, admiring his handiwork for a moment before his eyes roamed over the teen who was now bucking up and moaning in pleasure. “You’re so bloody gorgeous, Shi.” He growled, leaning in for another kiss.

Shiloe whimpered in denial when both the mouth ravaging his and the hand stroking him were removed, and Bill leaned over the edge of the bed.

“Wand, where the hell’s my—Ah! Found it!” Bill crowed, holding up his wand. He cast a lubricating spell on one hand and slid a finger into Shiloe, who arched with a low moan. “Like that?” Bill purred, crooking the finger to rub against Shiloe’s prostate. “Want more?”

Shiloe nodded, mouth open as he panted. He whimpered when the finger slid out and two pushed back in, stretching him gently.

Bill chuckled before claiming Shiloe’s mouth again. “Gonna fuck you.” He growled against the teen’s lips. “Gonna open you up and fuck you hard.” He promised.

“Yes!” Shiloe breathed, pushing back against the fingers and gasping when a third joined them. “Fuck me! Do it!” He begged, wrapping Bill’s hair around his hands and using it to pull the redhead’s face back into a kiss.

Bill moaned loudly, sliding his fingers out and lubing himself, placing his wand on the end table next to the bed and moving himself to brace over Shiloe. “You ready for me?” He checked, running the back of his hand over one flushed cheek.

“Oh, yes.” Shiloe purred. “Please.”

Bill pushed forward and groaned as his cock was wrapped in tight heat. “Fuck, you feel so tight!”

Shiloe nodded. “Shiloe healing spell. Every time I let Harry out, this body is essentially a virgin again.”

Bill blinked in shock. “Fuck.” He breathed. Then, he grinned. “That’s hot.” He decided, leaning in for another kiss.

Shiloe whimpered into the kiss when Bill began thrusting, driving into him so hard the bed was hitting the wall. Shiloe was moaning in sharp, staccato bursts now, nearly delirious with pleasure. He cried out loudly when Bill’s hand wrapped around his cock.

Bill stroked him in perfect counterpoint to his thrusts, and Shiloe’s eyes rolled wildly in his head as he just laid back and let the sensation wash over him.

Shiloe was taken nearly by surprise when his orgasm swamped him, and he clung to Bill, riding out the tremors as the redhead’s breath caught and held for a few seconds, and Shiloe felt the man come inside him as all the breath left his body in one long sigh.

Bill collapsed onto his side, pulling Shiloe close and grabbing his wand for a quick cleaning spell.

Suddenly, a silver lioness came through the door and stopped by the bed. “Please remember to use a silencing spell, boys.” It admonished in Molly’s voice before disappearing.

Bill and Shiloe both flushed and Bill laughed softly. “Oops.” He kissed the back of Shiloe’s neck. “Well, at least the others weren’t home yet.” He commented.

Shiloe groaned, burying his face in the pillow. “I’m never going to be able to face your mother again. I can’t believe you’re LAUGHING!” He turned over and stuffed the pillow into Bill’s smug face. “Shut up!” He said, chuckling at the muffled curse that came out from the pillow.

Bill removed the pillow and sat up, kissing Shiloe once more before he got out of bed. “You should get your clothes back on and come downstairs with me. You need to face her sometime, better to get it over with.”

Shiloe grumbled but got up, rifling through the clothes that sat on the floor in a heap, finding his and pulling them on.

“Calm down, she won’t make a big scene over it. She’ll brush it off. You’re like a son to her, she loves you. This won’t change that. If anything, she’ll love you more now. You’re officially part of the family. Besides, even without hearing it, she’d still have known what we were doing.” Bill grabbed Shiloe’s hand and had to practically drag him to the door.

Shiloe gave up and followed Bill downstairs, hiding behind him as they walked into the kitchen.

“Sorry, Mum.” Bill said and laughed. “We’ll remember next time.”

Molly turned around, spoon in hand, and brandished it at her son. “You’d better! If Ron and Ginny have to hear any of that, I’ll tan your hide!”

She peeked around him at Shiloe, who was red-faced and sheepish. “Of course, I don’t blame you, Dear. THE ADULT is supposed to REMEMBER.” She finished, narrowing her eyes at Bill. “Your father and the others should be home any time now. Get outside and wait for them, you two. Can’t have you underfoot while I’m preparing dinner, now, can I?”

Bill chuckled again, pulling Shiloe outside. “See? That wasn’t too bad, was it?”

Shiloe sighed. “I hate you right now.” He mumbled.

A black, ministry-issue car pulled up.

Bill smiled as Fred and George came out, followed by Ginny, Ron, and Arthur. They all got their school trunks out and headed for the house, calling out greetings to Bill and Shiloe as they passed.

The car drove off again and Arthur smiled at Shiloe. “Good to see you. Is it Harry, or…”

Shiloe smiled. “Not right now.”

Arthur nodded, and made no move to touch Shiloe, for which the brunette was thankful. “Well, welcome to the Burrow, Shiloe. And welcome to the family, too.” He said with a smile, his eyes flicking down to where Shiloe’s hand was still clutching Bill’s.

Shiloe nodded at him. “Thank you. I put up a Shiloe Ward around your house, it should offer you more protection.” He told the man as the three headed for the house.

Arthur beamed at him. “Well, thank you!”

Bill raised Shiloe’s mouth to his lips and brushed a kiss against his knuckles, then dropped his hand.

As they walked back into the house, Shiloe found himself with an armful of Ginny.

She pulled away and looked at him intently. “Shields still up?” She asked playfully.

Shiloe growled at her. “That’s not funny!” He snarled, reinforcing his shields, which had, in fact, trembled alarmingly at the unexpected contact.

Molly’s voice rang out from the kitchen. “Ginevra Weasley! You know better! NEVER touch a Shiloe without permission first! I’m sorry, Shiloe, she really DOES know better. I don’t know what’s gotten into you!” Molly finished, waving her finger at Ginny.

Ginny pouted. “I was just checking to make sure he was holding his shields. Besides, Bill was right there in case they cracked!”

“Shiloe’s had a hard day already, he put up extra Wards around the house for us! It’s a wonder his shields are still holding, and you testing them wasn’t planned nor needed! I don’t want to catch you doing anything like that again!” She scolded. “Not even home five minutes, and already you’re causing trouble.” She muttered.

Shiloe sighed. “Really, Molly, it’s okay. I’m fine.”

Ginny huffed. “Sorry, Mum. It won’t happen again. Sorry, Shi.” She added when Molly opened her mouth again.

Molly nodded, and went back to cooking.

Ginny stuck her tongue out at Shiloe and bounded up the stairs with a smile.

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