The Best Of...

BY : T-W-O
Category: Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Draco/Hermione
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Disclaimer: I own nothing of HP nor do I profit in any way from these missives. I almost own the laptop I'm writing this fanfic on, tho'.

“Harry, you have to. This is what it’s about — doing the right thing. She’s part of why you’re here and not lying dead on that hillside. So is he. I know you’ve hated each other forever; just… do what you think is right.”

“You are an absolute joy to have around.” Harry delivered with the perfect balance of sarcasm and resignation.

“That’s why we’re friends.”

The closing door sealed the deal.


“I. Can’t. Stand. Being. Away. From. You.” he confessed with each thrust.

“Nor-I-you!” she panted back, making best use of what could be their final time together.

“Pray Merlin you return to me, Cissy - ahhh! Merlin’s Balls, I love you witch!”



Releases from both sustained this bit of pleasure in the midst of unrelenting anxiety.


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