Redemption Recalled

BY : MoonlightVision
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of JK's world and characters, I do not make any money from this. I merely borrow for fun. The only thing I own is my feisty Lexi and the story arch.

A/N:  I've decided after reading stories on here for years to try and write my own, so this is my first attempt.  Please feel free to let me know what you think!  Any and all advice and constructive criticism are welcomed, and random comments too if you have them :D

Also, no Scabior in this chapter but there will eventually  be a pairing between him and my OC. I just needed to set this up for how I want my story to start. Not sure how long this fic will be, several chapters at the very least.  Please rate and review!


Night was starting to fall upon the forest. The last dusky rays of sunlight trying to wind their way through the trees, reaching to hold onto the trunks as if they didn't want to leave. Stars started to twinkle into existence among the leaves of the canopy, shinning pale, cold light towards the forest floor. The first sliver of moon peaked over the horizon, a rich gold in colour, bringing a warmer, softer light to the trees, forcing the last of the sunlight to give up it's hold on the bark and retreat, slinking away from where the moon was emerging. This breathtaking transition, however, was lost on the figures that ran through the trees. Winding her way between the trunks, much like the last sun rays had done, was a girl, gasping for breath and clutching a stitch in her side, desperately trying to outrun the shadowy figures that were pelting after her.

Crying out as her hair snagged on a stray branch, she clapped a hand to her mouth, knowing that any sound she made would alert them to her location. Leaning on a tree for a moment she tried to gulp in as much air as she could, as quietly as she could, racking her brain for any sort of plan that might allow her to evade the men she had been fleeing for the last ten minutes.

"Come on out girly, you can' run forever," taunted one of her pursuers, sounding much closer than she had thought them to be. Panicking she crouched down by her tree, her eyes searching the darkness that had engulfed the forest, looking and listening for any sign that might indicate how many of them had kept up with her mad dash through the trees. As if sensing her thoughts the man continued speaking, "We're all still here, waitin' for you to come out and play."

A second voice spoke from her left, "Though I 'spect you won't 'ave as much fun as we will," chuckling deeply he added, "'specially since ya seem ta be missing something of yourn"

NO! He couldn't possibly mean.... She thought desperately, her hand flying to her coat pocket, reaching in and searching to the very deepest corners. It was empty, her pocket was empty!  Her wand was gone!  There was a small hole at the bottom that must have been ripped by a branch as she fought her way through the trees. She vaguely recalled having her jacket catch a few times on things but had been too focussed on putting as much distance between herself and them as possible. Her wand must have slipped out as she ran and been picked up by one of the snatchers that followed her. Realizing nothing but continuing to run would save her now, she cursed under her breath.

"Now tha' is not a very lady like thing to say."

Her heart leapt into her throat and she spun to the right, finding the owner of the voice to be less than five feet away from her. Without thinking she bolted forwards and to the left, running straight into a solid, warm chest. As she tried to twist away arms circled her, pulling her flush against one of the snatchers bodies. She tried to flail with her arms, hitting, punching, and pulling anything she could reach but with an increasing feeling of doom she felt the man holding her tighten his grip with the arm around her shoulders and chest, his other hand catching her wrists and holding them together despite her feeble attempts to free herself.

"Now now, mayhaps if you behave we'll take it easy on you," the man who had uttered those first taunting words while she paused for breath stepped into her line of vision. Tall and broad shouldered, she felt her heart sinking, he was built like an ox. There was no way she could inflict enough damage to him to get away without her wand and judging by the arms that encircled her the second snatcher was just as large and well muscled.

"Haha, tha's a good 'ne," chuckled the man holding her, his laugh vibrating through his chest, "Take it easy on 'er. Ya know none o' this is gonna be easy on 'er."

Finding her voice at last she spat out "What exactly do you want with me?"

As three more men materialized out of the trees, the first glanced their way before replying. "Well, you know we are in the business o' snatching people who are avoiding questioning. Bu' that's not all me an' my boys want from you." Stepping closer he looked down at her with a lurid smile on his face. "With a face as pretty as yours is, it'd be a shame to not 'ave a bit o' fun before takin' you to the ministry."

Her face blanched, she could literally feel the blood draining from it as her heart stopped. "Y-you can't."

"Can't we?" Reaching out a hand to stroke her cheek, she flinched at his touch which only made him smile more, "I don' see anybody here asides yourself who seems opposed to the idea."

Glancing quickly around she knew he spoke the truth, the five men in the forest with her were all hungrily eyeing her body up and down. Anger surged inside her and she acted instinctively. Turning her head she bit down, hard, on the hand that was still resting on her cheek. A coppery taste combined with a feral scream of pain gave her a new burst of energy. Leaning forward slightly she threw her head backwards, hoping to connect with the face of the man behind her. A low grunt and loosening of his arms told her she had been successful. She staggered forward, the pain in her own head from the blow making her ears ring. Just as she turned to run she felt something wrap around her ankle. With a scream she fell to the ground. Looking behind her she realized one of the others had shot a hex at her feet, wrapping them in vines from the forest floor. As she scrabbled backwards she was pulled roughly to her feet by her jacket and slammed into the trunk of a nearby tree. Crumpling to the ground from the force of the blow, she tried to clear her vision by blinking rapidly, but the fuzziness in her head wouldn't lessen.

Growling, the first snatcher pulled her to her feet and pushed her into the tree. Leaning closer he spoke quietly into her ear, "There will be no more o' that, you hear. The only ones who'll be drawin' any more blood tonigh' will be us."

"I would rather die than let any of you touch me," she ground out.

"Oh, you very well migh' die tonigh' girly, but not until after we've had our fun. Even if we 'ave to beat you senseless to 'ave it. So be a good girly and this'll be more fun for everyone." With those words he slid the hand that wasn't pressing her into the tree across her stomach, letting it glide to her hip where he gripped her hard enough to make her cry out. "Tha's right, scream all you want, nobody can hear you." His hand moved from her hip, finding her breast and squeezing, "Mmm, they're perfect. I can' wait to taste 'em."

Fear and anger bubbled inside her. She would not let this happen, she had to get away. Lashing out with her hands she connected with his face, using her nails to scratch deep gouges into his cheeks, trying to claw out his eyes. The snatcher yelled and made a grab for her hands trying to force them to her sides. Taking her chance she quickly brought her knee up between his legs. Hearing his pained screams raise an octave as he released his hold on her and toppled to the ground she turned to flee.

"Oh no ya don'!" The second snatcher's fist connected with the side of her head causing her to see stars. Shaking it off she tried to keep running only to be tripped by a third man. Landing flat on the ground she immediately tried to surge upwards again to keep going. A booted foot came out of no where and landed a blow to her stomach. Curling up in pain as the breath left her body she still attempted to roll further from the approaching men.

There was a dry chuckle from above her, "You really are a feisty one aren' you?"

Still huddled on the ground she felt one of them crawl on top of her, trying to pin her down. Rough hands grabbed her shirt and tried to pull it over her head as she struggled. Fighting with all the strength she had left she rolled over beneath the weight of the body above her and tried to claw her way out from under him, hearing a tearing sound as part of her shirt gave way to the tension of being twisted and pulled in several directions. A hand grabbed a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back and a voice whispered in her ear, "I really don' care which way I take you, bu' I am gonna 'ave my way with you."

"Like hell you will!"

"Sweetie, at this point there isn' much you can do to stop it."

"Wanna bet?" Planting her palms on the forest floor she pushed up with all she had, satisfied when she felt her head once again connect with something, causing a few choice curse words to be uttered from the man who's nose she suspected she had just broken. Her satisfaction was short lived, however, when she realized it wasn't enough to make the man let go of her hair. Tightening his grip on her the snatcher slammed her head downwards into the roots of a tree that was growing nearby. Blackness threatened to engulf her completely as pain exploded in her head, she once again tasted blood and everything began to blur together. Forcing herself to breath she felt him pull her head backwards once more.

"Try tha' again an' it'll be the last thing you ever do." He snarled into her hair.

"I thought I already told you I'd rather die!" She wheezed out, trying to push back into him again. Sensing what she was trying to do the snatcher thrust her head forwards again, smashing it into the same root. She closed her eyes as the pain became too much, the forest swimming before her and darkness threatening to overcome her senses. She took one last shuddering breath, trying to maintain consciousness. As blackness crept into her brain and the pain, blessedly, retreated into the nothingness that was surrounding her she thought of a word, just one small word, used in a phrase that had never crossed her mind before... Help... somebody please help me...

A blinding light suddenly blazed through the trees causing the snatchers to recoil and shield their eyes. As a sudden wind whipped the leaves on the floor into a frenzy of fluttering the light gradually subsided. All the men were on their feet brandishing their wands in every direction trying to find something or someone that could have caused the disturbance. Glancing down to where the girl had been lying they uttered cries of alarm. She was gone. Her body which had seconds ago been lying there, beaten and bloody and very much unconscious was gone. All that remained were some bloody leaves, her left shoe and a cloud of steam rising from the empty, cold forest floor.

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