Teaching The Professor

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“Come on mudblood, you can do better than that!”

She looks up at the smug bastard with as much hatred as she can manage. Which really isn’t that much considering she has his cock in her mouth.

“You can do better than that. That is troll level cock sucking. You’re Hermione Granger-Weasley, you should try for an O. If you don’t want to improve I can always find sweet young Rose. She would love to be in your place and I’m sure she would definitely give an O level effort.”

She should hurt him for that comment but instead she puts all her frustration into giving the bastard the best blow job imaginable. She knows he is right. If she doesn’t do it, he will go after Rose and she knows her daughter will do whatever he wants. Her daughter has a crush that borders on infatuation on this snake and she will do anything for him to return the feelings. Actually Rose would do anything just for him to give her a kind word. The fact her daughter worships this bastard and Hermione has to do depraved things to keep him away from her is all Harry Potter’s fault. He had persuaded Ron and her to encourage their kids to befriend children from all the other houses. When she was younger Hermione had also thought this way but she also remembered how cruel kids could be and she wanted to protect her children from any pain. Even if she started to pick up prejudices that her younger self would be ashamed of. However, Harry advised his own kids of his own secret with the sorting hat. He even encouraged Rose’s feelings for this bastard, Scorpius Malfoy.

That’s good enough. We don’t want this to be too easy. We want you to feel it. Come on professor, you know where I want you.”

Indeed she did know. Scorpius loved to bend her over her own desk and take her from behind. It was some cheap thrill fucking his own teacher on her own desk in her own classroom. She followed his instructions and positioned herself. The desk was cool as her breasts touched it followed by the rest of her upper body. She could feel him behind her. His hands spread her bum apart exposing her most sacred place to this bastard.

“Well I think I have advanced past OWL level sex. It’s time for NEWT level.”

Before she could ever ask what he meant, she could feel the head of Scorpius’ cock pushing into her virgin hole.

“No! Not there!”

Instead of stopping, Scorpius tightened his grip on her hips and continued to push forward.

“Hermione, I am getting tired of this. You tell me no. You tell me you don’t want to. You try to deny me but we know those are just words. Your body gives in and you end up loving every moment of it. We both know that your mudblood cunt is dripping wet. You want this. You want every dirty nasty thing I do to you. Stop denying it because it is going to happen. If you didn’t want this to happen you could have stopped me at any point. You are the brightest and probably most powerful witch of this age.”

She wanted to deny it. She wanted to say she was doing this to protect her daughter. That is what she always told herself. However, his words rang true. She didn’t have to sleep with him or do all the other sexual acts he ordered her to do. She could have stopped him at any time. She had wanted this.

Something broke inside of her with that realization. It was the truth. She didn’t do this as a way to protect her daughter but because she wanted Scorpius Malfoy for herself. It had been so long since she had felt as desired as she felt under his gaze. Ron and she were basically friends who just happened to be married at this point. Plus Scorpius Malfoy was gorgeous. It must be a Malfoy trait but they all seemed to grow extremely handsome. They were all slight variations of each other. Both his father and grandfather looked to be twenty years younger than their real age. In fact with Scorpius looking older than his age and Draco looking younger, they looked more like brothers than father and son. Unfortunately, Ron took after his father as he got older, he became rounder, softer and balder. She hadn’t felt so much for so long till she started having sex with Scorpius. She didn’t want it to stop. She wanted this.

As she realized this, she also realized that he was now completely buried in her. She moved her upper body up on her elbows and forearms. She looked back.

“Fuck my arse. Scorpius fuck me.”

He said nothing but only chucked before he started to move. His thrusts were slow at first as they both were getting used to this new sensation. It was painful but Hermione forced herself to relax and she could hear Scorpius mutter some spell. Then she felt a cool liquid sensation in her arse. With the extra lubrication, he began to move faster. As the pain lessoned, another sensation began to overcome her, pleasure. Her clit was being rubbed against the edge of the desk. She could feel her wetness seeping out of her pussy down her thighs. She couldn’t help but begin to moan.

“I knew you would enjoy this, my mudblood. Tell me you are enjoying it.”

As he said this, he grabbed her hair and pulled her up till he was talking into her ear.

“Yes, Merlin, fuck yes. I love it. Fuck me harder!”

“Oh I will. Now I want you to suck on this while I fuck you.” He presented something to her lips which to Hermione’s shame recognized as a butt plug. She opened her mouth and took the toy into her mouth. He then pushed her upper body back flat against the desk. He gripped her shoulder and her hip and began to thrust into her arse with unbelievable strength. She was grateful for the butt plug in her mouth because she is certain that even with the spell she cast, the whole castle would have heard her screaming. She could feel her body coming closer to an orgasm that she knew would be more intense than anything she had ever felt. She clawed at the desk trying to hold on as she felt she was about lose all control.

“Cum for me mudblood. Cum now!”

She couldn’t explain it but her body reacted to his command like his words triggered an explosion. The butt plug fell out of her mouth as screamed out her orgasm.

“SCORPIOUS!” She tried to buck up but she was being held down by his hand as he started to move faster. His thrusts were faster and more frantic till finally his body stiffened against hers. Then she felt him filling her arse with his cum. She could feel his cock soften in her as cum began to come out of her arse. He then laid on her back for a moment.

Heavy breathing could be heard. She could see him reach for the butt plug that laid on the desk.

“I am going to have deduct some points for not keeping this in your mouth. However, for your homework assignment. I want you to wear this all day and night till our next class. To make sure it stays, I think you should keep some of me inside of you till then.”

She was too tired to ask but then she felt him pull out. However, she realized what he meant as he pushed the butt plug in her cum filled arse. Some more of his cum came out as the butt plug was pushed in. However, there was still some that remained. Now her once virgin hole was being used a potion’s vial for his cum. She should have been disgusted but instead she only was grateful that Ron and she were no longer naked together so it wouldn’t be so hard. There only seemed to be on problem that she could think of.

“So Mr. Malfoy what can I do to make up for those points I lost?”

“Well if you want to earn extra credit, you can clean my cock. Your mudblood arse left it all dirty.”

She could sense him move back. She turned around and got down on her knees. As she took him in her mouth again, she could only think that this was only natural. Hermione Granger-Weasley never turned down a chance for extra credit.

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