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This story just came to me today, considering writing more chapters, depending on how you react to this.






Neville stood there, frozen to the floor as he came eye to eye with the man of his nightmares throughout the past six years in the deserted corridor. Professor Severus Snape looked worse than ever. Paler, thinner, more tired and angrier.




Of course he would look worse. The man had murdered Dumbledore and had been on the run for a month now. Nobody knew where he had gone or had even seen him since he had left Hogwarts. Until now.




It was the 2nd week of July.




“Expelliarmus.” Neville said before Snape could come out of his trance. Something was definitely off with this picture. Since when can anyone disarm Snape?




Snape leaned against the cold stone breathing hard. “Longbottom.” He stated, giving him the worst kind of ´get the fuck out of my way´ stare he could muster up.




“Professor.” Neville bravely replied, pointing his wand at him after summoning Snape´s wand from where it had dropped to the floor and pocketing it inside his own robes.




“This way.” Neville spoke. keeping his wand raised, Neville led the way down the hall to the Room of Requirements, wanting to get Snape out of the way so he couldn’t run or hurt a student while he waited for help. The room seemed to realize what was required from it and locked the doors while red flares surrounded the exit.




“You fool!” Snape growled at him. “That was a fucking lock-down charm. There is no getting out of this room now before it wants us to.” Neville looked taken aback by this piece of information, but took a deep breath knowing he was the only one with a wand. Two actually.




He hadn´t expected Snape to just follow him, but he had. He had thought Snape would fight back, but looking closer at the man Neville saw something strange. Was he in pain? “What´s wrong with you?” Neville demanded to know, while walking across the room to where Snape had sat down on the floor where pillows laid spread out.




Snape stared up at Neville with irritation written across his features. He didn´t want to answer, but he knew he could not lie, because as stupid as Longbottom was, surely he would realize the moment that he died in front of him.




He took a deep controlling breath and leant back against the wall. “The Dark Lord wants his followers to submit completely to him.” He started with his usual drawl.




Neville watched him as he spoke again. “He uses torture. Any kind he can think of, to make sure you fear him enough to not fight back. The Cruciatus curse, loss of limbs, mental and physical pain. Only when he has no use for you will he be merciful and kill you.” He met Longbottom’s gaze as he flinched in pain on the floor.




Longbottom looked uncomfortable standing there watching him in pain. One might think that he was the one in pain and not Snape. “Are you dying?” He asked his professor.




“Aren´t we all?” Was the harsh reply.




Neville shifted on the spot and slowly sat down with his wand still pointed at Snape. “What´s wrong with you?” He asked again. Snape rolled his eyes and shifted his legs a bit with Neville instinctually following the movement. Neville´s eyes widened. He blushed and looked away.




Snape snorted. “Surely you have seen one before Longbottom? Or is this your first encounter with an erect cock?” He sneered.




Neville swallowed hard and Snape spoke again. “One of the Dark Lord´s many ways of making sure his followers are subdued is the use of his own homemade aphrodisiac potion.”




Neville´s eyes flew to meet Snape´s in horror. “What, he rapes you?”




Snape snorted again. “No. he takes pleasure in watching us do the work.” Neville made a gagging noise.




Snape rolled his eyes. He took a steadying breath before continuing. “Not with him you idiot!” He was obviously still in pain and from the looks of it, it had gotten a lot worse since they had entered the room together. “He makes us take the potion and then he watches us ´having fun.´ There is no antidote. The only way to get out of this is release.”  




“You mean, you have to…. touch yourselves?”




“No. It will only work if you´re with someone orally or anally.”




“That´s horrible.” Neville let out.




“Tell me about it.” Snape spat out, he was having a hard time keeping still from the pain.




“You took the potion tonight? Are you in pain because you couldn´t, you know…?”




“And here I thought you were stupid Longbottom.” Snape mocked. Neville scowled at him.




“I tried sending a Patronus to the Order when we got here to get them to come and take you to Azkaban. It didn´t work. So we´re stuck here until someone finds us or the room will let us out as you said before.”




Snape smirked through his pain. “A Patronus requires a lot of practice.”




“Fuck you, you bastard.” Neville suddenly spat. “I may not be the most gifted wizard, but I can fucking create a Patronus, Hermione taught me. That´s more than most can.” He got up and walked away from Snape´s sitting form. “You were always a bastard. No wonder everyone hates you. Always tormenting students. And me, you treated me worse than everyone else!”




“You fucking moron Longbottom. I did it to give you confidence.” Snape yelled.




“Confidence? You don´t give people that by treating them like crap. Making them feel like they are the worst kind of wizards who ever lived. Making them feel like they shouldn´t even have been born!” Neville was red in the face with anger by now.




Snape saw the young man´s eyes ready to burst with tears. “Potter needed friends who were brave and confident. You were Potter´s friend from the beginning. I had no choice but to be rough with you; you had the bravery of a fucking chicken. I do not do soft teaching with anyone Longbottom.”




Neville looked away and Snape noticed he wiped his eyes before turning around. “What happens to you now, with the potion and all?” He asked Snape in no more than a whisper, but Snape heard it anyway.




“My balls will explode from the pressure and I would then die from blood loss since the bastard made it impossible to heal this condition.”




Neville´s eyes flew to his again, forgetting to hide the redness in them. “That´s fucking sick.”




Snape laughed. “No Longbottom. Sick, is when you have taken the potion and Bellatrix is the only one able to help you. Goyle learned that the hard way.” Neville made another gagging noise.




Neville took a deep breath. Cause of death exploding balls and severe blood loss. He shuddered. What a way to go out. Ultimate pain and embarrassment. He took another deep breath and closed his eyes.




Snape was not only breathing hard anymore, he was also screaming out in deep, agonizing pain in intervals.




"I will never be good enough for you, will I?" He asked his professor, already knowing the answer. "I will always be the loser who cannot get anything right, even with years of practice. You will never be able to pay me one tiny compliment or a decent grade. Not even when you´re dying will you turn to me for help." Neville didn´t wait for Snape´s response after he heard the man growl in response to what he had just told him.




Neville shook his head, how´s this for bloody confidence, he thought, before he swung his wand and Snape´s pants and underwear vanished as he walked over to him.




“What the hell are you doing Longb…” Snape snarled at Neville. Whatever else he had planned on asking was drowned in the back of his throat as Neville lowered his warm and wet mouth over Snape´s throbbing, saluting cock.




As soon as his cock collided with Neville´s mouth the pain stopped. Snape let out a growl as Neville started to suck the red head while letting his tongue run down the back of his length. Neville´s hands went to still the hips Snape didn´t even realize he had begun thrusting into the young man´s hole.




“FUCK!” Snape´s mouth let slip out as Neville grabbed his sac and messaged it while taking the entire eight inches down his throat and up again, making sure to add a sucking movement when the head reached his lips before repeating it over and over.




Snape was panting when Neville´s warm mouth let go of his cock. He still didn´t meet Snape´s eyes which were locked to the task Neville was performing. Instead he placed his finger inside his own mouth and sucked it, causing Snape´s head to start wandering off, before taking the finger out again.




He resumed licking the huge cock before him while he led the wet finger to Snape´s entrance. Snape watched, and he wanted to stop Longbottom from what was so obviously going to happen next, but his voice failed him. He could only wait and watch while Neville slowly slid his finger inside his arse. Snape hissed and began moving his hips again. Neville paid no attention to his professor as he replaced the finger with two instead and began thrusting them deeper inside as if searching for something.




“MOTHERFUCKER,” Snape cursed as Neville brushed his fingers against his prostate and sucked the head of his cock more persistently, letting his teeth brush slightly against it. Neville felt Snape´s legs begin shaking but still ignored the man beneath him.




“Longbottom…” Snape said panting.




No response.




“Longbottom…” Snape moaned this time. He thrust his hips upwards with such force Neville gagged before he let Snape´s cock go to respond.




“I think right at this very moment that you know my name, professor.”




And then the sucking resumed. “FUCK!” Snape´s legs shook harder and he was sweating like crazy. “Longb..” Snape swallowed his pride.




“Neville… move your head…” Neville smirked and Snape saw it, but he didn´t move one inch from Snape´s cock. Snape resigned in holding back and let go instead, his warm semen shot down Neville´s throat as he finally removed his two fingers from his professor´s arse and finished licking his member clean.




Snape lay back onto a pillow panting with his eyes closed while Neville stood up, cast a cleaning spell over his fingers, another spell to return Snape´s pants and went for the door which had suddenly unlocked with green sparks at that very moment. “Longbottom…” Snape said.  




No reaction.




“Neville…” Snape tentatively spoke. Neville stopped with his hand on the doorknob and turned around to face his professor for the first time since he had taken his cock into his mouth.




“Professor?” He replied. Snape gazed into his blue eyes with a warm feeling inside his chest forming.




“That was NEWT worthy.” Neville blushed slightly, smiled and nodded before exiting the door. As he closed and locked the door behind him, and waited for the Aurors to arrive he leant against the doorframe smiling proudly.That was NEWT worthy. He knew that those words coming from that man meant it was better than that, because the praise of Severus Snape did not come easily.





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