Of Potions and Wings

BY : Sablesilverrain
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 “I fail to see why this is such a bad thing.”

Lucius scowled down at the paper, willing it to burst into flames. The divorce papers, however, refused to comply with his unspoken demand. “Draco, be silent, please.”

Draco sighed. “Just sign the paper, Father. We’d both be better off with her out of the picture. Honestly, you couldn’t have picked a worse wife. Did you really think the gene would skip me if it didn’t skip you? Could you have possibly married someone more against creature blood? Really.” The blond finished in disgust.

Lucius smirked at his son. “Well, why exactly did you have to turn out submissive, Dragon? If you weren’t, all it would have taken was a simple discussion in private and some careful maneuvering and she would never have known. But no, my son had to grow impressive silvery wings with lovely blue markings. They’re rather eye-catching.”

“They are pretty, aren’t they?” Draco asked, smiling at them. He turned a bored gaze on his father. “You will need to sign those eventually. Maybe you’ll find a nice submissive Faurae out there and be able to bond with them.”

Lucius sighed. “I’ve told you already, Draco: Faurae are very rare, submissives even more so. I doubt there is another in this section of the world besides you.”

“Not that you’ve been looking. You’re still young, you know. You could marry again.” Draco pointed out.

“I will not remarry unless there is a very compelling reason. It’s more trouble than it’s worth, I’ve found.” Lucius muttered, picking up the quill and staring at the divorce papers. He gritted his teeth when he saw that Narcissa’s reason for leaving him was listed as ‘failure to divulge creature bloodline.’ He signed the paper and growled as it disappeared. It would be filed in the appropriate place in the ministry, and he was officially single again.

Narcissa had been outraged when her son had fallen ill and the second he had been left alone with Lucius, silvery-cream wings emerged from his back.

Lucius had explained to her that apparently he had passed along Faurae blood, and their son had manifested.

Now, nearly two months later, their divorce was final.

Lucius was pleasantly surprised that Draco had become a submissive. One little-known thing about Faurae was that the submissives were magically stronger than the Dominants. However, the pride he felt was rather muted by the loss of his wife, whom he may not have loved, but had learned to tolerate, despite her many flaws and her condescension of those with creature heritages.

“Father, now that your divorce is final and all that, can I please go visit Severus? I want him to see my wings.” Draco smiled at his father winningly.

Lucius sighed in resignation. “You’re truly thinking of pursuing him, then?”

Draco flushed. “Well, I can’t have you, and I need an heir. Do you know of any other Dominants around? If you do, please tell me who. I’d love to have options. It makes things even better, after all. Then he’ll know I chose him for a reason.” He smirked.

“Draco, be serious. This is a lifelong choice you are making so arbitrarily. Think of what you are doing.” Lucius stared at his son hard, Draco holding up remarkably well under the close scrutiny.

Finally, the younger blond broke the silent stare and spoke solemnly. “It’s not arbitrary, by any stretch, Father. I want him. He’s been there all my life, guide and guardian, mentor and confidant, and he’s filled the role well. Exceptionally well, in fact. But there’s something missing from my life now, and my blood is compelling me to seek it out. He’ll fill the void, and do so willingly, or not at all. I know he won’t be lured in by my looks, or my name, or the family money. If he lets me in, it will be for who I am, no other factors will interfere with his choice.” Draco turned his gaze to his hands. “Plus, he’s rather fit, isn’t he?” He peeked at his father with a small, embarrassed smile.

Lucius was sneering. “I’m sure I wouldn’t know, Dragon. I have never looked at him in that manner.”

“Go ahead and look, by all means.” Draco purred. “Just don’t touch him. He’s for me.”

“Very well, you may go to Hogwarts. If he sends you back, you are to come straight home. And if he is summoned-“

“Stay in his rooms or report back to the Manor, I know. Let no one know where I am unless he’s gone for more than three days. Can Dumbledore know I’m there?” Draco asked, knowing that since his birthday his father had defected, offering his services to Dumbledore as a spy, and had been informed of Severus’ involvement in the Order of the Phoenix, as well.

Lucius gritted his teeth. “I suppose. Don’t accept any food or drink from the old man, however.”

Draco raised a brow, standing. “Really, Father. I’m not stupid.” He said dryly, heading to the Floo.


Severus looked up in surprise as his Floo flared to life. He blinked in shock as Draco stepped out, smiling.

“Draco.” He breathed, having not seen the seventeen-year-old since he had left Hogwarts for his summer holiday. He took in the breathtaking wings the boy—no, he was a man grown now—had gained.

Draco smirked, his small victory fuelling his desire for the man before him. “Hello, Sev. I’ve come to offer my company for however long you want me, as well as any services you require.” The blond felt the double entendre falling from his lips so easily, hopeful that Severus would at least have an inkling of how sincerely it was meant.

Severus raised a brow, then realized with horror that he was growing hard. Since he’d had no advance warning of Draco’s visit, he had neglected to take the pheromone-dampening potion he had brewed, and neither of them were safe from the other’s scent. “Give me a moment, Draco, if you will.” He requested, getting up and heading to his liquor cabinet, which held the vials of his precious elixir. He picked up two of them, drinking one and bringing the other one to Draco. “Here.”

Draco frowned. “I don’t want it. Why should I take it?”

Severus sighed. “If you don’t, you’ll feel drawn to me, and I to you. I am a Dominant, Draco, and I will not endanger you in that way.”

“What if I want to be endangered? I could be happy with you, Sev. Truly happy.” He said steadily, not even looking at the potion Severus held out to him.

“Draco, I wish to concentrate, and that will be exceedingly difficult with the scent of an unmated, submissive Faurae swamping my senses at all times.” Severus said tersely.

Draco smirked. “Then why don’t you do something about it? Let me be yours, and the scent won’t bother you as much.”

Severus narrowed his eyes. “I will not. You could have anyone you wanted, Draco, and you will surely find another Dominant you desire far more than me. I will not be to blame for trapping you in an unsatisfying relationship.” He ground out desperately.

Draco pouted, taking the potion from him reluctantly. “When will you realize that you’re the one I want?” He asked petulantly, then drank the potion, grimacing at the feeling of his body closing off the glands that produced the pheromones that clouded a Dominant’s mind, announcing that he was mature and ripe for a mate.

“Draco, you don’t know what you’re saying.” Severus told him evenly. “You’re young, and—“

“I’m not too young to know my own mind.” Draco interrupted. “Don’t you think I’ve had enough time to think this through? If not you, who, then? Father? That’d be one for the books, I’m sure.” Draco sneered.

“Why not? You sound just like him.” Severus responded with a tiny smile.

Draco glared at him. “Funny, Sev. So, what are you doing?” He asked, walking over to look at the papers Severus had been working on.

Severus sighed. “Research. I’m trying to create a version of Wolfsbane that can be stored for longer periods of time without losing its efficacy. So far, the results have been… Unacceptable.”

Draco frowned, looking down at the ideas written down and scratched out. “Hmm… While I admire the idea and all, why are you doing this?”

“Surely you know that if it could be mass-produced and sold in stores, the results for the Werewolf population would be drastic? So many would take it if it were easier to come by, and that would have long-reaching effects on the world at large, reducing the numbers of new infections by a huge amount.” Severus explained.

Draco nodded thoughtfully. “You’re right. I’m sorry I don’t have any ideas to offer.”

Severus smiled at him indulgently. “You’re young, and you still have much to learn. I doubt you’ll be able to create or alter potions for a few years yet.”

“Well, have you taken a break yet today?” Draco asked. “Maybe you just need to step away from the problem for a while and come back to it later. How about a game of Snitch?” He asked, pulling out the practice snitch he’d brought with him. “It’s a beautiful late July day, and I’ll bet you haven’t been out in the sun at all today. It’s unhealthy to stay indoors all the time, you know.”

Severus shook his head with a smile. “Why not? I suppose a break would be nice.”


Draco sighed, counting the pepper-up potions in the hospital wing’s cupboard and writing down the amount dutifully. Severus was talking to Madame Pomfrey in her office.

He looked to the Floo as it flared unexpectedly, depositing two figures into the Hospital Wing.

“Poppy, I need you! Come quick!”

Draco rolled his eyes. Lovely. The Weasley matriarch and Potter. Just what he needed to complete his day.

Madame Pomfrey rushed out and hurried over to the two newcomers. “What’s the matter, then? And why did you bring him to me, rather than St. Mungo’s?” She asked, helping Molly get the brunette into bed as Severus followed her out of the office at a more sedate pace.

Molly wrung her hands. “I think it’s a creature inheritance, but I have no idea which. He asked to come here, he doesn’t want this to end up in the Prophet. I don’t blame him, the poor dear.”

“Well, what got him into this state?” Madame Pomfrey asked.

Draco watched as Potter groaned and panted on the bed, in obvious pain.

“We were throwing him a birthday party, and he’s been complaining of back pain all day. The party was just beginning to wind down when he cried out and collapsed. He’s feverish, I couldn’t get it to go down, so I brought him here.” Molly replied nervously.

Severus walked up beside Madame Pomfrey and inhaled deeply. He recoiled, his eyes widening as he took a few hurried steps backward. “I’ll be right back.” He murmured. “Draco, come with me.”

Draco followed. “What is he, then?” He asked as they headed down to the dungeons, walking briskly.

“Faurae.” Severus said.

“Really?” Draco asked in interest. “He complained about back pain, and was feverish…”

Severus nodded. “We’ll need to get a dampening potion in him before his wings come out, though. Once we do that, the rest will sort itself out.”

Draco smirked. “Another submissive. Excellent. Maybe now he’ll be my friend, since the benefits outweigh the risks. I do, after all, have information he could use, considering I know more about what he is than he does, I’m sure.”

“Do not provoke him, Draco. You may stay for as long as you two can keep from blows, but if it comes down to it, I will send you home. He’ll have to stay with me for at least three days, so that he may keep his wings out while he grows used to them.” Severus reminded the blond.

“I know. Plus, he’s at least as magically strong as I am, maybe more. I know that any fighting between us now is… Ill-advised. I can play nice with him.”

Severus opened his rooms and walked to his cabinet, grabbing a vial of the dampening potion and a strong pain reliever. “Here. Hold these. You’ll need to help me get them in him, in his state.” He said, handing both vials to Draco.

Draco nodded. “Of course.” He said, following Severus back out of the rooms and to the Hospital Wing.

As soon as they got back into the Hospital Wing, Madame Pomfrey hurried over. “Severus, I need your help! Harry Potter—“

“Is a submissive Faurae. I’ll need him in my rooms for the next three days, for him to let his wings out before they have a chance to make him sicken further.” He finished for her.

Both the medi-witch and Molly Weasley gasped.

“Oh, dear.” The Weasley matriarch breathed, laying her hand over her ample bosom. “The poor boy. We had no idea he had that line in him.”

Severus resisted the urge to throttle the woman. Why she would insist on discussing the matter when the boy was obviously in pain, he had no idea. “The Potter line has not produced any Faurae, submissive or otherwise, in ten generations. It was assumed that the line had faded out. Apparently, this is not the case. May Draco and I take him to my rooms? I have a dampening potion and a pain reliever for him.”

Draco held up the vials.

Molly Weasley bit her lip. “Poppy, I don’t think leaving him with them is the wisest course of action—“ She was cut off from her intended speech as a high-pitched cry escaped from Harry’s lips, along with his back arching at an unnatural angle.

Draco cursed and pushed forward, opening the vial of pain-reliever. Severus came up beside Harry’s head and carefully pried the Gryffindor’s mouth open, allowing Draco to pour the potion in. He gently massaged Harry’s throat, making the teen swallow it.

“Make your decision quickly, please.” The man drawled. “He has only a few hours left, if his wings have indeed been trying to emerge all day already, and they can only do so in the presence of other Faurae or alone. I believe he’d be better off with myself and Draco to guide him through this, rather than just being left to his own devices for three days. Isolation is detrimental to all Faurae, especially newly-fledged ones.”

Poppy sighed. “Molly, you know that Severus and Draco are the only real choice we have. If we leave him to suffer this alone, think of how afraid and confused he’ll be. There really is no other option.” She told the woman.

Molly brushed strands of sweat-soaked hair from Harry’s furrowed brow. “Oh, alright. Will you keep me informed of anything that happens to him? Once he can have visitors, we’ll all be by to see him.” She said softly.

“Of course. Severus, you can take him. I’ll inform Albus of what is happening once you let me know you’re safely in your rooms.” Poppy said, all business.

Severus helped Draco feed the dampening potion to Harry, and they levitated him off the bed, guiding him out of the Hospital Wing.


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