Dracken Awakening

BY : wolfwriter
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any other characters created by J.K Rowling and make no money whatsoever for this story. I do not own the creation of the dracken character and have been granted permission to use it by Starlight_Massacre

Chapter 1

July 30th ended the same way it had every previous year, with Harry wishing himself a happy birthday at the stroke of midnight. This year he planned to finally be rid of the Dursleys and number 4 Privet Drive forever as he was now a legal adult in the magical world. He was tired of being a punching bag for Vernon and Dudley. Although the beatings didn’t happen as often as they had before he got his first Hogwarts letter, but they always made sure to find something the day before his birthday. That day had been no better. He took too long to get his list of chores done and that was unacceptable to Vernon. As the clock changed to midnight he shrunk his trunk and placed it in his pocket.

“Happy birthday Harry,” he said as he turned towards the door.

As he took a step in that direction he fell to his knees in an incredible, blinding pain. He had never felt anything quite like it before. It felt like his back and head were on fire. His back felt like something was trying to rip through his skin. He bit his tongue to keep from crying out in pain. The burn in his eyes caused him to shake his head violently which knocked off his glasses as he rubbed his eyes to try and get it to stop. The pain finally became too much for him and he passed out.


He woke up to the chirping of birds and the hooting of Hedwig. He rubbed his eyes and realized as he looked around the room that his vision was perfect without his glasses. He looked around the room and saw a package sitting on the edge of his bed. He rose from the floor and grimaced from the pain in his back. He reached behind him to rub his lower back but hit a something hard with the texture of dragonhide. He ran over to where his mirror hung on the wall. He had wings coming out of his back. ‘Wait a minute I have wings? When the hell did I get wings? Why the fuck do I have wings?’ These were the thoughts that ran through his mind.

His wings were varying shades of purple and black scales that glittered in the sunlight. They had to be about fifteen to sixteen feet across. He pulled them forwards so that he could easily run his fingers over them. He worried about being able to hide them from his relatives so he could get out of there without being called a freak yet again. He concentrated hard and thought about retracting them. His back burned but he was able to retract his wings and fold them into his back. When he looked behind him it was as if he had gotten a tattoo of wings on his back. It was then that he noticed his hair had grown and it rested down his back all the way to his mid-back. No longer was it a messy mop that couldn’t be tamed, it was straight, shiny, and smooth.

Harry walked over to the bed where the package laid and grabbed the envelope to see who it was from. He decided to wait to open the package so he shrunk it and put it in his pocket. He opened the note and saw that it was from Griphook his account manager at Gringotts.

Lord Potter-Black,

You have come into your creature inheritance and it is time to go over your accounts and lineage. Please come in so we can go over what this means. I have included a book that will help you in learning more about who you are. This letter is a portkey that will activate at 10 o’clock.


Account Manager

He only knew of his school vault and couldn’t figure out what Griphook meant by accounts. Maybe it was a mistake and he only meant his school vault. He wondered what else Dumbledore had kept from him. Harry looked at the small desk to see what time it was and saw that he had time to take a shower before relatives woke up. He unshrunk his trunk and grabbed some clothes before he unlocked his door to go take a shower. Now that the trace on his wand was gone he could do it and not get in trouble.


Once dressed Harry looked at his clock and realized he only had a few minutes to gather the rest of his things before the portkey activated.

He released Hedwig and said, “Go to 12 Grimmauld Place and I will meet you there.”

He got everything shrunk and in his pockets in time to grab the letter. He felt a pull on his navel and he realized once again why he hated magical transportation. He always seemed to land ungracefully on the other end. He opened his eyes to see he was in an office with a goblin sitting behind the desk. He recognized him as the goblin that helped him the first time he came to Gringotts.

“Lord Potter-Black, welcome.” He gestured for the young man to take a seat. Once Harry took his seat the goblin continued. “As you have discovered there is creature blood in your family line. It tends to skip generations but the book I sent you should help you learn what is needed. The reason I called you in is to go over your accounts now that you are of age and they are no longer under the control of your magical guardian.”

“My guardian was my muggle Aunt.”

“A wizarding child should never be left with muggles. Your magical guardian was Albus Dumbledore.”

“How can that be? Sirius Black was my godfather not Dumbledore!”

“Give me a moment and I will pull their wills.” The goblin got up and left the room. He quickly returned with some rolls of parchments in his hands. “Let’s see what their wishes were. It looks like their wills were never read.” He took his seat and opened the first.

“I, Lily Potter nee Evans, being of sound mind and body leave this as my last will and testament. I leave all my worldly possessions to my son Harrison James Potter. If he is still a minor he is to go to his godfather Lord Sirius Black. If that is not possible I name Remus Lupin as his guardian. Under no circumstances is he to go to my muggle sister Petunia Dursley and her family. Harry, don’t trust Albus. Use your head and trust your gut. If you inherited anything from your dad I’m sure you got that gut instinct.”

Harry couldn’t believe that her wishes had been completely disregarded. “I went to the one person that she didn’t want me to go to. How could he do that?”

“Let’s see what your father’s will says.” He broke the next seal and began to read. “I, James Harrison Potter, being of sound mind and body leave this as my last will and testament. I name Harrison James Potter as my heir and the next Lord Potter. I leave him all my worldly possessions and hope that he will continue on the Marauder tradition. If he is still a minor and something has happened to Lily he is to go to Lord Sirius Black. If for any reason that is impossible he is to go to Remus Lupin. Harry use your gut and your head. Things are not always what they seem. I no longer blindly follow Albus Dumbledore and do not trust him.”

“I wonder why they no longer trusted the old goat. Alright let’s see what Sirius had to say.” Harry was pissed that his parent’s wills had not been carried out. He was also curious as to why Sirius’ will hadn’t been read, after all it had been more than a year since he’d died.

“I, Lord Sirius Black, being of sound mind and gorgeous body. Shut it Remus. I leave this as my last will and testament. I do hereby leave all my possessions and properties to my heir Harrison James Potter. I want him to go to Remus Lupin if he is still a minor but I have a feeling the old coot won’t abide it. Harry don’t trust the old man. Think about it. Why would he let an innocent man go to prison without a trial? Why would he try to keep us apart? I don’t trust the man.

I do hereby officially give the Order of the Phoenix the boot from 12 Grimmauld Place. As long as they follow Dumbledore they are not welcome there. Remus change the wards to bar them access. I reinstate Andromeda Tonks nee Black back into the family along with her daughter Nymphandora Tonks. Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black is hereby removed from the family.

Remus I hereby give you a hundred thousand galleons and you can’t give it back. I also give you 6 Baldersdale Gardens. Take Tonks and raise your family there.”

“If he wanted 12 Grimmauld Place locked down to the Order why wasn’t it done?” Harry demanded.

“The will was never read therefore none of the wishes could be followed.”

“Then how did you know he had named me his heir?”

“I was the one that drafted his new will a month before he died.”

“Alright, let’s get to the accounts.” Harry sighed and sat back in his chair and wondered what else could go wrong.

“Alright. According to the vaults of Lily Potter nee Evans she had one vault in which she has listed various possessions. Lord Potter leaves you his title,” Griphook presented him with a ring box. “You just need a drop of blood to claim the title. He leaves you with your school vault, but also the family vaults, totaling five million galleons. You have also inherited Lord Godric Gryffindor’s family vault which contains heirlooms and five million galleons.” Harry nicked his finger and let a drop of his blood fall onto the face of the ring. It glowed briefly before he took the golden garnet ring out of the box. He placed it on the index finger of his right hand. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He always thought the only money he had was his school vault.

“Lord Black leaves you his title,” another ring box was presented and a drop of blood was also given for that ring. Once it glowed he placed it also on his index finger of his right hand with his family ring. The two rings melded together to make one ring with garnet and black. “He leaves his family vaults totaling five million four hundred thousand galleons. You also inherit Lord Salazar Slytherin’s family vault which is empty. However, with his ability to speak to snakes I have heard that there’s the possibility of an ante chamber that could only be opened with parseltongue.”

“Wow! That’s a lot of money. I wish I had my family instead of it though. Wait a minute if Dumbledore was considered my magical guardian, did he have access to my vaults?”

“Yes he would.” Griphook flipped through the parchments on his desk to find the one he was looking for. “He withdrew a thousand galleons a month for your care and upkeep.”

“Please, pfft, my relatives weren’t given any money for my care. They made sure I knew that. Anyone else have access?”

“Yes, there withdrawals made by Molly Weasely, Ronald Weasely, Hermione Granger, and Ginerva Weasely every year for the past five years.”

“Those sons of bitches. I want my vaults rekeyed and their access denied.”

“Do you want us to recover the money?” If there was one thing a goblin couldn’t stand it was theft.

“Yes, with interest. They will learn that I cannot be stolen from without repercussions. Also, I want a vault opened in Remus’ name and the money Sirius left him deposited into it.”

“Very well Lord Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Slytherin. Along with your titles comes a seat on the Wizengot for each title. Your guardian has held your seats since your parents’ deaths.”

“Please keep the Gryffindor and Slytherin titles to yourself. Ok, how do I inform them that I am taking over?”

“By you claiming your titles they are automatically notified.”

“Very well. Could you give me a portkey to 12 Grimmauld Place? I want to lock it down per Sirius’ wishes.”

“Of course Lord Potter-Black. I’ll be right back.” He got up and exited the room again. He returned within minutes and handed him a pendant. “It activates with the word Serpens and will take you to 12 Grimmauld Place. Also here is one for Mr. Lupin to 6 Baldersdale Gardens. It activates to the word garden.” He handed Harry another pendant.

“Thank you Griphook. May your vaults overflow with gold.” Harry stood and put the pendant around his neck.

“May your enemies’ blood flow swiftly.” Griphook was surprised at the wizard’s words but he had heard many good things about Lord Potter-Black.

“Serpens,” Harry whispered before he felt the telltale sign of his navel pulled.

He arrived at 12 Grimmauld Place to find a startled Remus. “Harry what are you doing here? How did you get here?”

“Hey Remus. I portkeyed in from Gringotts.” Remus quickly pulled him into a hug. Harry could smell the firewhiskey on his breath and knew that he had been drinking already. Ever since Tonk’s death during the final battle he’d been a recluse not talking to anyone.

“That’s right, you’re an adult in our world.”

“Did you know that Dumbledore was my magical guardian?”

“No I didn’t. I thought Petunia was since you were given to them.” They both took a seat at the kitchen table.

“I wasn’t supposed to go to her. I was supposed to go with Sirius and if I couldn’t go with him then I was to go with you.”

“I knew Sirius was made your godfather, but I assumed that your guardianship reverted to Petunia when he was charged with betraying your parents and the murder of Pettigrew and the muggles. I’m sorry pup.”

“It’s okay. Griphook read my parents’ will along with Sirius’. He wants this place locked down tight and the wards changed. He doesn’t want it to be used for the Order’s business any longer.  He also gave you 6 Baldersdale Gardens.”

“I’ll only live there if you join me,” Remus insisted.

“Alright I will.”

“What are you going to do about school? Will you be going back?”

“Yeah I want to finish before I decide what to do. I’ve decided to not be an Auror. I’ve done enough fighting.”

“I don’t blame you. Is there going to be a wedding any time soon?”

“No, especially not after what I just learned.”

“What’s wrong pup?” He’d never heard so much venom used by Harry and it concerned him.

“I found out that Dumbledore, Molly, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione have all been taking money out of my vaults for the last five years. Besides there’s nothing between Ginny and I other than in her head.”

“Okay I understand. The twins will be upset if you cut them out of your life.”

“I know and I have no issue with them or Charlie. I simply won’t go to the Burrow. Besides, they live above their store so I can go there to visit with them.”

They heard the front door open and close before they saw Kingsley walk into the kitchen.

“What do you want Kingsley?” snarled Harry.

Kingsley was shocked at his tone of voice. “I’m here to check on Remus for Albus.”

“If you’re here to do his bidding you can get the hell out!” Harry leveled his wand at him.

“Harry there’s no need for such anger. Calm down and we can talk calmly.”

“No, if you’re here on the behest of Dumbledore you can get out. Sirius’ wishes were for Grimmauld Place to be locked down and sealed from the Order. I plan to do exactly that.”

Kingsley saw that there was no calming Harry down so he slowly backed out of the kitchen and left. When they heard the door open and close Remus said, “I think I need to pack and we need to change the wards. You will have to do it as Lord Black.”

“Okay. Hurry though I want out of here before someone else shows up.”

“Then go ahead and get started. I would start with banning Dumbledore.”

“Alright.” Remus left to go pack while Harry started the spells to lock and hide Grimwauld Place. “Abdo. Obfirmo.” He waved his wand and watched as the colors of the wards changed signaling that Grimmauld Place was locked down.

Just after he finished he was joined by Remus. “You ready pup?”

“Yeah let’s go.” Harry pulled out the portkey, grabbed Remus’ arm and said, “Garden.” This allowed them to portkey out.


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