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***Remus Lupin is still alive in this story and married and happy with Tonks. Harry and Ginny are together and Ron will have someone, I am going to try to keep them civil and friendly throughout the story but you all know how I hate Ron and Ginny Weasley LOL. Dumbledore is also alive and it will be explained as to what happened to him in later chapters, I am still up in the air about Sirius Black but Fred Weasley is still alive because I could never break up the twins!***

Severus Snape was not a happy man. No, he was sure that happiness had left him years ago and that he wouldn’t be able to get it back. He was, however, a thankful man. He was thankful that his best friend was Lucius Malfoy and that the man was almost as brilliant at potions as he was. Voldemort had been making sure that Severus wasn’t brewing an antidote to Nagini’s venom. He never kept his eyes on Lucius though and the blonde aristocratic man never left home without the antidote. It had been Lucius that had saved him during the war after the snake had bitten him. When Saint Mungo’s refused to see to Severus’s injuries it was Narcissa and Lucius that had taken care of him. There was more to be thankful for now since the war ended then before and he was glad to be able to be there to enjoy it.

He was sitting behind his desk in the dungeons at Hogwarts when a ministry owl flew in and dropped a letter on his desk and left quickly. Many of the ministry owls knew that if they tried to hang around for treats they were more likely to be hexed. He snorted to himself in amusement, opening the letter he read through it and then again, three times he read the letter before standing and storming out of his office. He could have floo’d straight to the headmasters office but the walk would help calm his nerves enough to make talking to the old man easier. He knocked on Dumbledore’s office door and waited for him to answer and after a few minutes he heard the mans soft tones calling to him.

“Severus” Albus smiled “It is good to see you. You seem a bit upset, what’s made you so angry?”

“Albus” Severus said throwing the letter on the desk in front of him “What is the meaning of this?”

“Oh” The Headmaster said looking at the letter “So they finally sent through that damn marriage law”

“You knew about it?!” Severus roared “How…why didn’t you…”

“I should have told you” Albus agreed “But the law made it impossible for me to do so. It’s not so bad really”

“Not so bad” Severus scoffed and snatched the letter from the headmaster and reading it aloud in a high voice to mimic what he assumed the witch who wrote it sounded like:

“’Dear Severus Snape,

I would like to inform you that due to the war that happened two years ago there has been a horrible decrease in magical families. Therefore, the Ministry has decided to enact an old marriage law that was previously gotten rid of. This is only in place until out numbers swell enough the end it again, we have fixed the spell placed on all the candidates so they will only be placed with matches that complete them somehow. As you are only 39 years old you are still eligible to be married and to start a family, so below is a list of eligible females that complete you mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually. Good luck.


Aimee Bernex’

“Let’s look at the list” Albus said taking the letter from him and looking at the list “There’s Miss Pansy Parkinson”

“Idiot” Snape muttered “She was the girl in Slytherin that broke boys in, if you know what I mean”

“I don’t think I do” Dumbledore said “I’m not sure Gryffindor had that sort of girl”

“The whore” Severus said plainly and the headmaster nodded.

“Parvati Patil or Lavender Brown” He offered

“Vapid tramps” He answered

“Clara Marx” He asked.

“She’s almost fifty!” Severus roared and started to pace.

“Okay” Dumbledore said calmly “I will admit that the list isn’t very promising but…oh…looky here”

“What is it?” Snape asked.

“Miss Hermione Granger” Albus said.

“Really?” Severus raised an eyebrow in irritation “Miss Granger….Hermione Know-It-All, pain in the ass, has to always be right Granger?!”

“Fine Severus” Albus said letting out a long sigh “Then pick one on your own”

“You’re not going to help?!” Severus snapped.

“I have helped!” Dumbledore snapped losing his patience slightly “I helped everyone bothered by this stupid law!”

“And how did you do that?” Severus asked barely containing his own anger.

“Instead of marrying the girl you choose right away, consummating the marriage the night of the wedding” Dumbledore said “You can choose a young lady, court her for a year and then get married and consummate the wedding and start the family they want”

“Least that would give me time to get to know my future wife” Severus said “But what about her?”

“If she doesn’t want to marry you after a year then she doesn’t have to” He answered “However, the next person either of you choose you’ll have to marry right away”

“You said no to Miss Parkinson” Albus said.

“She’s a slut” He said.

“Miss Patil?” He asked “She’s smart and good at Charms”

“She has no real thoughts of her own” Severus sat down heavily and watched the old man make a list “She needs a man that will pretend to ask her opinion on things but when she giggles and says ‘I don’t know, what do you want?’ isn’t afraid to tell her what they’ll do”

“Good” Albus said “What about Lavender Brown?”

“Same” He said “No brain or opinions of her own”

“What about Hermione Granger?” Albus asked then held up his hand “She is smart, logical, driven, has her own opinions, has dreams and aspirations and would make strong, magical children”

“But…” Severus looked uncomfortable and Albus nodded his head.

“She was your student” He answered and the younger man nodded “And you were mean to her” He nodded slightly but made a face of dislike at the man’s knowledge of such treatment.

“Do you know where she works?” Albus asked suddenly.

“No idea” Snape answered wondering, once again, if the old man really was off his rocker.

“Malfoy Law Offices” Albus answered shocking Severus “I can tell that Lucius never told you that” He laughed at the look on the man’s face “She’s his personal financial advisor, making sure that he doesn’t spend too much on certain cases or his own personal things”

“Why are you telling me this?” Snape asked.

“She was able to forgive Malfoy enough to work for him and she was nearly killed in his home, in front of him by his wife’s sister…I think she could forgive a professor that was under a lot of stress” The headmaster explained.

“So…” Snape thought about it “I need time to think”

“Move swiftly” Dumbledore said “According to a few files that I may have looked at while at the ministry Blaise Zabini, Greg Goyle, Charlie Weasley, Neville Longbottom and a few others are also able to go after her”


Severus sat in his private sitting room with a bottle of Ogden’s finest clutched in his hand. He couldn’t stop thinking about what the ministry was making him do, it was one thing to screw up his own life but why would they subject a woman to it? He looked at the list again and sighed, he swore loudly and took a healthy pull from the bottle again before standing and making his way over to his desk and pulled out some parchment paper towards him. It was an old habit that he picked up when he was a student at Hogwarts but when he found himself stuck with a difficult decision he would make a list.

Hermione Granger:

Pros List:




Muggleborn (I like the muggle world sometimes)

Bi-lingual (I heard her speak French once very well and would like my children if I have to have them to be well versed in more than one language)


Relatively good looking (Beautiful)

Cons List:




Frizzy hair

Potter and the Weasley boy

Weasley family

Bleeding heart


He sighed and looked at the list before looking at the list of ladies again. Of all the ladies on this list she really was the best choice he had and if the headmaster had been correct in his viewing of her list of suitors he couldn’t waste time. He pulled another piece of parchment towards himself and thought for a moment before bringing another piece closer as well. He stopped for a while to think about what he should write to her, he wanted to be friendly but not creepy and he didn’t want to make it sound too clinical or she may doubt his interest.

Dear Miss Granger,

By now I am sure that you have been contacted by the ministry about the marriage law and have been informed that men will be asking to court you. I would like to ask to court you, but first I would like to meet with you and talk first before anything is set in stone so to speak. Please, write back as soon as you’ve made up your mind with an answer please.

I will be waiting patiently.

Severus Snape

He made his way back to his bedroom and took his nightly shower before turning down the bedclothes and climbing in naked. As was usual for Severus he laid in the bed and stared at the ceiling for a while thinking about what was going on in his life. He tossed and turned then adjusted his pillows and fumbled with his blankets. Finally, about two hours after climbing in to bed he got up and went to his private potions closet and took a dreamless sleep potion and went back to bed. It was only then when he knew there was no possibility of the ghosts of his past bothering him in his dreams did he fall asleep.

A/N: So this is my new Snape/Hermione story. I’ve never done a Marriage Law story before so this is new for me. I noticed that when these stories are written (and I haven’t read them all so I apologize if I am wrong) but we always see Hermione’s POV about the law. I know that Snape would be pissed about the situation but not being able to get out of it I wondered how he would try to handle it. We will also see Hermione’s POV of things so not to worry we will see what she thinks. PLEASE REVIEW!!

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