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The View from a Muggle Flat


Words: ~4,600

Summary: Draco likes to watch Hermione from his window.



My crappy, little flat didn’t have much going for it other than the fact that it wasn’t a cell in Azkaban.  While I’d dodged that particular bullet thanks to Saint Potter, my family had lost our fortune and home.  Thank goodness my mother was smart enough to stow away a large rainy day fund or my parents would probably be enjoying the hospitality of their hard-working, but poorly paid, son.  I was employable, thank Merlin, but my parents didn’t have a hope at finding work in the foreseeable future. 


I’d found that flats in the wizarding world were considerably more expensive than comparable flats in the Muggle world.  No brainer there, so I packed up my belongings and found a place I could afford in London.  Magic helped make my flat brighter, cleaner, and slightly bigger, but there were only so many spells I could use to improve my space.  I couldn’t, for instance, move my cheap flat to a new location. 


Since I was new to the Muggle world, I spent my evenings watching my neighbors in the building across the way.  It was fascinating to observe Muggles, but I found they did a lot of the same things as wizards.  Unfortunately, the neighbor I could see most clearly was a fat old man who seemed to enjoy scratching his crotch and watching the telly.  I begged Merlin to give me a hot, big chested lady to watch, but the closest I got to that was watching two guys doing some kind of aggressive dance routine a few windows over. 


Then one evening when I returned from work, I saw a couple moving boxes from fat old guy’s flat.  The woman would stop every couple of minutes and wipe tears from her eyes.  I assumed fat old guy had passed unto the Veil and said a quick blessing for his Muggle soul.  It was good he had people to mourn him. 


The flat sat empty for a few days after it was cleared out, then one night I saw a new tenant.  A young woman, from what I could tell, as she wasn’t very close to the window.  A bloody enormous cat marched along the window ledge, as if protecting his owner from harm.  I was pretty sure no one would break into the flat with that humongous animal guarding it.


I went about my business that night, making myself a tin of soup and a ham sandwich and listened to the Wizarding Wireless.  The new neighbor moved around the space and I watched her, but I never got a good look at her face.  It was hard to tell if she was pretty or not, but her body was on the thin side and she had long hair.  There was something familiar in the way she carried herself, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. 



Working as a lab assistant at Diagon Alley Apothecaries allowed me to work in a field I found interesting and paid better than, say, cleaning out cages at the Magical Menagerie.  Nonetheless, it was still grunt work and I wanted more.  It was surprising, but my good looks and charming personality were not in demand from the opposite sex without the Malfoy fortune to back them up.  If I were ever going to be able to offer anything to a witch, I would have to improve my station in life. 


I’d splurged on a bottle of Firewhisky and a new set of Omnioculars to better see my new neighbor.  She’d decorated her flat with gorgeous framed pictures of faraway locales and shelves and shelves of books.  Sadly, the couch where she spent her time relaxing faced away from the window, so I never had a good opportunity to study her. 


My flat was already dark, so I could see my neighbors better, when I noticed her lights go on.  Yes!  Let the show begin.  She went to the window to pick up her behemoth of a cat, but her long hair was covering her face.  With the Omnioculars, I could actually see into her bedroom if she left the door open.  I hoped she let me see something good.  The dry spell I’d been having would definitely be eased by watching her touch herself.


But to my chagrin, she spent her evenings reading or watching the telly.  Sometimes she would fall asleep on the couch, but she always changed for bed in her bathroom. 



Blaise Zabini, the lucky prick, had a family who’d stayed neutral during the war, so he’d kept his inheritance.  He was still unfairly judged for being a Slytherin, but his Galleons helped him keep in society’s good graces far more than yours truly.  He was my one and only friend from Slytherin House and on occasion, he would make his way to my shitty flat, to share some man-to-man time, I supposed.  Mostly, he complained about the girls he dated.  For a Slytherin, he was too nice and often came on too strong for most witches’ liking.  The Sorting Hat should have put him in Hufflepuff. 


“Is that the girl?” Blaise asked, watching my neighbor clean her flat. 


“Yeah, that’s her.  I’ve never been able to get a good look at her face.”


Blaise might have been a pushover, but he was intelligent.  “She’s a witch, Draco.  Can you see the blurriness around her form?  Those are wards, you idiot.”


No.  Fucking.  Way.  Maybe I knew her.  Now I was more determined than ever to find out. 


“Have you ever seen her shagging?” Blaise asked, breaking me out of my train of thought.


I snorted.  “I wish.”


“Go over and introduce yourself.” 


“How in Salazar’s name did you ever make it through school?  Goyle’s a better Slytherin that you are, for Merlin’s sake.”


Blaise laughed.  “Maybe I’ll go over and introduce myself.  You could watch me shag her.”


“No, thanks.  If I ever see her getting it on, I’ll send you an owl.”



The walk from the Apparition point to my flat was four very long city blocks, made longer by a cold drizzle of rain.  I didn’t own an umbrella, since in the wizarding world we could use a shield charm to keep the rain off.  As I hurried to my building, I saw none other than Hermione Granger go into the building across from mine.  And then things clicked into place as I noticed her gait and posture.  She was the neighbor I had been watching for the past few weeks!


When I got to my flat I looked at her window and I could see her clearly.  I guessed that now that I knew her identity, her wards couldn’t hide her from my sight.  They would still protect her from intrusion, but not from detection.


What a gift I’d had deposited into my lap!  Watching some random bint doing things around her flat was alright, but getting to observe Granger in her home was fascinating.  And for the first time since I moved to the Muggle world, I felt slightly more comfortable, knowing other magical people lived here, too. 



Since I’d moved into my dearly departed Great-Uncle Hiram’s flat, I knew I was being watched.  It took me some time to figure out who my observer was, but eventually I saw Draco Malfoy walk past the window of the corner market where I bought my groceries.  The Wizengamot had stripped the Malfoys of their wealth and properties, so now Draco was a regular person like the rest of us.  I found it made him more human to me, knowing he had lost the incredible cloak of privilege he had wrapped around him as a child.  That he watched me daily helped me feel less isolated, although his motives weren’t clear.  But I figured if he wanted to do something sinister, he’d had more than enough time and opportunity.  He was a very attractive man and as time went on, I began to plan ways to keep his eyes on me.



She began to walk around the flat in t-shirts and little shorts.  Her legs went on forever and were toned and smooth.  At night, she would spend several minutes applying lotion to her body as she sat on her bed.  This nighttime ritual became the part of my day I looked forward to the most.


My streak of good luck with one Miss Hermione Granger continued when she wandered into my workplace. 


“May I help you find something?” I asked when I noticed her perusing the store. 


She looked me up and down before cocking her head.  “Hello there, Malfoy.  Long time, no see,” she said, smirking at me.


“What have you been up to?” I stammered.  Did she know I spent my evenings watching her?


“Oh, you know.  Working at the Ministry in the Research Department during the day and at night…well, not much, I suppose,” she said coyly. 


I swallowed.  Was it getting hot in here? 


She plucked a vial off a shelf.  “This is just what I need.  See you around.”


When I finally checked the shelf, I saw she had taken a contraceptive potion.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to work for the rest of the day after this encounter.  Merlin’s balls.



The next two evenings, her flat was dark and quiet.  She was a war heroine after all and in demand on the social scene, even if she didn’t care for the lifestyle.  I found myself hoping she would come home alone, but one evening she didn’t come home at all.  I waited until three in the morning before making my way to bed.  Granger wasn’t mine to worry about, but I’d come to know her, so to speak. 


I didn’t work on Sunday, so I slept late and when I woke I immediately went to my window.  Hermione was in her flat, reading the paper and drinking from a mug.  Breathing a sigh of relief that she was back, and alone, I made myself a cuppa and some toast. 



“Ever figure out who your mystery witch is?” Blaise asked.  He treated me to a few drinks at The Leaky Cauldron every so often, which I appreciated since frivolous spending wasn’t in my budget. 


“No,” I lied.  If he knew it was Hermione, he’d probably interfere somehow.  He was always ragging on me to get out there and meet someone. 


A cold wind rushed through the door as a new group came into the bar.  It was the Golden Trio, along with Girl Weasel and Crazy-Ravenclaw-My-Parents-Locked-In-Our-Dungeons.  It appeared Potter was still dating Girl Weasel and the Redheaded Git was with Crazy Ravenclaw.  Weird.  I was happy to note Granger wasn’t paired up with anyone. 


“What do you think of Granger?” Blaise asked, tracking my gaze. 


“She’s smart.  Has a mean right hook.”


My friend rolled his eyes.  “No kidding, genius.  I mean, what do you think of her as a witch?  Little Red is more my type, but I could see Granger’s appeal.”


He had no idea.  I shrugged.  “Yeah, she’s grown up well.  I hate to even say it, but I think she’s out of my league.”


Good Gods, why did I say that to Blaise?  The sparkle in his dark eyes was not good.  Not good at all.  But he didn’t say anything, just offered to get us another round and walked over to Tom, the barman, to order our drinks.


When he sat back down, I could see he had been up to something, but I hardly wanted to know.  So I sipped my Butterbeer and listened to him natter on about some witch he had taken shopping for fancy knickers. 


I glanced back at Granger’s table and she raised her glass to me and mouthed thank you.  I didn’t know what she was thanking me for, but I nodded and gave her a quick salute with my drink. 


Despite my faux-Slytherin friend’s meddling, the small attention I got from the Gryffindor Princess made my night.



Those Slytherins all thought they were so sneaky, but I knew Zabini had ordered me a drink on Draco’s behalf.  I appreciated the gesture, though, and wanted to reward my blond voyeur with a bit of a show. 


Moving my couch so it was now facing the window, I got comfortable and began to read my newest Diana Gabaldon novel.  The book put me in the perfect mood to begin my slow strip tease.  I began by standing and stretching, letting my breasts press against the front of my button-up shirt.  I slowly unbuttoned the top three buttons, allowing my powder blue bra to showcase the round tops of my mounds.  Once again, I made myself comfortable, but now as I read, I slowly stroked my hard nipples over the lace of my bra.  I was turned on, in earnest, knowing Draco was watching me from his dark flat.



Holy buggering fuck!  Was she really fondling her tits before my very eyes?  I made myself comfortable and unbuttoned my pants, which was awkward because I didn’t want to remove the Omnioculars from my eyes and miss something good.



I imagined him touching himself as he watched me.  Though I was daring with this wizard, it was mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t see him and we were separated by a building.  While I wasn’t a virgin, having Ron suck a boob into his mouth and push himself into me a few times before coming wasn’t exactly what I’d call real sex.  The kind of sex I wanted was erotic and wild, with a lot of teasing and aggressive foreplay before I was impaled and fucked for all I was worth.  I wanted to pass out afterwards and wake up wrapped in a man’s arms, only to have sleepy, stolen sex in the morning. 


I unbuttoned the rest of the buttons and unclasped the front of my bra, freeing my heavy breasts to his view.  My pink nipples were painfully erect and oh so sensitive.  Just lightly fingering them had me gasping.  My pussy was beginning to throb, and I lowered a hand to my clothed sex, lightly stroking my needy body. 



I was enraptured by her movements.  The two times I’d had sex before were nothing compared to the erotic sight of this witch caressing herself.  My cock had never been harder and I rubbed it over my shorts in time to her hand traversing her cunt.  She was still reading her book, but I noticed her stopping and closing her eyes periodically, her head thrown back for a moment.


It was becoming painful to feel the cotton of my shorts rasping against my engorged prick, so I pushed them down with the heel of my hand.  That was more like it!  The cool air was a delicious counterpoint to the heat of my body.  I was slippery with pre-ejaculate, which made wanking all the better.  Hermione was moving her hand with a slow and steady rhythm and I continued to copy her although my body was urging me to piston into my fisted hand and release the tension I had built up for my sexy neighbor. 



The pulse of orgasm began a steady beat as I worked my fingers over my covered clitoris.  Though I wanted to expose my wet pussy to better finger myself, that was more than I wanted my Peeping Tom to see.  My book was thrown to the floor and I used that hand to pluck at my nipples while my other hand began a frantic back-and-forth over the bundle of nerves at my core.  Legs stiffened and I came, calling Draco’s name while waves of pleasure washed over me. 



When she finally began to move her hand quickly, I, too, began a fast tug on my aching dick and came, erupting gobs of semen over my hand and stomach.  My breath was coming in pants as I let the feeling of pleasure and relief ride through my system. 


Hermione was lying motionless on her couch, one hand on her stomach and one covering her eyes.  She was flushed and her hair was strewn all over.  What a sight to behold!  As I put down the Omnioculars and spelled myself clean, I finally admitted to myself my inappropriate and pervy crush on her.  




After my totally out of character act of exhibitionism, I kept my shades closed for a few days.  It wasn’t that I had done anything wrong.  For Godric’s sake, I was allowed to masturbate in my own flat if I wanted to do so!  But…I wanted more and while Draco Malfoy might enjoy looking at me through his window, it did not mean he wanted to engage in actual intimate activities with me. 



I was out of sorts and in no mood to socialize, but I had brunch with my parents scheduled once a month at their cottage.  My mother had taught herself to cook over the past few years and was quite adept at making simple, fresh fare.  Father, for all his faults, loved my mother with all his heart and would beam with pride at her new accomplishments.  I would have found it quite endearing, but my thoughts kept going back to the way I had been shut out of Granger’s life.  I know it was silly, but part of me wondered if she knew I had been watching her all these weeks and was reciprocating my interest in her own way.


“Draco, I spoke to Milly Bulstrode’s mother last week in Hogsmeade.  Did you know she’s single?”


“Really?  A catch like Millicent?” I said sarcastically.  I noticed my father trying not to laugh as he held a cloth napkin to his mouth.


“Well, I just hate the idea of you alone, in your little Muggle flat.  Milly may not be your ideal witch, but you would grow to love her.  Mrs. Bulstrode said she’d recently gotten a very becoming haircut,” Mother said encouragingly.


My father’s eyes were now watering with his efforts not to dissolve into raucous roars at my mother’s misguided attempts at matchmaking with the manly Millicent. 


“Narcissa, maybe Draco is already seeing someone?” Father interceded for me.


Her lovely blue eyes sparkled.  It made me feel like a loser to have my parents show such hope and expectation for my love life.  I supposed if they thought Milly was an acceptable option, they may go for someone a bit out of their comfort zone. 


“Well, yes, actually I am.  It’s still early, but I’ve been seeing Hermione Granger for a few weeks.”


The two of them froze and stared at me.  I had no idea how they’d react, but anything was better than my mother trying to set me up with Crabbe’s female doppelganger. 


“It must be getting serious if you would mention her to us,” Narcissa said after a few awkward moments. 


“She’s politically connected,” Lucius offered. 


“She is,” I agreed.  “It’s still very new, but I’ll let you know what happens.”



And then, quite by accident, we met on the street one day.  Hermione was struggling to carry her work satchel, several bags of groceries, and a stack of books.  I jogged over to her and took the bulk of her things.


“Thank you,” she said breathily.  “None of these things could be shrunk,” she whispered.


“Ah.  Say no more.”


I followed her to her flat.  Her building was much nicer than mine, with nicely tiled halls and fresh paint.  She nodded courteously at her fellow flat-dwellers as we made our way through the building. 


“This is me,” she said, pointing to a white door.  “Would you come in for tea?”


I had seen her flat from my own, but it was more spacious than I’d realized and decorated in a warm, but modern style.  What I didn’t know was that it would smell wonderfully fresh, like clean linens.  Or how she could see directly into my window.  Right then and there I knew she knew what I had been doing.


While she put her things away I petted her monster cat, who seemed to like me on sight.  His big head butted against my hand as he made himself at home on my lap. 


“He’s not hurting you, is he?” Hermione asked cautiously. 


“No, not at all.  What’s his name?”


She sat next to me and stroked the cat’s thick fur.  “This is Crookshanks.  It’s very unusual for him to like someone I bring over.”


I recognized the cat as at least part-Kneazle, so he had been bred to protect his mistress.  This cat would let her know if I meant her harm.  Obviously, Hermione knew this and would process the information in my favor, I hoped.


“They’re very loyal pets.  I bet you feel safe with him in the flat.”


She smiled at the flat-faced creature.  “I do.”


Gods, I felt like such a creeper, but as she petted the cat on my lap I felt myself getting turned on.  The cat must have noticed something askew, because he jumped off my lap and made his way to a small pet bed in the corner of the room.


We drank our tea in silence for a minute before she put down her mug and turned her knowing gaze on me. 


“Lately I find myself engaging in a new hobby, so to speak.”


“What hobby is that?” I said as calmly as I could, rubbing my sweaty palms against my slacks.


“Since I’ve moved here and I have the pleasure of knowing my neighbors can see me, I find myself becoming a bit of an exhibitionist.  I do hope you won’t judge me,” she said softly. 


“No,” I said, my throat dry.  “I don’t judge you.  My hobby is similar.”


“What is that?”


“I like to watch my neighbors.  Well, one in particular.”


“Oh?  What’s so interesting about this particular neighbor?”


Hermione was giving me an opportunity to tell her how I felt.  It was surreal, knowing the witch I’d been watching for several months was offering me a chance at something tangible.


“She’s someone I knew in school, but never had the chance to get to know her well.  We ran in different circles, you see.”


“I understand.”


“I didn’t realize it was her at first, but by the time I knew who I was watching, I already felt as if I knew her quite well.  She’s intelligent, hard-working, and this girl gets more beautiful as time goes on.”


Hermione blushed and turned her warm eyes on me.  “Would you terribly mind if I changed out of my work clothes?”


I shook my head and watched her make her way to the bedroom.  She closed the door most of the way, but I could see into the room.  Instead of changing in the loo like she usually did, she unhooked her skirt and let it fall to the floor.  She wore black tights, which allowed me to see the modest curve of her hips and her slender, long legs.  She pulled her snug red sweater over her head, allowing me a chance to see her black satin bra.  I’d seen her lovely tits through the Omnioculars, but there was something even better about watching her in such close proximity.  As if she might let me touch her if the timing was right.


She shimmied out of her tights, baring her matching black knickers to my sight.  The knickers covered her with a neat little triangle of fabric, but when she turned slightly, I got a glimpse of her naked arse.  I’d never seen them in person, but I was pretty sure she wore a thong.  I quietly made my way to her doorframe and watched her take her long hair out of a thick braid.



I pretended not to see him in my doorway.  His eyes were trained on me like a hawk and the idea of being his prey was very appealing.  When I went to my dresser to remove my earrings and necklace, he pushed up against my back, his erection pressed against my bare cheeks.


“I could watch you walk around in this little get-up all day,” he growled into my ear. 


“Whenever you want,” I moaned as he caressed the skin of my bottom.  My head fell back onto his shoulder.



The mirror above her dresser showed me a perfect image of the two of us as I nuzzled her neck and caressed the smooth skin of her bum.  Never before had I felt such arousal and anticipation for one woman.  I’d enjoyed watching her, but being near her was hotter than I could have imagined. 


“I have to kiss you,” I whispered into her ear, nipping the delicate lobe.


“Please,” she whimpered, turning in my arms. 


I took her lovely face in my hands and swooped down to kiss her.  She immediately opened her lips for me and my tongue began to explore her sweet mouth, her tongue stroking me erotically.  Her fingers began to unbutton my shirt as we kissed, gently rubbing the skin she exposed.  When she tentatively massaged my nipple, I moaned into her mouth and thrust against her.  I broke the kiss to lead us to her bed. 


“No sex, okay?” she said softly, her dark eyes hooded with arousal. 


“No sex,” I agreed. 


She stepped closer, continuing to unbutton my shirt, her hands exploring my skin.  I let out a ragged breath as she began to unbutton my trousers. 


“Is this alright?” she asked.


“Y-yes.  I’ve daydreamed quite a bit about touching you and you touching me.”


“Tell me.”


Could I tell her?  Would she be disgusted, or turned off by my proclivities?  I didn’t think so, but was I willing to take my chances?


“In some of the fantasies,” I said, stopping to inhale a breath when she pushed my trousers down my legs and kneeled to take off my loafers.  “you take me into your mouth and suck me until I orgasm.”


Hermione nudged my leg to get me to lift it so she could remove my clothes.  She looked up at me, in just my boxers.


“Is that something you like?”


“I imagine I would,” I said with a small laugh.  Alas, I’d not had the opportunity for such a gift before. 


“My experience with most things of a sexual nature is limited, but I find the idea of oral sex with you exciting,” she admitted.


Thank fuck.  I took her hand and helped her up.  My hands went to her thick curls, amazed at how silky her hair was.  She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around my waist, her fingers scratching the skin of my lower back. 


“What else do you dream about, Draco?” She nudged me towards the bed and I sat.  She sat on my lap, sideways, although I wished she were straddling me.  I began to unhook her bra, but it was slow going since I barely knew what I was doing.


“I want to lick your quim, bury my tongue in your wetness.”


She shuddered at my description.  “Mmm.  I’d like that.”


After my fumbling, I finished unhooking her bra and she helped me remove it.  Her breasts were spectacular, soft with pebbled pink tips.  I began to fondle them, amazed by her body’s responsiveness.  Every change in touch elicited a quickening of her breath or a small gasp.  When I leaned my head down to suckle, her moan was desperate. 


I kissed her again and this time there was an urgency not there before.  We were both incredibly turned on and I rejoiced when she did straddle me, putting my cock in direct contact with her warm core.  Though there were two layers of fabric separating me from her, I didn’t care.  The feel of her body against mine was incomparable.  She began to rock, using my cock to rub the little nub of nerves at her apex.  I pinched her nipples and Hermione threw back her head in pleasure.  The cherry on the top of this whole situation was that I was facing the dresser mirror and could see her riding me, as well as the frontal view I had of her beautiful body, with her tits bouncing up and down as she moved. 


I let my hand wander to the crease of her buttocks, sliding one finger lightly along the crack, where the thin ribbon of fabric disappeared.  She must have liked that because she began to grind into me and I bucked into her.


We kissed frantically and she pulled away from my mouth.


“Oh, Gods, Draco!  I’m going to come,” she whimpered, her voice high and breathy.


That was it.  I began to guide her hips with my hands, pushing her down onto me.  I felt her wetness through my shorts and when she cried out, I let go, too.  We moved together for a few more seconds before she slumped against me, clinging to my neck.  My face was buried in her hair, making me feel like we were in our own separate world. 


She stood and I worried she was going to ask me to go, but instead she got under the covers.


“Don’t go yet,” she said, patting the mattress.  It was my pleasure to sink into her comfortable bed and pull her close, wrapping my arms around her.  This was the secret part of my daydreams, the part where we held each other, and she was mine and I was hers.     



“Happy birthday, Draco,” Hermione said with excitement and handed me a brightly wrapped box. 


Within three months of the day we admitted our voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies, I was living with Hermione.  Her natural curiosity and sense of adventure was refreshing after spending so much time alone.  We explored England together and for the first time in my life, I had someone I could show all my stripes.  She took my faults in stride and I, hers.  But the more I got to know her, the more there was to like.


I carefully opened the box and found a Muggle video camera. 


“Would you like to see how it works?” she asked after I thanked her. 


“Yes,” I said, following her into the bedroom where I found the bed arranged a bit differently.


“Do you remember telling me you liked the pornography we watched, but you would have liked it better if we were in it?”



As we watched our images on the telly later that night, Hermione wearing a lacy red thong and nothing else and me absolutely butt naked, I was exhilarated by what we had done.  After we’d undressed for the camera, she had pushed me against the edge of the bed and kneeled before me, taking my cock into her mouth and sucking, licking, and pumping until I came with a shout, my hands guiding her head along my spurting length.  In the sequence, she looked up at me and winked as I recovered from the intense orgasm still flooding my body with pleasure.



Two years after we began living together, we were married in her grandmother’s garden and I watched her walk down the aisle towards me, her big, brown eyes luminescent, her love for me clear for all to see. 


Three years later, we’d saved enough to purchase a cottage a few miles from my parents.  It was spacious and we spent many evenings and weekends making it habitable.  After a long day of wandwork and manual labor, I’d watch Hermione relax in the large clawfoot tub in our master bath, her body only slightly obscured by the steaming water.  She knew I enjoyed observing her and made sure to pretend she was unaware of my attention.  How I loved that she accepted my desire to watch her more private moments.


Hermione estimated Crooks age to be around twenty-five when he died a year after we moved into Malfoy Cottage.  She had been sad, as Crooks had been her companion for more than half her life, but I was heartbroken.  I’d never had a pet before and Crooks had been accepting of me from the beginning.  After I began living with Hermione, he took me on as a master and became my familiar, helping me hone my magic even further.  When she came home from work one day with a squirmy, reddish-blonde puppy, I felt as if my heart would burst, both from excitement and from a feeling of moving on from the death of my furry feline friend.  We named the puppy Mathilda and she grew to be a loyal, sweet dog. 


In quick succession, we had two children, Scorpius and Leander.  I watched my wife grow round with each babe, her body changing to accommodate the life inside her.  For the first time in our relationship, she was uncomfortable with my attention, but I never thought her more beautiful.  I watched her push each boy from her body, my respect for her growing tenfold in those moments.  Whether or not she knew it, the intimate knowledge I had of her only made her more desirable to me.    



Our lives grew and changed over the years, but I always had time to watch my arresting wife, to appreciate all the qualities that made me fall in love with her.    





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