Vernon\'s Lust

BY : Danny1234
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Lily Potter gasped and moaned as a huge sweaty man plunged his dick in and out of her pussy, her front mashed against his hairy chest, matted by the sweat of their daily activity.

“Harder, fuck my pussy harder!” Lily moaned as Vernon wheezed, trying his best to thrust his dick into the warm wet heaven of the red haired goddess currently humping herself up and down in his lap. Grunting as he felt Lily finally orgasm, her tight warm, velvety walls clenching around his dick, Vernon bit down into her tits, leaving dark red imprints of his teeth for her husband to find.

Lifting her dainty arms up, he attacked her right armpit, licking up the salty sweat and coarse hair that was slowly starting to regrow. He was far from done and he knew that such nastiness quickly got the Potter whore randy and ready for him. He loved the depravity of the Potter Matriarch that only he got to see.

When she first came here, looking to reconnect with Petunia after decades apart, he had been entranced by her beauty. She was truly everything that he knew his loving wife Petunia wished she could be. With a full figure that had matured gracefully with age, she was the epitome of every man’s dream. One look, and his dick had gotten harder then any other time before.

The first visit had seen him do nothing but fantasize of the things he would do to that body…All the while his wife and Lily held awkward conversations on their lives so far. When it was time for her to leave, he quickly saw the defeated expression in her emerald green eyes and realized that she probably wasn’t coming back…and he couldn’t have that.

So he had advised for a play date between Dudley and her son Harry.

The look of hope in her eyes as she quickly accepted, along with Petunia after a meaningful glance from him, had set the beginning of his plan into motion.

After a couple of months of getting to know her better, comforting her along with Petunia after any fights she had with her husband, he had slowly eased his way into a friendship with Lily. He got her to feel comfortable with him, slowly enjoying as she didn’t recoil when he hugged her, when he placed his hands on her back.

When he felt that he had established a good relationship with her, he started calling her to dinner with him alone, making excuses for Petunia even though she had no idea that said dinners were even taking place.

Finally, one afternoon, he performed the act that finally got him some action.

Lily had been bringing him a cup of tea while Dudley and Harry were playing with their toys. Almost reaching him, she tripped over a toy fire truck he moved conveniently in the way, dropping the boiling hot water on his groin. Without thinking he had quickly taken off his pants and underwear, all the while screaming bloody murder. He had bared himself to the Potter Matriarch, who, in her shock, did her best to wipe the scalding water from his dick, unknowingly touching his dick and causing it to get hard.

As she had gaped at his hairy bullocks, he had snuck his hands behind her head, and with a small amount of force, led her mouth onto his dick, breathing a sigh of relief.

After that day, things got awkward between them until he cornered her one day while Petunia was in the bathroom and apologized profusely.

After another couple of months, he managed to regain her trust, however, he knew she would remember what had happened just as well as he had.

Then one day, he purposefully left the bathroom door bared as he masturbated during one of Harry and Dudley’s playdate. When Lily stumbled onto him by “accident” he quickly apologized and explained that it had been a while since he had an erection and their incident two months ago had never really left his mind. After some begging and pleading, he got his “friend” to take off her shirt and bra so he could masturbate to her breasts.

From there, it had been easy to slowly progress their affair. Soon he had her let him suckle on her teats without her bra. As he lavished her nipple he had snuck his hand into her panties and quickly fingered her into an orgasm before she could make too many objections.

The next day, he had her bent over the toilet as he licked her pussy through her panties.

He kept his patience to her clothed pussy for a week, until one day as he was licking her, he pushed the lacy garment (which she started wearing midway through the week) aside, and attacked her beautiful pussy directly. She had moaned against it at first, but once he started liking her rosebud while fingering her pussy, she had quickly shut up.

It wasn’t long after that that he started fucking her and now…

God, he lived for this now.

Pushing the current matriarch of the Potter clan onto her stomach, he resheathed himself into her syrupy pussy and started pounding her into the bed. Laying his weight onto her back, he started lick her face…her nose…her lips…her eyes…

Finally biting into her ear as he felt her orgasm, he whispered two words into her ears as he came…”Your mine”.


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