Of Purebloods and Wings

BY : Sablesilverrain
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Lucius crossed Hogwarts’ Wards, Apparating to the Dark Lord’s current location.

He appeared in a forest, the clearing just large enough to fit all the Death Eaters comfortably.

Lucius fell to his knees, kissing the hem of the Dark Lord’s robe, murmuring, “My Lord.”

Severus, who had appeared at the same time as he, followed him, repeating the procedure.

“Rise, my faithful servants.” The Dark Lord said.

Severus and Lucius rose to their feet, Lucius moving to stand at the Dark Lord’s right side, slightly behind him.

“And now that we are all here, we can begin. I have learned some interesting news. It would seem that my most hated rival is not as human as we had all believed.” Voldemort said with a devious grin.

Severus inclined his head. “Yes, My Lord, the Daily Prophet has reported that he is a submissive Faurae. I regret that I was not informed of this, and so could not inform you earlier. Dumbledore did not trust me with this information.” He said.

Voldemort waved his hand. “That is of little consequence, Severus. We know now. And I have a plan, thanks to you courting the Malfoy boy. Isn’t it convenient that I happen to have an unmarried, dominant Faurae in my ranks?” He smiled, and the sight was chilling.

Lucius carefully hid his shock. Surely the Dark Lord was not suggesting what it sounded like he was suggesting. He must be wrong. “My Lord?” He questioned.

Voldemort turned and smiled at him. “My gift to you for so many years of faithful service, Lucius: you will court the boy, since you can undoubtedly charm him into loving you, and you are free to do with him whatever you want, so long as you do not damage him beyond repair. I want him in good condition once he trusts you enough. Of course, by then you will certainly be married, but you will once again be free of that once I kill him, so don’t worry about that. In the meantime, do whatever you want with his body. Enjoy yourself.”

Lucius swallowed. “Yes, My Lord. Thank you, My Lord.” He said, his mind reeling. This was… Not good.

Voldemort grinned. “This is our time, my faithful servants! We will soon put an end to Dumbledore’s Golden Boy, and then the world will be within our grasp! The light side will be helpless without this one boy, who has escaped me by luck time and again. This time, he will be brought in by the one person he will trust above all others, and we will see him finally brought low. Once we have destroyed him, we will turn our sights to the Ministry, and once we own that, we will own the Wizarding world. The Muggleborns will have nowhere to hide!” He crowed.

A cheer rang out.

“Go, my faithful servants, go home and celebrate! Our time is finally at hand!” Voldemort said.

The Death Eaters dispersed.

Lucius and Severus Apparated to Hogwarts’ gates and crossed the Wards.

Lucius stopped, and Severus turned to face him. “Lucius?”

The blond aristocrat met Severus’ eyes, wariness evident in his own grey eyes. “Severus, I cannot court the boy! I have an attraction to him already, and if we marry, we will need to consummate the union! How can I do that with him? What if I mark him? We will be bound for life!” He said in worry.

Severus shook his head. “Lucius, there is no other recourse if you intend to keep your role as a spy: you must court him. Come, we will discuss this with Dumbledore. Perhaps he will be able to come up with a way that you can avoid marking him when you consummate the union, as you truly have no option but to court the boy, at least for a while.”

Lucius sighed and nodded, following Severus to the Headmaster’s office without further comment.


“…and he has ordered me to court the boy, now that he knows. We were hoping you could help. I do not want to trap the boy in a lifelong relationship not of his choosing, which I very well may if we carry this courtship out to the end. Both dominant and submissive Faurae have a very strong instinct to mark our mates for life. We were hoping you could come up with a way to ensure that I did not do this.” Lucius finished.

Dumbledore sighed, folding his hands in front of him. “Lucius, I am afraid I don’t have any way to help you subjugate that desire. If the courtship makes it all the way to the wedding night, you will just have to ignore that need as best you can. I have faith that you can keep your instincts under control.” He said evenly.

Lucius sighed, but nodded.

“I will send a note to Harry tomorrow, telling him to come here after breakfast. We will discuss this with him, and I’m sure he will agree to let you court him, with the agreement that you will not need to stay together past the war. If you both choose to, of course, that will be another matter entirely, but the final choice on that will rest with the two of you.” Dumbledore said.

“I will see you tomorrow after breakfast, then.” Lucius said, and he and Severus left the room.

Severus clapped a hand onto Lucius’ shoulder. “I will leave telling Draco about this in your hands. Good luck, my friend. Try to enjoy this. Potter is a remarkable young man for his age, and despite his being a Gryffindor, he will make someone very happy someday. This way, you will likely be the one to teach him how to do that. That has to count for something, right?” He teased.

Lucius’ eyes flared at the thought and he licked his lips. “Mm, there is that. It would certainly be… Enjoyable.”

Severus laughed. “Just remember: no biting.” He warned as he headed for the dungeons to Floo back to Prince Manor, and the warm body that would be waiting in bed for him.

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