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Chapter 1

"Not as much as Potter." Harry heard as he was about to walk past the third floor charms classroom.

"Please, he's always pinning after Chang."

Harry stepped up next to the door; it was almost 9 at night, curfew for the 5th years and up. He had been wondering the halls after practice, too restless to go back to the common room.

"Maybe, but that doesn't stop him from getting some on the side from what I hear."

"You mean the Weasley tart? Bestiality doesn't count."

"Like you'd say no Blaise, I saw you eyeing her up during the last match." The female voice answered, Harry was leaning into the door frame now, he still couldn't work out the girls voice but there was no mistaking Blaise Zabini.

"She may be easy on the eyes, but I wouldn't want to catch whatever is festering in her cunt."

There was the sound of a table being moved across the stone floor "Sure Blaise, anyway I overheard Abbot talking to the Puffs, she said she had Harry alone in the second floor broom closet and that he is packing some serious wood."

Harry was now pressed hard up against the door, he didn't know if the girl was lying or if Hannah Abbot had really said that, either way he wasn't mad that Blaise Zabini, one of the biggest players at Hogwarts let alone their year, was getting a lesson in his supposed endowment.

"Well if all she is comparing it to is those Puffs pricks she should come to me and see what she's missing out on." Zabini said moving what sounded like another table or chair.

The sound of female laughter came from the room as Harry suddenly realised he didn't really want to be caught here. He took a dozen long strides and slipped behind a tapestry which covered one of the more well-known shortcuts that lead to the upper levels and not down to the Dungeons.

He heard the door open and stepping up close to the back of the tapestry he looked through the small gap and saw Blaise Zabini and Sally-Anne Perks walking the other way down the corridor.

The shortcut he was in was very dim, a little light coming in from the edges of the tapestry and a grey light from where it came out by the History of magic classroom. Harry stood peering into the darkness for a while every so often a smile appearing as he imagined Hannah Abbott gossiping to the Huffelpuffs and apparently anyone near about him. A bit worried that rumours would get to either Ginny or Cho, he found he couldn't really care though, especially as if they heard, well, it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

As he paced the hallway he found himself imagining what Hannah had said, while not as pretty as Cho or as fun as Ginny, Hannah was definitely cute, and as he and Ron has talked about over the summer, she had one of the biggest chests out of all the girls in their year, although she was pushing the chubby side a bit, she carried it well. Fooling around with her in a broom closet wouldn't be the worst thing to happen to him, he had even knocked one or two out in her honour back in 4th year when she had gone from an A to a C and he had seen her in a very low cut blouse in Hogsmeade.

A quick glance at his watch told him it was well past curfew now, and that he had been here thinking about Hannah and the broom closet for almost half an hour, also that he was even now, quite excited about it.

Calling up a faint light with his wand, he pulled out the Marauders map which he kept in one of his robes inside pockets and looked at the area between Harry Potter, the only name in his area, and the mess of names that signified that Gryffindor common room. Seeing that the castle looked like it did after curfew every night, everyone back in the common rooms and dorms apart from the odd teacher and prefect he stepped out into the corridor and went to place the map back in his pocket. Stopping mid step with the tapestry still hung over one of his shoulders, he quickly looked back at the map and saw the name Hannah Abbott by the stairs on the 5th floor. Not being able to stop the smile from appearing on his face he remembered she was the Huffelpuff prefect for their year and today was obviously her night for patrols.

A quick look at the map told him the way was clear so he quickly stepped back into the shortcut and took the long way up to the 5th floor avoiding the stairs she was standing by.

Finding himself at the other end of the corridor that lead to the stairs she was still standing by Harry suddenly realised he had no idea what he was doing. While he was sure she wouldn't get him into trouble for being out after curfew, he didn't know what he or she would do. While he was obviously somewhat excited by what she had apparently been telling people about him and her, did he want to talk to her about it, make it a reality, risk having it become a somewhat random bit of gossip people may or may not believe to being a fact (Although as unprovable as the original lie). More so, did he want Hannah to see what he was really endowed with, what if it wasn't big enough? What if she laughed? What if after he got her into the broom closet she went to grab him and said "Is that it Potter?" He could go from being better hung than Blaise to Pin dick Potter.

Maybe he could just have a go with her, get his hands under her robes and play with sweater puppies. He could stop her from getting her hands inside his robes, after all she had been making stories up about him, she would probably be happy if he wanted to fool around with her.

One quick look at the map to make sure no one else was near he slipped it back inside his robes, wiped his hands which had become very sweaty and took a few deep breaths. He felt the same as the moment just before he stepped from the changing rooms to the Quiddich pitch before a big game. Pacing the corridor twice quickly, his heart going several times faster than it should Harry did what he always did before a big game and just took several quick steps, seeming to run out.

Hannah was facing the other way and didn't see Harrys odd hoping run around the corner, she seemed to be steering off into space, one hip leaning on the banister. Her blond hair loose but messy, as if she had let it down from a bun while doing her rounds, while slightly on the chubby side she did carry it well and the addition to the chest was well worth it, although hard to see through the robes she wore.

Not wanting to sneak up on her or have her yell Harry deliberately scuffed his feet as he walked towards her, his hands in his pockets grabbing at his robes, still moist from sweat despite being run over his robes half a down times in the last minute.

She turned as she saw him walking towards her "Harry?" She questioned after a moment of looking down the dim corridor.

"Heya Hannah." Harry said as he stopped a few steps from her, out of sight of the staircase. He deliberately kept his voice low, not wanting it to carry down the empty corridors.

"What are you doing here?" She said glancing at her watch, Harry had the impression she had been standing here for some time, not really patrolling.

"We had practice today." He answered as he leaned against the stone wall "It always takes me awhile to wind down afterwards and I didn't feel like heading to the common room."

"Better hope you're not caught, a prefect could get you into a lot of trouble." She said cheekily, Harry noticed she had one dimple which gave her smile a genuine quality.

"Oh yes, I don't know what I would do if I were to get into trouble, I've never had detention before." He said rolling his eyes melodramatically. Internally he was desperately trying to think of something to say 'So Hannah, been telling people we have been fooling around after dark? Now's your chance to do it for real' he though sarcastically.

"Ha, who knew the chosen one was such a rebel."

"That's me alright, breaking all sorts of rules." He said somewhat lamely trying to lead the conversation somewhere more erotic.

Hannah stepped away from the banister and walked down the corridor a bit to Harrys other side, obviously having the same though as he did of not wanting their voices to travel.

"So how was practice?"

"Not bad, our beaters are still tragic, if it wasn't for the girls we would be bottom of the table." He answered naturally, for a brief moment forgetting his nerves as she asked a question he could field comfortably.

"How are the girls on your team?" She asked crossing her arms across her chest.

Harry desperately wondered what to say and could actually feel a bead of sweat run down his back.

"Pretty good, although Alicia is obviously stressed doing her NEWTs as well so isn't playing her best."


'Shit I'm losing it, she's not happy.' Harry desperately thought to himself, not able to think of anything witty or sly he just dove right in.

"She did mention something interesting she heard the other day though." Harry quickly made up as Hannah let her arms drop and looked down the corridor apparently ready to move on.


"Yeah, she asked me about a rumour she heard from a puff in her Charms class about you and me and a broom closet." Harry said sure he heart wasn't so much beating now as it was having a one long continuous seizure.

One of Hannahs hands quickly shot into her hair winding a lock of it around her finger as the other started playing with the hem of her robe "Ahhhh…"

Seeing her reaction he relaxed a tiny amount sure that the story he hard by the charms classroom was at least true, he didn't even want to think about that he would have done if she had just dismissed it outright, probably call him a perv or a liar.

"Yeah…" He said letting it hang for a moment, enjoying her discomfort "Apparently her friend overheard you telling Bones about our little adventures." He said airquoting "adventure" with a smile.

Hannah was blushing furiously now and biting her bottom lip unable to look him in the eye.

'Well, I, uh…" She started "She obviously didn't hear…" She trailed off not sure what to say.

Harry again suddenly found himself not sure what to say, he had been enjoying her discomfort but not wasn't sure how to go on, hell he didn't even know what he had expected walking down here.

Feeling the silence drag on to the point of being uncomfortable he just blurted out the first thing that came to his mind, or maybe not his mind.

"I told her I wished it was true." He said bluntly looking her in the eye.

"Huh?" She said letting her hand drop from playing with her hair, the now curly lock falling across her cheek.

He hand was actually shaking in his pocket a bit as his mind raced with the most farfetched situations from her running away back to her dorm to him with his hands down her robes as she sucked his cock. The one thing he was sure of, was despite his nerves, he was once more visibly excited, although it was hard to tell through his robes.

"Wish it was true?" she queried with a small smile, her hand resting on her hip and her shoulders back, if she had been wearing anything but Hogwarts robes the effect would have been better, still Harry found it encouraging.

"Yeah." He said taking half a step forward "I couldn't believe it when she told me, since I had thought of doing that since last year." He quickly lied.

"Really?" She said full on grinning now.

"Really." He answered.

Hannah seemed to sway on the spot slightly; Harry would have given his Firebolt to hear what she was thinking at that moment. She looked Harry over once and took half a step towards him, now only a pace apart she brought her hand up to his shoulder and brushed away a nonexistant piece of dust.

'Its now or never.' Harry thought to himself, he took a small step forward, put one of his hand on her hip and leaned forward, feeling her warm breath on his chin for a split second before their lips meet.

Her arm moved around his neck and his slid from her hip to the small of her back, as much as Harry was enjoying the kiss, he was incredibly conscious of the fact that he had a full erection and wasn't sure how to stand without giving it away. He twisted slightly and pulled her around with his hand on her back so their hips meet on the side but he wasn't directly poking her, he was a slightly awkward position but he didn't know what else to do given his situation.

Her hand moved up to play with his hair as her other hand moved along his back, they had been making out for quite a when he briefly moved to his lips along her jaw to her ear. While happy with how things had gone, he hadn't lost track of what brought this on, and what she had claimed they had done. He just wasn't sure how to move on.

Thinking that since she had been the one to spread rumours about them, she could hardly complain about it, he did the only thing he could think of and bringing his other hand to her hip he pulled her tight against him. He being slightly taller his erection pressed right into her slightly soft stomach.

He had been watching for her reaction, and as he pressed into her, her eyes which had been closed as they snogged, shot open and looked directly into his.

Not daring to blink or look away he just held her gaze and gave her a small smile, he hands moving from her hips to the small of her back and for the first time drifted down so that as he moved his hands down the dark cotton robes, he felt several of his finger pass over what had to be the hem of her panties and into noticeably softer flesh.

She didn't do anything for a moment, their lips still joined but eyes steering into each other's. Then as Harry moved his hands down she seemed to come to and tightened her grip on his back pressing herself into him, his cock pressed hard against her and for the first time Harry could feel her breasts against his chest.

Wanting to move on put not willing to let go of her just yet Harry thought he'd see how far she'd go, closing his eyes again he leaned back into the kiss as he moved both his hands down fully to her arse, feeling her through only her Hogwarts robes and panties Harry couldn't help but grind himself into her slightly as he squeezed her. Feeling her arse tense under his hand he wasn't sure she liked it until she moaned into his mouth, squeezing again he couldn't help but press into her as she leaned into him, this caused them both to fall, luckily though they fell so that Harrys back hit the wall he had been leaning on and that she was partly laying on top of him, arms around his back and leaning on his chest and cock. His hands that had moved on reflex to brace his fall came back onto her hips.

They broke apart for a moment and both laughed, Harry enjoying the feeling of her partly laying on top of him. Hannah leaned forward into the kiss her arms locked behind Harrys back.

Now leaning against the wall with her partly on top of him Harry moved his left hand down to her arse again, catching the elastic of her panties on his fingertips through her robe and pulling them down slightly on one side as he went back to grabbing her arse, he briefly wondered if there was some technique he should be doing, but all he could remember is Fred and George talking and fingering girls, not the finer art of feeling them up. Figuring the best solution was to rub and squeeze like a massage he continued to work on her as he moved on to what was his main motivation in coming to Hannah.

His other hand moved up from where it had come to rest on her hip and moved up, as it moved up her soft side she giggled slightly but when he stopped both his hands she wiggled in place against him as encouragement.

Passing over her side he moved his hand to the side of her chest under her arm, leaving it there for just a moment, he moved his thumb and rubbed it into the side of her breast that was pressed against his chest. Waiting to feel her reaction he couldn't help but smile into their snog as he felt her softly bite his lip and smile back at him. Encouraged he moved his thumb under her breast, moving it across the Huffelpuff logo embroider onto it and with a few of his fingers explored her breast as his other continued to grab her arse. Her position leaning against him however prevented him from fully exploring her finest feature.

Continuing on for a few minutes in his exploration of her he wanted to get his hands inside her robe and onto cups.

Tilting his head slightly to break the kiss he looked her in the eye as he pressed between them with his thumb passing over what must be her nipple, he could feel the slightly hard material of her bra give way to her soft breast.

Acting a lot bolder than he felt he asked "So where was that broom closet?"

She smiled coyly at him for a moment her hands drifting down past his waist to grab his arse for the first time "The second floor, but I think there is one closer"

She leaned back from him and stood up on her own removing her arms from around him, but as her right arm came from around his hip she passed it over the front of his robes and briefly lingered over his still hard cock giving it the slightest squeeze. As she lead the way down the hallway back where Harry had come from.

Briefly fixing the front of his robes and again rubbing his damp hands on his robes he strolled after her and brazenly put his hand on her arse and gave it a squeeze. She turned to him with a smile and wink, putting her arm around him as she lead him to one of the storage cupboards down the end of the hall.

"No one comes down here at night, it's not near any of the dorms or hangouts, and the Bloody Baron in known to patrol here." She said opening the door to a decent sized closet filled with wooden boxes and a shelf of buckets and tins. On the back wall was a either a wide shelf or small desk at waist height mostly bare but for a few rags at one end.

Closing the door behind him the closet got very dark, although there was a large gap under the door which let light in, the torch lit corridor and sudden change in light made the dimly lit room seem almost pitch black.

As he was about to bring up a light with his wand he felt Hannah step towards him and move an arm around his back.

"So Harry, exactly what rumours did you hear?" Harry could feel her warm breath on his chin as she leaned up at him. She took another step forward her chest once again pressing against him.

"Of you know." He whispered kissing along jaw "That you and I were fooling around in a broom closet." he said moving down to her neck as she dropped her head back, he could feel her hair on his hand around her back "That you said I was packing a heavy wand." he murmured pulling her tighter to him and pressing his cock into her again. Feeling encouraged by the success of it so far he decided for a little exaggeration "That you blew me every night last weekend." he squeezed her arse again as he moved his kissed up to her ear "That seekers really do have the best hand." he breathed as he once again had her arse and breast in hand.

She didn't say anything for a while as he continued to kiss along her ear and jaw line, leaving her mouth free, her arms were still draped around his neck "Sounds about right." She finally said moving her head so she could once again kiss him.

Feeling more confident than he had in his life he moved both of his hands down to her arse, her panties still pulled slightly down on one side. After a minute of enjoying her arse he brought both hands up at the same time along her sides and pulling back slightly while still kissing her he grabbed both of breasts. Even through the bulky winter Hogwarts robes, through the embroidery on the left breast and through what Harry was surprised to feel was a very thick bra with some kind of bar under it, her breasts were the greatest thing he had ever held, better than a Golden Snitch grabbed after a 200 foot dive, greater than opening his Hogwarts letter. For a long moment he was lost in the sensation, his arousal growing to an almost painful level. With his hands on her breasts taking them in he was no longer pressed hard against her and his cock was tenting his robes.

In the dark he couldn't see Hannah's reaction to his claim on her body, after a long moment in which their kiss became deeper, more frenzied she locked one arm around his neck, pulling him down to her mouth as her other hand moved down his back, and where before she had let her hand brush against his member, this time as she moved her hand across his hips she grasped him through his robes.

Harry had been worried when they were grinding against the wall in the hall way that if they carried on much long would mess his robes there and then, but the short break to get to the closet along with the cold autumn air had brought him down to a point where her touch didn't instantly finish him.

Taking a play from her book as she grabbed him he gently took her lower lip and gently bit it, slowly realising it from between his teeth as she fully grasped him through his robes,

Letting go of her breasts to let her have better access to him he remembered something Lee Jordan had been talking about with the twins and moved one of his hands to the back of her head, tangling his fingers into her hair and parted her lips with his tongue, not sure exactly what to do he tried gently pulling on her hair which caused Hannah to reach up and grab his hand pulling it away but boldly placing it back on her arse.

Content for the moment to let her play with him through his robes he went back to exploring her back and arse, feeling the bunched up panties on her left side from where he had caught them before he managed to get his fingers under them again through her robes and managed to work them down over the swell of her arse, still separated from her by the heavy Hogwarts robes this small victory over he underwear was enough of an confidence boost for him to go further. As Hannah was only slightly shorter than him he could still fell the seam of the panties resting just under the swell of her arse, running the tips of his fingers along this he traced it around her side going up slightly to her front, feeling her hip bone slightly through the fabric he was managing to shimmy the panties down further as he followed their line to between her legs.

His hand twisted at a somewhat awkward angel due to their position he followed the pantie line until he was over what he hoped was her pussy. Although he had seen a few naked woman in the magazines that had been passed around the dorm along with what he had seen in a magazine he found under a bush in the local park back in Surrey, and he knew what to expect, he was still surprised that as he pressed in with his fingers between her legs, he couldn't feel anything through the heavy Hogwarts robes and her panties that still seemed to be half clinging to the front of her hips. But as he pressed his fingers in harder, feeling her thighs on either side, he heard her breathing shudder slightly and she press herself harder onto his hand, which given the angel it was in, was not the most comfortable thing for him, but having made her make that sound, Harry would have been happy to break his wrist to keep her making it.

Harry again broke from her to explore her neck one more time, his right hand still rubbing into her while she grasped him through his robes, Harry honestly wasn't enjoying her touch as much as she seemed to be enjoying his, while he would prefer her to be moving her hand along him she seemed to be winding it around like a crank. Not sure if this was what other guys liked or not he settled for moving his hips back and forward to a least get some movement along his shaft.

After rubbing her for several minutes as they continued to snog with only the occasional break for one of them to explore the others neck, Harry was thinking of how to best get inside her robe. He needn't have worried about how to move on as when he moved his lips from her neck up to her ear she pulled away from him half a step, and with a few quick gestures along the front of her robe, she undid the front of it and let it fall open. With his eyes adjusted to the low light coming under the bottom of the door he was able to make of the dark silhouette of the Hogwarts robe, open from neck to foot. She had on the standard black leather shoes and white socks that finished just under the knee, but above them was nothing until the hem of the long white blouse they wore during the winter term, the bottom of it slightly open and showing her white panties punched down around her thighs where Harry had managed to coax them. The blouse was long enough that Harry couldn't make out what the panties used to cover or her chest, the original reason for his detour tonight.

"Lumos" She whispered causing a soft white light to fill the room, making the previous dim silhouette much clearer. She placed her wand on the one the shelves where it continued to glow as she ran a single finger down the front of her blouse seemingly popping the buttons with just a touch causing it to fall open like the robe. Harry knew he was staring, but somehow he doubted she cared. She was wearing a plain white bra, which to Harry, seemed a size to small as her breasts seemed to be swelling up and out of the top of it, not that Harry would change that fact. Harry eyes were drawn lower though, suddenly very pleased with his effort to remove her panties through her robe, while the back side of them seemed to be sitting under the swell of her arse, the front had just dropped low enough to show off her sex. In the dim light of the wand he could see a single triangle of very short blond hair, at the base of it he could see a line of pink flesh right where her legs joined, despite having seen it in magazines and once on TV back in Private drive late at night, seeing it for the first time in person was going to make one hell of a patronus.

Hannah seemed to bask in Harrys gaze for a moment, then with a smile, she pulled her legs together, and rather than pull them down, shimmied her panties down her legs until the fell to the floor, the effect of her shaking seemed to actually make Harry lean forward in desire while one of his hands drifted towards his cock.

With her robe and blouse open, and her panties dropped to the floor, she took a step back towards Harry bringing her face to within an inch of his again; he had been again taking in her mostly nude form so as she stepped closer he was looking right down at her again.

"Hogwarts gossip is legendary, but it never does get everything right." She murmured at him claiming his lips once more. But, whereas before they had pressed their bodies together through their robes, now, both seemed to have the same idea and as she kept some space between them, she brought her arms up around his neck again while he took advantage of her current state of undress.

Bringing his hands together he brushed his hands against the smooth flesh of the stomach, savouring the soft warm feeling of it on his hands, his left hand drifting around her, feeling the strap of her bra on her back before dropping down to cup her bare arse, soft and warm and somehow a hundred times more enticing without that thin layer wool and cotton between his hand and it, he let his hand work across her back and arse, taking it all in and enjoying every curve. Losing himself in the moment he let his fingers run down between her cheeks enjoying the warmth and feel, but as he worked his fingers over her she suddenly tensed up, her arse seeming to grab hold of his fingers and pull away slightly, realising what he had been doing he quickly went back to running his hand over her back and cheeks.

While his left hand seemed to be on auto pilot taking in Abbots lovely arse, all his mind and desire was on his right hand which had run from her smooth stomach, gently lingered over the little triangle of short neat hair and finally down onto her sex. Harry has instantly enticed by the heat he felt, by the slight wetness he could feel with his fingers, and most especially, with the small shudder that seemed to run through her body as first touched her.

Furiously trying to recall everything Fred and George had ever said, insinuated or joked about went running through his head at the speed of light, he recalled them saying Victoria Miros a Ravenclaw in their year would need to have a full five fingers in her before she felt anything after fucking half their year. Not knowing if Hannah had been with anyone, or the right number of fingers to use, or what to use them for, Harry settled for keeping his fingers together as he ran them over the pink flesh he had seen in the light of Hannah's wand. Feeling Hannah move her hips slightly with the movement of his hand, Harry took that as encouragement to go a little harder, pressing his fingers slightly harder into her, earning a small moan and her pulling his face hard down onto hers, and feeling her tongue dive into his mouth.

After a little while of rubbing her and having her grind against his hand, Harry felt the hot, wet flesh under his fingers give way slightly, his middle two fingers seeming to slip into a extraordinarily wet and smooth area where his hand had been. He stopped for a moment not sure what to do next, Hannah however never stopped and when Harrys fingers finally found their way past her lips, she pulled herself up on tiptoes as she seemed to try and chew Harrys face off. Harry felt his middle fingers slide over her, partly covered by her warm flesh. Feeding off Hannahs energy he carried on with his exploration of her, his palm rubbing into the small mound of blond hair, as his fingers worked their way over her pussy. Wondering how exactly someone was supposed to get their dick all the way in this he pressed slightly harder as he rubbed his fingers in her, it was only he let his fingers slide all the way down that he finally felt the end of his fingers slide inside her a little bit. Her opening far lower than he had expected, having found the top of her wetness he now followed it down to its prize.

Not able to move his hand fully while reaching around to grab her arse, Harry brought his left hand up rest on her hip as with his right he proceeded to fully explore every part of Hannah Abbot he could get his hands on.

Having never seen a girl naked before, let alone get a seemingly all access pass to ones love rug Harry found himself almost panicking at what to do next. While beyond happy with the way his spur of the moment decision to confront Hannah had gone, he didn't want to make a fool of himself, and turn the rumours from Casanova, to Crabb.

Thinking that so long as Hannah didn't stop him he was on the right track he let him right hand slip from where it had been making small circles in the wet patch they had revealed, he pressed lower following her wetness until he felt his middle finger slip inside her again. Where before it had only gone in half a knuckle before he pulled out, not sure what to do, this time he continued to press, making small circles around her wetness he could feel his finger slip in up to the knuckle then almost half way up the next before he felt he thighs tighten on his hand, their warm and softness stopping his hand.

Her thighs held his hand there for a moment before slowing relaxing, during this whole time she never stopping in her furious snogging of him, her tongue taking a full tour of his mouth. While she seemed to be able to focus on more than one thing at a time, Harry was all but standing there with his mouth slightly open letting Hannah have her way with him as all his concentration was on his hands.

As her restraint on his hand relaxed he left his finger there for a moment longer before slowly withdrawing it, what he wanted to do was bring it up to his face to sniff it and maybe taste it, but he was sure Hannah wouldn't that that well.

He left the very tip of his finger resting at her opening, not wanting to give up his exploration, thinking to try something different, he worked his other finger in with his middle, rubbing a slow circle in her wetness. Then as he had done with his middle, this time he brought both finger down and pressing tried to press them both in her. Where one had slid in like it was made to, as he tried with two finger he found his middle finger sliding forward but the other couldn't work its way it. Pressing harder still he Hannah let out a small gasp that was not one of the pleasant sounds she had made before. Not willing to give up Harry brought both fingers up and down her slit for amazingly hot pussy before once more pressing down, this time though rather than sliding in right away he pressed lower, feeling the flesh come together a bit lower and the her soft thighs touching on either side he he managed to move his fingers on top of each other rather than side to side and again pushed, this time having the feeling of her soft, wet, hot flesh surround both fingers.

Yet again Harry found his arm and wrist bent in a awkward position, but considering he was two fingers deep in a girls pussy for the first time in his life, he hardly noticed apart from the limit on his range of movement.

Not able to move his hand as much, Harry settled for slowly pressing his fingers inside Hannah's pussy. Feeling a lot more resistance with both his fingers, he was hardly past the first knuckle when he felt her thighs press down on his hand again, putting a stop to his entry. This time when her thighs let go of him he felt her pull away from him slightly causing both his fingers to withdraw and his wand to hang loose, the tips of his fingers still wet from her.

"I think it's your turn Mr Chosen One." Hannah said gesturing to Harry.

Harry who like every boy on the planet, thought there would be nothing sexier than a fully naked girl, one that was letting you have your way with her, was finding the half-naked Hannah so extraordinarily erotic, that his mind actually felt slightly fussy, almost like he was dizzy.

In the soft white light of her wand, Hannah, her black Hogwarts robes open at the front, her a size to small white bra pushing her exceptional breasts up and together and oozing out of the top, and her panties discarded on the floor, leaving her (In Harry opinion) perfect pussy in full view with its little neat triangle of hair, gave the single most erotic sight Harry thought he'd ever see. Somehow the bra that he had been trying to think of a way to get rid of added to the effect not lessened it. That however, did not mean that Harry did not intend to see it gone.

While Harry knew she had been the one to make up the rumours about them, and that she undoubted had wished for it to be at least partly true, suddenly felt rather self-conscious. Did he just open the front of his robes like Hannah had, his cock almost painfully tenting his boxes, stand there in his dirty black shoes and dirty white top (He was at least thankful he had showered after the Quiddich practice), he though himself a considerably less erotic sight than Hannah, even with her few extra pound sitting on her legs and sides.

Thinking that the least he could do is focus her attention on one thing at a time Harry with considerable false bravado gestured to himself "You were the one making up stories Abbott, I think it's time you did some first-hand research" The feeling of being simultaneously aroused and nervous was causing him to feel slightly off, and not at all how he would want to feel in this situation.

Hannah however seemed to enjoy the challenge "Oh is that right? Did I get some… personal details wrong." she teased.

"Only one way to find out." Harry said with a barrow full of false bravado.

Stepping forward once more Hannah seemed to have added a considerable sway to her walk, standing just half a step from Harry, he had to stop himself from reaching out towards her again, but this caused him to now be conscious off where he was putting his hands, he couldn't fold them or he would block her and dropping them to his side he felt like a bell end, he settled for putting them on his hips in what he hoped made him look confident.

The boys robes being a little different to the girls and naturally undressing someone made you do everything with the opposite hand you used on yourself, Hannah fiddled for a moment with the top clasp of Harrys robe, before managing the other four clasps much quicker, and with a final flick, threw Harrys robes open. Having just come from practice and intending to go to bed fairly soon after Harry had just slipped into his shoes without bothering with his socks, he was however thankful he happened to have on one of his tidier pair of black cotton boxes, he, like most muggle raised wizards had adopted the style of not wearing anything under his robes but undergarments after a few years at Hogwarts, his long sleeved white shirt though was more of a light grey color, even the house elves couldn't revive all of Dudley's old cloths to presentable state.

From the looks of it, Hannah hadn't really looked at much beyond his obviously tented boxes; he couldn't help but think to himself 'it's just like a magical tent, bigger on the inside.'

"Ohhhhh I was out of my panties already." Hannah said with a playful whine, still not looking up from Harry.

"Yeah but I was the one who got them off, it's not my fault if you don't plan ahead." Harry joked back relaxing a little now that Hannah hadn't so far laughed at his half undressed state or looked at disappointment at his size.

"And how far ahead did you plan?" She asked with a wicked smirk, looking up for the first time since she had undone his robe.

"As far as those girls." He said nodding at her chest "Then I somehow lost my train of thought." he added with a grin.

"Oh and here I am still with by bra on, seems your plan didn't go as planned."

"I got distracted." Harry replied, suddenly wanting to bring his finger up to his mouth, but not sure what Hannah would make of it.

"I know the feeling." Hannah said shamelessly staring at Harry tented boxes.

She reached forward and rubbed the palm of her hand over then end of Harrys cock, coved by the black woollen boxes. Looking up at Harry and holding his gaze she reached for the elastic waist band and tried to pull them down. She however came across the problem that if she had had a bit more experience, she would have seen coming, as she pulled down one side, the waist got caught on Harry cock. Looking down at the problem, she suddenly seemed a lot less sure, and bringing both hands to his waist, tugged them forward and down a bit, causing Harry cock to wave slightly, freed of the boxes it had been restrained in since their adventure had started.

For the first time since he had tracked Hannah down, he wondered how experienced Hannah was, she seemed confident, but then again he had tracked her down and basically told her that he wished the stories of them fooling around in a broom closet were true, and she must have known as one of the first girls in their year to mature, more than a few boys had had their eyes on her, or parts of her. But then her handling of his member when they were making out hadn't been particularly great, but for all Harry knew that's what other guys liked.

But the way she was staring down at his cock, his boxes pulled down just below them, like her panties had been when she first disrobed, made him think that maybe this was the first time she was up close and personal with a boy.

Neglecting the boxes that still clung just below his cock, covering his balls, she grasped his cock in her hand, very gently at first, then when she felt just how hard it was her grip tightened, her thumb playing over the end of his knob that was just slightly wet from their pregame fondling.

At the feel of her hand on him he wanted nothing more than to grind his hips, making her hand move along his shaft, his right leg twitching with desire to have her pleasure him.

Harry couldn't see her face as she was looking down at her hand around his cock, he could feel her thumb caressing him while her grip remained tight on him.

Taking her distraction Harry brought his hand up to his face, the two fingers that he had used to explore Hannahs pussy under his nose and gently sniffed them, taking in her scent. Surprised by the scent and not at all like the giant squid he heard had heard some of the seniors saying in the past, he touched his fingers to his lips, his tongue tentatively touching the tip of his fingers before he moved his fingers past his lips, taking in the taste that clung to his fingers.

He had been so absorbed in the new olfactory sensation that he didn't immediately notice Hannah looking up at him, their eyes met over the top of his hand, his middle two fingers still in his mouth.

Hannah raised an eyebrow at him, and desperately trying not to blush or act like a caught child, he just continued to lock eyes with her, refusing to remove the fingers carrying her taste.

After a long moment where neither looked away, Hannah placed one of her hands on his chest and lowered herself down to her knees. Harry could barely believe what was happening, and was desperately trying to stop his right leg from trembling, in a combination of nerves and excitement. But the half-naked Hannah Abbott, kneeling before him, his erect cock less than three inches from her face was almost too much for him. On his way from where he had overheard Blaise and Sally-Anne talking about Hannahs story of them fooling around, he had played with the idea of her blowing him, but he had never really thought it was going to happen, maybe they would snog and he could feel up her breasts a bit, but to go from there to her kneeling in front of her, sans panties and her robe wide open providing him a better view of her breasts than he had had all night, was about as perfect of a result as he could of wished for.

Looking up at Harry again, the tip of his cock hardly an inch from her chin she reached forward without looking and pulled his boxes down the rest of the way, Harry quickly kicking them to one side which caused his cock to sway slightly and actually hit Hannah lightly on the nose. Not able to help himself Harry grinned down at the sight.

Hannah, looking down from Harry, reached out and grasped his cock, holding it steady in front of her, she seemed to study it for a moment, her eyes running from the tip down its length to its base in Harry dark hair. Tentatively leaning forward, in what was almost a mirror of Harry tasting her musk, she slightly parted her lips, and almost kissing it, took the end of his cock between her lips. Harry wasn't sure what was better, the feeling of Hannahs soft lips around his knob, and the gentle feeling of her tongue pressing forward between her lips. Of the sight of her, kneeling in front of him, cock in hand and mouth, breast slipping out of her bra, her pussy which he had now felt and tasted nestled between her legs as she sat on her heels.

Trying his best not to thrust forward at all and let Hannah take her time, Harry ran one of his hands through his hair pulling at it slightly as a release of the tension building in him. Without thinking his other hand went to her hair, playing with it and winding it around his fingers. Hannah seemed to find encouragement in this as she went from tentatively tasting the end of cock to taking it fully in her mouth, her lips dropping over the end of his knob and sliding down a little further, he could feel he hot wet tongue on the underside of his shaft, moving slightly from side to side, as if she wanted taste every inch.

While the feeling of her lips and tongue on him was amazing, Harry couldn't help but move his hips forward slightly, desperate to feel her move along his shaft.

Even though she was grasping the base of his cock while her other hand rested on her leg, Harrys move forward did catch her by surprise. Her lips meeting her hand around the shaft of his cock, he felt the end of his cock touch what must have been the roof of her mouth. She sputtered slightly, suddenly pulling back and letting his cock, now wet hang before her.

"Sorry." he said suddenly, letting go of her hair.

"T'ss ok." She said smiling. Nothing tentative this time she opened her mouth wide and took his cock into her mouth until her lips were about half an inch from her hand which had gone back to his shaft.

Holding himself back from moving, Harry closed his eyes and took in the feeling on Hannah working her tongue around his cock, her lips pressed firmly around his cock. She let go of his shaft with her hand and placed it and her other hand on his hips, her fingers gripping the sides of his arse. She seemed to take a breath, his cock still fully in her mouth before she moved her mouth lower down his shaft. He could feel her lips moving down his shaft, her tongue nestled under him, warm and wet, but after less than an inch he felt his knob touch the top of her mouth again, she seemed to cough once more but didn't pull back, instead pressing harder, his knob sliding a bit further along her mouth, this time causing her to shudder, she coughed her whole upper body shaking for a moment as if she had breathed in a glass of water rather than swallow.

"Sorry." they both said at the same time. Glancing up at Harry, Hannah laughed grasping Harry again by the shaft, this time not bothering with lips her ran her tongue from the base where her hand was right up the shaft and did a few twirls along the knob smiling "I guess the rumours were true."

Harry had never heard anything better in his life.

Turning back to his cock she took the end of it in her mouth again, this time working her tongue on it as her head bobbed slightly, her lips moving maybe half and inch up and down his shaft. Harry would of loved to of had her take more of him in her but he didn't want to choke her again, and looking down at her bobbing on his cock, her breasts squeezing out of her bra, Harry quickly lost any lost any form of disappointment and enjoyed the moment.

Hardly had Harry relaxed into the moment than he felt the beginning of the end. He didn't know if he should warn Hannah but he didn't want her to stop so he put one hand gently on the side of her head took a deep breath and felt himself cum, Hannah had been on a downwards slide as the first of Harrys cum shot into her mouth, it was the sensation of it hitting the back of the mouth more than anything that caught her off guard, she had had a taste of it as his precum had been on the end of his cock when she first tasted him, but the difference between a few drops of precum and a load of it shooting into her mouth caught her off guard despite knowing what was probably coming.

She drew back on reflex, but having actually fantasised about this, and even told stories about it, she managed to stop herself at the last moment, her lips barely around the tip of his cock and several more hot streams fired right onto her tongue, the taste magnified by its position and quantity. Not really wanting to savour it any more than she had to she tried to swallow the load in her mouth, but as her lips were still around the end of his knob this also caused her to suck out the last of the cum from his cock. Thinking that she had done enough and not sure how much more would come, she released his cock and sucking her lips in slightly proceeded to try and swallow the taste out of her mouth.

Harry looked down at Hannah, her head tilted down slightly and her lips pulled into her mouth slightly and took her demeanour for embarrassment "That was amazing." He said to her, his hand still on the side of her head slightly tangled in her hair.

Having swallowed the cum and run her tongue around her mouth a half dozen times she looked up at Harry Potter, the Chosen one, leader of the DA and thought it worth a lingering taste in her mouth.

"Not so bad yourself Harry, I bet there aren't many girls who could handle all that." She flirted, running the tip of her tongue along her lips.

"That would be telling." Harry replied, although he was exceptionally happy with how the night had gone he now felt just a little silly, he half flaccid cock drooping in front of Hannah as she was still kneeling in front of him. "But I can say, not many girls have your features." He said dropping his eyes for a moment to take in her still covered breasts.

Hannah grinned up at him, even after having Harry cum in her mouth and swallow his load, even after having him finger her and grind on each other in a storage closet, having Harry say he fancied her body still made her swell with pleasure.

Seeing Harry member was on its way down, she thought it best to stand back up, her legs slightly cramped from having been kneeling on the hard floor. She put a little extra bounce in as she stood to face Harry and smiled to herself when his eyes strayed down to her chest. Usually she wouldn't appreciate someone staring, but she though them a little past that.

"And poor old you didn't even get to meet my best friends." She playfully teased, running her fingers over the material of her bra.

Still feeling slightly odd standing half naked, his cock now flaccid in front of a half-naked Hannah Abbott "Well It's never too late to make new friends." Harry said happy to finish off the night on another high.

"Brrr." Hannah shivered exaggeratedly, making her chest shake while at the same time beginning to draw her robe closed "But it's so cold in here." She teased.

"Well I'll have to make sure you stay nice and warm." Harry played along, stepping towards her and sweeping his arms around her inside her robe, pulling her tight up against him. She was soft and warm, his hands seemingly by themselves drifted down her back to cup her arse, her body pressed up against his, he briefly considered ripping his shirt open but Hannah seemed to have had the same idea a moment sooner as she hooked his fingers around his top button and pulled all the way down, popping buttons off and sending them raining to the floor. She seemed momentarily surprised that he was wearing a plain muggle shirt but quickly dismissed it as she pressed herself up against his bare chest.

Lips' meeting again it was several seconds before Harry remembered what she had been doing only a few minutes ago, he froze wondering if this was normal, if he was essentially tasting his own dick right now. Not really wanting to make out with her right now but betting that if he told her he didn't want to kiss her cum mouth he wouldn't get at here sweater puppies he kissed her back but tried to keep his lips together and not think about where her tongue had been.

Moving his right hand up from her arse he traced it up her spine until he came to her bra strap. Knowing that it was most likely a partial sticking charm like many witch made clothing items and knowing vaguely how they worked he worked his finger under it and pulled outward. The strap stayed taut despite his effort, running his finger along the length of the strap from one side to the other in the hopes of feeling some sign that the bra separated there, he hadn't noticed that he had essentially frozen in place while kissing her and that she was smirking at him.

Seeing that Harry was distracted she darted her tongue out and quickly licked across his lips before saving him "Never undone a Camille bra before?" She asked innocently.

"Not this make." Harry replied 'or any other' he thought.

Hannah turned on the spot; from behind with the Hogwarts robe opened only at the front you wouldn't even know she was mostly naked now. That soon changed as she rolled her shoulders back and the heavy black robe along with the lighter white blouse dropped to the floor. Once again Harry was struck by the odd, almost unbalance nudity, of having her lower, more intimate parts bare to the world, a very faint tan line, hardly a shade between her naturally pale skin and the slightly pinker skin of her legs and back, and the white bra clasp, around her back and over her shoulders, its pure white material standing out in the dim wand light filling the small room.

Reaching up behind her Hannah slid two fingers under the strap and pulled down slightly, and with no visible clasp or catch the strap separated in two and fell to either side, the bra still momentarily held in place by its shoulder straps.

Turning around to face Harry, Hannah stood still for a moment considering where she was and what she was doing, and if this is something she really wanted. Seeing Harrys gaze on her body, knowing the effect she had already had on him, and knowing what every witch and wizard in Great Britain and most of the world knew, that this was Harry Potter, the Chosen One, destined to save them all, who had already faced who knew what and was still standing before her, mostly naked. Hannah knew yes, this is exactly what she wanted, what she had thought about, what she had already told people she had already done.

Facing Harry, she dropped one shoulder causing the strap on it to slide off, as it slid off her shoulder, her breasts which did not seem to want to stop growing (Along with other parts of her unfortunately) finally fell free of their prison. Brushing the bra off her other shoulder where it still hung limply she fought her urge to cover her chest with her arms as she saw and felt Harrys gaze take in every inch of her now fully nude form.

Harry was surprised to see that when Hannah dropped her bra, her breasts that had been held high and together by the bar dropped and fell apart quite a bit, large pink nipple, slightly bigger than a sickle and quite a lot bigger than most that he had seen in pictures greeted him, rather than standing out firm and perky like they always seemed to whenever he saw girls around Hogsmead in more casual clothing in summer. Her breasts seemed to drop slightly, as if they couldn't support their own size. That was one thing he couldn't complain about, they were every bit as large as he had though, bigger even than many of the pictures he had seen, and being a teenage boy, that was more than enough for him.

Remembering how the last year several of the then 6th and 7th year boys had been talking about the different girls and how they bet they tasted Harry was eager to see which of them had been right, if it was peaches or Butterbeer or even Chicken like Fred insisted all puffs tasted like.

Harry stepped towards her again, kissing her ear and slowly working down her neck, still conscious of avoiding her mouth if possible. But with both his free hands he cupped and caressed her breasts, savouring the sensation he was sure most guys in his year, and probably the years above and below had at least once imagined.

As he fondled her breasts, experimentally squeezing them and probably not giving them the most expert treatment possible, Hannah slipped her hands inside his robes and running her hands across his chest to his shoulders pulled his robe and shirt apart. Harry feeling her trying to disrobe him as he fondled her quickly dropped his arms and all but threw his robe and shirt aside, now both teenagers fully naked in each other's arms apart from their shoes. Harry was taking in the amazingly soft flesh of her breast, softer than any other part of her, and he had felt it all, but he was drawn back to her nipples, although much larger than he had expected, he couldn't stop rolling the hard centre nub between his fingers, once causing Hannah to squeak with discomfort but for the most part seemed to welcome his attention. Kissing the smooth skin of her neck Harry got lost in the feeling of her, while his left hand stayed on her breast, he allowed his right hand to drift around her, running down her back to grab her arse, feeling the soft but firm flesh of her backside and revelling in the contrast. After a while he slid his hand around to her sex once more, eager to feel its heat. As he first touched it he was surprised to feel it not as wet as he had left it, his fingers playing over it, from her neat tuft of blond hair down to where her thighs meet. Rubbing a bit harder he finally felt his finger once again slip past her pink flesh into the smoothness he had found before, still wet although not as much as before, Harry ran his middle finger along it, savouring the feeling and wondering how girls could have so many different parts, so different but each so amazing.

As Harry had been exploring her body once more Hannah had for the most part stood there with her head tilted back, eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of Harrys lips on her neck and hands on her body, her hands drifting up and down his back from his neck to his lower back, occasional going down to squeeze his bum but for the most part enjoying the feeling of his hands on her.

Thinking how many girls would want to be in her position right now, or at least want to, want to be here, she though she should make the most of it, it wasn't every day you had the saviour of the wizarding world before you, and while this wasn't how she expect this to go, she wasn't going to complain.

Dropping her hand down Harrys back she gave his bum another squeeze, enjoying the dramatic difference between his rather taut body and her rather more… soft one, not that he seemed to mind. She ran her hand across his hip to grab his member. She had seen it up close, tasted it even, something she would never have though possible (despite telling people it had in fact happen) a few hours ago, now she wanted her own fun with it. Having just made him cum little more than ten minutes ago she was a little surprised when she went to grasp him that his cock, which last she had seen was hanging limp under its brush of dark hair, was standing forward again, not quite as high as it had been when she was sucking him, but certainly on its way there.

She ran her hand along its length, feeling the difference between the softer head and the hard body; she could feel veins running along it and one thick one running along its underside. She let her hand run down its length, the knob running along the inside of her wrist as he reached its base, the top half disappearing into his dark curly brush while the underside seemed to go on for a little bit.

Harry, still grasping one of Hannah's breasts while the other hand stroked along her moistening pussy, was working down from her neck kissing and nibbling, intent to finally find the taste of her breast when he felt Hannah start stroking him again. Pleased that he was again hard, feeling odd being around a naked girl with a floppy he took encouragement from her touch and dropped his head down to her breast. In one move he rolled his tongue out, swirling it around her large nipple before taking its nub between his lips and sucking, like he had on his fingers after he and entered her for the first time. He was surprised to find they didn't taste like anything at all, just a faint hint of the soap the house elves used on their cloths. Surprised he quickly explored the whole breast almost comically licking at the whole thing as if it were and ice cream before moving on to the other, intent on finding a sent or flavour.

Somewhat surprised and a little disappointed he quickly recovered as he found himself with his face between Hannah Abbotts considerable sized breasts. Kissing them again he leant his face in a little, enjoying the soft flesh giving away for his nose and chin, soft and warm and impossibly smooth.

It was when Hannah reached down and grasped his balls that his came up for air, he rested his mouth in the nape of her neck as he felt Hannah play with him.

She had run her hand all the way down the underside of his shaft until she came to his balls. Although she had seen them as she sucked his cock, her attention has mostly been on the job she was doing and had not paid them a great deal of attention, thinking them not especially attractive. Now however, with Harry nibbling at the breast and fingering her pussy she was quite enjoying the feeling of having his balls in her hand, a small smile appearing on her face and the situation.

Hannah soon let them go and ran her hand back up his shaft, him thumb once again playing over the end of the cock, a small drop of precum moistening the tip.

'May as well see if we can get all the way.' Harry thought to himself, enjoying himself but not wanting Hannah to finish he again by hand as see seemed to be heading towards.

Sliding his finger slowly out of her pussy he trailed the moist finger around her hip and joined by his other hand down to her arse. He pulled her tight towards him, feeling her naked and still wet breasts pressed against his chest, his cock, now rock hard pressing against her belly, his hands squeezing her arse as he tilted his head down to claim her lips, forgetting all reservations.

"I want you." He said, the first and only thing on his mind.

Hannah looked him in the eyes for moment before nodding. Looking around the small room she settled on the small desk or shelf that was at waist height. Not wide enough to lay on she walked over to it and sat on it facing Harry, and after only a moment's hesitation opened her legs towards him.

Needing no other form of encouragement Harry took two steps towards her, his cock momentarily resting against her belly, which now that she was leaning forward slightly with her legs up, looked a quite a bit larger than it had when she was standing.

Harry looking down at his cock bent his knees slightly so the end of his cock was just in front of her triangle of hair, then pressing forward a bit he felt his knob press hard into bone, trying again he bent his knees looking down at his cock now right over her pink slit, he pushed his hips forward, but his knob just slid up her slit and lay against her small bush.

Starting to panic slightly Harry lowered himself again wondering what he was doing wrong when Hannah grabbed him in her hand and held him still for a moment, then pressing down she pushed the tip of the cock right to the bottom of her slit, Harry could feel it wet and hot against him, hardly able to help himself he pressed forward, this time blessedly, the end of his cock disappearing between the folds of pink flesh which had parted for him.

Letting out a breath he didn't know he had been holding Harry leaned forward, eager to have his whole length in her. He was however hardly a third deep before Hannah pressed a hand against his chest and her thighs tight against his legs. She was biting her bottom lip with her eyes half closed, obviously is discomfort if not pain.

'That can't be all' Harry though looking at his cock, the part that had disappeared inside Hannah was throbbing with pleasure, the sensation better than he could have hoped for. But he thought something must be wrong if he couldn't get even half of himself in her.

"Slower Harry." Hannah said softly, her thighs lessening their grip in him and her hand going up to rest on his shoulder.

Harry shifted in place, moving his standing position closer to her, as he did Hannah picked herself up off the table slightly with her free hand, as she did Harry felt himself slide out of her a small bit before going even deeper than he had been, and smoother. Thinking that might be how to do it, Harry bent his knees, feeling himself slide out and watching as this now wet cock slowly came out of her pussy, her pink lips hugging his shaft like her mouth had been before. Then he pressed back in, deeper than before until he felt her resist, and again sliding out of her, savouring the sensation of her hot wet flesh sliding across him. Harry had been watching himself enter her, but he felt Hannahs hand under his chin looked up at her, as he did she leaned forward to kiss him. Harry depended the kiss, but also continued in his mission, sliding almost all the way out, from where he had been almost half way in, he placed one of his hands on her thigh, his fingers resting on her arse while the other was on the wall behind her for support, he slowly but firmly pressed in her. He heard her take several short quick breaths before letting it out slowly. She opened her eyes to look at him, feeling him inside of her, touching her and staring into her. While she would have held the moment for longer Harry had no such patience.

Placing his forehead against hers as he gently kissed her on the lips, he looked down to see most of his cock had gone inside her, he could see her pink lips around the base of his shaft, almost touching his black brush. The feeling of his cock surrounded by here flesh was amazing, and he was having to stop himself from thrusting harder into her although he did find his arse tensing moving his cock back and forward slightly adding to the sensation of her pussy around him.

Finally giving into his bodies desire he allowed himself to slide out of her briefly before thrusting back inside, never dropping out more than half way, every thrust caused his cock in her to throb and he knew he wasn't going to last long but he was completely unable to stop himself, his body almost on auto pilot as his hips thrust forward into her every time he slid out.

Hannah was still bracing herself, one hand on the bench the other on Harrys shoulder, she was not really able to move but could feel it as Harrys thrusts into got a bit faster and harder, she was about he put her hand on his chest to slow him again when she felt him thrust forward and stay there.

Harry had felt the same feeling when Hannah had sucked him off before this time though it somehow seemed more intense, with a final thrust he looked down again to see his cock deep in her again, the base of his cock glistening wet.

This time as he came he could actually move with it, every spot causing him to rock a little deeper in her, his head fell to the side of hers and resting on the wall and he felt the end of her orgasm, even after he had shot his second load, this time inside her pussy, he continued to grind into her, her cock still throbbing with each thrust.

Hannah felt as Harry came inside her, his whole body shaking slightly before resting against her, his breathing hard in her ear. She could feel his cock inside her throbbing, she wondered briefly if he was still cuming and how much was he unloading in her now. Harry stayed leaning against her, his head against the wall for a while, Hannah running her fingers up and down his back, occasionally causing him to twitch when she went over somewhere ticklish. She could feel his cock in her soften then slowly he stood up and back, slipping out of her. As he did she felt wetness drip out of her and down his arse. Squirming slightly at the sensation she ignored it as best she could as she looked at Harry Potter in front of her, his naked body damp with sweat, his cock still partly hard and glistening with a combination of their fluids. She wanted to touch her pussy which was feeling very tender but not with Harry looking at her, she'd wait till she could slip into a bathroom somewhere. She'd also need to liberate a leaf of Athena's bane from the potions locker in the next few days. While Hogwarts didn't have sex-ed like some of the muggleborns said they had had before coming here. It was common knowledge among the students what herb they could take. The potions supply cupboard always seemed to have a good supply of it despite only being used in very few rare potions, probably the schools way of dealing with an issue by not dealing with it.

"That was…" Harry started before becoming completely lost for words.

"Yeah." replied Hannah smiling at him. Still more than happy with how the night had gone, after all, how many girls had taken the Chosen one in a Supply Closet?



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