A better way to grieve

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A better way to grieve

The second of May

It was a day made famous in the Wizarding world, the day that Hogwarts fought back against the Death Eaters and won, the day that Voldemort fell and the day that the boy who lived continued to live

But for some it wasn’t a day to look back and remember to be happy that they survived, to some it was a day to remember those who were lost and no one knew that more than George Weasley and his family, every year the Weasley family set everything aside to spend the day in remembrance for Fred and every year George took it the hardest

Over the last couple of years however George steadily got worse to the point that he asserted that he wished to spend the day alone hiring out a cabin in the Scottish countryside to mourn in solitude, ignoring any attempt of communication from his family leaving them extremely worried for him especially as the year before he came home drunk with darkened eyes from crying and bruised knuckles from when he had taken his grief out on the wall

This year however George seemed to have hit his lowest point yet having disappeared to the cabin a full week in advance before the anniversary of Fred’s death and now it was three days later and he was yet to return refusing to answer the door whenever one of his family members went to check on him telling them that he’ll come home when he feels like it

Now, after hearing what had happened from Ron and Hermione, Luna stood in front of the door to George’s cabin, whilst she was never close friends with the Weasley twins she did get along very well with them so she was concerned for George enough to decide to check on him herself

Raising her hand the blonde gently knocked on the door before awaiting George’s response and as expected no answer came, after a few more seconds of silence she knocked harder and called out to him “George? Are you in there?” she spoke to which she got a muffled ‘go away’ on response

Not one to give up so easily though Luna drew her Wand and muttered a quick unlocking spell at the door smiling at the sound of the heavy bolt sliding out of place on the other side before quietly letting herself in, upon entering the cabin Luna promptly coughed at the acrid smell of alcohol that filled the dark dusty building, the floor littered with beer cans and empty bottles immediately making Luna fear for George’s current state “George?”

“I told you to go away” she heard him grunt from the living room where she found him reclined out on the settee and by the lack of slurring in his speech he was thankfully sober at the moment

“You’re a mess” the blonde commented as she walked towards him, the remaining Weasley twin dressed only in his boxer shorts, his hair dishevelled and his eyes heavily bagged and it looked like he hadn’t bathed in a while by how he smelled, he didn’t smell bad though, he just had a heavy musk to him which Luna couldn’t deny that she liked

“Fucking charming” George grunted back sitting up to look at Luna “what do you want?”

“Everyone’s worried about you” Luna replied as she moved closer to sit next to him on the settee “they want to know why you won’t come home”

“I’m mourning” the redhead retorted getting visibly and audibly irritated now that his privacy had been invaded “my brother fucking died, I think I’m entitled to some space so I can grieve”

“But this isn’t healthy George, this isn’t you, do you think Fred would want you to act like this over him?” she asked and the moment the words left her mouth George’s eyes visibly darkened making her realize that it wasn’t the best thing to ask him especially when she suddenly found herself pinned down on the couch, the blonde gasping as she was roughly held in place by George’s much larger form making her heart race and her skin heat up

“Fred…was…my…brother” George seethed as he glared down at Luna “my twin, my…my best friend” he added, his voice wavering as he slowly sat up “we were inseparable, from the moment we were born we were together, we never spent a moment apart and now…now he’s gone…”

Staring up at George as his anger melted away back into depression Luna found herself lost for words for how to comfort him, as he began to move away she did the first thing that came to her mind, moving with him she took hold of his shoulders using them to pull herself up to kiss him deeply catching the Weasley off guard

Using his surprised she pushed him back onto the settee moving to mount his waist grinding down on him now happy with the fact that she had forgone putting on underwear that morning, moaning against his mouth as her bare cunt rubbing against the material of his boxers slowly working her tongue between his lips as he began to return the kiss despite himself

As Luna moaned louder and ground harder against him George found himself kissing her deeper, his entire body aching from her touch as his heart pounded in his chest, at first he wanted to push her away and order her to get out to allow him to wallow in misery but the blondes touch had his skin burning with need for any kind of outlet for his pain that wasn’t putting his fists through the wall

Breaking the kiss Luna then sat back on his lap taking hold of the hem of her top to pull it off over her head revealing that she had forgone a bra as well, her full firm tits bouncing free as she toss her top away before sliding down his body and off of his lap to kneel between his legs kissing down his chest and stomach as she went, her breathing getting heavier as she reached his groin as his musk filled her head making her slightly dizzy as she nuzzled her face against his groin soon coaxing him to full erection

“You smell so good” she moaned as his scent had her cunt dripping with arousal, biting down on his boxers to pull them down his legs to free his long neglected cock which sprung free revealing it’s full ten inch glory, with his cock now free Luna took a few moments to stare at it as if mesmerized before rushing forward to swallow every inch of him

“Fuck!” George gasped as Luna took him to the hilt with ease, his large strong hands grabbing at her head holding it tight as his instincts took over beginning to briskly pump her head along his cock striving for release, the blonde taking the face fuck in her stride barely gagging as she opened her mouth and throat wide for him to use, his heavy sweaty flavour making her head swim and her cunt even wetter

Placing her hands on his thighs to balance herself, gently massaging the muscles finding them as tense as stone as George used her mouth like a cunt, the blonde drooling heavily to make her mouth a nice hot wet hole for him to use “oh Merlin yes” the redhead groaned as Luna began to suck hard on his cock every time he forced her head down sending waves of ecstasy through his body, his balls aching for release already but he held off wanting to enjoy it for as long as possible

After a few more minutes of harsh face fucking Luna beat her hands against George’s thighs as her lungs burned for air, the redhead getting to message and releasing her letting her pull away to which the blonde took a sharp intake of air, the slut letting the ropes of saliva fall from her lips onto her chin and breasts as she panted heavily “stand up, I need to suck you more” she panted taking hold of George’s wrists coaxing him up onto his feet before attacking his cock with her mouth again, filling the room with the sounds of her sloppy sucking and swallows as she drooled all over his groin and herself

As Luna sucked harder and faster on his cock George didn’t last much longer, grabbing her head again and thrusting every inch into her mouth as he came hard, forcing several days’ worth of backed up cum straight down the blondes throat as she continued to suck his cock throughout his climax

Greedily gulping down every thick shot of cum George gave her Luna continued to suck even after his climax ended prompting him to try to pull away only for the blonde to grab onto his cock and start stroking him “no….more…” she whined leaning forward to take his overly sensitive cock back into her mouth to suck on him again making him groan louder with pleasure “face fuck me…I need it….” she panted between sucks before deep throating him again, her eyes rolling back as the taste of him overwhelmed her senses

Obliging her pleas George pulled Luna off of his cock and picked her up, placing her on the couch to which she immediately got into position draping her legs over the headrest and hanging her head over the edge of the couch opening her mouth wide for him as her hair fanned out over the floor, panting like a bitch in heat before moaning again as George returned his cock to her mouth starting to fuck her upside down head as hard as he could

With his cock overly sensitive from the first climax and Luna’s great oral skill George soon found himself cumming again, burying his cock balls deep in the blondes throat before flooding it and her mouth with his thick hot load making her shudder and simper at the taste of it again “Merlin that’s it bitch, take it all” he grunted as he held Luna down by her wrists ‘forcing’ her to swallow everything he gave her which she quite happily complied, gulping down most of what went down her throat whilst the rest overflowed from her mouth and ran down her face and into her hair

As soon as George pulled away again Luna showed again that she wasn’t done with him, scrambling up and grabbing George’s wrist coaxing him to sit back down before quickly climbing onto his waist reverse cowgirl style and grabbing hold of his cock holding it up as she guided it to her dripping slit before slamming down on him

Luna’s scream of pleasure echoed throughout the cottage rattling the windows as she began to wildly bounce on George’s cock as hard as she could “fuck you’re so fucking big!” she shrieked as her arse bounced and clapped against his groin “you like that? You like that tight little cunt?!” she cried squeezing herself as tight as possible for him “it’s yours whenever you want it!”

Only able to groan and pant with pleasure back George simply took hold of Luna’s slender waist for support which she took as a command to ride him harder, gyrating her hips as she rode him biting her lip as his cock pressed against every inch of the inside of her tight wet fuck hole, her tits bouncing in tandem to her movements as she felt her orgasm quickly building up “Merlin I’m going to cum on your cock!” she screamed before her cunt got so much tighter, her entire body shaking as she came hard, her eyes rolling back and her tongue hanging out as she lost her mind with pleasure

As Luna seized up George took control of the situation rolling them over forcing Luna against the settee before pounding into her hard from behind, quickly reaching his final release blowing his load deep inside of her making her keen into the settee cushions before he pulled out finishing all over her arse and back

After a few minutes of getting their breath back the duo rested back on the settee, George sat on it with Luna draped across it, her head his groin letting his cock rest against her cheek “feeling better now?” the blonde asked him to which the redhead nodded unable to deny it “you see? This is what Fred would have wanted”

“Us fucking? Look we used to joke about which girls we’d screw but I doubt he was serious about it, I never was” George retorted with a slight smirk

“No not that, you feeling better, being happy like you always were, Fred wouldn’t want you wasting your life wallowing in the memory of his death, he’d want you to move on with life, to be happy again” Luna explained to which George let out a heavy sigh

“Yeah you’re right but it’s just hard you know”

“Loss is hard George, for everyone, we just have to work through the hurt and not let it drag us down, I lost my mother when I was young and it took me years to fully accept she was gone, let your friends and family help, they’re going through the same as you” the blonde continued to which George nodded again

From that point on the second of May still brought the same level of pain to George but he no longer reacted as badly, choosing to remain with his family to mourn with them and let them help him through his grieving, he still kept the cottage through and with it he made the third of May a special occasion as well

One in which he and Luna returned to the cottage to spend some time together

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it

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