Crimson Ink

BY : Blackkitten23
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Warnings – evil and manipulative Dumbledore/McGonagall/most Weasleys bashing, good Pettigrew, sexual content, Mpreg, abuse, language, violence, gore

 (I’m thinking)

“I’m speaking”

Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem – seme Harry x uke de-aged Severus / Tom / Lucius


Lucius bolted down the from his study when he heard a scream “Narcissa what’s wrong- …” his eyes narrowed as a slew of bumbling Aurors suddenly exploded into his home “what the hell are you doing?!” the Malfoy family head demanded as the Aurors began ransacking the mansion.

“we are here on official business Mr. Malfoy” the Auror leading this troop smirked “SEARCH EVERYWHERE! TAKE EVERYTHING THAT HAS ANY MAGIC AND WE’LL SEE WHAT’S DARK MAGIC LATER” he ordered his men before casting Lucius a smug smirk. The Malfoy didn’t show it, but he was worried and so was his wife. After all they did possess some dark items. Most weren’t important and can be explained away except for one … a diary Tom gave him years before the man started truly going insane and became the Dark Lord everyone knows of today …

A child’s cry was heard and the boom of an Auror going flying across the room …

“DRACO!” Lucius and Narcissa bolted up the stairs where they saw their house elf Dobby standing between their six year old son and the Aurors … the Aurors who looked scared of the elf glaring at them.

Narcissa scooped up Draco “come here honey, everything will be fine shhhh it’s ok” she said soothingly trying to cease her son’s crying.

“what’s the meaning of this?” the lead auror growled as he saw one of his men out cold on the ground.

“the problem with breaking into someone’s home without warning, official business for the Ministry or not, is that there is no time to call off the house elves. Dobby was well with in his rights with defending my son” Lucius smirked at the pissed off look on the lead Auror’s face “now do you have any need for us?”

“no” the head Auror snarled.

“then we’ll be in the gazebo outside. Try not to destroy everything. Dobby would you have some snacks sent over there?” said Lucius as he guided his family down the stairs.

“of course master Malfoy” Dobby said cheerily before shooting the Aurors a harsh glare making them all flinch except for the one out cold on the ground. The elf straightened his classy dark red and black uniform and pretended to brush away some fake dust before vanishing.

Lucius frowned as they passed the group of Aurors removing books, but his mood brightened a little when he saw one Auror removing his mother’s portrait (at least some good came of this … I hope they won’t return her) he tapped Narcissa’s shoulder drawing her attention and she grinned thinking the same thoughts as her husband.

“mommy why are they taking my toys?” whimpered Draco when he saw a box filled with his toys float by as they went outside.

Narcissa scowled “because they’re idiots honey. Don’t worry they will be bringing them all back and more”

Both Narcissa and Lucius were deeply offended by that action. Do these people really think they would keep dark items in range of a child? Disgusting! Once they were in the gazebo Draco was set down to watch the three family owls who settled nearby because of the very rude Aurors crashing around the family owl roost.

“this isn’t good” Lucius grumbled before using his wand to cast a silencing charm around himself and Narcissa “they found Tom’s diary” he sighed as he saw Aurors ransacking his study “they won’t know right away, but once they take a close look they will”

“damn … this wouldn’t be happening if Tom had just stuck to his original plans of trying to separate muggles from the wizarding world and create a place for muggle-born and abused magical children can go instead of becoming … him” both of them were loyal to Tom Riddle, but something happened. Something that turned Tom into Voldemort “if only we did something … what should we do?”

Lucius sighed “we can’t get Severus involved right away because of that manipulative old fool Dumbledore who would love to get something of Tom’s and mount a crusade … Peter might be able to help”

“are you sure? Peter is staying hidden … well mostly, since Sirius tried to kill him for thinking he was Lily and James Potter’s secret keeper remember, he was revealed to be a Death Eater and is trying to find Tom since we know he isn’t dead … we still haven’t found out who the real secret keeper was. I’m just glad Sirius is locked up” Narcissa smirked.

“yes,, but he was locked up because people thought he was the secret keeper. If he thought Peter was then he wasn’t so he’ll be freed one day … not that I’ll remind anyone that he has yet to have a trial” Lucius smirked, as far as he was concerned it served Sirius right. The fool has managed to get away with years of crap without a single punishment and now he has his do … you got to love karma “we have to try at least. Peter might be able to help” he dropped the silencing charm.

After transfiguring a flower petal into a small piece of paper he quickly wrote a note with his wand. Dobby popped in with a tray of tea, sandwiches and a few cookies for Draco. As Draco munched Narcissa kept an eye on the Aurors. Once she signaled that it was safe Lucius gestured to one of the owls perched in the tree. The black owl fluttered over and landed on the banister.

“take this to Peter” Lucius whispered urgently as he gave the note to the owl who took the note securely in its beak and flew off …


In a strange house called the Burrow you could see a fluffy brown rat perched on the china cabinet trying to hide from the several red haired brats running around …

(these brats are nuts! Why did I pick this place again? … right Arthur has a job at the Ministry) the rat glared as a red haired boy named Ron tried to throw cereal at his little sister (I should’ve picked a place with better behaved kids) the rat leapt down onto Ron’s head and whipped the boy’s hand with his tail making the brat drop the cereal with a whine (where the hell did Molly go? I shouldn’t be raising her brats) Peter thought irritated that the mother was gone.

Peter was about to scurry up to the twins, Fred and George, and pop the paint bombs they were going to use in a prank when he saw a black owl land in tree in the middle of the field. It was Lucius Maloy’s owl! You never forget the owl who sent you a howler for going to infiltrate Azkaban without a solid plan and nearly got kissed by a Dementor … he ended up freeing all the Death Eaters loyal to Tom’s original plans though so it worked … Severus, Narcissa and Lucius were still pissed that he took such a huge risk though.

Ignoring the poorly hidden paint bombs the rat scurried outside, through the long grass and up the tree. The owl practically rolled its large eyes at the rodent and offered the note to the rat. In a obviously human way the rat stood up on its back paws and took the note. Peter’s eyes widened as he unfolded the note and read in it …

Peter, we need help. The Ministry ambushed us with a raid. They have Tom’s diary - Lucius

(oh bloody hell) the rat twitched. That diary was brimming with dark magic and though it probably wasn’t harmful it would get Lucius and Narcissa thrown in Azkaban for sure especially when they find out its Voldemort’s. He had to get the diary …

Good thing Arthur Weasley comes home for lunch …

Peter, whose rat form was named Scabbers by the red headed kids, bounded back to the Burrow just in time to see Arthur Weasley floo into the home …

“Daddy!” the kids swarmed the smiling father.

“hi! I missed you too! Where your mom?” Arthur asked as he hugged each kid.

Molly came into the room and smiled “it’s about time you got home honey, these ruffians are driving me nuts” she never noticed the family pet rat flip her its middle claw before snatching a bit of food and hiding in Arthur’s briefcase. After eating he zipped the case completely closed with him inside.

An hour later Peter felt the briefcase move …

Right after the floo roared to life Peter nudged the zipper enough so he could see out (good thing Ministry workers put protection charms on their briefcases otherwise I would’ve been caught by those Animagus detection charms all over this place … now where are- found it!)

The rat’s sharp eyes zeroed in on one of many boxes that were being floated into a room. The box had a stuff animated dragon flapping its wings … it was a toy he got Draco when he was born. Without further thought he squeezed out of the case and slipped under the nearest desk without being seen. As quickly as he could without being seen he moved under each desk and raced into the room where his friend’s things were going.

(this is why I never float things long distances. You just never know who will poke around he stuff if you’re not watching it) Peter thought amusedly as he jumped around each box looking for the diary. A squeak of victory came from the rat as he spotted the book in question.

Unfortunately it wouldn’t be easy move in his current form so like usual he took a risk … he shifted quickly into his human form and yanked the diary out of the box. Technically the form he was in now, a pudgy rat like man, was not his real form. Peter has spent so much time in his rat form over the years that it takes a full hour to fully change back resulting in a rat like appearance for during the hour, but there was no time for that complete change. He threw the book so it skidded out of the room and under the closest desk just missing the feet of the person working there.

In mid leap he shifted back into a rat and ran towards the book almost getting stepped on by the bumbling Aurors walking into the very room he was just in. Once he was out of sight with the book he paused to catch his breath and wondered what to do next. As he was thinking he spotted a woman he knew was a squib and got an idea.

With a bit of wandless magic he cast a ‘not notice me’ charm on the book …


Ms. Figg huffed as she walked through the Ministry halls “damn Albus and his plots. It’s not fair to have me watch him with the Dursleys. Not with all that accidental magic. Where is that old fool? He’s upping my pay” she adjusted her shoulder bag and continued looking for the headmaster, but stopped and screamed when a brown rat dashed in front of her “RAT!”

Chaos exploded throughout the room. Ms. Figg’s bag hit the floor and no one noticed the rat flick its tail sending a black book into the squib’s purse before darting back under the desks to avoid the surprising number of stunning spells sent his way by pretty much every witch and wizard working there.

After several minutes of unsuccessfully catching the rat everything calmed down. The rat was gone, probably scared away, so no one cared. Ms. Figg picked up her slightly heavier bag and went back to searching for Dumbledore.

“Albus! Thank heavens I found you” Ms. Figg exclaimed as she ran over to the old wizard.

“Arabella it’s good to see you- … are you ok? You look a little pale” Albus said with false concern as he walked with the squib. He mentally scowled at the woman who trapped him here of all places. This was the absolute worst place to discuss his project or to be more precise the treatment of the one Harry Potter. It would only get worse if Severus Snape walked in and overheard.

The squib nodded “yes, yes I’m fine. There was a commotion downstairs. Now about that … project, of yours that I’m helping to watch … well his accidental magic is getting too strong. He managed to Apparate. If I’m going to be watching him then I want my pay raised”

“very well. 5500 galleons more a month sound good?” Dumbledore smiled kindly as the squib nodded “excellent, now why don’t we keep this subject restricted to owls from now on, ok?”

“yes of course, now I have to babysit. Good day Albus” Ms. Figg smirked slightly feeling a bit smug that she got what she wanted and leaving she never noticed the rat dashing into an elevator under the safety of someone’s robes in order to find Arthur Weasley and get back into his briefcase …


Lucius saw his black owl return right as they were trying to go to bed after the raid. He took the note in its beak and read it …

Diary lost. Safe. Peter

“thank Merlin, that’s one huge problem out of the way” Lucius sighed in relief, he will look for the book later after this mess is cleared up. For nor he was going to try to get some sleep and hope no one got their hands on the diary …


Flooing straight back to her home took no time at all even though the rush of green and black flames startled her cats. After checking herself in the mirror and removing some soot on her cheek Ms. Figg opened the door to head down the road. It was a lovely evening for a stroll. The breeze warm and the stars were just starting to appear in the sky.

After crossing the street she headed up to the fourth house on Privet Drive and knocked. A large man opened the door “perfect timing Ms. Figg. The boy is doing some baking and cleaning. We’ll be back tomorrow” he said as he stepped aside to let her in.

“no worries Vernon. You, Petunia and Dudley have fun. I got this covered” she shot the small skinny glasses wearing six year old a glare.

The squib waved goodbye to the family of three and sat down in front of the television completely ignoring the boy struggling to get the hot cake pans out of the stove. She only looked away when the boy yelped in pain as he burned his finger …

“be quiet over there! I’m watching” she snapped.

“sorry Ms. Figg” the boy, who was far too small for his age, whimpered and went back to what he was doing. Dudley wanted to see the fireworks show in the next town over so of course he got to go, but not the dark haired boy handling hot cakes. The small skinny boy with glasses was forced to stay behind and make a cake for Dudley that will be ready when they return.

The three circular cakes were cool so the boy popped out some chocolate frosting and began layering and frosting the cakes. A sudden yelp from Ms. Figg made him jump in shock and squeeze too much frosting onto the cake. He glanced over at her wondering what happened and noticed she spilled everything in her purse, while watching a scary movie.

“brat, come here and get my lip balm!” she ordered and pointed to the TV stand. He abandoned the frosting for the moment and went over to look under the stand. The tube of moisturizing goodness for the lips rolled all the way back so he had to climb around to grab it. Upon returning the lip balm he noticed a black book lying on the ground that wasn’t there before … he should know, he finished cleaning before being told to start baking.

“Ms. Figg is this book yours too?” he asked softly.

She didn’t even look his way “don’t be stupid, I didn’t bring a book. Now go away or I’ll tell your uncle you were slacking”

The boy paled at the thought of what Vernon might do to him and quickly went back to the kitchen. It was clear he couldn’t frost a cake with the book in his hand so he decided to open the cupboard and tuck it under the small cot before returning to the mess of frosting on the cake. While he was fixing the cake Ms. Figg decide to head upstairs and go to sleep, but she flicked the lights out on him. The boy could hear the woman snicker and knew she did it deliberately. He waited until he knew she was asleep and carefully fumbled in the dark to turn the lights back on.

It took a while, but he finally got the lights on, the cake cleaned up and decorated. He went to get a step stool and used it to wedge the in the frig to keep the door open he carefully slid the cake off the table and walked up the step stool. Once he was high enough he slid it onto the shelf. When he hopped off the stool he moved it and shut the frig.

Everything was cleaned, the cake was ready and he was tired. The young boy slipped into the cupboard, set his glasses on the floor and curled up on the cot. The boy found that he couldn’t sleep and pulled out a little blue battery powered lantern. His aunt Petunia thought it was broken and told him to throw it away, but he got it to work again so he hid it under his cot.

Normally on nights like this he would color with the broken crayons or pencils he’s allowed to keep, but he had no paper so he decided to check out the book he found. The mistreated child pulled out the black book and looked at it …

“it looks old” he muttered quietly as he  look at the worn and cracking black. With that in mind the boy very carefully opened the cover and glanced at the faded inscription in the corner of the first page “T. M. Riddle … who’s that?” the boy pondered curiously and flipped through the book only to find nothing else written in it. Since he was supposed to practice his numbers and letters for school he decided to use it. So he started writing …

~ Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff

The boy continued through the rest of the alphabet and wrote some words and math problems he remembered before stopping to think about what else he should write. However in that brief break everything he wrote was disappearing before his eyes and he watched in shock as words in an elegant handwriting appeared …

~ Are you working on your school work little one?

The child gasped in shock and nearly dropped the book. he just sat there staring at the living book for several seconds. Not really sure of what else to do he wrote back …

~ Yes. Who are you? How are you talking?

Just like before his words faded away and other words appeared …

~ My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle and I’m sort of in the book. What’s your name little one? How old are you?

~ I’m Harry Potter. I am six. How did you get in a book?

~ I liked books so much that I wanted to live in one.

Harry giggled at the strange answer …

~ That’s silly

~ Yes I guess it is. Would you like help with your homework?

~ Yes Please!

Over the next couple hours Harry and Tom played little games to help improve on his spelling, handwriting and math. Until Tom asked what time it was and told Harry to go to bed. For the first time in years Harry slept peacefully feeling like he made a friend …

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