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Pairing: Yaoi M/M, Harem– seme Harry x ukes ? / ? / ?


“COME ON PEOPLE, HUSTLE! WE HAVE A DEADLINE!” roared the head healer at St. Mungo’s potion lab where a massive amount of potions is currently being produced and prepared for shipment for the oncoming cold and flu season.

One brown haired medi-witch rolled her eyes as she started bottling a set of potions “slave driver” she grumbled.

Another young medi-witch with black hair set a box down next to her friend and smirked “yeah seriously, hey did you see that hot Quidditch player come in”

The first medi-witch stopped bottling leaving several vials open just waiting to be filled “oh I know! I so wanna search for his snitch” the brunette fanned her flushed face as she started think dirty thoughts.

“oh I know” the raven licked her lips and leaned on the box of potions she had, which was labeled ‘To Be Disposed’. She didn’t see the cork of one potion come undone …

“GET BACK TO WORK!” the head healer barked startling both witches resulting in the raven jostling the box causing the one potion to splatter across the workstation.

“oh shit” they hissed. The head healer thankfully didn’t see what happened and they flicked their wands to clean up the mess. The raven haired witch nearly ran from the room with the rest of the potions meant for disposal as her brown haired friend frantically finished bottling not realizing the some of the vials were tainted with droplets of the spilled potion.

Everything was finished and packed away. Unbeknownst to anyone a pack of tainted potions was sent to Hogwarts …


Ron frowned as he and Harry walked towards the Great Hall for dinner “Hermione is ticked at us for some reason”

“yeah, but I don’t know why. I would think she’d be happy that our potion scores are up” Harry sighed as he was trying to sort out his friend’s feelings “you don’t think she believes we kept the ‘Half Blood Prince’s’ journal, do you?”

“why? We told her we gave it back and we did. I was there when you handed it to Snape the same day you found it … the git didn’t have to look so shocked that you’d hand over someone’s belongings” Ron grumbled.

Harry shrugged “yeah … I wonder if Snape found who the book belongs to. I would love to thank them for writing their notes out in a way that actually made potions easy to understand” Harry chuckled as he followed his red haired friend.

The red head glance around to see if anyone was listening before leaning up to Harry’s ear and whispering “actually mate … could she be mad about those things we don’t tell her cause she’ll disapprove? You know, your grimoire, the training in that room or those theories we have on Dumbledick” The red head scowled as he spat out the butchered form of the headmaster’s name. The Weasley family has come to the realization over the last few years that Dumbledore did not have Harry’s best interest at heart and have been taking measures every summer to help him every summer he’s forced to stay with those things that can barely be called human known as the Dursleys …

The Potter frowned and thought a moment. Hermione always made it clear that she disapproves of many things. She didn’t want Harry doing things not authorized by Dumbles the very wizard he didn’t trust and she would tell, which is why they stayed quiet until Hermione grew out of it “I don’t usually write in my grimoire when people are around. Most people just think it’s a normal journal or homework save for you and Neville … she just loves teachers too much to even consider that Dumbles is capable of any wrongdoing or that we would think otherwise … and the ghosts are positive that no one has followed me to that room”

“then what’s her deal?” Ron groaned and rubbed his head as if he was fighting a headache “I give up … I’ll ask Ginny to see what the problem is. So it’s almost Christmas break, ready to come over tomorrow?”

Harry grinned “can’t wait!” he exclaimed as they turned the corner and entered the bustling Great Hall. They sat down next to Neville and waited for everyone to be seated. The boys tried to say hi to Hermione, but she just glared at them and sat with Ginny who looked just as baffled at the bushy haired witches attitude as them.

Once Dumbledore stood up silence fell over the room “as most of you know it’s that time of year for sickness and that means after dinner everyone should for an orderly line outside the infirmary to receive the yearly potions to prevent the basics colds and flus, now enjoy the meal!” vast amounts of delicious food appeared on the tables and famished students …

“he’s twinkling you” Ron whispered out of the corner of his mouth as he filled his plate. Harry’s jaw clenched and he stabbed a piece of chicken with much more force than necessary. Every time Dumbledore looked at him with the ‘plotting twinkle’, as Ron dubbed it, in his eyes that meant bad news for him … he saw the twinkle every year right before something bad happens, being forced back to the Dursleys included.

“great” Harry grumbled continued eating while wondering what the old wizard had up the sleeves of his gaudy robes. It wasn’t long before he’d find out …

Right after dinner was finished everyone began heading for the infirmary where Poppy was waiting. Harry and Ron lined up with Neville … sadly not far behind Draco Malfoy who was giving his usual arrogant smirk with his fellow Slytherins next to him. Harry was relieved to see Professor McGonagall standing nearby meaning the Slytherins weren’t going to try anything, but it was apparent the head of Gryffindor house was not there to keep order.

Professor McGonagall walked right up to Harry “Mr. Potter, the headmaster wishes to speak with you” Harry knew arguing would be pointless so he nodded and left the line without getting his potions. He walked passed the long line of students, through the halls and up to the gargoyle statue that guarded the headmaster’s office.

“fudge flies” Harry watched the statue spin away revealing a staircase. While walking up the stairs he reminded himself about the headmaster’s mind invading abilities. Thankfully Ron’s father, Arthur Weasley, gave Harry a few tips for protecting his mind from people who can read them, like the headmaster, when they became more aware of Dumbledore’s manipulations. The most important being is to not look them in the eyes and to keep your mind blank …

Dumbledore looked up from his desk and smiled with that creepy twinkle in his eyes “Harry my boy, how are you?”

“just fine Headmaster” Harry said with the best fake smile he could muster. He hated being called ‘boy’ … it’s just like uncle Vernon … how much did Dmbledore know about that abuse? Harry knew the old goat knew plenty, but if so is it a sick joke calling him that? … Dumbles doesn’t call anyone else that … what an ass!

“ummm … am I in trouble sir?” Harry asked innocently carefully avoiding the man’s eyes like usual.

“not at all my boy! I want to congratulate you on getting your grades up and doing so well on your OWLS, but I’m afraid I have some disheartening news … do to some movements of the Death Eaters it wouldn’t be safe for you or the Weasley family to go to the Burrow for winter break”

(funny Percy and Mr. Weasley never mentioned any movements) Harry thought as he recalled all the messages he had with the ministry and Order members. The Weasley family may not have been politically powerful, but they are in all the right places for information. One in Gringotts, two in the ministry, one pretending to be Fudge’s right hand man, and so on “b-but headmaster they did inv-”

“I’m sorry my boy, but this is for your protection and theirs” said Dumbledore who look so apologetic at the disheartened boy face, but his twinkle became brighter.

“I understand sir” Harry hung his head doing his best to look crushed, which he was really, just furious too.

Dumbledore smiled “good. Now those Occlumency lessons will be restarted right after break and Professor Snape will teach you” technically the lessons were supposed to start the year before, but Snape was caught in a trap Peeves made and has been suffering some sort of headache that made Legilimency impossible so they had to wait.

Harry visibly paled, but Dumbledore assumed it was simply because of Snape not that Harry had secrets to hide. Harry only had a few simple tips to stop Dumbledore from just reading his thoughts, he can’t stop someone from invading his mind “y-yes sir … can I go now headmaster? I need to get those potions”

“oh yes of course! You be on your way my boy. Oh and Professor Snape has agreed to take you for his NEWT class even though you only got an EE on your potions Owl and even though it’s the middle of the year so no worries, you can be an Auror like your father” said the twinkling headmaster cheerily as Harry smiled and quickly retreated.


“hey Weasel” Draco scowled as Ron ignored his taunting in favor of taking the potions Poppy gave him.

Poppy glared disapprovingly at Draco “knock it off Draco Malfoy and take these” she gave the blonde Slytherin three potions and then Neville followed by a few other people. Just after Ron and Nevile left Professor Snape passed the infirmary catching Poppy’s attention “Severus Snape get back here and take these!”

The potions professor sneered at the vials in the medi-witch’s hand “I can easily make my own”

“and when in your busy schedule will you be able to do that?” she asked pointedly making Severus twitch. Between creating potions for a Dark wizard, spying, Death Eater missions, teaching, grading, writing exams and Dumbledore’s plots he had no time.

“very well” Snape conceded and drank two of the three potions, but paused to look at the third “the color seems off-”

“drink it” Poppy ordered and Severus downed it trying to avoid angering the witch and made a fast exit, but shot Draco a look to come with him to talk. Poppy watched Draco drink his potions and follow the professor out “that’s one box done” she flicked her wand and opened the next set of potions as more students came in. She absentmindedly wondered where Harry Potter went to …


The young wizard in question stormed out into the hallway in front of he headmaster’s office and kept moving through the hallways. He was so fixated on keeping his temper in check that he didn’t notice a few people standing outside the infirmary blushing at him.

“it’s about time Mr. Potter” Poppy smiled and handed him three potions. The medi-witch was stunned that the teen downed all three like shots of whiskey and left without a word. Harry nearly crashed straight into Ron as he headed back intro the Gryffindor dorm.

“whoa Harry cool it mate!” Ron frowned as he friend was clearly pissed about something. He took Harry’s arm and they went into the Ron’s prefect room for privacy “what is going on? What did Dumbledick say?” the red asked as he felt the tension in Harry’s muscles … his very strong and toned muscles … Ron blushed and shook the thoughts away.

The Potter gave a humorless chuckle “apparently I am a danger to you and your family and it would be better if I stayed here over Christmas-”

“that’s not fair! And how the hell can he argue that when you came close to death nearly every year you’ve been here?!” Ron exclaimed angrily, but before his rant could continue he noticed Harry sighed and sat down on the bed … the bad news wasn’t done yet …

Harry ran his fingers through his hair with a frustrated sigh “the occlumency lessons are back on” he glanced up at his now rather worried looking friend.

If anything those lessons were the real danger …

There was a lot to hide. Molly Weasley has noticed right away that Harry’s home life was questionable at best when they first met at King’s Cross for his and Ron’s first … and rather traumatic year. She tried to talk to Dumbledore about it, but was shocked to hear that there was no issue. Of course there’s an issue if the boy looks like a twig! Molly didn’t like it and instead asked if Harry could visit for the summer, which was allowed if only for two weeks …

It was perfect timing … the famous 11 year old arrived at the Burrow with a black eye …

The Weasleys all saw red … they decided to help Harry the best they could and get plenty of information before going to Dumbledore for further help and advice.

A life saving decision really for each thing Arthur and Molly learned as they watched the boy play with their own kids over that summer made them wonder. The boy had been scared at the strangest things, far too skinny, badly scarred from Merlin knows what and almost went to sleep in the cupboard instead of Ron’s room!

But by the end they decided to not tell the headmaster anything and here’s why …

During that summer Harry turned 12 and a few more things were revealed. One, was that it seemed like Harry never had a birthday cake before. Two, after a poorly made joke by Percy about Harry getting fanmail they discovered that Harry, the famous ‘Boy Who Lived’ has actually never received any mail from the magical world! And finally, after hearing Harry tell Ron that he was going to save up for a broom of his own they realized that Harry had no clue he was well off!

Molly has learned enough and floo called her son Bill, who works at Gringotts, and had him look into the Potter accounts to see what was wrong because Harry hasn’t even started getting bank statements. When Bill arrived the next morning they found out that Harry’s accounts are under Dumbledore’s control as Harry’s magical guardian and the eldest son said that there was something redirecting Harry’s mail … he suspected that was Dumbldore too … and as an added bonus the Dursleys and Ms. Figg we being paid to care for Harry, but Dumbledore never came to see him …

The Weasleys were livid and once they told Harry so was he …

After that they put their heads together and devised a plan to make the Dursleys livable when he was forced back then deal with ways to get around Dumbledore later. The perfect plan fell in their lap when Molly Weasley found Harry reading and thoroughly enjoying Bill’s old textbooks on Runes.

When Harry was sent back to the Dursleys and was locked in his room he drew a set of runes on the floor under the bed … a matching set was placed by Bill on the Weasley’s kitchen wall.

Food, letters, potions, books could all go through and exchanged without anyone knowing. It’s the only reason Harry has grown at all … he was no longer the skinny boy who’s too short for his age, but no one suspects a thing despite that.

“bloody hell … occlumency huh, we checked the library last year when this came up and found nothing … I could ask Dad to see if he could get a book on it … Peeves won’t tell us what that trap had and won’t come anywhere near us after we got the Blood Baron involved” Ron commented trying to find a way to keep Snape from discovering everything.

“that would be good. I’ll check the founders’ rooms and see if I can find anything. Maybe I can put wards around my mind” the raven groaned in exasperation “Dumbles said that I can take Snape’s NEWTs to be an Auror just like my Dad” he scoffed. Arthur Weasley told Harry all about his parents. His Dad was a rich spoiled bully that fell for his beautiful fiery mother, but James Potter never had a job. He was so rich he never needed one …

“Dumbledick just wants to set you up with a pissed off Snape again … he and McGonagall have been telling you that lie for years. Why are they trying to drag you into being an Auror? To fight Moldybutt? You’ve been doing that” Ron growled at the weirdness of it all. Harry just smiled at Ron’s pet name for Voldemort.

“don’t know mate, I just don’t know” Harry sighed as he stood up from the bed “once curfew starts I’m going to the training room. I need to vent”

Ron gave a mock look of disapproval “as a prefect I should find such actions deplorable … so good luck!”

Harry just laughed as he went to the door “are you sure you don’t want to try again?”

“Merlin no! That place is creepy and it keeps sending spiders at me!” (although I’d have no problem seeing you shirtless and all hot and sweaty-…) Ron’s brain came to a screeching halt, his jaw became unhinged and he blushed. Harry didn’t see his friend’s odd behavior because he was already leaving while chuckling at the red head’s fearful comment about spiders.

Neville looked up as Harry came in the dorm room and pulled out a brown slightly worn book with runes elegantly etched by hand into the cover “hey ummm … what are you doing for Christmas?” he asked shyly with a light blush.

“I will be protecting people … by locking my ass up in this castle apparently” Harry grumbled sarcastically and began jotting down a new idea for a rune sequence that will make candy blow up when swallowed and cause massive indigestion that can be applied to lemon drops.

“oh I’m sorry” Neville winced at the other wizard’s tone.

“no … no I’m sorry Neville. I am not in a good mood right now” Harry sighed tiredly.

The herbology student smiled softly “that’s ok, I understand. Just in case I don’t see you tomorrow after morning classes I’ll give you your present now” Neville kneeled down to search under his bed for his trunk.

Harry’s took the colorful package that was handed to him “thank you Nevllie” he carefully unwrapped it revealing a beautiful set of shiny black measuring instruments used in crafting runes “oh wow … Neville thank you!” Harry let his fingers caress the shiny new tools before setting the present gently on his bed and pulling Neville into a hug. Neville felt his heart nearly jump right out of his chest as his face became very warm.

“I’m glad you like it, I know you really like to draw runes” Neville gasped as he tried to control his heart rate. The herbologist was very confused, he never felt such a strong reaction towards Harry before … or anyone for that matter!

“like it? I love it! Let me get your present!” Neville felt a twinge of loss as Harry let him go to fish his trunk out and pulled out of a small box. Harry glanced around to make sure no one was around and took Neville’s hand in his not realizing his friend was blushing. Harry guided Neville’s fingers over the runes on the box and the box became several times larger “I found these in the Black vaults and wanted you to have them” thankfully Bill told him about Sirius’s will or he would not have been able to claim it.

Neville gave Harry a sad smile a the mention of Harry’s late godfather and opened the enlarged box “oh Merlin …” an awestruck Neville’s jaw dropped as he saw several compartments filled with rare to extinct seeds and several different tools used to care for them “oh Harry thank you” he closed the lid and touched the runes to shrink it back to a pocket sized container … and couldn’t stop himself from hugging Harry again!

“no problem, I’m glad you like it … it’s getting late, I’m going to get ready for bed” Harry pulled off his shirt revealing his ripped abs to, not only a blushing Neville, but the other Gryffindors that came into the room to go to bed.

Seamus’s jaw dropped “bloody hell Harry, when did you get a six pack?!” Harry just chuckled, but didn’t respond as he put his book and his new tools from Neville away and pulled out some pajamas …

An hour later when everyone was asleep Harry slipped out of bed. His bare feet touched the cool floor and he silently ran his fingers along the frames of his glasses as he put the spectacles on. Unseen runes on the black frames were activated unsealing a pair of black gloves, black shoes and a dark gray robe similar to his uniform robe.

Quickly and silently he put them on. A second set of runes were activated when he tapped his fingertips together. Suddenly Harry tuned completely invisible! His shadow vanished, any sound he made was completely silenced and after grabbing his wand he left the dorm without anyone seeing. He preferred this outfit he made himself over the Invisibility cloak, which could leave someone exposed easily … and he suspected Dumbles could see through the cloak …

The fat lady never realized her portrait being moved with the door to Gryffindor as it swung open … though it helped that she was asleep … Harry shut the door and slipped out into the hall. Nearly Headless Nick was floating on the stairs with a smile. Even Nick couldn’t see Harry, but it’s easy to figure out when a door randomly opens and no one’s there.

The specter would watch the Gryffindor entrance for a while to be sure no else came out so Harry had some peace of mind there as he went down towards the dungeons. Down and down he went, far passed the Slytherin dorms. All the way to an unused segment of the dungeons. Finally he stopped in a dark room that was suddenly flooded with light from the torches on the wall and looked down at the intricate markings on the floor …

It all started with Sirius’s death …

A heart broken Harry arrived at Hogwarts for his sixth year and went to find the friendly Gryffindor ghost to ask for advice hoping that Sirius may become a ghost. Nick sadly told him that it wasn’t likely because those who become ghosts do so because they fear death … Sirius wasn’t the type of guy to fear much, even death. Seeing the young wizard so depressed worried the ghost so Nick decided to show Harry a strange door they found over the summer with unique markings that the ghosts couldn’t enter hoping it would get the boy’s mind off his loss even for a little bit. Harry’s interest was peeked and they went down to see it …

It took longer than necessary because Nick kept forgetting that Harry couldn’t walk through walls, but the duo made it eventually …

Nick showed him the strange marked wooden door. Harry directed his attention to the marks on the door and Nick was shocked to see that Harry could read the marks on the door! There words said that there was a room inside under the floor, which is a special training room the whole thing was meant to be a gift to the founder Godric Gryffindor from the founder Salazar Slytherin … a gift to celebrate their 30th anniversary as a couple!

Harry was able to open door easily and walked into a dark circular room, which lit up torches revealing three doors. Harry checked behind each door. One was a lavish bathroom, one was a passage that went to a study in the Chamber of Secrets and the last went to the Room of Requirements! That discovery was amazing for both Nick and Harry.

A shock for sure, but all the ghosts agreed not to tell Dumbledore about the room. For one thing they felt the room rightfully belonged to Harry since it opened only for him and read the markings, which was the written form of the snake language apparently. Besides, the ghosts haven’t been on the headmaster’s side since he approved getting rid of half of the books in the library decades ago because he felt they were ‘dark’ … it was foolish …

Most of the ghosts lived with that material … to suddenly call it dark was like calling them dark! That’s just insulting!

Harry simply walked into the center of the floor and the floor opened up to reveal a spiral staircase. Once he made it to the bottom of the stairs the ‘floor’ above him closed up.

The young wizard has been training here for almost four months, since his sixth year began and he quickly found out that Godric Gryffindor was a tough fighter who liked lots of different training routines.

Meaning … the room was set on random and there were no tutorials. It was strictly learn through getting your ass kicked …

Once Harry stepped away from the stairs he would be transported to an unknown place, sometimes given a weapon in place of his wand and be surprised with any number of different skilled people to fight. It was some kind of very powerful illusion reinforced with wards. The people felt real, the weapons felt real and the injuries felt real except blood looked green and his opponents’ bodies would turn to stone if he killed them. If he lost the fight the weapons and wounds would vanish and he would appear back at the foot of the staircase sweating and exhausted.

A forest scene appeared and six different fighters were around him “martial arts … karate … kick boxing” Harry noticed his wand was gone and smirked “hand to hand. This place must know I’m stressed” he barely finished his sentence before dodging a punch from one fighter and a kick from another …

The match has begun …

Harry was struggling after getting a vicious kick to the gut, but he removed the gravity charm he was under … a charm he made to help build strength … and started fighting back …

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