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A/N: Hi everyone! This story is a Harry/Draco pairing and mostly takes place after Voldemort's defeat. I'm sure that the characters are a bit OOC so please bare with it. Some scenes get a little graffic so just be aware of that. I've been working on this story for a very long time so I apologize for any inconsistancies in the story and if anyone happens to find one please feel free to let me know! And please, if you like this story at all then please let me know and I'll make sure more chapters are published. :)




            Voldemort Defeated! That was what splayed across every newspaper and announcement board across the wizarding world. The night of his defeat there was a massive party that everyone took part in. However that very night there were other things on the Chosen One’s mind. He hadn’t planned on anything special happening that night but there was no denying the fact that this night had been the best night of his life. And not for the reasons everyone would think. That night had been filled with passion and desire and such sweet meaningless words. That was all this was. Harry knew that. But there was nothing in the world that he would have traded those moments for. However, as things always went in his life, his happiness came to a crashing halt. Harry found himself once again wishing that for once in his life things would go his way. But no. That simple notion was impossible.

            It had been a little over a month and a half and Harry found himself feeling a little off. He had been experiencing cramps in his lower stomach and he’d been moody for what seemed like forever. There were also other odd things that puzzled him. There were one or two instances where Harry found that he couldn’t use his magic at all. Most noticeable however was Harry’s mood swings. Hermione had watched Harry’s change in attitude over the last week or so and when his aggressive mood finally was aimed at her she’d decided that she’d had enough of it. She’d had a few ideas of what was going on with Harry but with the process of elimination she’d come to the possible ailment. It would never have even occurred to her to think of it if he had not told her of his one night stand with a mysterious male lover. After Harry’s outburst that left her taken by surprise, she forced Harry to sit down.

            “Blimey Hermione!” Harry howled when Hermione forced him to sit.

            “If you move from that spot I swear to Merlin Harry, you will regret it.” The tone in her voice left no room for debate. It had the desired effects as Harry sighed heavily and sat still.

            “What are you even doing??”

            “Hush and sit still.” Hermione waved her wand, directing her magic towards Harry’s stomach. Harry didn’t know what she was doing but he was convinced that she was crazy. Silently, Hermione cast a spell that resulted in a small orb of light floating in front of Harry. The orb changed between red and blue for only a moment before settling on blue. The witch’s eyes widened a fraction before she turned her gaze upon Harry.

            “What is that supposed to mean?”

            “Harry…” Hermione’s voice was filled with surprise, “You’re pregnant.”

            “What the hell Hermione! That’s a pretty nasty joke”

            The witch scowled at the brunette, “I would never joke about this. Harry look at the test results with your own eyes. A blue orb means it’s a positive result”

            Emerald eyes widened, panic beginning to seep in, “Why the hell am I pregnant?! How is that even possible?” He stood up and began to pace the room.

            Sighing heavily the witch watched her best friend, “Besides the obvious of how it happened, did no one ever tell you that wizards can get pregnant? It’s actually pretty rare for it to happen but it has been known to occur. Honestly Harry I’m rather surprised you didn’t know this.”

            Harry rounded on the witch, “Does it look like I care why I didn’t know this tidbit of information right now Hermione?!” The brunette could feel sweat practically gush out of every pore on his body. Still pacing the room, Harry panicked, “Bloody hell Hermione. I’m 17. I’m a man, and I’m pregnant.” A hysterical laugh bubbled out of him for a moment. When he felt like he was going to just melt into a puddle of hysterical goo, he stopped and stood. Standing there he couldn’t decide how he truly felt about it. The news was truly shocking, and upsetting. However, in the back of his mind he knew for certain that he was keeping the child. A hand subconsciously raised to settle on his stomach. There was no one he could get rid of the child that was truly all his.

            Hermione smiled lightly. It was clear that Harry was having an internal battle with this news but when his face showed a twinge of determination she knew everything was going to be ok. She walked up to Harry and placed a hand on top of the one on his belly, “You know I’m happy for you right Harry? I mean yeah it’s a shock, it’s not every day that a wizard gets pregnant but no matter why it happened, I’m here for you in any way you need.”

            Broad shoulders slumped, as if the weight of the world had never left his shoulders, “Hermione I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I can’t even tell him.” Thin arms wrapped themselves around his neck and he was pulled in close to the brunette.

            “Hush. Don’t do that to yourself Harry. Don’t forget that you’re already doing this. You’ve done a fantastic job with Teddy so far and you’ll do wonderfully with this new child”

            “Teddy! Bloody hell Hermione what do I tell him?”

            Hermione giggled, “Well you don’t have to tell him anything right now, he’s only 2 months old. And here’s another thing that you must remember, you’ve got me, Ron, the Weasleys, and I bet even Andromeda would be willing to help out. She loves you like her own.” At that moment the alarm Harry had set up sounded, indicating that Teddy had awoken and was fussing. Harry had happily resigned himself to raising Teddy Lupin upon the defeat of Voldemort. He felt guilty over the death of the child’s parents so it was by far the least he could do for the child of Remus and Tonks. Talk of Harry’s pregnancy was thus put on the back burner while the two friends walked up the stairs to the bedroom next to Harry’s which had been turned into Teddy’s room.

            Picking up the crying infant, Harry cuddled the baby affectionately. Wandlessly, Harry summoned a bottle and began to feed the infant. He looked up when he felt eyes on him. The look on Hermione’s face was thoughtful and slightly sad. The man raised an eyebrow at the witch.

            “What is it?”

            “Won’t you tell me who the father is?” She knew better than to ask but she was worried about her friend. Finding himself pregnant and alone wasn’t what she had hoped for him. Her answer was what she expected as the man shook his head.

            “Nope. Not a chance Hermione. I know exactly what you all will say and I don’t want to ruin the memory of that night.” When the witch continued to stare at him with a questioning look he sighed and continued, “I know that people are there for me and whatnot, but it’s not the same. Never have I ever felt so… wanted then I did that night. And I would like to hang on to that for as long as I can. Please understand…” Silence filled the room for a moment before Hermione nodded her head.

            “Alright, but will you tell me someday? You know better than to think that I would judge you.” She smiled reassuringly at him as he handed the infant off to her while he went to get a clean diaper to change him into.

            Harry stood at the dressing table, contemplating her words. She was right. She was the only one who would understand and not look down on him for his decision in partners. But he couldn’t do it. That night’s happiness felt like it could be taken away within seconds and he didn’t want to regret the baby he was now carrying or how it came to be. When he turned around he smiled and nodded his head. He would keep this one secret to himself. In the meantime he had to start thinking about how he wanted to raise both of his children.



            Harry sat on the couch in Hermione and Ron’s living room looking through a catalog of houses for sale in the area. He had been entertaining the idea of buying a new residence to raise the boy’s in but so far he hadn’t found anything that he really liked. He liked the thought of being near a Muggle town but still wanted the children to know magic from the beginning. He decided that he would still keep Grimmauld Place but he felt like it wasn’t conducive to raising two small children. So Hermione and him sat on the couch, flipping through the catalog while making a list of pro and cons on various houses.

            As they flipped through the catalog a house caught his eye. He pointed at the picture on the page, a smile splitting his face.

            ”That one Hermione” He was pleased to see that the house was not very far, in fact it was in the town over. The house was a two story green and dark brown trim Neoeclectic style house with French doors, wrap around porch and two large bay windows. He loved it. That was the house that he wanted to raise his children in. To make it all better, Harry was very pleased to read that the house was located very close to a muggle community. “Lets go see it” he closed the catalog and worked on getting up, though it was a bit difficult as his large pregnant stomach made movement a challenge.

            ”Are you sure? I’m sure we could wait” Hermione shook her head at her friend’s stubbornness but even as she stated her concerns she went ahead and grabbed a handful of Floo Powder. She threw it into the fire, calling the name of the real estate agent who was listed under the ad. She spoke with the agent for a moment while Harry went about casting his glamour spells. Ever since the war had ended, Harry had been in the paper nonstop. There was a slight uproar when it came out that he would be raising a small child that wasn’t his. He didn’t want to give the press any more tid bits to scrutinize about his life. He had no intention of hiding his unborn child but he was going to make damn sure he kept it from the public’s eye for as long as he could. Glamours to hide his swollen stomach was just one way of ensuring that. 

            When Hermione pulled her head out of the fire, she smiled and grabbed another handful of Floo Powder as the fire died down. “Alright, she said that the house is still up for sale and she would meet us at the house in a few minutes if we wanted to see the house now.”

            “Good. Alright, I’m ready to go.” Together the friends walked through the fire and appeared in the spacious living room of the house. He’d barely stepped into the room when he turned to the agent who had just entered the room from the kitchen across the way and smiled. “Its perfect. I’ll take it” The agent just stared at him with wide eyes.

            ”Harry Potter. I had no idea that you would be looking for a house. Are you sure this will work for you? There are a few other locations that would be more lively for you and your friends. This location is very out of the way.” The woman was still staring which made Harry shift uncomfortably.

            He stood up tall and smiled at the woman with practiced brilliance. “I am very well aware of that. Thank you. Now where do I sign?”

            “Harry, are you sure you dont want to tour the house first??” Hermione asked, surprised that the man barely took two steps into the house before saying he’d take it.

            “Nope. I love it. I’ll take it.” He smiled charmingly at the agent and the two began discussing their next steps. Throughout the whole exchange Hermione watched her friend like a hawk, only interjecting with a few legal questions here and there. Once everything was signed, the agent smiled and closed a book with all the paperwork.

            ”Alright Mr. Potter. I will get these papers over to Gringotts immediately and this,” The woman pulled out a key to the house, “is the key to your new house. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.” She stepped outside the front door and Apparated away.

            As soon as the woman was gone, Harry turned to Hermione and asked her to help him cast protective and privacy spells throughout the whole house and surrounding yard. Harry had always been relatively private and even though this location was more private than the neighborhood around Grimmauld Place, he wanted to make sure he wouldn’t have his privacy interrupted. As he looked around the house he was absolutely thrilled with it. He absolutely loved the house. The living room was spacious, it opened up to a comfortable dining area with an open kitchen. Harry drooled over the kitchen, it was exposed and spacious like the rest of what he’d seen of the house and just what he had imagined for a kitchen. There was a door that led outside towards a detached garage. From the kitchen side of the massive room there was an archway that connected to a room that seemed to be made to act as a parlor. Harry made a mental note to make that into the play area for the children.

            Standing in the foyer he could see into the parlor on his right, a library off to the left and in front of him was a stairway with a hall off to the side that led down to the dining room. He walked up the stairs to the second floor which consisted of two medium sized bedrooms, a laundry room and a large bathroom off to the right, a room that could serve as a nursery or an office right in front of the stairs and a door to the left which lead into a large master bedroom with a large bathroom and walk in closet attached to it. He found a pull door in the ceiling which, when opened, contained a pull down ladder that led to a third story which seemed to be an Attic. He was thoroughly happy with his purchase and he was beyond happy to start furnishing the house.

            He walked back downstairs when he was done completing his part of the protection and privacy spells with a large smile on his face. Hermione stood in the middle of the living room with her hands on her hips.

            ”Well Harry. What do you think?”

            Harry laughed, “I love it. It’s everything that I’d hoped it’d be. What do you think??” He watched his friend, suddenly worried about what she thought.

            She came over and linked arms with him, “I think it’s a beautiful house. Did you know that there’s a door that leads down to a basement? You could make that into a potion lab if you want” Harry smiled at the thought. He was still terrible at making potions but the idea was a good one. They continued to discuss decor on their way back to Hermione’s place where Harry finally dropped the glamours.

            Harry sat down with a heavy sigh, “Bloody hell Hermione, I’m so glad to be off my feet. This kid has done terrible things to my ankles”

            Hermione pulled a stool over to the man and pulled a foot into her lap, “That’s what you get for suddenly going and buying a house Harry,” Her voice mockingly chastising him. She took a good look at her friend and smiled. Harry had indeed become large, being in his 7th month and all. He still refused to tell her who the father was but that was ok. She had been at every one of his doctor appointments and she was happy that he seemed to be happy. Every now and then, when he thought no one was looking she’d catch him staring out the window with a look that betrayed how lonely he felt. Each time she caught him like that she wished he’d tell her so she could help. However, it was easy to forget when he glowed every time she asked about the baby.

            She smiled when Harry melted on the couch as she massaged his feet. At that moment Ron came home and shook his head at the scene his fiance and best friend made.

            ”Blimey Harry, why do you insist on using my fiance to service your neediness? Don’t you have an elf to do that?” He walked over, placed a kiss on Hermione’s head and playfully tossed a pillow at Harry who stuck his tongue out at him.

            ”You’re just jealous she wont touch your feet.” Ron chuckled as he walked up the stairs to change out of his work clothes.

            Hermione shook her head, “Of course he is.”

            “Honestly though Hermione. Thank you. You have no idea how much of a life saver you are for this. It seems like I’ve had no time to myself between Teddy and this baby. I’m just thankful Andromeda demanded to have the boy for the weekend. I can relax for once.” Harry leaned his head back on the pillow Ron had thrown at him and allowed the woman to finish his massage. When that was done all three enjoyed a nice quite evening discussing various topics, including the house that Harry had just bought.



            Rain slammed the windows as Harry prepared dinner for himself. He’d gotten himself and Teddy very comfortable in their new house and he had been very excited to finish the last of the decorating. It was also a relief to finish furnishing the house to his liking as he’d been feeling increasingly uncomfortable for that last few weeks. That day when his discomfort level increased a little throughout the day he hadn’t thought too much about it. He’d spent the day reading to Teddy, doing laundry, and other various things that didn’t include a whole lot of activity but was enough to get his mind off of his increasing discomfort. He’d just put down his fillet knife when the throbbing pain suddenly became sharp and nearly paralyzing.

            Gasping in pain, Harry’s hand going to his stomach which was tight and ridged with the strain of a contraction. Suddenly it all became clear, he’d been in labor all day. Groaning at his stupidity he waddled over to the fireplace, threw a handful of floo powder into the fire and pushed his head through until he was looking into Andromeda’s library. He called out for the woman, his voice tight with pain.

            The woman appeared instantly, looking at the fire with concern. “Harry, whatever is the matter?”

            Harry closed his eyes for a moment to get a grip on himself as the pain from his contractions increased. “I’m in labor. You need to take Teddy. Now.” He pulled his head back as the older woman walked through to stand in his living room. As soon as she was through she helped Harry stand up and sit on the couch. He leaned back and closed his eyes. Andromeda laid her hand on Harry’s stomach as skin under her hands tightened and became hard, bringing a pained groan to the man’s lips.

            ”We need to get you to St. Mungos Harry. Can’t you feel it? The baby has dropped. I’ll call Hermione. She’ll help you get there while I stay here with Teddy” As she walked back towards the fire Harry’s voice was tight with pain.

            ”There’s no time” The amount of pain his contractions created had seemed to come on so suddenly but he as he doubled over, riding out this current contraction, he mentally kicked himself once again for not realizing his state earlier.

            Seeing the look on Harry’s face before he bent over caused a stab of panic to pierce her chest. Andromeda stuck her head through the fire, spoke to someone for a moment before pulling her head out and going back to Harry who had again doubled over, crying out in pain. Harry couldn’t remember in any of the books Hermione made him read if it stated anything about how painful it was for male wizards during labor. Granted, no one ever said labor was painless but he couldn’t believe there was this much pain involved. Minutes later, Harry found himself being helped up by two pairs of large hands. He looked up to see Dr. Jagra and Ron helping him off the couch. Hermione stood back while Andromeda walked out of the room to head upstairs.

            Dr. Jagra pulled Harry so he stood upright, “Looks like you’ve been in labor for a while…” he placed a warm gentle hand on Harry’s stomach. Harry cried out at the contact which seemed to increase the pain. “The baby is starting its decent. We need to get him comfortable and we need to do it now.” Giving a few instructions to Ron, the two fore-went magic on request of the doctor and carried Harry up the stairs and into his bedroom. Dr. Jagra waved his wand and the bed’s coverings changed, it turned into white sheets that the doctor had designed to catch any and all fluids and wouldn’t allowed those fluids to get on or stain anything else. The two men placed Harry onto the bed where he was propped up with pillows made of the same material.

            Dr. Jagra pulled on gloves and turned to Harry, “We have to strip you down now Harry. Do you want anyone in the room?” Harry panted heavily on the bed as his current contraction finally ceased for the moment. He nodded his head as he shifted uncomfortably. Suddenly his ass felt funny, oddly loose.

            “Hermione please.” He glanced at Ron, “Sorry mate.” Ron shook his head and raised his hands in mock surrender.

            ”No offense taken. I appreciate it in fact.” He gripped Harry’s shoulder warmly and walked out of the room to retrieve his fiancé. Moments later the witch entered the room and helped the doctor strip Harry down before she placed silencing charms all around the room. As Hermione had been at all of his appointments, Harry wasn’t at all embarrassed with the woman seeing him naked and he was happy that he didn’t have to do this alone. His mind was unfocused with all the pain coursing through his body so he hadn’t realized when Hermione sat near his head and the doctor climbed onto the large bed and settled himself between Harry’s spread legs.

            The doctor placed his hands once again on Harry’s stomach, keeping his face focused on his task while Harry’s body tensed and his cries filled the room. Panic slowly started to fill Harry when the pain increased exponentially as he felt something shift inside of him.

            ”Bloody Hell!!” He closed his eyes tightly. He whimpered when the pain didn’t recede.

            Dr. Jagra smiled warmly at Harry, “Alright Harry, listen to me. Look at me Harry.” He waited until Harry looked at him through eyes delirious with pain. “Harry, I’m going to check you ok? I need to see if you’re ready” When Harry didn’t object, the man let a hand slip between Harry’s legs and press against his entrance. He kept his eyes on Harry and smiled reassuringly when his fingers slipped in easily, “Good man. Alright it’s up to you.” He pulled his fingers out and placed his hand back on Harry’s stomach, “You’re ready for this. It’s time to push when you can ok?” His voice was clear and even, commanding yet soothing. His voice kept Harry’s attention until the man nodded his understanding, tears starting to run down the brunette’s face.

            The man placed his hands on Harry’s inner thighs reassuringly, and Harry couldn’t help but feel a little better. The gesture oddly gave Harry confidence and when the next wave of pain surged through his body he felt the urgent need to bear down. His screams filled the room as he pushed passed the pain and did everything he could to expel the child from his body. The pain was unbelievable. He thought a man’s cock up his ass had been hard to take that first time but this was something else entirely. His body felt as if it were splitting in two as the baby forced its way through his narrow pelvis. It hadn’t seemed to matter that the muscles in Harry’s ass had relaxed specifically for this event. 

            Minutes later Harry’s face paled significantly and his screams turn into that of pure and utter agony as white hot pain surged from his hip. One of the hands that had been holding his stomach lowered to the source of the pain. Hermione glanced up at the doctor completely panicked.

            ”What happened!?” Her voice was high but desperately attempting to stay as calm as possible.

            Frowning, Dr Jagra placed his hands on top of Harry’s, moving it to the side for a moment to place his own hand on the spot. “Looks like the baby broke his pelvis. It is common in male births. The male pelvis just isn’t made to push a baby through it. Harry, I can’t heal it until the baby is out. Push through it for me.” Harry panted heavily, trying to push the shadowy feelings of dread and fear from his mind. He’d been in worse pain in his life he was sure, even if he couldn’t think of any right at that moment. Either way this event would give him his child and he had to focus on that. Somewhere he could hear someone sobbing and muttering words but he couldn’t register who it was through all the pain. A hand gripped his arm firmly as another wave of contractions came over him.

            Harry bore down as hard as he could, screaming in continued agony. He’d been pushing for about fifteen minutes before giving one last agonized scream to push his son into the world. Exhaustion forced him to slump back onto the pillows. For a moment, he brought his hands up to cover his face, sobbing silently between heavy pants. He couldn’t believe what he’d just done. He was so exhausted, he was having a hard time keeping his eyelids open. He groaned when more contractions racked his body as the placenta was expelled. He heard movement but it didn’t seem to matter.

             The pain from the actual birth faded somewhat but that just made the pain from the broken hip all that more apparent. Suddenly he felt his body grow slightly numb and his exhaustion peaked. He knew he should want to see his son but all he wanted to do was sleep. He closed his eyes, letting his arms fall to the side and for a moment sweet oblivion enveloped him. He only opened his eyes again when Hermione lightly slapped his face calling out his name.

            ”Harry! Harry you need to stay awake.” Her face was filled with fear. “Doctor he’s so pale!”

            Dr. Jagra was working diligently to stop the flow of blood that had not ceased when the baby was born and the afterbirth expelled. He’d quickly cut the cord, and handed the child off to Hermione so he could work. The brunette was losing too much blood. “Harry!” His voice was loud and urgent. “Harry you need to talk to me. How do you feel? Are you excited about your son? Do you want to see him? Harry look at me!” He was trying to keep the boy awake but he could see it wasn’t working.

            Hermione clung onto the child, feeling ice fill her veins as Harry’s face continued to become pale and his eyes slid shut once again. “Harry!!”

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